15 Best Things to Do in Princeton, NJ

15 Best Things to Do in Princeton, NJ

You might have heard of the name Princeton from its famous college. But, the city is much more than being the home of one of the best colleges in the world.

The amount of history it has amassed over the period of time will surely blow your mind away. And, the place looks just like out of a glass painting. The architectural beauty deserves some special mention. Come on, let us have a look at the top 15 things to do in Princeton.

Spend an afternoon at the glorious Princeton Battlefield State Park

Princeton Battlefield State Park
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Princeton reeks of history, mo matter where you go- you can find something old and meaningful here on the streets of Princeton. If you are hanging around the campus of the well-known prestigious Princeton University, then Princeton Battlefield State Park is close by! Just walk a mile to experience this piece of history.

The place which now lies there as a harmless and serene location- once saw the death of thousands. A very important battle of the American Revolution was fought in this very spot back in 1777. This is where the soldiers gave away their lives and ultimately defeated the British.

The Mercer Oak stands there as a symbol of the horrible battle. General Hugh Mercer faced a severe wound which later led to his death under this tree.

The Clarke house which stands there has seen the deaths of all the wounded soldiers including that of General Hugh Mercer. Do visit this place to experience how horrible a single battle can get.

Check out the Delaware & Raritan State Park

Delaware & Raritan State Park
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The place represents the first means of connection between New York and Philadelphia. In the old days, moving raw materials or cargo for the industries proved to be a big issue. The rail was still not an option in many places.

This is when the idea of constructing a canal came into being. The Delaware & Raritan Canal was built back in the day for moving goods.

However, now it just lies there as an attractive tourist spot for all the tourists and locals. You can go canoeing in this canal. But, there are some other adventure opportunities too. Several paths are spiraling around the canal where you can go hiking or jogging too.

The houses around the canal all belong to the old era where wood and bricks were used as building materials. Also, bird lovers, pay attention to the different species of birds all around you!

Snap a few pictures of the Princeton Battle Monument

Princeton Battle Monument
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The Nassau Street in Princeton is filled with some of the best tourist attractions. Not only is it one of the most glamorous streets in Princeton, but it also houses some of the most picturesque spots in the city.

Similarly, Princeton Battle Monument is located here in the heart of the historic district of Princeton.

You can see the statue of General George Washington from far away for it is almost 50 meters in height. The park in which the statue stands is a sight to be cherished too. You can see the courageous hero leading his soldiers and directing them to the bloody battlefield.

Frederick MacMonnies and Thomas Hastings built this statue in a position that is covered by cherry trees all year round.

Catch a show at the McCarter Theatre Center for the Performing Arts

McCarter Theatre Center for the Performing Arts
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The McCarter Theatre Center for the Performing Arts is one of the best places to hang out if you are an admirer of the arts. Did you know that the theater has almost 200 functions held inside every year? Yes, that is how much the people of the city love the different performing arts.

This center shows us the true beauty of American culture. Not only New Jersey, but you can also even find people from the neighboring states of New York as well as Pennsylvania making their way to the theater. This is a beautiful place to hang out, watch a show, and spend a nice evening.

Enjoy the brilliant Princeton University Art Museum

Princeton University Art Museum
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The name of Princeton University Art Museum is not only a remarkable one in Princeton, but the entire world is wary of its beauty.

Yes, the gorgeous art collection is not only huge for the size of the museum but is also among one of the finest in the world. Art lovers flock to the Princeton art museum to fill their hearts with some incredibly beautiful art pieces. Come on, let’s have a look at what the fuss is all about.

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The permanent art collection has over 90k pieces. Did you know there are almost 26 galleries inside the museum? You can even get a free tour around this gem if you are visiting on the weekends.

‘The City Lost & Found: Capturing New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles’ is one of the most well-known works that artists come to praise.

Spend an evening at Marquand Park

Marquand Park
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If you are just looking for some leisure time in Princeton, we can recommend Marquand Park to you. Tired after sightseeing? Take a walk here or just sit amid the green trees in the arboretum of Marquand Park with your family, and enjoy the vacation.

The park stretches across 17 acres and is one of the best places to enjoy the beauty of serene nature in the heart of the city. Ideal for a little family outing, Marquand Park provides some great options when it comes to recreation.

Wanna have a picnic in the lap of the park? They have different sets of grills as well as picnic spots for you to enjoy a sunny picnic.

You can look around and see a lot of unknown plant species. This is where we tell you that it plays the role of an arboretum too. It boasts 140 different types of trees.

Plan a tipsy evening at Terhune Orchards and Winery

Terhune Orchards and Winery
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Princeton is a college town. And, every college town is bound to have a place nearby where you can go for a short drive and get tipsy for the night. But, since Princeton has a sophisticated historic sie to it- the options for getting tipsy here are quite sophisticated too.

Terhune Orchards and Winery is not exactly in the heart of the city, but a short drive to the orchard cum winery. Surrounded by some pretty rolling hills, you can see the green vineyards all around the winery.

They even have orchards filled with luscious fruits growing. Grapes can be found in rows from where they make their very own wines.

Terhune Orchards and Winery has some of the best cider in the area which can be combined with their famous apple pies made from the apples of their very own orchard. Do give this one a try for a luxurious evening.

Check out the historic Nassau Hall

Nassau Hall
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If you are interested in the history of America in general, Nassau Hall will play an important role in your trip. The administrative offices of the great Princeton University are also operated from this Nassau Hall at the moment.

You can even find a chapel along with a library inside the hall. The American Revolutionary War took a toll on this hall. This building even gave shelter to some of the brave soldiers that fought in the horrible war.

Robert Smith, Benjamin Latrobe, and John Notman are the three genius architectures who saw dreams of building this and came up with this unique building that has now become a world-famous attraction.

Take a stroll around Lake Carnegie

Lake Carnegie
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Did you know that this idea of construction Lake Carnegie came from just a painting? Yes, the story behind the creation of Lake Carnegie is unique. Andrew Carnegie was just having his portrait drawn by a painter on a lazy afternoon.

Howard R. Butler who was doing the portrait had a crazy idea of how good it would look to have a lake in the painting. And, he also added that the rowing team would find it adventurous if there was a small canal in that spot.

This is how Lake Carnegie came into being. Carnegie bought a lot of properties in that area and came up with the lake which you now see today!

Know about the local culture at Drumthwacket

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There is no shortage of beautiful places here in New Jersey. Each of them is beautiful in its very own way. Drumthwacket is another beautiful spot that depicts the cultural aspect of the city.

This is where the current governor of New Jersey stays. And, it is indeed a place fit for the governor himself!

Moses Taylor Pyne was the original owner of the property. Then, the city bought it from him and added a lot more to the already huge property. You can still take a look at the original structure. The new additions include a massive library along with a lot of farms. The farms are really pretty and bring light to the property.

Visit the heart of the city at Bainbridge House

Bainbridge House
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Ever wanted to see what lies exactly at the heart of the city? Here in Princeton, you have a chance to do so.

The Bainbridge House is claimed to lie exactly in the middle of the city, and it has been standing there for a long long time. The Historical Society manages this house.

Bainbridge House has been a lot of things in its entire lifespan. It has housed some famous Congressmen. It has been a famous library and a boarding house!

Plan a fancy dinner at Peacock Inn Restaurant

If you have taken a look at the beautiful Princeton Art Museum in the wee hours of the evening, don’t go back to the hotel so soon. We still have a little something for you.

How about planning a dinner date with your beloved in an ancient colonial mansion sound? Good, right? Come on.

Peacock Inn Restaurant is one of the fancy restaurants here in the city. And, the building gives it an aristocratic look. Not only are you going to have one of the most amazing dinners of your life, but the restaurant is also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Chef Jason Ramos has some of the best dishes ready just for you.

Look up at the Cleveland Tower

Cleveland Tower
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The architectural aspect of Princeton is a marvelous wonder as well. You could roam around the city and get to look at some of the most visually pleasing historic buildings.

The Cleveland Tower is just another tourist attraction that brings a lot of locals and tourists to its domain to snap pictures.

When you look up at the skyline of Princeton- you can see the Cleveland Tower at a brilliant height of 173 meters almost touching the sky or so it seems!

Constructed in the memory of the genius Principal Grover Cleveland, this tower is there to show all the things he has done for the university and the welfare of the city.

Take a history class at Morven Museum

As we stated before- Princeton is one of the most historic cities in America. You can see a lot of historic buildings of utmost interest in this city. And, Morven Museum is just another one of those.

The building that has now been turned into a remarkable museum used to be a house. Come on, let us check it out.

Richard Stockton was a famous lawyer back in the 1700s, and this house was constructed just according to his vision. Being a National Historic Landmark in Princeton- the Morven Museum now attracts a lot of tourists. Did you know it even served as the house of the governor of New Jersey?

Learn about the sophisticated history of Bew Jersey and its surroundings in the museum. The gardens are quite mesmerizing too.

Book a day with the incredible Princeton Tour Company

If you want an exclusive tailor-made tour just for you and your family that covers the very best of the city and looks after your priorities and preferences too- Princeton Tour Company is your answer.

The Princeton Tour Company is one of the best ones in the city that organizes a lot of private as well as personal tours that will be cut just according to what your demands are. They also organize several spooky tours along with bike rides around the city.

The town is said to have a lot of haunted places. If you are passionate about the paranormal- we suggest you book a personal tour with the experts at Princeton Tour Company.

This was all about the city of Princeton. It has a lot of unique history attached to it. We hope we were able to convince you to take a trip to this historic city. Bon Voyage!