21 Best Things to Do in Wimberley, TX

Wimberley, TX
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Wimberley, Texas, is a perfect destination for you to enjoy the natural beauty and participate in fine cultural activities.

Here, you can enjoy swimming in its many water bodies and relax, or go sightseeing in the city.

Wimberley is also a bustling cultural center with the famous rugged charm of the South evident in the local populace and the atmosphere.

Interested to know more about this wonderful place?

Here are the 21 best things to do in Wimberley, Texas:

Go Swimming at Jacob’s Well

The waters of Jacob’s Well
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Jacob's Well is the second-largest fully submerged cave in Texas.

However, that does not stop diving enthusiasts from plunging into the full 100-foot dive to the bottom of this well.

Scuba divers can enter Jacob’s Well through any of the four entry points available.

A person about to jump on Jacob’s Well
Christian Perry / Shutterstock.com

These openings are dangerously narrow and sometimes even require the divers to remove the tanks to pass through.

You could have immense fun here, but also make sure to exercise due caution.

Climb the Old Baby Mountain

The Old Baby Mountain is located in the middle of land inhabited by the indigenous community, which can be strangely difficult to access.

However, once you reach this place, its scenic beauty will leave you stunned.

You need to maneuver around 220 steep steps to reach the summit.

From the top, you can feast your eyes on panoramic visuals of the surrounding landscape.

Buy Some Olives at Bella Vista Ranch

Cooking your own food on your holiday travels is a trend that is fast growing in popularity.

What better way to cook a healthy and nutritious meal than by procuring local fresh farm produce?

You can do this in Wimberley at the Bella Vista Ranch.

You can buy juicy olives freshly plucked from their 1,200-odd olive trees.

There are ample other varieties of fruit and vegetables to help you choose the perfect fresh flavors for your home-cooked meal.

The vineyard at this ranch is beautiful and stores around 7 wines.

You can enjoy tasting these and pick up a bottle or two of your favorite flavor.

The ranch staff also lets you take a guided tour around their territory with ample interesting trivia about the olives and the orchards to entertain you along the way.

Watch Staged Performances at Emily Ann Theatre

Exterior of Emily Ann Theatres
Nv8200pa, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visit Emily Ann Theatre and Gardens if you love staged performances!

You can enjoy the natural greenery of this park and spot a variety of birds roaming around the precinct.

There is also a butterfly garden where you can go sightseeing.

Welcome sign of Emily Ann Theatre
Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Likewise, you can enjoy a chess game at the life-size huge checker/chess board located here.

The major production house is Shakespeare Under the Stars, and you can enjoy their delightful plays at this venue.

Shop at Rancho Deluxe

Exterior of Rancho Deluxe
Travis K. Witt, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You must go shopping at the colorful Rancho Deluxe in Texas.

You will be bedazzled with the amazing variety of artistic Mexican home décor stuff in the shop.

Pick up some sparkling lights for your home or office from the exotic varieties available.

Perhaps you like onyx sconces, or maybe the traditional glittering lanterns are more to your liking.

Add a dose of organic to your lightning by buying one of their signature Amate lights.

This is a traditional light crafted out of mulberry bark and wild fig.

The indigenous Aztec artists are experts at making these in delightful colors and forms.

Go Horse Riding in the City

You would not be having much of a holiday in Texas if you return without having ridden a horse, would you?

At South West Austin, you can have an amazing time riding any of the beautiful horses from their impressive stable.

This place is just a 30-minute short drive out from Wimberley.

You can ride your horse to some peaceful picnic spots in the vicinity nearby.

If you are shuddering at the thought of getting on horseback for the first time, worry not.

The hospitable host here happily takes hold of the reigns and guides you along the tour.

You can partake of some delectable snacks and recipes at the eating place here before you head back to Wimberley.

Go Kayaking at San Marcos River

Kayakers in San Marcos River
Valerie Johnson / Shutterstock.com

Canoeing is an incredibly energizing and fun-filled activity.

You can rent a canoe and head out onto the wild waters of the San Marcos River near Wimberley to enjoy a thrilling, physical activity.

The San Marcos River sources its water from several springs, and the sight of the gushing flows is purely marvelous.

You can reach these majestic landscapes by driving out from Wimberley for just under 20 minutes.

The mesmerizing waterfalls in this region are breathtaking to watch.

The roar of the huge volumes of water striking the floor at full speed is scary and beautiful at the same time.

You could also catch a glimpse of the rich marine life here which will leave you wondering about the rich diversity of our planet.

Try Wine Tasting at the Hill Country Wine Shoppe

Daytime view of Hill Country Wine Shop
Roberto Galan / Shutterstock.com

Try out some of the most delicious wines at the Hill Country Wine Shoppe.

Their wine menu is stacked up with six varieties of local wine procured from various labels in Hill Country itself.

The ambiance here is warm and inviting, which reflects the equally jovial and friendly nature of the wonderful host.

Their red wine is an absolute delight to sip, and you must enjoy some of these when you travel to Wimberley.

Kiss the Cook store at Wimberley Square
Roberto Galan / Shutterstock.com

Wimberley Square is a shoppers' delight.

Located in downtown Wimberley, this place is packed with specialty shops that stack rustic and eclectic wares to give your home the perfect makeover.

You can also pick up one of the amazing hand-crafted gifts made in Oaxaca City, Mexico, which are available in plenty of these shops.

You must visit the interesting Kiss the Cook kitchen store here.

This store houses the finest tableware and cutlery that you can ever hope to lay your hands on.

Small shops at Wimberley Square
Roberto Galan / Shutterstock.com

There is also an art section here.

You could view beautiful artworks by such artists as “Nacho Ordinary Wood Turner.”

This colorful artist creates sumptuous woodwork artifacts, and you must pick one as memorabilia.

The art collection at the 12 art galleries here is the largest in Central Texas.

You can find prominent works of 53 talented local artists on display here.

Shops along Wimberley Square
Roberto Galan / Shutterstock.com

Shop at Wimberley Market Days

Signs sold at Wimberley Market days
Kristin Taibi / Shutterstock.com

You can visit one of these special marketing days on the first Saturday each month between March and December.

Each Market Day has a unique theme to it to make your experience truly fun-filled.

Some of these themes include football, patriotic days, and “dog days of summer”.

475 vendors display their wares in this large outdoor market.

You can simply delight yourself by exploring these or buy a few that you really like.

Numerous bands are playing in the background to make your visit here the complete entertainment experience.

Have Fun at Wimberley Zipline

You can get crazy adrenaline rushes and satisfy your adventurous urges by zip-lining at the amazing Wimberley Zipline course.

There are 10 thrilling ziplines on this course.

Scream your hearts out as you hang onto one of those and enjoy sumptuous aerial visuals of the valley below.

Get awe-struck as you stare down at the gaping canyons and creeks from your high vantage point in mid-air!

You will be in the company of expert guides here.

They will regale you with interesting tales about the area's colorful history.

You will be surprised at the many interesting facts and incidents that helped shaped the local ecosystem into its current form.

There are plenty of trails on this two-hour tour to let you hike and trek to your heart's fill.

Besides enjoying stunning views of the surrounding landscape, you will also feast your eyes on some of the richest flora you would find anywhere.

Put your Botanical hats on as you try to identify some of these rare plant varieties.

Alternatively, explore the many animal species you will come across on these trails.

Observe the wild fauna as they go about their lives with uncanny intelligence.

Just the perfect adventure tour on a Wimberley holiday in Texas!

Wander around Blue Hole Regional Park

Waters at Blue Hole Regional Park
Silvio Ligutti / Shutterstock.com

Finally, you cannot return from Texas without taking a hearty dip in one of its many famous swimming holes.

We recommend the amazing Blue Hole Regional Park to get into your swimming trunks and splash around in its pleasant waters.

The waters here are a strikingly beautiful deep blue and are at refreshing moderate temperatures to give you sumptuous swimming delights.

This pool is spring-fed, and you can find cool water even in the extreme heat of Texas summers.

The surrounding canopies of lovely Cypress trees make the absolute experience bliss!

You also can participate in one of the many interesting activities going on in the nearby vicinity.

Alternatively, sit quietly and watch one of the beautiful performances in the spacious amphitheater!

Experience Travelling to Wineries in a Limo with Taste of the Hills

Taste of the Hills offers top-quality wine excursions to vacationers to Wimberley, Texas.

Experience the distinction of a genuinely opulent wine-tasting trip in a plush and sophisticated customized limo coach.

With a maximum of 12 people, their limo coach offers the chance to mingle with other tour participants while still being small enough to allow for a more exclusive experience.

The host of your wine tour will educate you about the Texas Hill Country wine history and ensure a fun and relaxing trip.

They provide wine trips around the Texas Hill Country, notably to Fredericksburg along the 290 Wine Trail, Driftwood, and Dripping Springs.

Challenge Your Golf Record at Double J Ranch Golf Club

Double J Ranch Golf Club is an 18-hole semi-private golf layout originally known as "Quicksand at Woodcreek."

The magnificence of the Texas Hill Country encircles it.

The elegant, narrow, and constrained 6,400-yard Bermuda grass-based 72-par course is located at the intersection of Wimberley and the City of Woodcreek.

Prepare to encounter among the most difficult courses at The Double J Ranch Golf Club.

Don't be surprised if you make new connections with the numerous friendly live deer that roam the course.

Purchase the Best Wine Available at Limestone Terrace Vineyard

Fruit for Limestone Terrace Vineyard is sourced from around the state, including its backyard estate and the high plains of Texas.

Their wines are produced by blending traditional methods with modern equipment.

Limestone Terrace Vineyard is known for its white, rosé, and red wines.

Their rosés and whites mature in stainless steel vessels, which provide wines with rich aromatics while preserving crisp and fresh qualities.

Visit their estate house in the stunning Texas Hill Country and sample their wine!

Take shade and sip from a bottle or a glass on the two-tiered terrace beneath the live oaks.

Have a Relaxing Stay at Creekhaven Inn & Spa

A family-run bed and breakfast in Wimberley, Texas, Creekhaven Inn & Spa welcomes visitors ages 12 and older.

Creekhaven Inn & Spa is a quiet retreat surrounded by trees only a short distance from the town center.

The over three acres feature private creek access, shady walks, and lovely gardens, making them the ideal setting for a tranquil retreat or romantic weekend vacation.

Creekhaven Inn & Spa is built to make your experience unique and peaceful.

The Spa offers an expanding selection of organic facials, massages, and spa treatments sure to calm and revitalize.

Prepare to be Amazed by The Wimberley Players

Several friends established The Wimberley Players in 1979.

The Players continue to exert a significant cultural influence on Wimberley and Central Texas.

Comedies, thrills, classics, plays, and concerts are among the five major shows they produce each season.

The Summer Outdoor Movies, which turned their parking area into a movie theater with full refreshments, started in 2020.

Additionally, they provide kids' programs, including First Stage Theatre Camp, a three-day intro to theater, and Discovery Theatre, a single-day workshop.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Appreciate Art at Wimberley Glassworks Center

Glass blowing is an incredibly beautiful art form to watch.

Master glassblowers of yesteryear were hailed as celebrity artists because of the sheer delicacy of their exquisite craft.

You can peek at this delightful craft by attending a live glass-blowing session at Wimberley Glassworks Center.

You can walk through their showrooms packed with the prettiest glassworks.

You can also learn about the rich history of glass art and glass crafts at this center.

A visit to this place is a must for anyone traveling to North Carolina.

Visit Wimberley Valley Winery

The Wimberley Valley Winery is just a 15-minute drive from the Driftwood Estate Winery.

This winery prides itself on having the widest range of wines that you could ever find in a single winery.

To make the wines even better, they add their own creative touches to spice these wines up with the Central Texas flavor.

Some of their best specialty brews include fruit blends and Christmas specials.

You can enjoy tasting these fine wines under beautiful oak trees outside.

Alternatively, you can also enjoy your sips in the warm comforts of their lobby by the fireplace.

Grab Some Beers at the Middleton Brewing

For those of us who want our alcoholic beverages strong and biting, head out to the awesome Middleton Brewing in the heart of Texas.

Feast yourself on umpteen bottles of their specialty frothy lager.

You can learn about the beautiful process of brewing fresh craft beer by watching master brewers Calvin Kauba and Franklin Murrah in full sway.

They will feed you with enough meaty information about the brewing process and its subtler points.

Try Driftwood Estate Winery's Wines

The Driftwood Estate Winery is famous for making exotic, delicious Mediterranean wines with their homegrown Texas grapes.

You can have an amazing tasting session by sipping on their specialty wines.

The sumptuous location of the winery in the middle of sprawling vineyards makes the experience truly memorable.

Nothing better than enjoying gorgeous wines while feasting on the picturesque surrounding beauty!

Final Thoughts

Imagine one of Texas' most picturesque retreats when you picture Wimberley.

Wimberley has a wide variety of food options and cultural attractions to entertain tourists.

Discover sparkling river water, majestic cypress trees, blooming wildflowers, fantastic wineries, and a pleasant artist community.

Don't pass up the opportunity to explore and spend your vacation trip at Wimberley, Texas!

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