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15 Best Things to Do in Longville, MN

  • Published 2022/08/31

The city of Longville forms part of Cass County, Minnesota.

It’s among the locations continuously attracting admiration from the rest of the world.

Established in 1906, the city gets its name from its founder Jim Long.

The community was a logging town at its onset and remained intact with its natural landscape through the decades.

Tourists worldwide have visited this incredible city to experience a prosperous life outside the metropolis.

Get started on your trip with this list of the best things to do in Longville, Minnesota:

Fuel Up at Anchorage Inn

After a long day exploring Longville, you can recharge at Anchorage Inn.

Besides a comfortable stay, you can enjoy their delicious meals every day except Tuesday and Wednesday.

You can grab your favorite breakfast and side orders to start the day right.

Order the pancakes or French toast to get you in a happy mood as you go along and fulfill your daily tasks.

If your schedule permits, you must never miss the chance to try their lunch and dinner options.

Anchorage Inn is more than willing to provide you with a comfortable stay in Longville.

Grab Pleasant Surprises at Lori’s Luvs

Bring your kids to Lori’s Luvs and give them the perfect give they will love!

You can find this gift shop on Country Road, a hub for adorable gifts for youngsters.

Browse their selections of coloring books, action figures, brain-teaser puzzles, and board games.

Likewise, pick from their collection of greeting cards to help your kids or friends celebrate meaningful occasions.

Don’t miss the chance to find great gifts at Lori’s Luvs!

Chill Out at Frosty’s Ice Cream and Pizza Parlor

Are you looking for a treat to celebrate small wins in the middle of a dainty day?

Drop by Frosty’s Ice Cream and Pizza Parlor and satisfy yourself.

This prominent ice cream parlor is one of the most incredible spots in the area to indulge your sweet tooth.

With over 30 different flavors of ice cream, you will never run out of delectable options to satisfy your cravings.

They also offer pizzas and salads for those who want to try other treats besides chilling ice cream.

Relive the childhood memories you never knew you’d remember at Frosty’s Ice Cream and Pizza Parlor.

Grab a Book at Margaret Welch Memorial Library

Do you love reading?

Go to the Margaret Welch Memorial Library in Longville, Minnesota!

This excellent facility is the hub containing all the books you could want to read.

Enjoy their affordable essential services such as fax, printing, and scanning.

If your kids love libraries, bring them during their birthday months to get them their library cards.

This card entitles them to a free plushie on their special occasion.

If you don’t live in the five counties that make up the Kitchigami Regional Library, you will have to pay a small fee for a library card.

Spend the afternoon at the Margaret Welch Memorial Library!

Maximize Your Leisure Time at Deer Trail Resort

Anyone would agree that Deer Trail Resort is one of the most relaxing spots in Longville that can give you a hassle-free rest.

This resort is along Deer Run Drive, a must-visit for any recreational activity.

This establishment remains a family-owned facility that opened to the public in 1959.

It has a spacious area for nine cabins for rent and a campground for 16 RV hookup sites.

You’ll never run out of options in terms of accommodations.

Enjoy diverse activities like fishing, golfing, and many others.

Don’t miss these offers at Deer Trail Resort!

Dance the Night Away at Docksider Bar

Are you looking for a spot where you can groove until you drop?

Let loose at the Docksider Bar with your friends!

Order a beer, pizza, or cocktail to help you get in the partying mood.

Likewise, the bar hosts many entertaining events, such as the annual Winter Fireworks Display.

Get away from all the stress and party the night away at Docksider Bar!

Shop for Local Products at Longville General Store

Just like the locals, you will also enjoy finding great deals at the Longville General Store.

You can find this store along Country Road.

If you need anything in Longville, stock up on the essentials at this store.

As the name suggests, this shop can offer you all sorts of home essentials, which will never disappoint you.

You can find it on one of its racks, from home repair supplies to dry ingredients.

You can also try their in-house embroidery service if you want a touch of customizable items to remind you of your Longville trip.

Stock up on supplies at the Longville General Store!

Work up a Sweat at Empowered Fitness

Do you have plans to make your fitness goals come true?

Let Empowered Fitness help you with your fitness goals.

This facility welcomes guests and encourages them to achieve their ideal physique.

Start your physical training with their exquisite training equipment and approachable staff.

Likewise, they offer yoga and Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL) classes.

Get active at Empowered Fitness!

Reflect and Pray at Longville Bible Chapel

If your family wants to visit a sanctuary and reflect on life, drop by the Longville Bible Chapel.

This chapel is a place where solemnity and serenity thrive.

You can attend their weekly prayer meeting every Wednesday if you desire to pray.

Besides its weekly worship services, the chapel also conducts children’s ministry every Sunday morning.

Bring your kids to strengthen their faith and learn to acknowledge and respect religious beliefs and practices.

You can also join a week-long bible study for each group if you want to familiarize yourself with words of wisdom and faith.

If you long for peace, you can never go wrong with the Longville Bible Chapel.

Other Things To Do Nearby

Test Your Core at Heartland State Trail

Steamboat river bridge at Heartland State Trail

McGhiever, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you feel up for the challenge, test your strength with a trip to the Heartland State Trail.

You can find this trail, stretching up to 49 miles, within Park Rapids and Cass Lake.

For starters, consider biking, hiking, or snowmobiling during winter.

Stay in shape and improve your endurance on the Heartland State Trail.

While following the trail, you may enjoy the view of the lakes, rivers, and streams.

Admission to the trail is free, but you must secure permits if you want to go snowmobiling, horseback riding, or cross-country skiing.

The Heartland State Trail is 32 minutes from Longville.

Place Your Bets at Northern Lights Casino

Do you want to take risks and win fortunes?

Northern Lights Casino will help you muster your courage and shoot your shots.

This casino is in Walker, Minnesota, 21 minutes from Longville.

You can enjoy playing slot machines, poker, and blackjack with their experienced dealers.

Its restaurant provides satisfying meals to the area’s guests daily, from breakfast to dinner.

Satisfy yourself with their offers.

The Northern Lights Casino also features big stars.

Make sure to catch them performing live and singing their hearts out.

Practice Your Swing at Tianna Country Club

Tianna Country Club is your perfect match if you want to play golf.

You can find this golf course in Walker, Minnesota, 28 minutes from the city of Longville.

It opened to the public in 1922 and continues to stun its guests with its vast area as an 18-hole golf course.

Enroll in their golf lessons if you want to improve your golf skills.

You may play at its field through its junior rate for nine holes.

Tianna Country Club also has a restaurant.

Reenergize yourself after swinging your club for a few hours at the Tianna Country Club.

Awaken your Natural Consciousness at Deep Portage Learning Center

Embark on an adventure to enrich your awareness of the condition of the environment at the Deep Portage Learning Center.

This facility spans over 6,000 acres and sits across Hackensack, Minnesota, 24 minutes from Longville.

It houses an outdoor classroom where you and your family can immerse yourselves in nature and appreciate its grandeur.

Likewise, it offers summer camps and a tour of its renewable energy sources.

Learn about the significance of adopting a sustainable lifestyle to help save the planet from total degradation.

Support their online store to help support the institution and their ability to keep fighting for the environment.

Enjoy a Calming Ambiance at Aveda Lakeside Spa

Are you tired of roaming around and exploring new sites?

Relieve your fatigue by visiting Aveda Lakeside Spa at Chase on the Lake.

This facility is in Walker, Minnesota, a 27-minute drive from Longville.

It offers relaxing massage and body treatments, which will help you completely regain your strength.

You may also pamper yourself with their nail care and waxing services and feel stylish through a makeover.

For inquiries and reservations, give the spa a call to make a smooth-sailing arrangement with its team.

Celebrate under the Sun at Sailing Daze Sailing Charters

If you plan to hop on a cruise and explore the famous Leech Lake in Minnesota, drop by Sailing Daze Sailing Charters.

You can find the dock in Walker, only 32 minutes away from the city of Longville.

Enjoy the summer breeze while embarking at Knota Lotta, a 41-feet Ketch built for cruising.

Join the affordable two-hour tour, suitable if you celebrate any precious moment of your life.

After making a reservation, pack your sunblock, sunglasses, and some snacks to enjoy a pleasurable tour around the lake.

Bring your family to Sailing Daze Sailing Charters!

Final Thoughts

Longville is just as remarkable as other cities within the state, with its fair share of incredible spots for guests.

The warmth of its community will also make you feel included and welcome in the area.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Longville, Minnesota!

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