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15 Best Things to Do in Nederland, CO

  • Published 2022/08/03

When you think of Colorado, the things that come to mind are great scenic views of nature — mountains, glaciers, lakes, and more.

The tranquil and fascinating Nederland, a Boulder County, Colorado town, is no exception to gorgeous landscapes.

Nederland has a rich mining history but has its share of enjoyable and amusing attractions.

You’ll see lovely restaurants, various breweries, unique stores, mountain trails, and more.

If you’re a nature lover, Nederland is one of the best places to visit in Colorado.

Likewise, you can take a break from your busy life and breathe easy in this place.

Put the best things to do in Nederland on your itinerary to this fascinating town.

Take the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway

Mountain views from Peak to Peak Scenic Byway

Sirquine, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re planning to go to Nederland by car, take the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway route.

The route comes with high recommendations if you want to see a stunning view on your way.

Peak to Peak Scenic Byway features mountains with spectacular and majestic displays of bright-colored leaves on luminous trees.

Established over a century ago, this byway is the first in Colorado.

You’ll find yourself on a lovely drive while you’re on the route, seeing aspens on rocky landscapes along the sides of the road.

Moreover, you can even top the journey by staying overnight in mountain cabins or camping outdoors.

Admire the clear sky in the presence of the majestic trees during the night.

Grab Lunch or Dinner at Crosscut Pizzeria & Taphouse

You might want to try Nederland’s fine pizza places, Crosscut Pizzeria & Taphouse.

Crosscut Pizzeria & Taphouse opened in 2015, serving you delicious wood-fired thin crust and gourmet pizzas.

The local restaurant also offers lunch and dinner with various items on their menu, including craft beers and house-made root beers.

Some of their favorites are the Extra Special Cheese with Applewood-smoked bacon and jalapeños, Capri pizza, Caprese salad, and more.

Try at least one of these if you stop by the restaurant.

They also have homemade ice cream for dessert.

When you’re in Nederland, find time to try the delectable foods at Crosscut Pizzeria & Taphouse.

Reconnect with Nature at Wild Bear Nature Center

Located at Lakeview Driveway, Wild Bear Nature Center lets you commune with nature.

The Wild Bear Nature Center is an educational organization focused on mountain ecology.

You’ll experience creative exploration with abundant animals, forestry, and more.

You can freely wander the nature center and learn from several educational displays.

Wild Bear Nature Center is perfect for all ages, so you can bring your family or friends along to see the beauty of nature!

Enjoy a Nice Cup of Joe at New Moon Bakery and Cafe

A coffee break is one of the best times to rest during the day.

Likewise, coffee tastes even better when paired with fresh baked delicious pastries.

At West 1st Street, you’ll have a good time with New Moon Bakery and Cafe.

A cup of their locally roasted coffee with delectable pastries should put you in a pleasant mood.

The ambiance is pleasing and relaxing for you to enjoy hanging out.

Sit indoors or relax on the outdoor patio, with a view of the majestic mountainscape.

You can also have breakfast with baked sandwiches and other delectable items on their menu.

Take a pleasant coffee break at New Moon Bakery and Cafe.

Visit the Nederland Mining Museum

An equipment on the grounds of Nederland’s Mining Museum

Underawesternsky /

Nederland has a rich mining history.

So, you should take a look at their Mining Museum to learn more about this fascinating town.

Located at North Bridge Street, you’ll see displays of trams, ore carts, rare mining claim maps, historic photos, and engines at the museum.

You can also check out Boulder County’s other mining towns on display, including the lives of the hardworking miners.

Boulder County Parks & Open Space administers the Nederland Mining Museum.

It offers free admission, letting everyone appreciate the mining heritage of the county and its surrounding areas.

You can even try panning for gold yourself with a metal basin!

Learn plenty of useful information about mining and the town’s history at Nederland’s Mining Museum.

Enjoy a Fun Night Out at the Caribou Room

If you’re up for a lively and musical night, hit the speakers at the Caribou Room!

Caribou Room is a popular place for night-outs while listening to the high-quality boosted sound of live music.

Audio professionals, musicians, and engineers run the place, attracting different bands to perform.

You’ll undoubtedly enjoy the best sound experience from outstanding bands.

The room also has stocked bars and a kitchen to serve you food, craft cocktails, and beers to top up the pleasant experiences.

Have a fun night out at the Caribou Room!

Grab a Drink at Very Nice Brewing Company

Colorado has plenty of breweries to choose from.

If you’re in Nederland, visit Very Nice Brewing Company.

Very Nice Brewing Company, located at Lakeview Drive, is well-known for having gluten-free beer selections.

The brewing company offers you a casual modern and mountain ambiance to let you relax while sipping beer.

Grab a glass of beer at Very Nice Brewing Company at Nederland.

Ride the Carousel of Happiness

The horses of the Carousel of Happiness

melissamn /

Your trip to Nederland won’t be complete without riding the Carousel of Happiness, probably the town’s top attraction and treasure.

The Carousel of Happiness, located by Lakeview Drive, is perfect when you feel like amusing yourself.

You’ll see 56 hand-carved animals on the carousel, adding to its eye-catching charm.

Building sign of the Carousel of Happiness

melissamn /

Interestingly, the owners took nearly 26 years to hand-carve the animals, which began in 1986.

You mustn’t miss out on Nederland’s top treasure and ride the Carousel of Happiness.

Enjoy a Glass of Wine at Augustina’s Winery

One of Boulder County’s top wineries is in Nederland, called Augustina’s Winery.

Not only is it one of the best, but it’s also the first winery in the county!

Since 1997, the winemaker Gussie Walter managed Augustina’s Winery.

​​Drink fine wine at Augustina’s Winery while talking to the owner about adventures and life milestones.

Indeed, this is a good way to spend a lazy afternoon in Nederland.

Follow the Delicious Aroma of Roasted Coffee to Salto Coffee

Another great coffee shop to stop by at Nederland is Salto Coffee.

Salto Coffee, located at East 2nd Street, offers perfectly blended roasted coffee.

You can enjoy the delicious coffee by the shop’s fireplace or on their patio, adding to the pleasant feeling of sipping coffee.

Moreover, they serve quick-bite flavorful foods, such as buns with egg, bacon, cheese, and spinach, filled tacos, and more.

Taste the delicacies and sip a cup of delicious coffee at Salto Coffee.

Stroll along the Lost Lake Trail

Unwinding while strolling along a scenic trail is one of the most peaceful things to do anywhere.

There are plenty of hiking trails at Nederland, and one of the best is the Lost Lake Trail.

The Lost Lake Trail stretches 6.4 kilometers.

The trail is moderately challenging, with the first half mile having easy trails.

Later, the trails begin to get steep, which should be easier for experienced hikers.

You can also go camping on designated campsites around the lake and fishing while you’re on the trails.

Bring your dogs, but keep them leashed.

The trails reach their full splendor when the warm seasons are in full swing, whether spring, summer, or early fall.

You might also spot various forms of wildlife as you hike along the trails, especially moose!

Join the Frozen Dead Guy Days

A person taking a picture in front of Frozen Dead Guy Days coffin

NickyRedl /

Nederland is known for its unusual top winter activity that draws tremendous crowds every year, the Frozen Dead Guy Days.

The festival is exceptionally creative and peculiar.

After all, the event takes inspiration from Bredo Morstoel, known as the “grandpa” of Nederland.

Bredo had himself frozen under the state of “cryonic suspension”

He had waited for a cure for his heart disease, which also caused his death.

A bartender at Frozen Dead Guy Days

Charles Forsyth /

You’ll hear live music everywhere and visit warm tents serving craft brews and foods in various cuisines.

You’ll indeed have a great time taking part in the odd but festive Frozen Dead Guy Days!

See the Beauty of Nature at Caribou Ranch Open Space

Another spectacular scenic view and hiking trail in Nederland is the Caribou Ranch Open Space.

Caribou Ranch Open Space, located in Continental Divide, Caribou Ranch, shows you different gorgeous landscapes that you can explore.

The natural landscapes include forests, wetlands, a historical mining complex, and meadows.

You can feel the cool and fresh breeze circulating around the area.

Witness the sensational aspens changing colors as the seasons change and the leaves fall gracefully to the ground.

Experiencing all this natural beauty in a single place is more than enough for a worthwhile vacation.

Relax and take a break from the bustling cities.

The 4.2-mile well-maintained looping trails are also easy enough for all hikers to enjoy, leaving no obstacles on the way.

Delight in the Picturesque View at Barker Reservoir Recreation Area

If you feel like unwinding near water, you can head to Barker Reservoir Recreation Area at Boulder Canyon Drive.

You will have a good relaxing time with 13 campsites, picnic tables, fire grills, and more recreational amenities.

You can also go hiking along a shoreline trail winding around the lake, and see the spectacular view of the reservoir.

Although Boulder Water Regulations forbid swimming and boating, seeing the calming show of the blooming flowers make the experience worthwhile.

When you’re in Nederland, visit and delight in the scenic view at Barker Reservoir Recreation Area!

Take Up a Challenge and Hike the Arapaho Glacier Trail

Scenic view of Arapaho Glacier Trail

Nina B /

If you’re an experienced hiking enthusiast, the Arapaho Glacier Trail might be one of the best trails you can take.

Arapaho Glacier Trail is an approximately 21-km trail with a challenging route.

Wildflowers along Arapaho Glacier Trail

Nina B /

The trail is famous for experienced hikers.

You can also go camping on the trails and bring your dog if you have one.

Just keep them on a leash.

Take on the challenge and hike the complicated trails of Arapaho Glacier Trail when you’re in Nederland!

Other Things to do Nearby

Explore the Streets of Pearl Street Mall

Shops along Pearl Street Mall

Arina P Habich /

At Boulder, Colorado, only 26 minutes and approximately 17 miles from Nederland, you can explore Pearl Street Mall’s busy and fascinating streets.

Pearl Street Mall features several restaurants, lively shops, flower beds, and more mesmerizing sights!

Beautiful tulip beds at Pearl Street Mall

Arina P Habich /

Boulder residents consider these streets as the heart and soul of their city, so it’s undoubtedly a worthy place to visit.

More places await you at Pearl Street Mall, so don’t miss out on it!

Wooden benches in the middle of Pearl Street Mall

randy andy /

Visit Monarch Casino Resort Spa Black Hawk

If you feel like chilling at a resort while having access to table and casino games, you can stop by Monarch Casino Resort Spa Black Hawk.

Monarch Casino Resort Spa Black Hawk is in Black Hawk, Colorado.

It’s only approximately 28 minutes and 19 miles away from Nederland.

The resort offers you many amenities to enjoy and explore.

These amenities include luxurious guest rooms, restaurants, gaming floors, table games, casino games, a rooftop pool, a spa, and more.

Final Thoughts

Nederland is one charming town in Colorado.

It’s packed with scenic views of nature and amusing attractions to visit.

Moreover, the places near the town are worth checking out, letting you hit many birds with one stone.

Get ready to tick off those lists on your bucket list and enjoy an unforgettable trip to Colorado!

What are you waiting for?

Book your trip today!

You might even find more things to do in Nederland when you arrive.

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