15 Best Things to Do in Grand Marais

15 Best Things to Do in Grand Marais

Located on the Northern Shore of Minnesota, Grand Marais is a is a great place for a weekend getaway vacation. It is a gorgeous city housing diverse communities.

You need a maximum of 3 days to explore the in and outs of Grand Marais. And the short trip is all you shall need to understand why the city is one of the most underrated destinations in Minnesota.

It has more village vibes etched to it with plenty of things to offer; whether tour are looking for a relaxing day close to the natural landscape or roam around in quaint city streets, this place has it all!

Since it has a lot to do and explore, let us squeeze out the must-dos and consume the true essence of Grand Marais. It is an amalgam of offbeat destinations and touristy places. Take your sweet time picking traveler!

Sort Veggies at Cook County Market

Cook county Market is known for its organic farm-fresh produce. They sell the best quality veggies and loaves of bread in town.

People residing in different parts of the States travel here just to buy the veggies. They are brought directly from the farm and are as fresh as they get!.

Apart from the fruits and veggies, you also can get varieties of bread. If you are a tourist and are staying in an Airbnb and cooking your own meals, then you should definitely drop by tp shop for the varied produce. You would be relishing the most authentic delicacies!

Climb the Lighthouse

Lighthouse in Grand Marais
John Brueske / Shutterstock.com

Away from the bustling city lies the elaborate lighthouse. It is located in a secluded part of the city and makes for a peaceful space. Visit it early in the morning or during the sunset to bask in its ethereal beauty.

On one side lies the sprawling vibrant city of Grand Marais and on the other the soothing azure lake!

You can walk around the surroundings too as they are equally stunning. The place might get slightly crowded in the evenings, so be an early bird for a day and experience the best!

You’d cherish the views that you will capture in your polaroid forever. And while it might a little farther out of the city center, the whole experience will make your trip worthwhile!

Camp in The Grand Portage State Forest

Are you looking to challenge yourself to a hiking or go camping on your vacation? This is your stop then. Nestled in nature’s beauty lies the Grand Portage State Forest, a natural paradise on Earth.

The forest offers pleasant views in every form; be it waterfalls or walking trails. There are different types of flowers and wildlife that you will come across while wandering on the property.

The hike is well maintained and easy to take up. The falls are stunning and brimming with water. It would be a beautiful sight to watch and you should definitely plan for a day-long outing here!

Walk the Honeymoon Bluff Trail

Honeymoon bluff trail
Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The honeymoon bluff trail is a short trail that provides the most scenic and romantic views of the town.

You can take this up if you want to treat your eyes to nature’s endless beauty. The hike to the lake is easy, almost like an evening walk and the path is well laid out and easy to keep track of.

Go early in the morning to experience a pleasant atmosphere. You will have to make a slight effort to reach the spectacular views from atop, and you'd want to spend some extra time to absorb the beauty. Even if you click hundreds of pictures, it won’t do justice to the view!

Test the Fishing Hooks at Beaver House

Are you fond of fishing? Beaver House is the best best shop in town for your fishing requirements.

The atmosphere of the place is cheerful and lively. The owner suggests the best for you, suiting your requirements.

Then head to any lake or pond - some which also have supplies and equipment - for fishing. You can also catch some fish and cook delectable curries for dinner. You will be utterly satisfied by the products and interaction of the people at Beaver House.

Craving Sweet Tooth? Head Over to World’s Best Donuts

World’s Best Donuts
John2690-john2690, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Standing quite true to its name, World’s Best Donuts surely serves gooey sugary treats. Considered as the top bakery in town, it serves oven-fresh treats made every day. You can book the purchase online and collect it early in the morning.

It is a crowded spot with a lot of waiting to do. But you won’t regret standing in line for 20 mins to get your donuts. Plus, we have a recommendation to make: the cinnamon sugar donuts! Desserts early in the morning? Well, desserts are an all day, every day treat!

Choose Crafts at Joy and Company

Creativity and uniqueness are key elements that form the crux of this company. The Joy and Company focuses on delivering joy and happiness to everyone who visits it with an eclectic collection. The art and antique items are beautifully displayed and come at affordable prices, and are locally made!

The staff is super friendly and holds their customers in the highest regard. They recommend the best of the best to the visitors. The items are unique and you won’t find them anywhere else. In short, you will surely love the collection and would want to take back home a lot of items.

Head Over to The Pincushion Mountain Trail

Pincushion Mountain Trail
drewthehobbit / Shutterstock.com

An open sky and lush green bushes by the side of a quaint dirt road is a blessing on any day. And the Pincushion Mountain Trail - a well maintained and easy to walk trail - offers just that.

It is an underrated place and not many people venture into the woods. Reaching the mountain might be a little tough, but the view from the top is alluring!

Prefer to go early in the morning, as you can catch the sunrise. Take along enough water to hydrate yourself on the way as it is a long trail with a few obstacles; that said, you should not have too hard to a time and the breathtaking views make up for all the extra effort in the end either way.

The Pincushion Mountain Trail is a hidden gem in Grand Marais. It surely needs more attention and all of us should pay a visit!

Absorb Historic Values at Chik-Wauk Museum

The Chik-Wauk Museum is a historic landmark in the town of Grand Marais. It is located at the end of Gunflint Trail and is surely a worthy visiting spot.

All the history buffs need to stop here and admire pieces of from the region's past displayed here. There are different audio-video mediums to keep you engaged and it is one of those interactive museum curated to offer a little something for people from all age groups.

The museum is primarily dedicated to wildlife and species of birds. Many of your questions will be answered here and you will learn new insights on regional ecosystem.

It is a great way to learn on your trip. The staff will tell you some amazing facts and you will only require an hour to get it all wrapped up.

Rejuvenate at The Banks of Lake Superior

Lake Superior
Craig Hinton / Shutterstock.com

Lake Superior flows across many cities and it touches Grand Marais too. The banks of this Lake are located in the Downtown Region. You can sit back at the banks and relax for hours together.

It is a peaceful spot and will give you a lot of time for yourself. It is the best place for anyone who is seeking solitude.

The tranquil atmosphere and calm flow of the Lake will soothe your mind. You can plug in your earphones and jam to the lo-fi playlist of yours. It is not a must-visit place, but if you want some minutes of peace then this is the appropriate spot.

Stroll Near the Artist’s Point

Artist’s point
Robin Férand, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Quite contrary to its name, the Artist’s point has no artsy elements. Instead, it is a gorgeous sunset point in Grand Marais, also known for its great scenery.

You ought to spend at least one evening here. Every one of us loves watching the sunset and this is one that is not to be missed. There are huge rocks near the place where you can sit and enjoy the evening!

After a day-long of sightseeing, you can come here to relax and take in a truly unforgettable experience.

The area is clean and hygienic. Also, snap some pictures for your Instagram so you can share the awe-inspiring beauty of the sunsets here.

Buy a Heartwarming Souvenir from Sivertson

The Sivertson Gallery is a renowned gallery chain in the United States. If you want to remember Grand Marais, you should definitely consider buying a souvenir from here. The products are authentic and carry the essence of the town. It is a quaint place with a lot to choose from.

It is a big gallery with versatile art and has several art products too that will help you with home decor as well. Every penny will be worth anything you buy. You can even select a personalized gifts from here for your family back home.

And if you do not understand art quite as much, don’t worry as the staff is proactive and prompt to solve your questions and provide the best suitable item for you.

Relax Your Muscles at Lutzen Reflections

LutZen Reflections Massage Studio is a premium place if you want to get good massage therapy. They have excellent masseuses who are skilled in special massage therapies.

If you need some stretching and need to relax your tensed-up muscles, simply head over. You will get a full hour of rest and a relaxing time.

The staff is super friendly, dedicated, and caters to your every need. You should go here to escape the hot afternoon or after a hikes and or walk down one of the trails!

We often forget these self-care needs on busy vacations and this will your one chance to indulge in just that! After the hour of massage, you will feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Read at The Drury Lanes Books

Hello there bookworm, Drury Lanes Books is your home in the distant land! This small home-grown store has got a classic collection of novels, with a select few exclusive prints that you won’t be available anywhere else.

And well, isn’t that tempting? And all of that art and literature, packed in a small place that you won't have to sweat much at all!

They have books for every age group. There is a separate kids section that contains colorful storybooks. They also have a collection of biographies and nonfiction books.

For all those who carry a book while traveling, this will be your paradise. You will surely take back a full box of novels home!

Unwind Yourself at Voyageur Brewing

Voyageur Brewing
Kristen Prahl / Shutterstock.com

A rooftop brewery it is! Voyageur Brewing is a must-visit restaurant for a snack. They have wonderful options for liquor and a delectable food menu. Their Asian Tacos are lip-smacking and are among the must-try.

You can visit Voyageur Brewing in the evening as the atmosphere is lively. At times, there is live music playing, which further alleviates the mood. Whenever you visit, sit on the patio on the roof as it offers scenic views of the city!

So, this was the precious city of Grand Marais has in store for travelers. We are already excited to board the flight and visit this place and hope that you are geared up too. So do not wait anymore and get your passports stamped at the earliest!