15 Best Things to Do in Roswell, NM

15 Best Things to Do in Roswell, NM

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Roswell- a place that deals with UFOs and reeks of mystery, has always been a place of interest to curious tourists. After all, none seem to know what is going on in Roswell.

So, here is a proposition for you- Why don’t you go and check out the adventurous place for yourself? But, we shall be telling you one thing and that is- there are a lot of things of immense beauty and culture here in Roswell. Come on, let us take a look at the top15 things to do in Roswell-

Visit the International UFO Museum And Research Center

Display of Aliens at International UFO Museum And Research Center
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The International UFO Museum and Research Center is probably the top spot in all of Roswell. After all, every one of us is interested in the events of outer space?

Are there any such things as aliens? Or, is it all a myth? We were quite shocked after the alleged Roswell incident happened. And, in the first place, that incident led to quite a several people venturing to see the deal about Roswell.

The International UFO Museum and Research Center is built to encourage these curiosities and inquiries of people. It shows you that there might be links or connection to the people of space.

Also, you get to know a lot more about the Roswell incident. Are you interested in the iconic Blue Book? Learn more about that in this museum.

The International UFO Museum and Research Center draws a lot of people who are interested to know more about the unknown people of outer space.

Take a stroll around Downtown

Downtown, Roswell
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The city of Roswell stands on the banks of the confluence of three beautiful rivers- Pecos, Spring, and Hondos.

The views of these rivers make the downtown historic district of Roswell shine more than it already does. It’s now time to take a look around at the historic district to learn more.

Being the land of the tribes such as Mescalero Apache and Comanches- Roswell is a city of unique history. A lot of tours are organized that take you around downtown showing you all the spots of interest there.

Also, since a lot of people from different cultures settled around here- you can see the different styles in which the old houses were built. They all have a story!

Check out the Roswell Museum and Art Center

Want to go check out the art style of these south-western parts of the USA? Hold on, we got the Roswell Museum and Art Center for you.

The Roswell Museum and Art Center was solely built to preserve the local art of these southern artists. And, you can see the different paintings and pieces of art that resemble the states of this area.

The space of the museum encompasses an area of almost 50,000 square-foot having different kinds of displays. There are 12 galleries filled with such paintings.

The Patricia Lubben Bassett Art Education Center as well as the Dr. Robert H Goddard Planetarium and a library- everything is present within this museum center.

Pay a visit to the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art

If you want to take a look at some of the modern and contemporary art styles- Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art is the place you should be heading over to.

The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art has nine galleries inside it- all of them filled up with styles of contemporary art forms.

The Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program is something the city does to benefit its artists and help them get the name they deserve. And, this museum hosts the paintings of the artists of this program.

You can even find a lot of sculptures as well as photographs from local artists. If you want to buy the local paintings- there is even a shop inside from where you can choose.

Many events are also held by the museum throughout the year. If you are an art-lover, do try to visit one of those events when you are in town.

See the Roswell Bottomless Lakes

Roswell Bottomless Lakes
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The Bottomless Lakes State Park is one of the top amazing sights in Roswell. It is located a bit away- a drive of almost 14 miles shall take you to this gorgeous location.

If you want to experience a bit of nature among the history of the city- this is the spot. Now, we shall be going into some details.

The Bottomless Lakes State Park has nine lakes within it. So, if you love the natural beauty of blue lakes and a serene atmosphere- this is the spot for you!

Also, the lakes are gorgeous having a rugged terrain and some limestone cliffs which adds more to the beauty. The place is along the banks of the blue Pecos River which just adds more to the beauty.

Some lakes even have a sandy shoreline! Since the cliffs are made of limestones- you cannot save them from constantly being eroded and washed away by the majestic river.

Pay a visit to the General Douglas L. McBride Museum

The General Douglas L. McBride Museum is all about the Roswell military. If you are from a similar background or have an interest in these sorts of things- you should go have a look.

Even if you don’t- this place is one of the top sights in Roswell that will get your interest in no time at all.

The rich culture of the New Mexico Military Institute along with the Corps of Cadets is portrayed diligently here.

And, the museum plans to keep it that way by keeping up with its good works. Originally it used to be a natatorium, but after certain plannings and renovations- a museum was made in its spot.

The infamous NMMI Hall of Fame is also within this museum.

See the animals at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge
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Want to go have a look after you are caught up with the history? Fine, we shall take you to one of the hot spots of Roswell. Welcome to Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

The Bitter Lake National Park lies along the shorelines of the majestic Pecos River. Being home to a lot of animals and the views make it extremely popular.

It originally used to be a place where lots of sandhill cranes came during their migratory period. But, now it has been turned into a kind of a sanctuary being home to some of the gorgeous mammals as well as birds.

There are even a lot of unique fishes in the waters. The flora and fauna of this location are diverse too.

Visit the Walker Aviation Museum

To explore the next spot and its significance, we will be heading over to the Walker Air Force Base. The Walker Aviation Museum is all about the importance of this important military base.

It also preserves the legacies of all the people who have served the nation and given their lives as well.

The Walker Air Force Base along with the Roswell Army Air Field used to be the strongest force of the Strategic Air Command.

The iconic Enola Gay is also related to this base. You can find a lot of memorabilia inside the museum. 579th Missile Squadron Reunion Group is one of the top displays here.

Check out Spring River Park and the zoo

Take a break in the heart of the gorgeous city of Roswell. Here at Spring River Park and the zoo, the landscape is pristine and offers some lush green views all around here. Come on, let us tell you a bit more about it.

When you walk into the zoo- the first and the foremost thing you will notice is that it is a huge space of almost 34 acres. Also, it is home to one of the best zoos in town.

There is even a part of the zoo that has been specially reserved for the animals that are found only in New Mexico while there is another section that includes the international species. Children have a part for themselves where they can go and interact with the smaller and cuter species.

Learn the history at Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico

If you want to learn more about the history, heritage, and culture of the people from Southeast New Mexico, the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico will probably be the best place to head over to.

As we have stated before- Roswell is an area of diversity. It has got a lot of people from different cultures and backgrounds.

If you wish to know more about the original settlers of the city- this center shall shed some light on the topic.

The building where the center is built is from the 19th century. But, the interiors were quite destroyed and had to undergo remodeling quite a few times.

Take a UFO tour

Come on, you have got to admit that most of you have been hearing about the name ‘Roswell’ from its pretty famous UFO incident.

Roswell did see a significant increase in the number of visitors right after the incident occurred. So, coming to Roswell and having a tour involving all sorts of alien stuff is a must!

Fortunately, for you, there are a lot of companies that do these sorts of things. They take you around the site where the incident occurred back in 1947 and tell you all about the stories of the alleged attack.

Did you think you were well-versed in this stuff? You can find a lot of people in your group!

Have a taste at Pecos Flavors Winery

Wanna a taste of the classic Mexico wine? Any wine connoisseur loves to see the different flavors of the wine that are served in different areas. And, if you happen to be one of them- Pecos Flavors Winery is just the dream destination for you.

There are not a lot of wineries in this place, but this one makes up for the rest. You get to have a taste of all the different local wine flavors.

The bar present within is almost 100 years old, so you can say that this winery has been here for quite a long time. Also, there is a tasting room inside where you can go on a tour to taste the different flavors.

Enjoy driving in Mescalero Sands North Dune

Mescalero Sands North Dune
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The Mescalero Sands North Dune Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Area is one of the coolest and the toughest places in Roswell where you can show off your driving skills. Space is just covered with miles and miles of sand dunes and cottonwood trees.

The quartz field can be challenging. But, if you are looking forward to doing something more daring- there are a lot of biking trails here for you.

Challenge your peers for a race! But, be careful because the terrain is quite rugged and the atmosphere is dry and arid here.

Take your kids to Roswell Spacewalk

If you are looking for something fun to do with your whole family- Roswell Spacewalk is quite a good place to hang out. It might even get you hooked!

If you are quite curious about the different mysteries that seem to be revolving around Roswell- a trip to Roswell Spacewalk might change your perspective for a bit.

The space has been constructed in such a way that will make you feel like you are in a faraway galaxy. The art form is awesome and quite realistic. If you have some time on your hand to spare, do give this one a try!

Go see the Roswell Symphony Orchestra

Are you interested in checking out orchestras? Or, are you passionate about music? Either way, the folks at Roswell Symphony Orchestra have something in store for you. The event that draws a lot of attention takes place annually and a lot of people attend.

The events or concerts are all performed in the Pearson Auditorium. There are even classes they offer on different orchestras.

If you are interested in these musical events, try to catch a concert organized by the Roswell Symphony Orchestra the next time you are in town.

We hope you all had fun on this trip. After all, Roswell is quite an exciting place with a lot of rumors. So, head over, and find out for yourself if those hold any truth or not! Bon Voyage!