15 Best Things to Do in Victoria, TX

Victoria, TX
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Located on the Gulf of Mexico coast, Victoria, TX, is Victoria county's largest city and county seat.

Only a two-hour drive from San Antonio, Victoria is often a weekend getaway for its proximity to the sea.

It is the same reason it attracts tourists from all over the world who travel here for the warm summer sun and spend quality time frolicking in the waters of the Gulf.

Victoria gets its name from General Guadalupe Victoria, who became elected as the first president of newly-formed Mexico.

It is also home to numerous local artists who come together to make a memorable Victorian cultural scene.

If you are looking for things to do in Victoria, TX, we have curated a list below for you to ensure the best vacation of your life.

Grace Ranch Western Riding

Built across a sprawling 1200 acres, the Grace Ranch offers western riding to its visitors.

It is a family-owned ranch located 7 miles north of Victoria.

They offer lessons on beginning, intermediate, and advanced horse riding and instruct numerous rodeo and western horse show events.

They cater to both young and adults alike, and their school horses make horse riding available to everyone.

A day at the Grace Ranch will involve lessons on basic riding, rodeo events, ranch rides, and horse safety and maintenance.

The ranch also hosts events like capture the flag and cook-outs.

Trail riding is another exceptional program they offer where you get to escape into the Texan countryside on horseback.

You also have the option to camp out on their premises for a few days, and the ranch will ensure an eventful and fun-filled stay.

Texas Zoo

Texas Zoo
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The Texas Zoo was established to forge a connection between wildlife and the public and promote a better understanding between the two.

In addition, it encourages the conservation of the species through education, science, and activism.

The Texas Zoo houses as many as 100 species, both native and exotic, in conditions exactly similar to their native habitats.

Alligator in Texas Zoo
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You can visit the animals on a certain day during the weekend, and if they intrigue you enough, spend time interacting with them.

You can pet them in the Petting Zoo or admire them closely in the Walk-Through Aviary, all designed to foster interest and learning.

The zoo also caters to its young visitors through its Fossil Digging Site and the Children’s Play Area in its reptile building.

Children’s Discovery Museum

If there is a kid in the family, the Children’s Discovery Museum is a must-visit.

It has an area spanning over 10,000 square feet and gives ample space for your child to run about and learn through playing.

The museum’s S.T.E.A.M.(Science Technology Engineering, and Math) initiative powers the development of several exhibits and programs to improve the mental growth of children.

It has adopted a practical, hands-on approach to enable easy understanding of the sciences.

Among its 20+ exhibits are the Art Place, Discovery Lab, and Circus Tot- all explicitly designed to foster your child’s thinking and problem-solving skills.

It also offers several programs, such as Scientific Saturdays, Sprouting Melodies, and Family Maker Nights.

Visit the museum for a never-before experience and spend time bonding with your child.

The Nave Museum

The Nave Museum
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Emma McFaddin Nave first commissioned the Nave Museum to showcase her late husband Royston Nave’s paintings.

However, ever since it first opened its doors in 1932, the museum has evolved and now serves to educate and enrich people through art.

The museum occupies a central space in modern-day Victoria's art and cultural scene and attracts art-lovers from all over the country and abroad.

It hosts seven or eight exhibitions every year featuring excellent local and national artists and sculptors.

Apart from the paintings and sculptures, the museum also has an eclectic collection of artworks, including delicate wood carvings and handmade quilts.

So, wake the artist in you as you walk around the Greek revival temple architecture while admiring the tasteful collections of artworks.

Downtown Farmers Market

What is better than a lazy day of shopping for locally grown, organic products?

Victoria’s Farmer’s Market offers you exactly that!

It brings together hundreds of local vendors and small businesses selling locally sourced, fresh farm vegetables and handmade products between 9 am to 1 pm every Saturday.

The food and items you find here are produced very small, ensuring you get top-quality products.

However, the downside of such small-scale production is that these products get over pretty quickly.

To avoid this situation, try visiting the market early.

Choose from its wide array of products- from raw, local Texas honey to ground coffee, homemade sauces, and raw meat.

Presidio La Bahia

Presidio La Bahia
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Among the most recognized historical landmarks in all of Texas, the Presidio La Bahia is the best example of a Spanish frontier fort in the world.

It has witnessed and participated in 6 National Revolutions, and its walls have been occupied by Spanish, Mexican, and Texas soldiers.

The museum inside the fort houses several artifacts of the Presidio, carefully preserved and maintained.

In addition, the chapel “Our Lady of Loreto” is the oldest church in the US and attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Pay a visit to this historic landmark to steep yourself in Texas history.

You can also spend a night or two at The Quarters, located inside the fort.

Presidio La Bahia
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The PumpHouse Riverside Restaurant and Bar

One of the historic buildings in Victoria, the PumpHouse Riverside Restaurant and Bar, used to provide water services to the city for a hundred years before being converted into a dine-in restaurant.

In 1986, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places and was recognized as a national landmark in 2011.

A 250-year-old majestic gate adorns the entrance of the urban-style restaurant that links it to the Texan rich historical past.

Visit the PumpHouse to experience their delectable range of American cuisine while enjoying a serene view of the Guadalupe River from its decks.

You also have the option of indoor dining with complete access to the in-house bar.

Aransas Wildlife Refuge

Crane in Aransas Wildlife Refuge
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A mere 45-minute drive from Victoria is the Aransas Wildlife Refuge, a hidden gem of Texas.

The wildlife refuge land first emerged from the oceans in the Pleistocene era, 120,000 years ago.

In the past, it has served as the home of woolly mammoths and other Ice Age mammals like lions, camels, and mastodons.

Initially established as a park to conserve the endangered whooping cranes, it has become a site for conserving all endangered and threatened species.

Ideal for bird-watchers, this is a haven for migratory birds and other wildlife.

Alligator at Aransas Wildlife Refuge
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You can spend an eventful day in the refuge’s numerous driving and walking trails, observation towers, and picnic spots.

The Museum of Coastal Bend

13,000 years of Texan history has been showcased in the Museum of Coastal Bend that covers the several communities that inhabited the place.

With its vast collection of original artifacts, documents, photographs, and paintings, the museum breathes life with the place's rich history.

The museum boasts several exhibits, one of which is the Fort St.

Louis exhibition exploring the first French and European settlement in Victoria county and Texas, respectively.

This exhibition features the original canons that defended the French colony against the Karankawas, the indigenous people of Texas.

Apart from this, you can also learn about the woolly mammoths that inhibited the land 11,000 years ago and the prehistoric people who hunted them for food.

Fossati’s Delicatessen

Fossati’s Delicatessen
Renelibrary, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You are missing out on a lot if you don’t visit Fossati’s Delicatessen, the oldest deli in Texas!

Established in 1882, the site is a historical landmark, added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The deli was started by Fraschio “Frank” Napoleon Fossati, an Italian immigrant to America, and is still owned by the same family.

They have carefully maintained their food quality over the ages and are noted for their homemade style of food.

You can spend an entire afternoon steeped in rich Texan history, seated at one of the iconic red and white checkered tables.

Great Coastal Texas Barbecue Trail

Barbecuing in the Coastal Bend is inextricably linked with Texan history.

This trail takes you along the several multi-generational barbecue joints as you familiarize yourself with their rich history.

Experience their differently cooked briskets, carefully curated sides, along with a heavenly dessert to understand the diverse cooking techniques and the story behind these restaurants.

Aunt Jo’s thick and slow-cooked brisket is a must-have, with a unique, sweet-flavored sauce having the perfect hint of pepper.

Further, McMillan’s Bar-B-Q is a favorite, too, with its brisket cooked over scented fruitwoods like cherry and peach with a combination of pecan, mesquite, and oak.

Riverside Park

Riverside Park
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Bordered by the Guadalupe River for 4.5 miles, Riverside Park is a haven if you are looking for fun-filled activities.

It is Victoria’s largest park, built over a sprawling 650-acre area.

The park is bustling with activities, including a children’s playscape and sports fields.

However, if you want to spend a quiet day, there is also a Memorial Rose Garden where visitors can adopt a rose to beautify the garden.

Memorial Rose Garden
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The Athey Nature Trail is a favorite among nature lovers, where you can enjoy a hike or a biking session with your loved ones.

In addition, the Duck Pond in Riverside Park is extremely popular with visitors because not only are there a variety of ducks, but you can also feed them.

Victoria Art League

The Victoria Art League was first established in 1966 to promote the visual arts in Victoria among the Crossroads residents.

It aims to foster understanding, education, appreciation, and the creation of visual arts in all children and adults.

VAL is a non-profit organization that offers various activities for all ages, from novice to professional.

Apart from that, they also have several events lined up on their calendars for you.

Immerse yourself in a day of sculpting in pottery workshops.

If there is a young child in the family, they can participate in Victoria Art for Kids, a five-day program teaching them to create, learn, and experiment with their original artworks.

Victoria County Courthouse

Victoria County Courthouse
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The Victoria County Courthouse is one of the most beautiful courthouses in the US, and no trip to Victoria, TX, will be complete without visiting it.

First established in 1892 in the Romanesque Revival Style, this building is the most prominent historical landmark in the state.

History adorns its walls, and visitors can see a collection of photographs and paintings.

It also has a bell tower, brick patterns, arches, and pillars that make the courthouse an exciting place to visit.

Further, to adapt the courthouse to the Texan climate, a central atrium was also built for bringing light and ventilation into the courthouse.

Lose yourself to exploring the corners of this historical building as you understand the nuances of law and order in those times.

Outlaw Pass Family Centre

The Outlaw Pass is a family entertainment center in Victoria, TX, and is a must-visit if you are looking to have a blast with your family and loved ones.

It is an excellent place for a group outing as well because it has something for everyone.

Although golfing is generally the favorite activity here, there are also Go-Karts, Bungee Jumping, Mining Sluice, Arcade Games, and even a Rock Wall.

Enjoy this amusement park as you jump, climb, scream, and win.

The park also offers Specials where you can buy three or more activities at a reduced price.

Additionally, if you get hungry after an elaborate day of draining calories, you can enjoy a sumptuous meal at the Outlaw Pass’s Snack Bar.

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