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15 Best Things to Do in Weaverville, NC

  • Published 2022/07/31

The town of Weaverville is a beautiful mountain town in North Carolina’s Asheville region.

It’s also one of the state’s best places to live, work, and visit.

This quaint town lies in Buncombe County.

Chartered in 1875, Weaverville gets its name from Michael Montraville Weaver, who donated the land for the town.

The 1786 Treaty of Holsten paved the way for settlers to move into the area, initially named Reems Creek Camp Grounds.

This town in North Carolina’s western area is a favorite spot for nature trips, hiking, and outdoor activities, with the Blue Ridge Mountains offering incredible views.

Explore the town areas’ scenic trails, cycling routes, wildlife, and lush flora.

Enjoy the town celebrations, visit specialty shops, try local restaurants, and see fantastic art spots in this unique town.

Here are the best things to do in Weaverville, NC.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Lake Louise Park

The waters of Lake Louise Park

Gingo Scott /

Enjoy the outdoors and head off to Lake Louise Park, just before entering downtown from Asheville.

The town of Weaverville owns and maintains this 15.5-acre parkland and vast artificial lake area.

It also hosts town celebrations throughout the year.

Enjoy carp fishing and spot spying turtles, ducks, and geese by the shimmering lake.

View of a waterwheel in Lake Louise Park

Gingo Scott /

This park allows catch and release fishing as long as you have a North Carolina fishing license.

Pack some lunch or set up at the picnic shelters while enjoying the park views.

Enjoy with your little ones, stroll the walking loop trail at the playground, or work up a sweat with the outdoor exercise equipment.

You can also drop by the Weaverville Community Center above the lake and visit the Dry Ridge Historical Museum.

Explore Lake Louise Park in Weaverville!

See Local Art at the Weaverville Art Safari

If you’re an artsy traveler, you’ll surely enjoy the rows of art featured at the Weaverville Art Safari.

Held in the spring and fall, it’s one of the area’s biggest and oldest self-guided open studio tours.

The event showcases local Weaverville and guest artists in the region with their unique crafts and works.

You’ll catch the artists showing their skills and specialized works on glass, pottery, sculpture, paintings, photography, woodworks, furniture, jewelry, and more.

Meet the artists, appreciate their works, and take home art pieces you might like.

Drop by the Weaverville Art Safari!

Discover the Town’s History at Dry Ridge Historical Museum

Located at the Weaverville Community Center, the Dry Ridge Historical Museum will show you the history of the Weaverville, Reems Creek, and Flat Creek townships.

The museum aims to collect, preserve and present the region’s rich cultural history from different periods.

Take a look at the artifacts and five featured exhibits to discover life in the early days of this North Carolina area.

Bring your kids to enjoy the hands-on display.

You’ll also see the chestnut display cabinets lining the hall.

Master artisan Jim Proffitt made these chestnut cabinets containing local and museum collections.

Learn your history at the Dry Ridge Historical Museum.

Enjoy Great Foods at Blue Mountain Pizza

Blue Mountain Pizza gives you the best local homemade pizza and handmade ice cream flavors in a family-friendly neighborhood.

This local eatery offers freshly made food servings and specialties from Tuesday to Sunday.

Try tasty favorites like garlic knots, cheese stix, nachos, and spinach artichoke dip.

Otherwise, grab a Blue Mountain salad or Greek salad.

Grab a bite of the Italian sub or the turkey club and enjoy other picks like pasta and quesadillas.

They also offer a create-your-own-pizza, gourmet pizzas, and rotating ice cream flavors like their famous brownie sundaes.

Besides the excellent food and relaxing setup, you’ll also catch live music every night.

Blue Mountain Pizza also gives back to the community through donations and shares revenues with their chosen organizations.

See the Historic Dam and Falls on Reems Creek

While in the Lake Louise area, you can check out the lovely waterfall dam at Reems Creek.

It’s across Lake Louise Park on the West Lakeshore Drive area with less than a quarter-mile trek to reach the falls.

A watermill first powered the historic dam, which has become one of the town’s local attractions.

You’ll quickly spot this red 15-feet tall water wheel with the waterfall’s rushing waters.

Enjoy the sights and take snapshots of nature, wildlife, and the scenic falls at Reems Creek.

Grab Local Brews at Eluvium Brewing Company

Sample local brews and crafted beers by visiting the Eluvium Brewing Company.

After researching the North Carolina Gold Rush, the owners came up with the unique name, owing to the eluvium gold deposits.

They currently have ten beers on tap and choices of cider, wine, and some alcohol-free drinks on the menu.

You can enjoy Eluvium’s beers in pints, flights, and growler sizes at the bar table or on the outdoor patio.

Fill your belly on their All C’s American IPA, the Ambel River Belgian Blond, or Chocolate Raspberry Stout.

Grab a bottle of Ginger’s Revenge Hibiscus Lavender or Ginger’s Revenge Original.

Then, sip a Bollicini Sparkling Cuvee white wine or a red Merf Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pair your drinks with chips & pico, beer cheese nachos, grilled sausage, hotdogs, sausage melt, and cheeseburgers.

Find Exquisite Art at Miya Gallery and Jewelry Studios

The Miya Gallery and Jewelry Studios is a quaint but appealing jewelry shop in downtown Weaverville.

Look at lines of unique handmade jewelry from local and regional artists.

You can also enjoy custom jewelry design and repair.

The gallery highlights fine jewelry and maintains a curated collection of other creative art pieces like sculptural ceramics, pottery, and wall art.

See creative pieces from jewelers like Jennifer Jenkins and Jason Janow and glass artists like Mike Hatch and Alicia Kelemen.

See excellent wall art from Jane Voorhees and Sarah Faulkner and ceramic arts by John Ransmeier and Erin Janow.

Drop by the Miya Gallery and Jewelry Studios.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Main Street Nature Park

Take a break and have a relaxing day out at the Main Street Nature Park.

Located just behind the Weaverville Town Hall, this ten-acre public park offers a walking trail.

You can also walk your dogs there, so long as you keep them on a leash.

You can walk on other winding trails to enjoy the calming views and see different birds and critters in the area.

The park’s meadow stage is also Weaverville’s Summer Music Series venue.

You’ll have something to watch here during the summer.

There’s ample parking near the town hall and Pine Street entrance of Main Street Nature Park.

Take a Swing at Reems Creek Golf Club

Enjoy some tee time at the Reems Creek Golf Club, a golf course in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Aside from the relaxing, picturesque view, the course offers a fairway layout that gives you a touch of the Scottish Highlands.

The course is an 18-hole, par 72, hailed as a golfing jewel of Western North Carolina, earning consistent 4-star ratings from Golf Digest.

You’ll enjoy playing on the fairway’s Bentgrass turf at any golfing skill level.

You can also sign up for golf lessons and coaching tips from Diane McHeffey, an LPGA and PGA professional.

End your game at the Reems Creek Golf Club Bar and Grill.

Grab made-to-order meals like steak sandwiches, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and chicken wraps.

Likewise, enjoy the full bar with specialty cocktails, top-shelf beers, and drinks.

Spend a weekend at the Reems Creek Golf Club!

Buy Fresh Goods at Weaverville Tailgate Market

Grab the best of Weaverville’s local fresh produce and goods at the Weaverville Tailgate Market.

You can visit this weekly market on Wednesday afternoons at the Weaverville Community Center.

This producer-only market offers top-quality products from local Buncombe County and Madison County vendors.

Grab locally-grown vegetables and fruits, farm-fresh meats, free-range eggs, and other dairy products.

You’ll also find excellent choices of plants and flowers, local items like artisanal soaps and crafts, and tasty pastries from local bakers.

Shop local at the Weaverville Tailgate Market!

See Pottery at Mangum Pottery Studio and Gallery

If you have a knack for pottery, you can walk down Main Street and find the Mangum Pottery Studio and Gallery.

Rob Mangum’s parents started the studio and gallery over 30 years ago.

Today, Rob and his wife Beth run the place, continuing the creative tradition.

As you enter the shop, you’ll see the pieces from the couple and their staff, like pitchers, teapots, tableware, vases, and ceramic furniture.

The pieces reflect the artists’ artistic heritage and contemporary designs.

Every piece there is a genuine work of art.

You can purchase and bring home these items.

Likewise, you’ll catch these artisans at work when you drop by the Mangum Pottery Studio and Gallery.

Enjoy Baked Treats at Well-Bred Bakery & Café

Well-Bred Bakery & Café is a must-visit on your Weaverville trip for pastry treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Since 2014, this bakery has consistently won the Best Bakery award in Western North Carolina.

It has become a favorite among locals and tourists.

Judy and Ruben founded the bakery in 2002, which has grown to four locations: Biltmore Village, Grove Arcade, and the Reems Creek Food Truck.

Enjoy mouth-watering pastries, tasty gourmet foods, hearty breakfast servings, and hot roasted coffee.

Order servings of grilled cheese on Challah or their classic chicken salad.

Otherwise, try their delicious quiche in smoked gouda tomato and bacon cheddar scallion.

Enjoy a berry muffin or egg & cheese croissant for breakfast.

You can also buy pastries like Mountain or Petite Éclair and Chocolate Fudge Cake.

Treat yourself to an ice cream sandwich and get a bite of cookie flavors like the classic chocolate chip, shortbread, chocolate chip walnut, or pecan praline.

Grab a snack at the Well-Bred Bakery and Cafe!

Meet the Busy Bees at Honey and the Hive

Do you want to know more about the busy bees or how to become a beekeeper?

Then you must drop by the Honey and the Hive.

You’ll easily spot the business with its fun and catchy bee mural on its building.

Honey and the Hive offers local honey products and quality beekeeping supplies.

You can find a variety of beekeeping equipment, Southern Appalachian honey, and other products.

For instance, you can buy beeswax, candles, handmade jewelry, and salves from local artisans.

The friendly staff will assist you with beekeeping needs like frames or kits.

You can also sign up for beekeeping classes for hands-on courses or a series of modules to get you started.

See the bees at the Honey and the Hive.

Watch Glass Blowing at Crucible Glassworks

Another art experience you can have in Weaverville is a visit to Crucible Glassworks.

In 1998, Michael Hatch started the sculpture gallery, the first glass studio open to the public.

Watch the demonstrations of unique glassblowing techniques and learn how glassblowing evolved.

Join the workshops or take private lessons for a first-hand experience.

Transform molten glass into a personalized art piece you can bring home.

Get into the detailed steps from adding color, shaping, and blowing.

Drop by the Crucible Glassworks!

See the Alpacas at Last Penny Farm

Last Penny Farm is a small, family-owned alpaca farm that your family can surely enjoy.

The farm is now home to more than 20 alpacas.

Aside from selling alpacas, the farm offers mentorship to interested breeders and highlights fiber farming.

The farm has focused on the locally raised herd of colored alpacas to improve fiber quality.

Book an appointment for a visit, and bring your little ones here too.

Your family will love meeting these gentle animals at the farm.

You can book small private parties at the barn space.

Final Thoughts

Weaverville is a town that nature lovers and art enthusiasts will surely enjoy.

It has plenty of local galleries, shops, restaurants, and natural locations that fascinate and delight many tourists.

You’ll find many family-friendly attractions that offer enjoyable experiences for everyone.

Enjoy these great things to do in Weaverville, NC.

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