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20 Best Things to Do in Beaver Creek, CO

  • Published 2022/11/23

Beaver Creek, Colorado, has it all—an ideal combination of sun and snow that has made this area a favorite of thousands of visitors.

The surrounding areas have so much to offer tourists looking to have an enjoyable vacation; you’ll find excitement for people of all ages and interests.

Beaver Creek is definitely one of the best places for summer vacation and winter getaways, with so many reasons to visit.

Amid snow-sprinkled mountains and a brilliantly blue sky, you can’t help but feel as if you’re on top of the world.

If you still need convincing, read on for the 20 best things to do in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Go Skiing at Beaver Creek Resort

Trees surrounding Beaver Creek Resort

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Get your adventuring gear ready, grab your friends and family, and head to this breathtaking mountainside haven.

The Beaver Creek Resorts offers an exciting experience with jaw-dropping views of the beautiful mountains and the nature that surrounds it.

Whether you’re planning on going for a summer break or a chilly winter getaway, they got something for you.

One of Beaver Creek Resort’s most notable features is its ski slopes—and for good reasons.

Skier on Beaver Creek Resort

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The skiing here is second-to-none, with great variety and carefully groomed slopes perfect for beginners and experts alike—and even those who are not yet sure what they are!

Or take on their many trails and appreciate some of the most beautiful sights you’ll ever see.

If you’re feeling hungry, sit down and dine on tasty food or take a rest in their lodging after a long tiring day of fun.

You won’t regret putting this amazing spot on your list, head on to Beaver Creek Plaza, Beaver Creek, for a guaranteed great time!

Aerial view of Beaver Creek Resort

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Tee Off at Beaver Creek Golf Club

If you love golf and pristine, meticulously tended greens, you’ll love Beaver Creek Golf Club.

With a full driving range, practice area, and putting green, Beaver Creek Golf Club has been a golfer’s paradise since 1982.

This scenic 18-hole course is dotted with tall pines and a glistening creek while offering a fitting challenge for golfers of all skill levels.

So grab your buddies and play a friendly competition, or relax and enjoy a leisurely time golfing solo.

Take a deep breath in and enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains while swinging for a hole-in-one.

And for those looking for a rest after a fun day of playing, they also offer a cozy lodging for their patrons.

Put this gem in your list, located along Offerson Rd, and tee off!

Hike the Trails of Beaver Lake Trail

If you’re up for nature’s best offering of beautiful sceneries and amazing wildlife, look no further than Beaver Lake Trail.

Bring your loved ones (and your furry buddies) for an ecstatic time taking on this breathtaking trail spanning 10.14 kilometers.

Marvel at picturesque sights of the path, the calm creek, and the surrounding natural landscape.

This trail offers a bit of a challenge for some, so take some precautions, and look out for some steep parts.

This trail is rich in beautiful greens and wildlife, so make sure to observe respectfully and at a safe distance upon encountering some.

After hiking a while, you’ll reach the breathtaking Beaver Creek Lake, so sit down and dip your toes while marveling at one of nature’s finest sanctuaries.

Serene and beautiful, this spot needs to be on your list of go-to’s.

Watch Live Performances at Vilar Performing Arts Theater

One of the most exquisite theaters globally, Vilar Performing Arts Center is a stunning example of what craftsmanship, community, and passion can accomplish.

Situated in the heart of Beaver Creek, here, you’ll find everything from a charming, intimate atmosphere that still manages to feel grand and welcoming to an array of one-of-a-kind performances and events.

So get ready for a swell time full of entertainment, amazing talents, and engaging performances in the Vilar Performing Arts Center.

This 530-seat venue presents over 50 exquisite performances, ranging from world-class ballet and opera to jazz, comedy, and theater each season.

Whether you’re overlooking the balcony, sitting in the parterre, or at the front row of the orchestra, every seat is the best seat in this amazing theatre.

So tag along with your buddies and be amused at all the fascinating wonders they offer.

Go Ice Skating at Beaver Creek Village

Aerial view of Beaver Creek Village

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If you’re looking for a fun time with your friends and family, then glide on to the Beaver Creek Village for a guaranteed amazing time!

This vibrant location features a variety of fun activities while being situated in the middle of shops, restaurants, and entertainment.

Of course, one of the highlights of Beaver Creek Village is their year-round ice skating rink, so grab your skating shoes and have a blast.

Exterior of houses in Beaver Creek Village

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Take a stroll and check out some of the boutiques in the area, and you’ll surely find souvenirs for you to bring home.

They also offer various dining options, get fancy and go for fine dining, or chow down casually in some laid-back diners.

And for the patrons that seek warmth and rest after a day of fun, they offer many intimate and cozy lodging.

Don’t miss out on some of the events they hold seasonally, and head out to Beaver Creek Village for an amazing experience you won’t regret!

Trees framing a body of water in Beaver Creek Village

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Play Putt-Putt Golf at Beaver Creek Miniature Golf

Bring the little ones out for a fun time, swing for a hole-in-one at the Beaver Creek Miniature Golf.

This adorable mini golf course takes advantage of the natural slant of the gorgeous mountains, along with some added obstacles for a great putting challenge.

So players of all skill levels can find holes they could play and have fun.

Partake with your friends for a friendly competition or sit down and bask in the scenic views.

The surrounding landscaping offers putters a pristine view while enjoying their time playing.

Give your loved ones an experience they deserve; swing by this spot located along Promenade.

Book Your Stay at The Charter at Beaver Creek

After an exciting day of adventure, take a breather and unwind in this luxurious lodging at The Charter.

Offering their service to their patrons since 1983, many have experienced their amazing accommodations and great hospitality.

Accommodations range depending on the vast option of units, so you definitely won’t run out of choices to pick from.

Give yourself a chance to relax in some of their condominiums, complete with essential amenities, a patio or balcony, and even a fireplace.

Dine in their amazing bistro or unwind in the luxurious spa for a guaranteed tranquil experience.

You should definitely keep this spot on your list of stay-ins, located along Offerson Rd.

Shop and Dine at Downtown Beaver Creek

Take a stroll through Downtown Beaver Creek for treats and goodies.

Take your loved ones on a relaxing stroll through many of what this town offers.

Many unique attractions lay about the area for you and your buddies to discover.

Make sure to peep through some of the various specialty shops and boutiques in the area for some nice souvenirs.

Many food places are around the area, from fine dining to a casual and intimate experience, they’ve got something for every palate.

Or relax and take in the vibrant atmosphere of the place and enjoy the amazing hospitality of the locals.

No matter what you do, this fascinating town has something you are looking for.

Make Use of the Amenities at Beaver Creek Lodge

Visit one of Beaver Creek’s best boutique hotels to experience leisure and pleasure.

Take a journey into the highlands to inspire your family’s sense of exploration, or spend precious time unwinding in the heated swimming pool and hot tub.

If you’re visiting for business, prepare for your important interview with all the essentials you need while enjoying the magnificent vistas and one-of-a-kind artwork.

Beaver Creek Lodge offers a complimentary Internet connection to all guests.

In the fitness facility, you may also work out before the day is over.

Enjoy a break at Beaver Creek Lodge, among Beaver Creek, Colorado’s top resort that offers a variety of activities for everyone!

Let Your Kid Participate at Beaver Creek Kids’ Day Camp

Beaver Creek Kids’ Day Camp is a certified day camp for youngsters aged 5 to 13.

It is situated at the higher level at Beaver Creek Children’s Ski School.

Through age-appropriate pursuits like horse riding as well as arts and crafts, the enchantment will start for your kids.

It starts operating at 9 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday.

The summer they spend at Beaver Creek Kids’ Day Camp will be memorable!

Prepare for Your Adventurous Trip by Stopping by Christy Sports

The Beaver Creek Christy Sports store is situated inside the Beaver Creek Lodge off Avondale Lane.

The steep ski and snowboard equipment, apparel, and accessories are the area’s field of expertise.

Christy Sports supports individuals as they venture beyond the boundaries of their bubbles and embark on endless adventures.

Although they were established in Colorado in 1958, they have long sought great adventure.

Christy Sports is your top source for winter gear for all of your ski excursions this season.

They keep you prepared from head to foot, whether you’re a vacation enthusiast just getting started and seeking to assemble a comprehensive setup with skis, eyewear, grips, boots, and rods or a seasoned pro searching for backcountry equipment to explore the unmarked tracks.

Practice Your Skills at Beaver Creek Tennis Center

The Beaver Creek Tennis Center has five clay courts, two hard courts, a full pro shop, and more.

The tennis center, next to the Highlands Lodge, is accessible to the general public and accommodates players of all skill levels.

Weather permitting, operations take place from late May through late September.

A junior tennis camp is also being held at the Beaver Creek Tennis Center.

Your children may study and engage in the game while making new tennis friends at their junior tennis camp!

Not only can you play the best sport at Beaver Creek Tennis Center, but you also get to take in breathtaking views!

Order and Savor the Specialties at Golden Eagle Inn Restaurant

Don Bird and Pepi Langager opened the Golden Eagle Inn Restaurant in 1987 as a game-centric take on seasonal hillside comfort food.

They welcomed European influences while having a craving for regional foods.

Some of Golden Eagle’s specialties are Elk Tacos on Homemade Bluecorn Tortillas, Preserved Lemon Trout, and Duck Leg Confit.

Take a drink of their cocktails, wine, beer, and alcoholic beverages!

The Golden Eagle is a well-known landmark in Beaver Creek and is open to everyone.

Their cuisine showcases the greatest seasonal foods, whether you stop by for a fancy dinner, a fast snack during a day of skiing, or a cool drink after a game of golf.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Go Fishing at Benchmark Lake Reservoir

Calm water of Benchmark Lake Reservoir

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Get your fishing fix taken care of, swing by the Benchmark Lake Reservoir for the day’s fresh catch.

This spot is scenic and tranquil and gives the casuals and the hobbyist alike an amazing experience while fishing out on a beautiful day.

The cold waters of Colorado and the great marine biodiversity of the lake make for an exciting surprise every time a fish nibbles on your bait.

Sunny day at Benchmark Lake Reservoir

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The most commonly caught fish here are the Rainbow Trout, Yellow Perch, and Brown trout.

Anglers can set camp and catch fish while enjoying the gorgeous natural landscape and the glistening of the vast lake.

So pack your gear, bring your lucky lure, and head to Benchmark Lake Reservoir, just 10 mins from Beaver Creek.

Rocky shore of Benchmark Lake Reservoir

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Experience Thrilling Activities at Epic Discovery

Feel the fresh mountain, enjoy life’s greatest offers, and explore this beautiful mountain ski resort.

The Vail Epic Discovery features great sceneries, beautiful trails, and fun activities for you and your loved ones.

Whether you’re planning to go in summer or winter, you won’t run out of things to do in this spot.

Experience many thrilling activities waiting for you or take a scenic ride on their gondolas.

Feel the rushing wind against you while speeding down their Forest Flyer Coaster.

Fly high above the trees and enjoy the astonishing sceneries on one of seven of their ziplines.

Test your athleticism on the Gore Range Adventure Course, or if you’re feeling a little rocky, then the Paramount Peak Climbing Wall is for you.

Whatever fancies you, this amazing location got you covered, located east of Lionshead Circle in Vail, a 20-minute ride away from Beaver Creek.

Spend a Fun-Filled Day at Harry A. Nottingham Park

Experience a fun, tranquil time with friends and family in the beautiful Harry A. Nottingham Park.

Named after an early settler of Colorado, this 48-acre park offers visitors open space and a chance for an amazing time with many recreational activities.

Whether you want to unwind on a picnic and grill barbeque or get sporty in the court with your friends, it’s got something for you.

The glistening waters also offer a great opportunity for a dip, paddle-boating, and fishing.

The park also offers many things to do with the little ones, play catch on the field or let them loose on the playground.

A great time is ensured at this amazing spot, located along West Beaver Creek Boulevard in Avon, a mere 10 minutes on the road.

Visit the Highest Botanical Garden at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

A beautiful flower at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

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Alluring, beautiful, serene—the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens offers a lot to people with green thumbs or those looking for a peaceful getaway.

This botanical garden, located well above 8000 feet, boasts a beautiful collection of mountain plants.

They have been dedicating effort to conserving the local fauna and surrounding habitat since 1985.

Offering an array of exhibits for their patrons, illustrations and plant life of different kinds can be admired.

Exploring their premise leaves you to discover tranquil spots and scenic landscapes.

They also offer tours for you and your fellow treehuggers out there.

Swing by this breathtaking spot, located in Vail, a 20-minute drive from Beaver Creek.

Discover Skiing History at Colorado Snowsports Museum and Hall of Fame

Learn some facts about skiing and the extensive history of the skiing industry of Colorado.

Founded in 1976, this quirky sports museum gives the limelight for some of the great ski and snowboard history and legendary Hall of Famers and great displays.

Great memorabilia of the passing times are on exhibit, like old snowboards and snowblades and how it evolved to its current state.

They also have old ski fashion and apparel on display, highlighting its evolution throughout the years.

Events like the Olympic Winter Games hosted in Colorado dating back from the 1920s are commemorated through their displays.

Appreciate history through relics of the past, head on this spot located 18 minutes away from Beaver Creek.

Explore Natural Wonders at Walking Mountains Science Center

Get ready to learn about the science of the great mountain environment of the area first hand.

Founded in 1998, The Walking Mountains Science Center aims to inspire people to care for the environment by educating people of many ages, from children to adults.

Many can have the chance to learn first-hand by experiencing their educational hikes or attending some of their academic conferences.

Gain knowledge about recycling and going green by lessening your carbon footprint.

Learn the different kinds of plant life in the areas like wildflowers, forage for interesting-looking mushrooms, and experience many activities on the trails.

Get to know about the local activities and arts and why the environment is connected to everybody.

Head by this fascinating location, along Walking Mountains Lane, Avon, just 10 minutes from Beaver Creek.

Go Rafting at the Sage Outdoor Adventures

Are you looking for an ecstatic time full of thrilling outdoor activities with your loved ones? Then look no further—the Sage Outdoor Adventures has a lot in store for you.

Operating a 6000-acre ranch surrounded by amazing sceneries, they’ve got quite many exciting activities for you to pick from.

If you’re looking for something to do in the freezing snow, then a thrilling time on a snowmobile is for you.

Or, if you don’t mind getting wet, go for an exciting time rafting through the rapids.

Relax and enjoy a serene fishing experience in the biodiverse rivers of Colorado.

Horseback riding is also available for those that seek an amazing time trudging through paths surrounded by picturesque natural landscapes.

Get your fix for an adventure, head to US-6, Vail, just 10 minutes from Beaver Creek.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a thrilling time speeding down ski slopes or looking to enjoy the breathtaking and tranquil sceneries, Beaver Creek will leave you with an experience you won’t forget.

Keep this list as a reference for your next trip to Beaver Creek, CO, and have a great time!

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