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21 Best Things to Do in Clovis, NM

  • Published 2022/10/13

Clovis is a city that sits in the New Mexico portion of the Llano Estacado region.

Known as the county seat of Curry County and featuring a population of 48,186 as of 2021, Clovis is a city that is rich in music history and offers bountiful agriculture and activities to explore.

In addition to a range of historical and agricultural sights plus different activities to try, Clovis is also known for its community partnerships and various events including, rodeos and a music festival.

Are you interested in what Clovis has to offer?

Here are the 21 best things you can do in the city:

Go Fishing or Hiking at the Ned Houk Memorial Park

Ned Houk Memorial Park

Anthony Dorner /

There are plenty of sights and attractions to explore in Clovis, but if you’re looking to explore the more natural side of the city, head to the Ned Houk Memorial Park.

When exploring the Ned Houk Memorial Park, you’ll find plenty of facilities to try out.

These facilities include ball sports areas and even an archer range.

Ned Houk Memorial Park

Anthony Dorner /

There are over 3,200 acres of land you can explore in this park, and there are different trail options you can take.

You can choose to hike the trails, but they also allow ATV vehicles and horses.

Aside from all this, you can also do some fishing and choose between three different lakes to fish in.

There is plenty of outdoors fun you can choose to do when visiting this park.

View Exotic Wildlife at the Hillcrest Park Zoo

The Hillcrest Park Zoo is one of the first places you’ll want to visit in Clovis, especially if you’re an animal fan.

In this zoo, you’ll find hundreds of animals to view and acres of greenery you can walk through to meet each one.

More than seeing various animals that range from monkeys to giraffes, there are other facilities you can explore; you can even help feed certain animals.

If you are interested in checking out even more perks available at the zoo, you can consider the zoo’s memberships.

Otherwise, you can look at zoo updates via their social media page.

Dive into Music History at the Norman and Vi Petty Rock & Roll Museum

Head to the Norman and Vi Petty Rock & Roll Museum, and you’ll find yourself stepping back in time to the fifties.

Once you enter this museum, you’ll find different retro designs featured in the location.

More than the vintage furniture and decorations, you’ll find a selection of memorabilia and different working studio equipment.

On the note of studio equipment, the museum also features two recreated studio rooms for you to explore.

Aside from all the retro items and displays, you can check out the different video and audio pieces available for more information.

Get a Personal Alpaca Encounter with the Windrush Alpacas

If you liked visiting the Hillcrest Park Zoo, then you’ll have fun visiting the Windrush Alpacas.

From meeting various alpacas to purchasing alpaca-themed products, you’ll certainly get your fill of alpacas when visiting this farm.

Windrush Alpaca is home to various alpacas and even offers you the option to adopt one.

If you want to get a close encounter with the fluffy creatures, check out the farm’s website for when you can visit.

Should you find no available dates to visit, there are plenty of other service options available on the farm’s website for you to try.

You can also check out any upcoming events occurring on the farm.

Have Fun with Corn and Pumpkins at the St. Bernard Farms

The St. Bernard Farms is the best spot to visit for anyone interested in local agriculture or fun farm activities.

If you happen to visit the farm during the falls season, there are plenty of attractions you’ll find to celebrate the Halloween season.

From a haunted house to giant pumpkin patches, there are plenty of sights to explore when visiting this farm.

The farm is also open to hosting events and parties; their rates can be found on the farm’s website.

You can also check out the other available attractions, as well as the food you can get at the farm.

Play Games and Enjoy a Meal at Red Arrow Entertainment

Enjoy all kinds of fun activities by heading over to Red Arrow Entertainment.

At Red Arrow Entertainment, you find a range of facilities to have fun, along with a selection of eateries where you can take a break.

Whether you want to test out your skills at laser tag or grab a bite at the coffee shop, you’ll find plenty to do at this center.

Among the different options available at Red Arrow Entertainment, a big highlight that many check out is the bingo area.

If you’d like to get updates on the bingo games at the center, there is a social media page you can check out.

Try Bumper Boats and Other Activities at the Clovis Fun Center

Another place you can visit for fun activities and more outdoor options is the Clovis Fun Center.

When visiting the Clovis Fun Center, you’ll find all kinds of activities you can try out.

These activities include go-karting, paintball, and more.

If you happen to like bumper cars, you’ll have fun trying out the center’s bumper boats.

You can also have some laid-back fun by testing out the miniature golf course.

In addition to the various attractions, the center is also open to being a venue for different events and parties and provides further details on their services on their website.

Experience Rollerskating at the Rollerworld Skating Rink

Have you ever tried rollerskating?

If not, make a stop at the Rollerworld Skating Rink to try your hand at the activity.

Whether you’re new to rollerskating or not, the Rollerworld Skating Rink is an ideal spot to experience the activity.

The roller rink offers the option to rent or purchase skates, but you can also bring personal skates.

After you enjoy your fill of skating, you can also enjoy some snacks and drinks for a break.

You can also consider having an event or party at the rink if you’d like.

To know the best time to visit and book the rink, check out their website for further details.

Explore the Historical Norman Petty Recording Studio

Norman Petty Recording Studio

Christian M. Mericle, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

To see even more music history in Clovis, head for the Norman Petty Recording Studio to learn about big hits that passed through.

Featuring different recording equipment that continues to work, the Norman Petty Recording Studio pays homage to the peak of its prime.

It was also the host to many rock and roll figures and currently maintains plenty of retro decorations and furnishings.

Unfortunately, the studio is not open to drop-in visits and requires a reservation to gain entrance.

You also have the option to check out the studio’s social media page for further information and updates on the location.

Experience Rock Climbing at the Clovis Rock Gym

Explore even more activities available in Clovis by visiting the Clovis Rock Gym.

The Clovis Rock Gym offers plenty of amenities for you to explore with different levels of challenges that any beginner or veteran can take on.

With wall designs that range from slab to arete, rock-climbing enthusiasts will have their share of fun in this gym.

The gym also offers other workout options you can try, plus a lounge area where you can take breaks.

You can also check out their shop for other climbing gear you may need or consider their beginner’s wall for young climbers.

Test Your Mind with Under Lock and Key

For those interested in taking on a challenge for the mind, visit the Under Lock and Key escape room.

There are three escape rooms available at this venue, and each room features a different theme you can experience.

Each room features its own set of puzzles and challenges that you and your group need to solve within an hour.

Whether you like a good mystery or want to immerse yourself in different stories, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Under Lock and Key.

The maximum amount of people you can have in your group is eight, and online reservations for your choice of a room are available on the escape room’s website.

Make Pottery Art with Just Kiln Me Now

If you are more interested in the arts than outdoor activities, then Just Kiln Me Now is the place to go.

Just Kiln Me Now is a ceramic studio that provides different art mediums to experience and let out your creative side.

There are different classes and events you can sign up for in this studio, and one of their highlight options is painting ceramics.

Other than painting ceramics, you also have a chance to work with canvases and glass.

You can also reserve a class to make personal pottery pieces.

All class and event details are available on the studio’s website, along with a store where you can buy a selection of trinkets and kits.

Create Art with Merchant Kitty

Art enthusiasts can also go to Merchant Kitty to immerse themselves in painting activities.

No matter how experienced you are with painting or creating crafts, the staff of Merchant Kitty offers plenty of accommodation for any guest.

Art projects and classes can vary in the studio, and you can check out any available classes by contacting staff via their phone number on their website.

Whether you want to try painting a portrait or making floral arrangements, there is no shortage of art pieces you can create when signing up with Merchant Kitty.

Merchant Kitty offers lessons for individuals and groups and provides further service details on their website.

Make a Stop at Hillcrest Park

Hillcrest Park is a location that spans 157 acres and offers plenty of facilities and spots to explore.

Whether you’re looking to play some sports or relax with a picnic, there are plenty of options available at this park, especially with the new splash park that opened in the park in 2012.

The splash park features 17 water features and can be a great spot to visit during the summer.

Aside from this, the park provides convenient access to other city attractions.

You can also check out other nearby venues, such as the Clovis Aquatic Center for some aerobics; or the Sisler Youth Recreation Building (YRB) which you can rent for events.

Take a Swimming Break at Potter Pool

To check out other swimming spots available in Clovis, head to Potter Park, and you’ll find Potter Pool.

The Potter Pool is a relatively simple pool area that features different slides and is an ideal spot to visit for anyone looking to enjoy a nice swim.

While it is not the most prominent area, it does provide a spot where you can enjoy a break during hot days.

Enjoy Some Bowling at Hooks Alley

If you happen to like bowling, then you should head to the Hooks Alley bowling center.

There are two dozen lanes and many other facilities to explore in this bowling alley.

Once you experience playing a game on the lanes, you can enjoy a delicious meal and some good beer at the Red Door Brewing Co. located in the venue.

Aside from all this, the bowling alley also offers a store where you can get any bowling equipment you may need.

You can also check up on any updates about Hooks Alley on their social media page.

Bring out Your Cowboy Hat at Pioneer Days Rodeo

For more than half a century, the town of Clovis has celebrated its pioneer heritage with the annual Pioneer Days Rodeo.

Various celebrities and authorities grace the event that takes place in June.

Catch exhibitions like calf roping, bareback riding, barrel racing, bull riding, and other rodeo events during the Pioneer Days Rodeo.

Throughout the festivities, there are daily nighttime performances of the featured rodeo.

The Pioneer Days celebration includes more than just the rodeo itself.

It also features Pioneer Days Parade, Military Appreciation Night, Pioneer Days Breakfast, and more

Wear your boots, chaps, and cowboy hat!

Catch a Concert at Clovis Civic Center

In Clovis, New Mexico, there is a 30,000-square-foot building called the Clovis Civic Center.

The Civic Center, owned by the city and maintained by Global Spectrum, can accommodate events ranging in size from five guests to one thousand and one hundred.

The Clovis Civic Center has first-rate AV equipment, in-house food and decoration services, and a fully licensed bar.

Small-town warmth and gorgeous spaces contribute to every event and experience in the venue.

A wide variety of events occur in Clovis Civic Center, from wedding receptions and quinceaneras to charity galas and trade exhibitions to concerts and conventions.

At the Clovis Civic Center, you can always find an event to attend.

Enjoy Your Tee Time at Colonial Park Golf Course

Colonial Park Golf Course is a public 18-hole golf course in Clovis that provides a fun and challenging round of golf for players of all skill levels.

Its Warren Cantrell-designed par-72 course was opened in 1964 as Chaparral Country Club and has been open to the general public since 2011.

This parkland-style course features a novel, challenging design that will motivate any golfer and soothe the spirit.

As you make your way around the lush, green fairways, you’ll encounter several dog legs and target-oriented shots, thanks to the course’s abundance of towering cottonwoods and ancient American elms. Various water features will challenge your tactical skills, and the plethora of animals will keep you on your toes.

The clubhouse of Colonial Park Golf Course also features a dining area, bar, and function hall.

Taste Locally-Made Yogurt from Freanna Farm Store

The van der Ploeg family, Freanna Farm owner, is originally from the Dutch area of Friesland and settled in New Mexico in 2003.

In Clovis, just like they had in the Netherlands, they milked cows, raised their own calves, and harvested hay to feed them.

They specialize in homemade yogurt, keeping up with their Dutch custom.

Freanna is a natural yogurt prepared from whole milk and is offered in three flavors: plain, honey, and agave.

Get your Freanna Milk and Yogurt straight from its farm store on County Road 8.

Buy Your Loved One a Special Souvenir from Diamonds Evermore

The Tarsons founded Diamonds Evermore in 2011.

As a result of its success, it is now well-recognized as a premier jewelry shopping destination in Eastern New Mexico.

The modern showroom is a spacious open area that is 1,700 square feet.

In this establishment, you will find one-of-a-kind jewelry in every way: design, material, style, and craftsmanship.

Apart from being a go-to spot for engagement and wedding bands, Diamonds Evermore is also a one-stop shop for jewelry repairs, valuations, and bespoke creations.

Find various exciting and appealing items to peruse, appreciate, and buy for your special someone back home.

Final Thoughts

The best way to describe Clovis would be a western town that covers its share of notable music history and offers plenty of activities to try.

There may not be dozens of historical sites in the city, but it does offer a fascinating look into the ’50s that you can explore.

When it comes to the different attractions you can check out in this city, there are plenty of fun venues where you can enjoy things ranging from go-karts to escape rooms.

Nature lovers can also get their share of fun with the different animals in the zoo and the farm animals available for you to meet.

No matter what kind of sight or activity you’re looking to explore, there is plenty you can choose to do when visiting Clovis.

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