15 Best Things to Do in Buda, TX

Buda, TX
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Buda is one of the many cities you can find in Hays County, Texas.

The city was established in 1881 and has a land size of approximately 15.9 square kilometers.

From historical spots to vast parks, there are plenty of locations for you to explore in this city.

More than this, there is a selection of unique spots you can seek out.

If you want the best options for exploring the city, here is a list of the 15 best things to do in Buda, Texas:

Shop at Cabela's

Night time view of Cabela's watertower
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Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking to enjoy recreational activities?

Then head to Cabela's to grab some gear.

Cabela's is an outdoor outfitter you can find at Frontage Road and offers different facilities for you to try out.

Musk oxen on display at one of Cabela's store
Pete unseth, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

From hunting to fishing and camping, there is no shortage of outdoor gear and accessories you can find at this store.

Aside from products for outdoor activities, the store offers an aquarium you can view and a shooting range you can try.

If you want to buy some gear or check out a fun venue with interesting facilities, visit Cabela's.

The top part of Cabela's water tower
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Find Old Fashioned Treats at Buda Soda Fountain

Discover a combination of history and treats by visiting the Buda Soda Fountain store.

You can find the store within the Buda Drug Store on Railroad Street.

When visiting the Buda Soda Fountain, you'll find that it features a vintage look and sweets.

While you can try out old-fashioned candy, there are sodas, ice cream, and other sweet treats.

Aside from desserts, the store offers different types of bread and coffee for you to try.

When it comes to checking out unique spots in the Texan city, Buda Soda Fountain is a top choice.

Dine, Drink, and Play at the Pinballz Kingdom

One of the best places to find entertainment in Buda is the Pinballz Kingdom.

The Pinballz Kingdom is a venue with multiple features, ranging from a bar to arcades and outdoor attractions.

Some of the entertainment facilities you can find at the venue include bumper cars and arcade games, ranging from classic to contemporary.

With the restaurant section of the venue, you can enjoy a selection of rustic dishes and snacks while enjoying live music.

If you're looking to get some drinks, there are two bar options you can try.

You can find the Pinballz Kingdom on Frontage Road and check online for any upcoming events.

If you're looking for fun in Buda, Pinballz Kingdom is a top choice to visit.

Enjoy a Retro Experience at Doc's Drive-In Theatre

If you're looking for a unique spot to visit, Doc's Drive-In Theatre is the place to go.

Doc's Drive-In Theatre is one of the few drive-in theaters you can find left in Texas and offers its share of fun features.

Both classic and contemporary films are available at this theater.

What makes this drive-in theatre so different?

In addition to providing a drive-in movie experience, the theater has vacation houses for rent.

You can find the rental homes at Weewok Village, next to the theater.

As for the theater, you can find it on Satterwhite Road.

Check Out History and Park Amenities at the Historic Stagecoach Park

Welcoming sign of Historic Stagecoach Park
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The first place you need to visit for local history and nature in Buda is the Historic Stagecoach Park.

The Historic Stagecoach Park is a historical location that doubles as a park.

For those interested in exploring local history, there are two facilities you can check out.

Historic clint's cabin in Historic Stagecoach Park
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As a park that spans 51 acres in size, there are plenty of facilities available for you to see.

If you are looking to enjoy outdoor activities, there are several trails you can hike through.

Other features available in this park include an amphitheater, playground, and pavilion.

To find this park, you need to head to Main Street and head west of I-35.

Explore the Buda Mill & Grain Co.

Among the different historical spots available in Buda, the Buda Mill & Grain Company is the ideal spot for checking out history and stores.

The Buda Mill & Grain Company is a location that used to hold metal farms and silos and has been around since 1914.

The venue features 27,000 square feet of land and houses several stores and other fun spots.

From shopping for wines to doing yoga, there is plenty for you to choose and do at the historic location.

To visit the venue, you need to locate South Main Street.

Dig into Fresh Tacos at Helen's Casa Alde

You can find plenty of places to dig into a delicious meal in the Texan city. However, if you want a fresh and hot meal in the morning, you need to check out Helen's Casa Alde.

Helen's Casa Alde is a Mexican-Texan food truck you can find on Main Street and has been around for over forty years now.

The best item you can get at this food truck is the breakfast tacos.

More than tacos, you can enjoy a selection of chips and tortilla dishes, too.

If you want to enjoy a warm handmade meal during your visit to Buda, Helen's Casa Alde is the place to go.

Treat Yourself to Drinks and Entertainment with the Main Street Sip and Stroll

Do you like alcohol? Are you interested in checking out local festivities?

If you are interested in either of the two options, you need to participate in the Main Street Sip and Stroll.

Otherwise known as the Sip and Stroll, this Buda event treats you to live entertainment and a guide to hidden gems within the historic downtown district.

The event occurs twice a year, and during it, ticket holders get treated to drinks and snacks.

For any alcohol and history enthusiasts, this is the best event to join.

Stroll around the Buda Farmer's Market

The Buda Farmer's Market is the best place to visit if you are interested in checking out local goods.

The farmer's market opens in the downtown area and uptown area of the city on Saturdays and Tuesdays respectively.

There are plenty of vendors that attend the market, and some of the items they sell range from local produce to desserts and event artworks.

Whether you want to try a local treat or purchase a souvenir, there are plenty of products for you to peruse at the farmer's market.

Depending on the week, you may see different vendors circulate in the market and can check online for any updates.

Go Fishing at the Bradfield Village Park

A playground near the waters fo Bradfield Village Park
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There are plenty of places in Buda to enjoy different recreational activities.

One of the best places where you can fish is Bradfield Village Park.

Bradfield Village Park is a park you can find on Crescent Drive and features two fishing ponds.

Trees surrounding Bradfield Village Park's water
Ray Shrewsberry / Shutterstock.com

If you're looking to catch big fish in the park, you'll want to look out for the 5-acre pond.

Aside from having fishing spots, the park has picnic spots where you can relax and a single barbeque pit.

Out of the different parks available in Buda, the Bradfield Village Park is one where you can enjoy more laidback activities.

Go Skating at the Jackson Tyler Norris Memorial Skatepark

The Jackson Tyler Norris Memorial Skatepark is one of the more unique parks you can find in Buda.

Made in the dedication of young avid skater Jackson Tyler Norris who passed away in June 2011, the park is an ideal spot for skating enthusiasts to enjoy.

Jackson Tyler Norris continues to be a remembered figure in Buda, and even if you are not into skating, you can see the different skaters do tricks and skate around.

While the park is mainly for skating, there is plenty for you to see at the Jackson Tyler Norris Memorial Skatepark.

To visit the park, you need to head to South Loop 4.

Play Golf and Explore History at the Memorial Mini-Golf

Get a combination of history and golf by visiting the Memorial Mini-golf.

The Memorial Mini-golf is a mini-golf course that doubles as a museum about World War II.

You can find the mini-golf course around Market 1626 and enjoy up to 12 holes on the course.

Throughout the course, you can see different exhibits depicting events from WWII and a selection of artifacts on display.

If you are interested in places that provide fun activities for families, the Memorial Mini-golf is one place to check out.

Take Some Time at the Buda Amphitheater & City Park

For those interested in checking out local events, the Buda Amphitheater & City Park is the place to go.

You can find the park by San Antonio Street and discover several amenities available.

Events usually take place at the amphitheater section of the park, and you can check out any schedules online.

Some of the facilities you can find at the park include picnic spots, a splash pad, and five barbeque pits.

Whether you want to join in on local events or spend a relaxing day at the park, the Buda Amphitheater & City Park is an ideal spot to visit for some simple fun.

Take Part in The Buda Crawfest

Got a craving for seafood? Then you need to check out the Buda Crawfest.

The Buda Crawfest is an event that features both crawfish and live entertainment.

Other than this, you can find different vendors offering a selection of drinks for eventgoers to enjoy.

The event usually occurs during the summer at the Buda Amphitheater & City Park, and you can buy tickets online.

If you want to dig into some good food and entertainment, mark your calendar for the Buda Crawfest.

Watch the Races at the Buda Lions Country Fair & Wiener Dog Races

Enjoy even more festivities in Buda by participating in the Buda Lions Country Fair & Wiener Dog Races.

The Buda Lions Country Fair & Wiener Dog Races is an event that usually takes place in the summer at the Buda Amphitheater and is under the management of the Buda Lions Club.

The main highlight of this fair is seeing the wiener dogs run across the fields.

Aside from the races, you can enjoy food competitions and artworks on display.

The event only lasts a weekend, so you'll need to watch out for any online announcements.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Dig into Barbeque at the Salt Lick BBQ

Horseshoe-shaped grill of Salt Lick BBQ
Tyson Greenwood / Shutterstock.com

While there are plenty of options you can enjoy in Buda, there are nearby spots with fun sights and activities.

One place where you can get delicious treats and lovely sights is the Salt Lick BBQ restaurant.

The grill of Salt Lick BBQ
I'll Never Grow Up from USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located less than 30 minutes away from Buda, the restaurant offers a selection of smoked barbeque and different drinks.

With various options for barbeque, a tasting room with different spirits to try, and a lovely nature view, you'll find a memorable barbeque experience by visiting the Salt Lick BBQ restaurant.

Sample Fresh Honey at the Texas Honey Bee Farm

Take a chance to experience being a beekeeper by booking an appointment with the Texas Honey Bee Farm.

You can locate the farm by heading northwest from Buda and looking out for Wier Loop Circle.

There are different tours available at the Texas Honey Bee Farm, ranging from honey tastings to meeting farm animals.

If you're interested in starting up beekeeping yourself, the farm has a shop where you can get the gear you need and classes.

Paddle around with Paddle SMTX

Experience a new way to paddle around the water by booking a tour with Paddle SMTX.

Paddle SMTX is a kayaking and paddle boarding service, with the option to take a tour around San Marcos on boats that light up.

The tours take around one hour and fifteen minutes, and you can choose your boat's light color.

By booking a tour with Paddle SMTX, you can get gorgeous views and a memorable experience.

Final Thoughts

While Buda has its share of historical and nature spots to explore, there is plenty of other sights and attractions for you to enjoy in the Texan city.

Some of the places you can discover in the city include a vintage sweets store, a mini-golf course that doubles as a museum, and various fun shops.

More than having fun spots for you to explore, the city also holds several events for you to enjoy.

If you're looking for a place with different hidden gems, consider Buda as your next destination in Texas.