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18 Best Things to Do in Wildwood, NJ

  • Published 2022/04/02

Wildwood, New Jersey is like Pandora’s box.

It has everything—you name it, and it’s there.

It’s a beautiful place with a lot of fun activities and relaxation spots.

Wildwood is known for its boardwalk, amusement parks, and beaches.

The nightlife here is fantastic, too.

It’s the perfect destination to plan your vacation.

Here’s a list of the best things to do in Wildwood, New Jersey:

Have a Fun Time at the Wildwood Boardwalk

Night view of the rides on the Boardwalk in Wildwood

George Wirt /

The magical Wildwood Boardwalk is spread over 38 blocks, making it an exciting spot.

Entertainment can be found in abundance here.

There are many rides you can go on and a lot of eateries to hog on food.

Arch sign of Wildwood Boardwalk

Emily Pelella /

It doesn’t matter if the sun has risen or set; this place emanates excitement.

The Boardwalk is Wildwood’s most popular attraction.

While the place has evolved through the years, its essence is still the same.

It’s said that this is the most happening place Wildwood.

People walking along Wildwood Boardwalk

James Kirkikis /

Scream Your Heart Out at Morey’s Piers

Aerial view of the Morey’s Pier filled with rides and colorful lights

Racheal Grazias /

Amusement Parks can be found everywhere in Wildwood.

One such famous park is Morey’s Piers.

It’s largely visited by tourists and locals every year.

Morey’s Piers is a seaside amusement park, and its atmosphere is different from your usual theme park.

Aerial view of Morey's Pier, Wildwood

Photo by Ethan Hoover on Unsplash

Since it is located on the beachfront, a tinge of tropical ambiance is etched into it.

The rides are daunting yet amazing.

There are some unique rides here as well.

The experience here will be exhilarating and will boost your adrenaline.

Colorful lights of the Morey's Piers name sign

James Kirkikis /

Take a Stroll Along Wildwood Beach

Waves crashing at the shores of Wildwood Beach

j.milller /

Stretched over a vast expanse, Wildwood Beach is one of a kind.

It’s clean and sparkling.

You can swim near the edges, as it is not advisable to dive further in.

Apart from that, there are various activities you can take up.

Some of them include jet-skiing, kayaking, and speed boating.

Sand trail leading to Wildwood Beach

Matt Kremkau /

Wildwood Beach is the liveliest and most fun beach in New Jersey.

You can take a stroll around and enjoy the atmosphere of the place.

Since the beach is long, you may feel a little tired later, but the view you get from there is stunning.

You can either relax on the sand or build sandcastles.

A wooden boat on Wildwood Beach shore

James Kirkikis /

It is an incredible space for every age group.

Kids can play and build houses.

Adults can take a walk or read a classic novel.

Oldies can watch the waves crashing.

You surely cannot miss out on this one.

Scenic sunset at Wildwood Beach

Victor F Rodriguez Jr /

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping at Splash Zone Water Park

Wildwood has a lot of amusement parks, and this particular one is a treat to watch and indulge in.

You can take your whole family to Splash Zone Water Park and enjoy the activities.

Your adrenaline will pump to its highest peak here.

Water-related rides are way more fun than conventional simple rides, and the splash of cold water is rejuvenating.

You can also rent a cabana indoors and relax for a bit.

Board the Sightseer Tram

People enjoying their ride on Sightseer Tram

James Kirkikis /

Wildwood’s famous tram service is worth spending bucks for.

While it was first established in 1949, visitors still look forward to boarding these tramcars today.

A ride is approximately 30 minutes long, and it takes you around the important parts of the vicinity.

People aboard the Sightseer Tram

Marge Sudol /

The tram is comfortable and convenient, and the prices are fairly reasonable.

It feels quirky and comic to ride in these trams. They are really cute and looking at the spots from the tram feels surreal.

Do purchase the tickets prior, to avoid last-minute hassles

You would surely enjoy the ride and will feel like a kid again.

The Sightseer Tram during evening

Tippman98x /

Go Parasailing and Enjoy a Bird’s-Eye View of Wildwood

Choose Atlantic Parasailing to have the best experience.

They have a skilled staff that will ensure that you gain an experience of a lifetime while simultaneously taking utmost care of your safety.

The crew makes everything easier.

They’ll also capture some breathtaking pictures of your parasailing adventure so that you can cherish it for a lifetime.

The view from up there is quite incredible—the water beneath you and the sky above you!

It will be an exhilarating experience.

Kickstart Your Morning with a Bike Ride

Tourists Biking in Wildwood

James Kirkikis /

Biking in the early morning is one of the most famous activities in Wildwood.

You can rent a bicycle from a local operator and tour the area on your own.

Many visitors opt for it as an early morning workout.

They also provide maps to make it easier for tourists.

Children riding bikes along the boardwalk

James Kirkikis /

It feels quite new when you ride through the city on your own.

You can absorb the sights from your own perspective.

You can go for an hour’s ride and then have breakfast at a local eatery.

There’s no better way to start your morning than this!

A person riding a bike passing by a shirt shop

James Kirkikis /

Have Breakfast with a View at The Sky

Come to this unique restaurant for a scrumptious breakfast.

Here, you can have food with an outstanding view.

They take you up to the sky and serve various delicacies.

Go early around sunrise.

The atmosphere will be pleasant, and you’ll enjoy every bite of what you eat.

You can also book your table beforehand.

Wildwood surely offers the best experiences for everyone who visits.

Having breakfast in the sky is an imaginable thought, but Wildwood makes it happen.

So, make sure you reserve a table and wake up early.

Don’t forget to set your alarms!

Snap Pictures with Wildwood’s Murals

Art is imbibed in every destination you’ll visit.

Every culture has its own flair and type of artform.

Wildwood is full of art, too—murals, in particular.

There are many spaces in the city that are lined up with elaborate murals.

The pieces are very detailed and evoke the essence of the place.

Those murals are aesthetic, and you’ll be lured to snap a picture or two.

Trust us, your Instagram game will top up when you post these pictures!

They are very well maintained and appear new even today.

These are the best backdrops to get amazing pictures of your trip.

If possible, check them out in the afternoon when it’s less crowded.

This way, you can take photos without people interrupting frequently.

Play a Game of Mini-Golf in the Dark at Dragon Lair Mini Golf

You’re probably wondering: How will you play in the dark?

Well, Dragon Lair Mini Golf offers dark mini-golf sessions— an experience you’d probably get to have only once in your lifetime.

It is the only golf course in Wildwood that offers this kind of ambiance, and the packages and prices are quite reasonable.

The glow makes the game so much more thrilling.

It’s a bit tricky to play here because of the darkness—but hey, that’s the challenge.

Gorge on Curley’s Fries

Fries are always a delight, no matter what toppings or spices you to them.

It is said that Wildwood serves some of the most delectable fries.

Curley’s is specifically known for its fries.

Their fries are a bit expensive but worth splurging on.

They’re not too soft and not too crispy—just the perfect kind you’re probably looking for.

They also have a lot of toppings and flavors to choose from.

You can surely experiment and try out a new flavor.

Your taste buds are in for a joyride.

Chase a Sunset at Sunset Lake

This spot in Wildwood Crest is especially known for its spectacular sunset views—hence its name.

Drive to this place during the sunset hours and witness magic.

You’ll be awestruck by the captivating scene.

Try out the Legendary Lime Ricky

When in Wildwood, you have to try the Lime Ricky, the city’s famous summertime drink.

Only one shop in Wildwood serves the Lime Ricky— Lime Ricky World.

Though it’s a summertime drink, it’s available all year long.

Their products are freshly prepared upon your order.

They do not promote frozen items, and every item on the menu is hygienic and healthy.

Lime Ricky World also has a game arcade for kids, so you can have your snacks and enjoyment at the same time.

It will be a good way to spend your evening.

Trek the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

Exterior of Hereford Inlet Lighthouse in Wildwood, NJ

Tippman98x /

Built during the 1870s, the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse is a sight to behold.

The structure is way more alluring than the view it offers.

It also acts as a navigational aid for coast guards even today.

The beauty of the lighthouse is enhanced by the bewitching garden that surrounds it.

Garden beside the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

Tippman98x /

The structure is finely restored and the garden is a great place to relax.

Since the place is near the shore, you can calmly listen to the waves approaching.

The view from above the lighthouse is magnificent.

The sea appears majestic and compliments the sky.

The Victorian building is a delight to watch and visit.

Exterior of the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

Jeffrey M. Frank /

Strike a Pose with the Wildwoods Sign

Wildwood sign during sunset

Joice Brinkerhoff /

If you don’t get to photograph yourself with the immortal Wildwoods sign, can you really say you visited Wildwood?

When you enter the borders of Wildwood, spot the sign and strike a pose!

The huge Wildwoods Sign

Matt Kremkau /

This is the tallest signboard in the city.

It’s located in a crowded area as every tourist makes it a point to click a photograph here and update their social media.

Go in the morning or afternoon when the sun is bright.

People admiring the Wildwoods Sign

James Kirkikis /

Listen to Live Music at Byrne Plaza

Bryne Plaza is the ultimate events center in Wildwood.

This special events site is situated on action-packed Pacific Avenue and offers 60,000 square feet of the outdoor amphitheater for occasions and events throughout the year.

With a prime location on the vibrant boardwalk, this special corner is second to none when it comes to unforgettable fun and entertainment.

There’s great family fun at Byrne Plaza, with events like outdoor concerts, the famous seafood festival, and free family movie nights.

The atmosphere here is clean and revitalizing, making it a perfect place to bring your lawn chair so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Have a Blast from the Past at Retro Arcade & Fascination

Another cool spot on the boardwalk for a blast from the past is Retro Arcade & Fascination.

This is a hip place for all types, from young adults to older folks, to come here to get their game on.

You will be enraptured by the unique machines here that you won’t have even seen anyplace else in your life.

People love its props from Hunts Pier as well as its collection of memories that give people that chance to dig up some good old classic arcade games.

So if you’re looking for a top place to bring back those days where Pac-Man and Pong were all the rage on the arcade scene, think about hitting up Retro Arcade & Fascination!

Scream Your Hearts Out At Ocean Oasis Water Park

Ocean Oasis Water Park and Beach Club effectively whittle down the usual Jersey Shore chaos to one private serenity.

As you lounge in your thatched-wood utopia, you may feel a certain distance from all of the thrills that await with their adrenaline-fueled waterslides and other wondrous water activities.

However, there are cabanas here at Ocean Oasis that host fire pits, communing around them in peace and quiet.

For thrill-seekers of all experience levels, the Cliff Dive takes you on a thrilling five-story leap into a lap pool below—three seconds is all it takes before you’re splashing down.

Alternatively, you and your family can go head to head on six lanes of slippery fun with the WipeOut slide.

Surfs up at Bonsai Beach is a playground where you and your kids can have fun splashing around in the water and enjoying yourselves.

Jet sprays and climbing ropes are even equipped with sturdy slides to keep kids of all ages cool.

Final Thoughts

Wildwood, New Jersey is just one of the many beautiful beach cities located along America’s coast.

The long Wildwood Boardwalk alone gives everyone easy access to shops, eateries, and fun rides for tourists of all ages.

Next time you’re taking a vacation to Wildwood, consider this your guide to this New Jersey entertainment destination.

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