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15 Best Things to Do in Lambertville, NJ

  • Published 2022/08/03

Lambertville is found in Hunterdon County in New Jersey, with a thriving nightlife scene and a diverse culture.

This city is best known for its historic architecture and several art galleries and antique shops that line the streets.

You can even enjoy a shopping spree in one of their many flea markets or go on a food tour and dine at their local eateries and diners.

Its location next to the Delaware River also provides beautiful, scenic views and numerous water sports activities.

Here are the best things to do in Lambertville, New Jersey:

Take Pictures at the New Hope-Lambertville Toll Bridge

Daytime view of New Hope-Lambertville Toll-Supported Bridge

Jim Bogosian /

Originally built in 1904 as a privately owned bridge, the New Hope-Lambertville Toll Bridge eventually opened for public use to replace a previous bridge that was destroyed in a flood.

Stretching 1,053 feet in total length across the Delaware River, this bridge connects the two cities of Lambertville, New Jersey, and New Hope, Pennsylvania.

This bridge’s walkway was also widened to accommodate the heavy foot traffic with pedestrians using this connector regularly to get from New Hope to Lambertville.

View within the New Hope-Lambertville Toll-Supported Bridge

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You can stop along the bridge for some pictures, admiring the scenic views of the skyline and the Delaware River itself.

The steel truss of the bridge also has some history to it, having been repaired and renovated several times due to the flooding incidents.

Whether you’d like to take a stroll or wish to take some memorable photos to remind you of your trip, the New Hope-Lambertville Toll Bridge can provide you with a lovely backdrop.

Aerial view of New Hope-Lambertville Toll-Supported Bridge

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Learn about Lamberville’s Rural History at the Howell Living History Farm

Formerly called the Joseph Phillips Farm, the Howell Living History Farm is a fully-functioning farm and museum.

Located minutes from the city’s heart, this open-air establishment can tell you all about Lambertville’s rural and agricultural history.

They can even showcase how farming was done in the 19th century and how it developed into today’s modern agriculture.

With over two centuries’ worth of history, the Howell Living History Farm also provides hands-on learning for interested guests of all ages, where they can try farming techniques for themselves!

You can join the farmers as they work to harvest crops, feed animals, and do other tasks, or simply observe and learn about their farming history.

Mix education with fun on your visit to the Howell Living History Farm!

Watch a Live Production at Music Mountain Theatre

Situated along NJ-179, Music Mountain Theatre first opened its doors to the community of Lambertville in 2017.

This establishment produces several live shows, ranging from dramatic plays to musical performances.

Its mission is to bring together passionate individuals who love acting, singing, and dancing to create an award-winning production.

Music Mountain Theatre is best recognized for its renditions of iconic musical plays, including Phantom, Aladdin, Hansel & Gretel, and many more.

Aspiring artists and performers can also sign up for classes that include an introduction to singing, dancing, acting, and other theater classes.

This theatrical company also ensures PG-rated shows, so feel free to bring kids and younger audience members!

You’re sure to be blown away by the talent of these artists, so purchase a ticket ahead of time and catch a show at Music Mountain Theatre.

Purchase Antiques at Golden Nugget Flea Market

If you love shopping for unique items and other antiques, you may want to visit Golden Nugget Flea Market.

Only a short drive towards the southern end of Lambertville, this antique market on River Road offers collectibles, art, house decors, and more.

Serving the community since 1967, Golden Nugget Flea Market has quickly made a reputation for itself for becoming a gold mine for those who wish to purchase antiques and vintage items.

It has also received awards and recognition, having won five times in a row for the “Best in Vintage” category in Hunterdon County.

They also host Antique Train Shows, where you can see a one-of-a-kind collection of train collectibles, train parts, and tracks.

Find your own unique treasure at Golden Nugget Flea Market!

Admire the Paintings at Jim’s of Lambertville

Jim’s of Lambertville is a popular tourist attraction for artists, art lovers, aesthetes, and antique collectors!

This art gallery on Bridge Street is home to several paintings of different styles and eras, ranging from impressionist paintings to modern paintings.

There are even some pieces of art from Europe from the 17th to 19th centuries, as well as antique sculptures and furniture.

Spanning over 7,000 acres in size, the gallery has a lot for visitors to explore, whether you wish to gander at the unique paintings or admire the custom and quality antiques.

Some items are available for purchase, including pieces by renowned local artists such as Daniel Garber, Harry Leith-Ross, Mary Elizabeth Price, and more.

This spacious gallery is also known for hosting the Thrilla in Lambertvilla event, which showcases some of the best, most recent art additions to their collection.

There’s so much to see at Jim’s of Lambertville!

Take a Trip to the Holcombe Jimison Farmstead Museum

Just a mile from the heart of Lambertville, you’ll find the Holcombe Jimison Farmstead Museum.

This museum is housed in a preserved, renovated barn and shows you the history of agriculture in this city, with displays of their old farming tools, farmer’s clothes, and more.

Some of their oldest artifacts date as far back as the early 1700s.

You can learn how the farmers in this era made and preserved their food, see the layout of their crops, and where they used to keep the livestock.

This farmstead also hosts several events and festivals, including the annual Fall Craft Festival.

You can schedule a tour to maximize your trip to the Holcombe Jimison Farmstead Museum and see all the displays and exhibits they have!

Tour the Historic James Wilson Marshall House

The James Wilson Marshall House, also called the Marshall House for short, is a historic site in Lambertville dedicated to a certain James Wilson Marshall.

James Wilson Marshall is recognized for discovering gold in California back in 1848.

Before becoming its headquarters, this historic home on Bridge Street was added to the Lambertville Historical Society.

In addition to being a tourist attraction in this city, this home can also be found on the National Register of Historic Places due to its cultural and historical significance.

Guests can tour this home and admire its decor and structure, characterized by its brick exterior and architectural elements inspired by the 18th century.

You can find several exhibits, displays, photographs, and artifacts on the Marshall family, along with the local history of Lambertville.

Don’t forget to schedule a tour ahead of time at the James Wilson Marshall House!

Visit the Fulper Family Farmstead

The Fulper Family Farmstead is a rather famous farm in Lambertville, known for producing and selling high-quality dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, and more.

Family-owned and operated for over a century, this farm on Rocktown Lambertville Road has received recognition for its dairy, having won several awards in their county.

They offer farm adventures where you can join the staff on a hands-on farming experience open to kids.

Guests who drop by this farm can also see the field where they grow the crops and spot the cows that are credited with their award-winning products!

There’s so much to see at the Fulper Family Farmstead, so try and drop by.

Go Sightseeing at Goat Hill Overlook

View from Goat Hill Overlook

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Goat Hill Overlook is a hiking trail with an observation deck where you can take in the magnificent views of the surrounding cities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and the Delaware River.

The trail can cater to first-time hikers since it is relatively easy to navigate and only 2.4 miles long.

Located in Coon Path, the trail winds between forested areas, surrounding you with beautiful trees and nature.

You can even find some benches and picnic tables along the trail in case you’d like to take a quick break to take in the relaxing environment.

A stroll along Goat Hill Overlook can make for a romantic date between lovers.

Meet the Talented Artists at Michael Fratrich’s Ten One Gallery

Located on Bridge Street, Michael Fratrich’s Ten One Gallery is an upscale art gallery known for its oil paintings and is named after the man who brought this establishment to life.

This facility also received its name from the 10 American artists who brought the artistic field to life in the 10th century, often referred to as The Ten.

Inside, you can find several oil paintings across different eras and genres, ranging from contemporary works to modern masterpieces.

Select paintings created by Michael Fratrich himself are even up for sale in case you’d like to add some art to your home.

They mostly specialize in large-scale paintings, some of which are several feet wide.

Their exhibits and displays regularly rotate, showcasing a wide variety of paintings made by talented artists, and their collection only continues to grow.

Stop by and meet these talented artists or purchase a painting at Michael Fratrich’s Ten One Gallery!

Dine at Bell’s Tavern

Bell’s Tavern is a family-friendly restaurant on North Union Street, known for its Italian cuisine and relaxing atmosphere.

Serving the community for almost a century, this eatery is a crowd favorite as it also functions as a bar.

This restaurant only serves dinner with a mix of American and Italian cuisine, including pasta, seafood, meat, and more.

Their bar selection is also extensive, serving various drinks such as cocktails, bottled beers, wine, and other beverages.

Whether you’re stopping by for a dinner date or grabbing a drink with friends, Bell’s Tavern is more than happy to have you.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Ely Field

Lambertville is known to have several public parks, but Ely Field is the largest one in the entire city.

If you want to have a relaxing day outdoors or indulge in some outdoor activities, this park on North Main Street is the ideal place to go.

It boasts a field that spans about 80 yards, providing a large space for various sports, including football, baseball, and more.

Kids are more than welcome to run around and spend their energy at the playground while the adults can gather and enjoy a picnic at the pavilion.

Due to its size, several local sports tournaments and competitions are also hosted here, so feel free to stop by and watch a game at Ely Field.

Go on a Hike along the Dry Run Creek Trail

Located in Brunswick Pike, the Dry Run Creek Trail is a lovely place to go on a scenic hike as it winds through the woods and along the side of a valley.

True to its name, this trail follows the course of the Dry Run Creek and stretches for about 1.2 miles.

The hike is relatively easy, with only a few rocky roads heading uphill, making it perfect for first-time and amateur hikers.

You’ll also pass by several historic and rustic sites, including three bridges and an old dam.

During the spring season, you’ll be greeted with an array of wildflowers growing along the side of the trail.

Dogs are also allowed on the trail as long as they’re kept on their leashes.

Wear the right shoes and enjoy your scenic hike at the Dry Run Creek Trail!

Enjoy a Cup of Coffee at Lambertville Trading Company

Touring and exploring Lambertville and all it offers may be tiring, so head to Lambertville Trading Company for a caffeine boost!

This coffee shop on Bridge Street has served Lambertville since 1982 and is family-owned and operated.

Its location in the city center makes for an easy stop while you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

This cafe can cater to all palates and preferences, whether you’re a fan of dark, milky, hot, or iced coffee or classic hot chocolate.

They also offer light snacks to go perfectly with your drink of choice, including bagels, cookies, scones, and other pastries.

You can even purchase a custom mug or tumbler to remind you of your visit to Lambertville.

Add Lambertville Trading Company to your itinerary while exploring the city!

Watch an Indie Film at the ACME Screening Room

At the heart of Lambertville, you’ll come across the ACME Screening Room, a cozy theater with showings of various movies.

Specializing in indie films and documentaries, this theater offers a relaxing indoor activity to enjoy with your loved ones.

This non-profit organization also has regular screenings of films from both local directors to internationally-renowned filmmakers to bring a diverse movie range to the community.

You can find different genres of movies, whether you’re a fan of romance, action, or even horror.

On certain days, this theater also hosts talks featuring guest speakers, some of which include the directors and producers of the movie you’ve just watched.

They ensure a high-quality cinematic experience with their surround sound system and modern digital production technology.

Don’t forget to grab some popcorn and enjoy the show at the ACME Screening Room on South Union Street!

Final Thoughts

Lambertville is complete with historic attractions, entertainment centers, and several shops and boutiques for the perfect getaway.

You can explore the history of this city by taking a trip to one of its many museums or going on a food tour to taste its delicious, locally-made meals.

You can even travel back to the 18th and 19th centuries by visiting their historic sites and establishments that can give you a glimpse into this era.

Its waterfront location can provide you with much outdoor fun and excitement.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation or wish to have an adventurous getaway, this city can fulfill all your needs.

Bookmark this list of the best things to do in Lambertville, New Jersey, and start planning your visit!

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