15 Best Things to Do in Pequot Lakes, MN

Pequot Lakes, MN
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The proud state of Minnesota is known for its stunning lakes, beautiful forests, and thrilling water and snow activities.

Nicknamed “The Land of 10,000 Lakes,” Minnesota has natural resources and attractions that do not disappoint.

One of the cities that boasts a significant number of picturesque Minnesota Lakes is the city of Pequot Lakes.

Hearing the name should excite you about the idea of doing water activities on its abundant lakes.

However, Pequot Lakes has more to offer than water recreation.

It offers many more exciting things to do and places to go that will make you not want to leave!

Check out the best things to do in Pequot Lakes, Crow Wing County, Minnesota.

Admire the Dazzling Sibley Lake at Sibley Lake Park

The waters of Sibley Lake Park
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Sibley Lake is one of the larger lakes in the Pequot Lakes.

Located beside the lake and situated on Pequot Boulevard, Sibley Lake Park is the access area of the lake with its well-kept docks and serene environment.

By the city's center, the lake is the nearest spot for residents to enjoy water activities such as fishing and kayaking.

Calm waters of Sibley Lake Park
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Visitors can also enjoy camping or an outdoor picnic with a beautiful lake view in the park’s campgrounds.

Meanwhile, kids will enjoy playing on the park’s playgrounds and trails.

The tranquil aura and the rich nature of Sibley Lake Park will forever welcome everyone seeking a break from the busyness of modern life.

Touch Down at the Charming Wildwedge RV Park

Traveling around Pequot Lakes is much better and easier if you drive an RV or use campervans.

Check out Wildwedge RV Park at Paul Bunyan Trail Drive to satisfy your camping needs!

With necessary services, amenities, and even picnic tables and fire rings, the RV park will give you a comfortable and relaxing experience.

What if you don’t have an RV or campervan?

Don’t worry, because the park also has excellent lodge rooms and suites for guests to stay in.

The park is also near many fun attractions and recreational centers.

For example, you can visit the golf course, a maze, and Upper Hay Lake, which is only a short walk away.

Stay at Wildwedge RV Park before wandering around the city of Pequot Lakes.

Enjoy a Day of Leisure at Wildwedge Golf, Mini Golf, and Maze

After parking your RV or van, check out the nearby Wildwedge Golf, Mini Golf, and Maze.

Visitors enjoy the challenging nine-hole golf course with the most scenic and breathtaking views of the great Northwoods.

The golf course also has a pro shop for guests to buy golf clubs and equipment.

Likewise, the course offers lessons to help beginners learn the game.

However, this amusement place is not only for adults.

Children can also play golf on the mini golf course or play around the 10,000-square-foot maze with other kids.

Bring your travel buddies and have a blast at Wildwedge Golf, Mini Golf, and Maze.

Climb the Paul M. Thiede Fire Tower

At the heart of Pequot Lakes lies a lovely park that has become one of the most-visited places in the city.

The Paul M. Thiede Fire Tower and Park has about 3,000 feet of well-kept walking trails.

It also has many trees and a variety of flora, making it a natural refuge within the city.

Visitors can climb a tall fire tower in the park to get a fantastic view and scenery of the property and the entire city.

Built in 1935, the tower still stands in good condition.

Park goers can also enjoy a picnic or outdoor meal at the picnic shelter to relax and spend time with family and friends.

Visit the Paul M. Thiede Fire Tower and Park to destress and enjoy the beauty and gifts of nature.

Taste the Sweet Flavors of the North at A-Pine Family Restaurant

Are you missing your comfort food and western specials?

If you are, grab a meal at A-Pine Family Restaurant on Old Highway 371.

This family restaurant has served Pequot Lakes for 57 years, becoming a dining tradition in the city.

Offering various menus from breakfast to late-night dinners, the restaurant gives every customer their favorite comfort food, served fresh and hot.

Grab their homey breakfast specials, hearty pies, savory steaks, delicious fried chicken, filling sandwiches, and burgers.

Every bite will bring your taste buds to heaven.

The restaurant also features a statue of the mythic Paul Bunyan, a hero in Canadian and American folklore.

Don’t forget to take a quick picture with him before you leave the A-Pine Family Restaurant!

Live by the Beach at Black Pine Beach Resort

Are you looking for the best place to spend your weekend getaway by the beach?

The Black Pine Beach Resort welcomes you and your family or friends.

Enjoy your stay in their quaint, cozy wooded cabins that will make you one with nature.

You can also jump in the refreshing waters of the resort’s private beach.

The resort sits amid nature’s beauty and a lovely garden, giving it a peaceful ambiance that should take your worries and stresses away.

Guests can also play volleyball on the court, and kids can play on the resort’s playgrounds.

The resort offers numerous activities, including fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

Make the most of your Black Pine Beach Resort vacation and create valuable memories with family or friends.

Go on a Boat Tour around the Lakes with Bertha Boatworks

Your trip to Pequot Lakes is never complete without a boat tour around the city’s famous lakes.

If you want to add an elegant twist to your vacation, rent a boat and tour the lakes with Bertha Boatworks.

Capture the full beauty and the spectacular scenery of Pequot Lakes on the boat.

You can also enjoy fishing and swimming in the lake or spend a relaxing and laidback day on the boat with your travel buddies.

Pour a nice glass of wine and enjoy many laughs and stories.

An exquisite experience awaits you.

Drive to Bertha Boatworks to try a day of exciting boating on the lake.

Dock at Rollie Johnson Natural & Recreational Area

Check out the Rollie Johnson Natural & Recreational Area during your boat tour.

Boaters dock at this recreational area to rest, use the outhouse, enjoy a picnic, and marvel at the raw charm of this island.

You can also go camping in the area with their available camping spots.

Otherwise, hike the primitive trails of the natural attraction while admiring the scenic views of the mainland.

You and your travel companions will never get bored with the activities here.

Stop by the Rollie Johnson Natural and Recreational Area to spice up your boat trip around Pequot Lakes.

Ride a Horse at Benvelle Equestrian Center

The beautiful pastures and landscapes of the city of Pequot Lakes might be the perfect place to hang out and enjoy the fresh air and the great outdoors.

However, elevate your experience by riding horses at Benvelle Equestrian Center, located on Knotty Pine Road.

You can ride horses in the 30-acre pastures and along the five-mile well-maintained forested trails of the equestrian park.

Serving the community for almost 25 years, the ranch has mastered forging bonds with the horses.

The ranch also teaches guests the essentials to offer a safe and educational ride filled with fun and smiles.

Prepare for a thrilling horseback riding escapade at the Benvelle Equestrian Center!

Spend a Day with Family at the Trailside Park of Pequot Lakes

In the city's heart, Trailside Park of Pequot Lakes is the favorite spot and meeting place for families to enjoy the city’s community spirit and atmosphere.

This park has many fun amenities, such as its strolling paths for visitors to enjoy the air and the views.

A picnic shelter also lets people have an outdoor picnic with friends and family.

Meanwhile, the flower gardens will grab your attention.

The kids will also love the park’s playgrounds and play areas.

They will enjoy the slides and courses as they meet and have a good time with other children.

Likewise, the park hosts local artists and musicians for weekly concerts and performances for your entertainment.

Every day is a family day at Trailside Park of Pequot Lakes!

Chill at the Homey Atmosphere of Lucky’s Tavern

Are you tired and worn out after a busy day in the city?

If you are, visit Lucky’s Tavern to enjoy good drinks and food that warm your body and soul.

You will have difficulty picking out what to eat with their various mouthwatering dishes.

Take your pick of Western cuisine and Irish specialties, plus their fresh, hot, and delicious pizzas, burgers, and wraps.

They also serve fantastic tap beers and spirits that keep you coming back for more.

You will never feel alone in the friendly and light atmosphere of Lucky Tavern.

Everyone is always welcome here!

Hike or Bike at the Paul Bunyan State Trail

Challenge yourself to achieve greater heights and accomplishments at the famous Paul Bunyan State Trail!

This 115-mile trail connects Crow Wing State Park in the south to the Lake Bemidji State Park in the north.

Travel to the neighboring cities and towns of Pequot Lakes as you go through the trail.

Let the incredible landscape and terrain take your breath away.

Are you sure you can do it?

Prove yourself and test your limits along the state’s longest trail, the Paul Bunyan State Trail.

Remember to have a safe adventure!

Other Things To Do Nearby

Pequot Lakes is only one of the many cities of Crow Wing County.

Go the extra mile for more amusing attractions and more thrilling activities nearby!

See the Cute Animals of Safari North Wildlife Park

After a 28-minute ride south from Pequot Lakes, you will arrive at Brainerd, Minnesota.

This nearby city hosts the Safari North Wildlife Park, containing animals from around the world.

The park brims with wildlife, lifting your spirits as you spend time with the incredible animals.

The park provides a fun educational experience, inspiring you to promote wildlife conservation, protection, and respect.

Feed the giraffes, pet the goats, ride camels, see zebras, and even meet tigers, bears, crocodiles, and wolves.

Visitors can also enjoy the many thrilling rides and attractions in the amusement center of the park.

Drop by the Safari North Wildlife Park, only 29 minutes from Pequot Lakes!

Seeing these magnificent animals is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you won’t forget.

Enjoy a Go-Kart Race at the Northland Kart Kountry

Want to go to a thrilling destination on your vacation around Crow Wing County?

Drive 18 minutes south from Pequot Lakes to reach the Northland Kart Kountry in Brainerd.

Choose a go-kart and a challenging race track, and enjoy racing your friends and family.

This go-kart track never runs out of fun with everything to do here.

Check out the hit and runs of bumper cars, bungee bouncing, rock climbing, mini golf, batting cages, and so much more.

What if you don’t exactly love the outdoors?

Enjoy the virtual reality interactive race that immerses you.

You’ll feel like you are driving an outdoor race during this virtual race!

Who says kart racing isn’t for everyone?

Bring your friends and family to North Kart Kountry!

Splash around at Three Bear Waterpark

Are you in the mood to cool off and get wet?

Three Bear Waterpark in Brainerd awaits you and your buddies!

This waterpark is an 18-minute ride south of Pequot Lakes, a fun place with water slides, splash buckets, game pools, and a lazy river for everyone.

Then, grab a bite and drinks at the bar and grill to recharge before continuing to have fun in the park.

Besides water activities, you can enjoy a game of laser tag or play games around the park’s arcade area.

If you can’t fit everything you want to do in one day, book a lodge or room for an extended stay.

Three Bear Waterpark should earn a spot on your travel plan!

Final Thoughts

With all these exhilarating attractions and adventures, Pequot Lakes is undoubtedly more than just a city of lakes.

There is more than meets the eye, so you must try to experience life here.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Pequot Lakes!

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