20 Best Things to Do in Alamogordo, NM

Alamogordo, NM
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The quaint city of Alamogordo is nestled in Southern New Mexico, a respite for all outdoor junkies and adventurists.

Explore the sprawling natural spaces with diverse geographic and ecological features, appreciate the small-town atmosphere, and escape the bustling city life.

Alamogordo is the ideal destination for a weekend trip with its remarkable history and fascinating outdoor spaces.

Heading out for an adventure-filled weekend getaway to this city surrounded by breathtaking natural wonders?

Then, read on for the 2o best things to do on your trip to Alamogordo!

Pitch Your Tent at the Oliver Lee Memorial State Park

View of Dog Canyon at Oliver Lee Memorial State Park
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For some outdoor adventure surrounded by the scenic landscape of Alamogordo's natural area, the Oliver Lee Memorial State Park is the perfect spot!

The Oliver Lee Memorial State Park guides will educate you with the area's history, geology, and the rich flora and fauna thriving in the area.

You can hike the state park trails that can be a bit challenging, but you'll be rewarded with the spectacular sight of White Sands National Park in the distance and the surrounding mountains.

View of Dog Canyon at Oliver Lee Memorial State Park
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There are camping sites and RV parking grounds if you want to spend the night surrounded by the peaceful ambiance of nature under the starry night skies.

The Oliver Lee Memorial State Park is a destination you definitely shouldn't miss on your trip to Alamogordo, so pack your outdoor essentials and head out for an exciting outdoor adventure!

View of Dog Canyon at Oliver Lee Memorial State Park
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Explore the Desert Foothills Park's Trails

If you're looking to explore the unique desert landscape in Southern New Mexico, then the Desert Foothills Park is the perfect destination!

This public park in Alamogordo showcases the panoramic view of the desert and the mountains.

You can hike through the paved walking trail, where you'll have the chance to meet native wildlife and stunning desert plants.

Don't forget to pack snacks and cold beverages, and set up a BBQ by the desert in the pavilion and picnic areas.

The Desert Foothills Park is a local favorite, so don't miss out on a unique day trip in Alamogordo's deserts.

Discover the History of Space Quests at the New Mexico Museum of Space History

View of New Mexico Museum of Space History
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Get ready for an exciting exploration of notable space history and space quests in this gem in Alamogordo, the New Mexico Museum of Space History.

The museum features interactive educational exhibits that will truly delight the young and the young at heart.

If you are a space nerd, amp up your space exploration by experiencing being an astronaut in the museum's virtual flight simulator and the rocket rumbler.

View of New Mexico Museum of Space History
JHVEPhoto / Shutterstock.com

The New Mexico Museum of Space History showcases artifacts and displays that highlight the role of New Mexico in the U.S. space program.

Don't forget to include the space museum on your itinerary list on your weekend getaway to Alamogordo, so you don't miss out on an exciting space exploration adventure.

View of New Mexico Museum of Space History
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Learn About the History of Railway Transportation at Toy Train Depot

Exhibits at Toy Train Depot
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If you're looking for another unique experience on your trip to Alamogordo, then the Toy Train Depot is the perfect place for you!

This quaint museum showcases plenty of train models and artifacts that highlight the railroad history in New Mexico and its role in the foundation of Alamogordo.

Whether you're a train geek or not, you'll surely be delighted with the amount of new information you can learn in Toy Train Depot.

Interior view of the Toy Train Depot
Madmaxmarchhare at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Aside from learning about how trains work and their history, you can also go on a train ride through Alameda Park in Toy Train Depots charming red train.

The Toy Train Depot is the perfect place to bring the whole family a fun and educational experience on your trip to Alamogordo.

Meet the Animals at Alameda Park Zoo

View of a Lion at Alameda Park Zoo
Olivia Danielle Ruiz, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nothing beats old-timey family fun at the zoo on a weekend getaway, so make sure to stop by the Alameda Park Zoo!

Founded in 1898, the Alameda Park Zoo is one of the oldest attractions in the Southwestern United States.

The zoo is home to over 200 animals from 90 different species—you can stroll through the facility dedicated to connecting humans with animals.

Aside from meeting the animals, you can also enjoy a picnic day out in their picnic area and let the youngsters have their time in the shaded play area.

A trip to the zoo is a delight for the young and the young at heart, so make sure to spend a day trip in Alameda Park Zoo and support their cause to protect wild animals.

Learn About the Local History at Tularosa Basin Museum of History

Complete your experience in Alamogordo by discovering the town’s historical background and the surrounding regions in Otero County.

The Tularosa Basin Museum of History showcases the artifacts, archives, and memorabilia that feature the locals and history of the area.

The museum's docent will welcome you with lots of historical information and guide you through your exploration in the Tularosa Basin Museum of History.

This nifty small-town museum is a must-visit if you're looking for an engaging and educational experience on your trip to Alamogordo.

Catch a Show at the Flickinger Center for Performing Arts

Check out the artistic community of Alamogordo at the Flickinger Center for Performing Arts.

Whether you're a theater enthusiast or you simply enjoy watching live performances, then this theater, nestled in the heart of downtown Alamogordo, is a must-visit!

Catch live music concerts, musicals, dance recitals, and holiday event shows at the Flickinger Center for Performing Arts.

Support the local talents of Alamogordo by watching one of their performances; make sure to check out the upcoming shows on their website to reserve a seat on the show you're eyeing.

The Flickinger Center for Performing Arts makes for a delightful experience for the young and the young at heart.

Shop and Dine at the Alamogordo Main Street

View of Alamogordo Main Street
Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock.com

Amp up your shopping and dining experience on a stroll to the charming, historic downtown of Alamogordo.

The Alamogordo Main Street is the town’s central district that showcases the history behind each establishment.

You can also join community events organized in Alamogordo Main Street and get to be part of the tight-knit atmosphere of the town.

View of Alamogordo Main Street
Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock.com

Stop by the specialty shops for some unique items that also support local businesses, and don't forget to grab some snacks from the selection of food trucks and restaurants.

A trip to Alamogordo wouldn’t be complete without heading down to the heart of the town, so make sure to include the Alamogordo Main Street on your itinerary list.

Tee Off at the Desert Lakes Golf Course

If you're an avid golfer or want to learn the basics of golf, you wouldn't want to miss out on a tee time at the Desert Lakes Golf Course!

This 18-hole golf course features well-maintained fairways with elevation changes and water hazards for a bit of challenge.

Get your grubs in their bar and grill after your tee time, and you can choose from a selection of food items for a hearty experience.

You can also relax in their sitting area and enjoy the charming view of the golf course.

Sip and Swirl the Award-Winning Wines From the Heart of the Desert

View of Heart of the Desert
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Spend a hearty day that will also delight your taste buds on a wine-tasting trip at Heart of the Desert.

Heart of the Desert is a working vineyard and a pistachio ranch that produces award-winning wines and best-tasting pistachios.

You can sample a selection of delicious wines combined with pistachios and cheese in their gorgeous patio surrounded by the relaxing scenery of the winery.

Whether you're looking for something sweet and rich, or something sharp and crisp, this winery in Alamogordo offers wines that are tasty for different pallets.

You can also tour their working farm and vineyard to where you can see the process of growing and harvesting.

A day spent at the Heart of the Desert is the perfect respite to relax and unwind after a day filled with adventures.

Get Closer to Nature at Lincoln National Forest

If you're in for more outdoor adventures, then head out for a laid-back experience at the Lincoln National Forest!

Explore the thriving flora and fauna of Alamogordo as you hike through the paved walking trails lined with lush greeneries and shaded by the canopies of trees.

Whether you’re going for a short day trip or spending the night on the camping grounds, you’ll surely be delighted with the opportunity to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the busy town.

The Lincoln National Forest is a nature respite to enjoy nature’s relaxing sights and sounds without the worries of your daily cares.

Take Photos With the World's Largest Pistachio at McGinn's PistachioLand

View of McGinn's PistachioLand
Mbdfar, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A trip to Alamogordo wouldn't be complete without a taste of their delightful pistachio and pistachio delicacies, so make sure to head out to McGinn's PistachioLand.

McGinn's PistachioLand offers unique experiences for all visitors; they offer a motorized farm tour so you can learn about the growing and harvesting process of the pistachios.

Delight your taste buds in their free pistachio tasting bar, cool off with a pistachio ice cream from their ice cream parlor, or sip and swirl some pistachio delight from their wine tasting room.

Make sure to snap a photo with the world's largest pistachio and bring home some pistachio goodies from their country store.

You’ll surely go nuts over the exciting activities and beautiful sights at McGinn’s PistachioLand!

Listen to the Cascading Sounds of the Bridal Veil Falls

If you're a beginner hiker or if you want to escape the daunting task of hiking challenging trails, then head out for an adventure at Bridal Veil Falls.

A relaxed, easy hike through the trails will lead you to the relaxing sight and sound of the Bridal Veil Falls.

Make sure to bring your camera and strike a pose for a photo in this scenic area in this gem tucked away in the outskirts of Alamogordo.

Don't forget to pack your outdoor essentials and head out for a quick adventure at the Bridal Veil Falls.

Remember History at the American Armed Forces Museum

The American Armed Forces Museum, Inc. was established in August 1997 and was officially listed as a non-profit organization on September 2, 1997, by the state of New Mexico.

The Museum was founded to gather and conserve military artifacts, symbolize all service sectors, and remember all wars and military operations in which the American armed forces participated.

The Museum is home to a sizable exhibit of uniforms, flags, field office supplies, soldier bunks, and equipment, among other things.

The Museum's appealing historical artifacts are dedicated to the remembrance of those who have fallen, emphasizing education.

The Museum aims to preserve the remembrance of these sacrifices and the courageous efforts made by the warriors to preserve their nation's freedom.

Play for Hours at Rocket City Family Fun Center

The Rocket City Family Fun Center in Alamogordo, New Mexico, offers more than 35,000 square feet of entertainment, including bowling, an arcade, laser tag, and a complete-service American-Italian restaurant.

The traditional and modern favorites at the arcade will keep you entertained for hours.

There are 24 US Bowling-certified lanes where you can wind down and have a good time with companions.

The Rocket City Family Fun Center can handle groups of any size, whether they number 10 or 100.

They conduct various events, including team-building exercises, kid's birthday parties, reunions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and seminars.

Create unique, exciting, and unforgettable experiences!

Stroll around Alamogordo MainStreet

Community-led Alamogordo MainStreet is a state-certified initiative for revitalizing the historic downtown.

It serves as a place for locals and tourists to reside, work, and enjoy.

It is a core district of shared history and experience.

Its goal is to honor local tradition and culture while preserving, enhancing, beautifying, and economically developing Alamogordo's historic downtown area.

It serves as a platform to highlight MainStreet business owners, residents, and community members as they engage with the public, restore their distinctive historic structures and streets and endorse the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs and enterprises that lead to a thriving downtown economy.

Shop at White Sands Trading Company Gift Shop

The White Sands Trading Company Gift Shop is the ideal place to stock up on all your necessities before the action begins since it is located directly outside the dunes.

They sell handmade Native American pottery, jewels, and other items, along with trinkets, souvenirs, and refreshments.

Their gifted artisans, who represent the diversity of New Mexico's cultures, use their artistic skills to create handcrafted products inspired by the state's rich history.

For instance, their t-shirts are 100% cotton and have creative patterns.

They provide a wide variety of presents for friends and family that are simple to pack, including cards and hats.

Visit the gift shop to find the ideal souvenir and present.

Hire Johnny Carino's for Your Upcoming Event

The primary focus at Johnny Carino's is on serving excellent Italian cuisine and providing a welcoming environment for friends and family.

Whether you're visiting for a quick bite or marking a special event, Johnny Carino's wants to be your go-to Italian eatery in the area.

They have been renowned for their family trays, spicy shrimp, and lasagna for over 20 years.

Whether you want to eat light or splurge, Johnny Carino's has a range of alternatives for you to pick from.

Since every event is different, they provide a broad selection of catering packages that may be mixed and adjusted to create the ideal setup for your event.

Your upcoming event will be a smash with Johnny Carino's catering, whether it is a wedding ceremony, workplace meeting, or Christmas party.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Sled Down the White Sand Dunes at White Sands National Park

View of  White Sand Dunes at White Sands National Park
Manamana / Shutterstock.com

Located southwest of Alamogordo in New Mexico is the White Sands National Park that boasts the largest gypsum dune field.

A 15-minute drive to the White Sands National Park is worth it once you've stepped foot in one of the world's natural wonders.

This mystical place in New Mexico features the panoramic view of the stunning white gypsum dunes where you can sled down the steep dunes for some thrill.

View of  White Sand Dunes at White Sands National Park
NSiomava / Shutterstock.com

Don't forget to wait for the sun to set and prepare to be enchanted with the colors that highlight the glistening white gypsum dunes.

You can also spend the night under the stars at the White Sands National Park, where you can pitch your tent and experience a one-of-a-kind camping trip.

A trip to New Mexico wouldn't be complete without stopping by in this natural wonder, so make sure to pack your screen protection and plenty of water for an exciting adventure at White Sands National Park.

View of  White Sand Dunes at White Sands National Park
Michael Rosebrock / Shutterstock.com

See the Spectacular Views of the Tularosa Basin at Tunnel Vista Observation Site

Just 15 minutes away from Alamogordo is the stunning vista point in Cloudcroft that boasts the mystical view of the Tularosa Basin.

The Tunnel Vista Observation Site features a scenic overlook to the waterfall and a panoramic view of the nearby towns.

After a tiring hike to explore the area, you can go for a dip in the waterfalls to cool off and unwind.

Don't forget to stop by this hidden gem in New Mexico.

A trip to the Tunnel Vista Observation Site will surely fuel the adventure in you.

Final Thoughts

Alamogordo is the perfect respite to unwind from your daily cares and enjoy an adventure-filled weekend getaway, where you’ll get to revive the adventurous side of yourself.

Make sure to reference this list for an action-packed trip to Alamogordo.

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