15 Best Things to Do in Sea Isle City, NJ

Sea Isle City, NJ skyline
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Located in the County of Cape May in New Jersey, the fascinating city of Sea Isle is a wonder for all types of adventurers.

Sea Isle City is a famous beach attraction in New Jersey offering a vast array of entertainment that you can try, like nightlife events, water activities, exciting destinations, and more.

What makes Sea Isle City popular is its beaches' pristine shores where you can walk around or play volleyball with your friends and family under the sun.

Aside from its inviting beaches, you can also explore what the city has to offer, including historical destinations, recreational facilities, and state-of-the-art establishments where you can dine, relax, and have fun.

Start your adventure in this wonderful coastal city and try the 15 best things to do in Sea Isle City, New Jersey.

Have a Relaxing Time in Sea Isle Promenade

Three flags at Sea Isle Promenade.
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While other coastal cities have beach boardwalks, the Sea Isle City has its own unique Promenade.

The Sea Isle Promenade is a one-and-a-half-mile smoothened sea wall that starts from 29th street to 57th street.

As you walk through the Promenade, you can see a lot of establishments like restaurants, various shops, bars, and more.

A round shaped shed at Sea Isle Promenade.
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The Sea Isle Promenade is a popular destination for outdoor activities like running, walking, biking, and relaxation.

You can enjoy the panoramic views of the beach and feel the cool breeze touching your skin in Sea Isle Promenade.

Learn about the Local History in Sea Isle City Historical Museum

The Sea Isle City Historical Museum is where you can explore and discover the interesting history of Sea Isle.

In this museum, you can find historical artifacts, documents, and archives, stored and carefully preserved for public viewing.

Sea Isle City seeks to educate and promote the local history of the place and boost the public’s knowledge and appreciation for Sea Isle City.

Immerse yourself in the history of Sea Isle City while you browse through the memorabilia that represents the city's past.

Learning about history can be fun, and Sea Isle Historical Museum can prove it to you, so come and explore this historic destination in Sea Isle City.

Release Your Stress with NJ Beach Yoga

Did you know that you can do yoga on the beach?

Well, in NJ Beach Yoga, you can relax and release stress in a new environment.

NJ Beach Yoga offers yoga classes for everyone—kids and adults are all welcome to join a session.

With NJ Beach Yoga, you can now enjoy yoga in a tranquil setting with an amazing view from the beach of Sea Isle City.

Start your day with positive vibes and join a yoga class with experienced and knowledgeable yoga instructors to help you feel calm and comfortable during the sessions.

Join a diverse group of people and have a relaxing yet exceptional experience yoga session with NJ Beach Yoga.

Soar High with Sea Isle Parasail

If you’re looking for an exciting activity to do over the weekend, you can try soaring above the sky with Sea Isle Parasail.

The Sea Isle Parasail offers services that mainly focus on parasailing, where you can see the astounding sceneries of the beaches in Sea Isle City.

You can enjoy the panoramic views from above, and for additional experience, you can also take a dip in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The thought of being lifted from the boat might seem scary for some people but worry not, because the Sea Isle Parasail ensures that you are in safe hands.

Bring your sunscreens, sunglasses, and your adventurous spirit, and have fun sailing with Sea Isle Parasail.

Play Golf in Pirate Island Golf

Enter the world of pirates and entertain yourself in this pirate-themed golf course situated in a one-of-a-kind setting.

The Pirate Island Golf features an 18-hole golf course where you can have fun and play exciting games with your friends and family.

You can also view the attractions that make Pirate Island Golf popular, such as the caves, cascading waterfalls, pirate ships, and the moving pirates that complete the pirate theme.

Whether you’re with your kids or you’re a kid at heart, everyone is welcome to enjoy and have fun on the Pirate Island Golf.

Make your trip to Sea Isle City a memorable one and visit the Pirate Island Golf together with your whole family.

Take a Dip in the Waters of Sea Isle City Beach

A boat on the sand at Sea Isle City Beach.
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The Sea Isle City Beach is an attraction in Sea Isle City Beach, known for its pristine white sands and clear blue waters.

Sea Isle City Beach serves as a place where visitors can do water activities like swimming, surfing, kayaking, kiteboarding, sail boating, or relaxing on the shores of the beach while reading a book.

Waves crashing at Sea Isle City Beach.
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There are available lifeguards that patrol the beach, so you can enjoy a worry-free beach day with your family.

If you need anything or get hungry after a long day at the beach, you can visit some concessions on the beach to buy something.

Sea Isle City Beach is a must-visit place in the city of Sea Isle, and you should include this in your itinerary when visiting New Jersey.

Empty chair and sunset at Sea Isle City Beach.
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Do Some Water Activities with Wakeside Watersports

Wakeside Watersports is where to go if you want to take your water adventure to the next level.

If you want to try wakeboarding, tubing, waterskiing, or a relaxing cruise, Wakeside Watersports can provide the best services that you can experience.

The boat can accommodate at least 12 people.

You don’t have to bring anything; Wakeside Watersports will provide all the equipment you need, and a knowledgeable captain will guide you throughout the trip.

The Wakeside Watersports is one of the must-experience activities in Sea Isle City, so don’t miss the chance to try the exciting activities they offer.

You will love Jugglefish Gallery & Art Studio if you’re an art enthusiast or you like appreciating arts.

The Jugglefish Gallery & Art Studio is an art center dedicated to promoting arts and educating visitors about the works of rising artists in Sea Isle City.

The Gallery & Art Studio features exhibits and classes, where you can join and make anything art-related like watercolor painting, scarf painting, or anything you can think of.

You can do paintings, sculpting, or even pottery classes in Jugglefish Gallery & Art Studio with or without experience.

Visit the Jugglefish Gallery & Art Studio and unleash your imagination and creativity through making artworks.

Stroll around the Townsend Inlet Waterfront Park

The Townsend Inlet Waterfront Park in Sea Isle City is a beautiful and peaceful hideaway that you can explore.

The park is filled with shrubs, bushes, plants, and trees that create canopies that give shade to the visitors of Townsend Inlet Waterfront Park.

You can stroll around the park and see the beauty of nature being showcased in this marvelous location.

Aside from being the perfect place to watch the sunset with your loved ones, the Townsend Inlet Waterfront Park is also a favorite fishing destination of the residents of Sea Isle City.

The park also features a pavilion, which is a popular background for wedding pictures and special occasions; you can also take a break on your stroll in the pavilion and enjoy the quiet surroundings of the park.

Try All the Games in Island Breeze Casino

Great games, great prizes, and a great time—everything is great in Island Breeze Casino!

The Island Breeze Casino is home to a wide variety of arcade games that will keep you entertained for hours.

From old-school arcade games to the latest ones, you can try it all in Island Breeze Casino, and you can win lovely prizes that the kids will surely love.

You can have the best gaming experience here in Island Breeze Casino with outstanding service, friendly staff, accommodating entertainment, and exciting prizes.

So, stop by, play games, and have a wonderful time with your kids in the Island Breeze Casino.

Satisfy Your Tastebuds in Henri’s Bar

Since 1901, Henri’s Bar has been serving delicious and mouth-watering meals to the visitors and residents of Sea Isle City.

In Henri’s Bar, you can have a taste of the best-tasting dishes that Henri’s Bar offers, such as their appetizers, steaks, pasta, and fish dishes.

You can also have a good time accompanied by some drinks with your friends, just right next to the beach where you can hear the waves and feel the sea breeze.

Choose among the wide selection of dishes on their menu, where everything is guaranteed to be fresh and locally sourced.

Henri’s Bar will not only fill your empty stomach but also the void in your life with its amazing service and its finest dishes and drinks.

Have a Great Time in Dead Dog Saloon

Housed in a two-story tavern, the Dead Dog Saloon offers a friendly environment where people can meet and hang out.

It was established in 1981, and people believed that the Saloon's name came from a deceased dog, and it was buried underneath the foundations of the building.

The Dead Dog Saloon showcases a laid-back atmosphere, live music and performances, and craft cocktails all in one place.

After a long and tiring day, you can head on to Dead Dog Saloon and have a good time alone or with your best pals with a glass of beer while being entertained by the talented artists of Sea Isle City.

You can watch exciting and action-packed sports on their 82-inch screen television that is just perfect for viewing while drinking beers.

Dead Dog Saloon is actually a hidden gem in Sea Isle City, just waiting for you to discover.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Join an Educational Tour in the Wetlands Institute

Exterior view of a house at Wetlands institute.
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Founded in 1969, the Wetlands Institute has been protecting the environment and safeguarding the habitat of animals and plants in New Jersey.

Situated in a sprawling 6,000-acre protected area, you can visit this non-profit organization 39 minutes away from Sea Isle City.

Clouds reflecting on a body of water at wetlands institute.
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The Wetlands Institute offers educational tours and interactive exhibits you can enjoy and gain knowledge from.

The conservation center aims to promote and conserve ecosystems in the city, such as wetlands and coastal areas.

If you’re a nature lover and want to help the environment, you can visit the Wetlands Institute and learn more about conservation and how you can help the environment.

Exterior view of a house at wetlands institute.
Zeete, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Be Creative in Island Studio Paint Your Own Pottery

You can drive approximately 24 minutes away from Sea Isle City to arrive at this unique destination that offers “Paint Your Own” programs.

Let your creative juices flow and make the most artistic artwork you can ever design in  Island Studio Paint Your Own Potter.

This studio offers pre-selected art materials inside a kit, which you can use to make your own art.

You can choose the kits depending on what kind of activity you want to do.

The kits that Island Studio Paint Your Own Pottery provides include Fired and No Fire Paint Your Own Pottery, Mosaic Kits, Wood Painting Kits, Seashell Painting Kits, Craft Kits, and Coloring Books.

In Island Studio Paint Your Own Pottery, you can be creative and have fun while creating your own art.

Stop by and Shop at Downtown Stone Harbor

Shops at Downtown Stone Harbor.
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Thirty-five minutes away from Sea Isle City, you can find a haven for people who love shopping and finding some good stuff.

Downtown Stone Harbor is home to numerous shops, where you can browse and purchase the things that you find fascinating.

Cars parked in front of shops at Downtown Stone Harbor.
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Downtown Stone Harbor serves as a venue where local merchants and small business owners set up stalls to display their products.

If you’re around the city of Stone Harbor, you can support the thriving businesses by purchasing products from any store in Downtown Stone Harbor.

So, have fun strolling through the streets and keep your eyes peeled for some great deals that you can find in Downtown Stone Harbor.

Final Thoughts

From the waters of Sea Isle City to its bays and everything in between, there’s definitely something for everyone.  

You will fall in love with the idyllic beaches, top-rated restaurants, state-of-the-art attractions, historic sites, and entertainment centers that Sea Isle City offers.

No matter what kind of adventurer you are, there’s always a perfect place for you in the fantastic city of Sea Isle.