15 Best Things to Do in San Saba, TX

Things to Do in San Saba, TX
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The quaint city of San Saba is nestled in central Texas and serves as the county seat of San Saba County.

San Saba, a small city with lots of enjoyable things to do, was established in 1854 and named as such for its spot on the San Saba River.

As the city is surrounded by acres of pecan trees, San Saba is dubbed the "Pecan Capital of the World," with various shops featuring pecan as their main product.

The city is known for its beautiful landscapes and serene locations, with perfect spots for fishing, hiking, camping, and hunting.

Here are some of the best things to do in San Saba, Texas:

Enjoy the Waterfalls at Mill Pond Park

The waterfalls at Mill Pond Park
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Mill Pond Park is a three-acre park on Thomas Stewart Drive with a sandy beach, swimming pool, waterfalls, pavilion, picnic area, athletic courts, and walking trails.

This park is a significant landmark in San Saba, as it was the site of the city's first waterworks.

The park now features a lake with a swimming pool and waterfalls, as well as beautiful plant life, including moss, canna lilies, caladiums, and ferns.

Trail at Mill Pond Park
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The picturesque setting makes this an ideal spot for family time or romantic dates.

You can also host special events and bring your friends and loved ones to enjoy the park's beauty.

In addition, Mill Pond Park is a popular spot for community events such as the San Saba Christmas Party, the farmer's market, Splash Day, and more.

Picnic shelter at Mill Pond Park
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Hone Your Golf Skills at San Saba River Golf Course

San Saba River Golf Course, known as Texas' best-kept secret, is the place to go if you want to improve or learn how to play golf on the putting green.

This golf course features 18 holes, 72 par, 119 slopes, and 6,904 yards, providing every visitor with the best golfing experience.

Aside from these, you will undoubtedly be satisfied with the scenic beauty of this location.

The atmosphere is relaxed and serene, with many water traps and grassy areas that will make you want to come back and play golf time and time again.

San Saba River Golf Course offers a pro shop, a short game practice area, and a driving range.

San Saba is the perfect location to improve your golf game or if you enjoy playing for fun.

Grab your golfing gear and try this place on County Road on your next San Saba visit!

Buy Pecan Products at Millican Pecan Company

San Saba is unsurprisingly known for its pecans.

If you're looking to learn more about the people who helped make the city famous for its nut exports, it's worth paying a visit to some of the key locations associated with them.

One pecan shop you should check out if you're in San Saba is the Millican Pecan Company, whose founder helped the production of pecans in the city back in 1888.

After E.E. Risien and his wife Elizabeth immigrated to the United States from England in the 1800s, they started the Pecan Nursery in San Saba.

The plants that the couple used for grafting and budding have been passed down through generations,  so visitors can still enjoy high-quality pecan products today.

Some of the company's signature products are Pecan Butter, Butter Pecan Coffee, and Dark and Milk Chocolate Caramillicans loaded with caramel, chocolate, and pecans.

Make sure to visit Millican Pecan Company on County Road and try the samples of the products!

Of course, don't forget to bring some home with you.

Relive San Saba's Past at San Saba County Historical Museum

The San Saba County Historical Museum on Thomas Stewart Drive is a volunteer-led organization founded in 1965 by the county's Board of Trustees.

With the help of grants, donations, and membership dues from some passionate San Saba residents, the community now has a museum that helps visitors get a glimpse of how life was in the past.

The San Saba County Historical Museum has a collection of artifacts donated by locals, which tell stories about the county's history.

These include chairs, carriage wheels, fossils, toys, and other equipment.

The museum offers educational tours for school groups and special organizations so visitors can learn more about what is on display.

It also hosts occasional events and programs, such as the Traveling Trunk program, in which visitors and groups are welcome to participate.

See How the Past and Present Collide at the Dofflemyer Hotel

Located in the historic district of San Saba, Dofflemyer Hotel is a historic building established in 1913.

The building is said to have been built by W.C. Dofflemyer for the National Bank of San Saba and was later renovated by Clay Nettleship into the boutique hotel that now attracts many tourists.

Clay left the building's original structure mostly untouched but updated the exterior to give it a modern-meets-vintage look.

The Dofflemyer Hotel has two floors available for guests.

The first floor comprises family-owned businesses, such as candy shops and ice cream parlors.

On this floor, you can also find homemade soups, sandwiches, and other San Saba specialties like Pecan shops.

The second floor features retro-style rooms complete with tile and marble details.

Each room has a television, wardrobe, seating area, wifi access, hair dryer, and other amenities for your comfort.

Take a Picture in Front of the Wedding Oak Tree

The Wedding Oak Tree on China Creek Road, also known as the marriage oak and matrimonial oak, is one of the best spots you should see in San Saba.

Although it may look like any other old oak tree at first glance, this one has stood outside the town for over 1,000 years, according to locals.

If you're lucky enough to stumble upon this tree and hear some of the stories surrounding it, such as ghost stories or mysteries, you might wonder why it's called a wedding oak tree.

According to legend, Indians used this tree for marriage ceremonies.

As a result, some people now use it as a location to exchange vows with their special someone, making it special for all lovers.

The Wedding Oak Tree is a popular spot for people and animals to take refuge from the heat.

If you're ever in the area, snap a selfie with your special someone next to this ancient but beautiful tree!

Take a Sip of Wine at Wedding Oak Winery

Viticulturist Mike McHenry and his friends decided to start a winery in 2012 to grow the local wine industry in the city of San Saba.

The winery's name was Wedding Oak Winery, taken from a famous tree in the city that is said to be hundred years of age.

The Wedding Oak Winery is a historic 1926 building with a tasting room that can accommodate over 10,000 people and a patio where you can relax with your family and friends.

This winery offers 100% Texas-grown wines, making it one of the best places to visit in San Saba.

It's pretty amazing that you could have your reception at the Wedding Oak Winery after getting married under the Wedding Oak Tree.

Take a sip of wine or plan your wedding here at Wedding Oak Winery!

Visit the San Saba County Courthouse

Exterior of the San Saba County Courthouse
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When it comes to architectural design, this courthouse in San Saba should be your first stop.

The San Saba County Courthouse on East Wallace Street, built in 1911, is one of three buildings in the city that have served the people for over a century.

Outside the building, you will notice the statement "From the people to the people," which is carved on the entrance and is regarded as the heart of San Saba by locals.

Front view of the San Saba County Courthouse
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The San Saba County Courthouse, primarily made of brick and sandstone, has beautiful classical details like a clock tower, two-story columns with ionic capitals, and dentate cornices.

You definitely won't want to miss this 109-year-old building when you're in the city!

Feast Your Eyes on a Breathtaking Scenery at Risien Park

Risien Park is one of many parks in San Saba where people can enjoy family time the entire day.

It is an 80-acre park that offers ample recreation, relaxation, and exploration opportunities.

This verdant oasis features towering trees, volleyball courts, picnic areas, a stone amphitheater, and walking trails that wind through pecan groves.

E. Guy Risien gifted the park to the public in honor of his father, E.E. Risien, an accomplished horticulturist who developed improved strains of pecans from which the San Saba area and the United States as a whole benefited greatly.

Risien Park's spacious grounds and pavilions make it popular for special occasions such as weddings.

Aside from that, it is nestled among historic pecans and pristine waters, providing great scope to feast your eyes in a breathtaking setting!

Shop for Clothes and Boots at Harry's Boots

Harry's Boots is an apparel store on East Wallace Street where you and your family can buy high-quality clothing, hats, and, most importantly, boots.

This store started operating in 1907, founded by Ike and Harry Shapiro.

Their principles were comprehensive inventories, high-quality apparel at affordable prices, and authentic personal service.

These kept them going for many years until they retired more than a quarter-century later.

Their son is continuing the business, with recent renovations such as adding more boot rooms for men and women, hats, and work rooms.

Harry's Boots offers various brands of western apparel and cowboy boots which you will undoubtedly invest in and consider purchasing.

Come and try a complete cowboy get-up, including hats and boots at Harry's Boots!

Try Various Pecan Products at Oliver Pecan Co. Inc.

Oliver Pecan Co. Inc. was established in 1970 by Gordon Lee and Clydene Oliver after purchasing an orchard of pecan in San Saba County to start a business.

The family planted these pecans to use them to sustain their needs.

Today, these plants have grown and produced over 30,000 trees across three locations in San Angelo, Belmont, and San Saba.

The Oliver Pecan company, also family-owned, reaps the benefits by harvesting and selling a variety of pecan products like Chocolate Pecans, Pecan Brittle, Coffee Beans roasted in Pecan Oil, Popcorn kernels, etc.

With 16 shops selling various pecan products, you can find something to take home and enjoy with your family and friends.

Oliver Pecan Co. Inc. is located on West Wallace Street.

Walk, Fish, and Learn at San Saba River Nature Park

San Saba River Nature Park is a 40-acre riverfront park on East Wallace Street.

The park offers two miles of bridges, walkways, fishing stations, and bird blinds.

People come to this park for scenic riverside views, entertainment, and amenities.

It's the perfect place for a family outing during the weekend!

Visitors can also use the walking and biking trail.

San Saba River Nature Park also has great fishing spots, wildlife viewing areas, and an archeological interpretive portion where visitors can read about the area's history.

Spend an afternoon and drop by this park with friends and family on your next visit to San Saba!

Visit the Historic San Saba's First Baptist Church

One of the churches you can see in the city is San Saba's First Baptist Church, which, like all other churches and structures, also has a rich history.

This baptist church was established in 1883 under the leadership of Rev. McHenry Seal and was later completely destroyed by fire in 1923.

The church was rebuilt with the aid of a collective fund, and work was completed in 1932, with an educational facility added in 1947.

The church's architecture is interesting because of the use of red brick and artfully placed windows and doors.

The windows and doors, symbols for congregational worship, have a mosaic-like design that is blue in the daytime and forms various colors at night.

San Saba's First Baptist Church stands proudly on West Wallace Street today, in faith and with elegance.

Other Things to Do Nearby

San Saba offers a lot that you, your family, and your friends will undoubtedly enjoy.

If you still have the energy to visit other places, there are many attractions nearby that you can visit.

Here are some other things to do near San Saba:

Savor the Breathtaking Views at the Regency Bridge

Pathway of Regency Bridge
Alyh M / Shutterstock.com

Regency Bridge, also known as the "swinging bridge," is a one-lane suspension bridge in the Colorado River that stretches to Mills County Road and San Saba County Road.

Just a 21-minute drive from San Saba, this bridge is around 325 feet and has a wooden surface.

It was first established in 1939 and renovated in 1997.

Side view of the Regency Bridge
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Some visitors came to this historic location to take a walk—which can be a little frightening, especially when the wind is blowing hard—and to enjoy the stunning scenery of the tall trees and the Colorado River's crystal-clear water.

Today, the Regency Bridge is still one of the best attractions in the counties of San Saba and Mills, and it's also one of the most visited places in Texas.

Discover the Beauty of Colorado Bend State Park

Gorman falls at Colorado Bend State Park
VIKVAD / Shutterstock.com

Colorado Bend State Park in Bend offers 35-mile trails that lead to the waterfall, underground caverns, and swimming holes.

This location is 21.2 miles away from San Saba, and it will take approximately 28 minutes to get there by car.

Visitors can enjoy the 70-foot-tall Gorman Falls, surrounded by plants like moss and ferns.

Campground at Colorado Bend State Park
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In addition, guests can explore one of over 400 caves located on park grounds, including the popular Gorman Cave.

This place not only has stunning scenery but also offers a variety of activities that everyone in the family can enjoy, such as fishing, paddling, hiking, and camping.

A deer at Colorado Bend State Park
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Final Thoughts

San Saba is a hospitable and peaceful city with plenty of attractions and activities that you can enjoy.

You'll find something to do here, no matter what your interests are, from visiting historical sites to wildlife viewing areas, fishing, hiking, biking trails, bridges, walkways, fishing stations, and more.

San Saba is also known as the Pecan Capital of the World, and for a good reason!

There are plenty of shops throughout the town that offer delicious pecan-based products.

On your next visit, try out all these best things to do in San Saba, Texas!

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