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​​15 Best Things to Do in Warroad, MN

  • Published 2022/08/19

Dubbed as the only American city along the Canadian Lake of the Woods, Warroad is a great place to visit in Minnesota.

Warroad features a great hockey culture; it is, in fact, the original Hockeytown, USA.

It also offers lots of lush nature with many outdoor adventures, which local Minnesotans love.

Are you ready to start your adventure?

Here are the best things to do in Warroad, Minnesota:

Explore the Lake of the Woods at Springsteel Resort and Marina

Situated at the cusp of the Lake of the Woods, the Springsteel Resort and Marina offers visitors outdoor activities that showcase the best of Minnesota.

The resort is an excellent place for one of the Warroadians’ favorite activities: fishing.

Rent a boat, bring your bait, and paddle out to the middle of the lake to land your biggest catch.

Visitors can also rent the available cabins surrounding the lake’s shoreline, with a beautiful view of the waters when you look out the window.

Springsteel also offers delicious food and drink at their in-house bar and grill.

Order some delicious comfort food such as burgers and fries along with a pint or two of their draft beer.

It’s a treat to stay at Springsteel Resort and Marina!

Check Out the Cars at the Shed

Automobile lovers would love the Shed, a museum dedicated to vintage cars.

The museum features different models of American cars over the years, enough to make any enthusiast squeal in delight.

Dating back to 1926, the Ford Model T is the oldest model in the museum.

You can find other vintage cars here: the 1932 Ford Roadster, 1933 Lincoln KB Phaeton, 1936 Auburn 852, and the 1937 Lincoln 4-Door.

Besides the cars, the museum also houses a small collection of other vintage memorabilia.

See the sports uniforms, decals, and signed photographs of visiting personalities on display.

Check out the models and trace the evolution of American automobiles from their inception to the 21st century.

Place Your Bets at the Seven Clans Casino

Get a small taste of Sin City at the Seven Clans Casino.

This casino has become a fixture in Warroad for over 26 years, giving guests a chance to win big at the various games.

Take your pick from over 580 gaming machines ranging from slots, blackjack, and poker.

You can also book the amenities in one of the hotel’s 60 rooms.

If you’re looking for other things to do after your games, book a relaxing time at the hotel’s spa or take a dip in the bubbling jacuzzi.

You’ll definitely feel like a winner when you come by the Seven Clans Casino.

Sip Fine Coffee at Lake of the Woods Coffee Company

A group of proud Warroad locals owns this coffee company, named after the lake surrounding their beautiful hometown.

Lake of the Woods Coffee Company serves bold and comforting coffee brews.

Drop by their shop along Main Street and get a cup of their signature blends.

For instance, try the First Light breakfast blend, the stronger Island Journey medium roast, and Island Bold dark roast.

The shop offers not only drinks but also unique personalized gifts and handicrafts.

Take your pick from their campfire mugs, cheese boards, spatulas, coffee mugs, and more.

Visit the shop, sip your coffee, and take home a piece of the city with you at the Lake of the Woods Coffee Company.

Enjoy the Landscape of Warroad Estates Golf Course

The Warroad Estates Golf Course is one of the most gorgeous courses in Minnesota, thanks to the backdrop of the Lake of the Woods.

The course is home to an 18-hole championship course, with a mix of water and ground features that cater to players of all levels.

The grounds are a treat for the whole family.

Besides playing a game or two, visitors can also take advantage of the quality dining options at the restaurant.

You can enjoy al fresco dining and even have an outdoor grill cook up some of their delicious meat selections.

Don’t forget to pair these meals with a beer or two, like a good local Minnesotan.

Have a great time at the Warroad Estates Golf Course!

Learn the Tricks of the Trade at Thompson Taxidermy

With the state’s strong hunting culture, many locals have taken up taxidermy as a hobby.

Thompson Taxidermy is an excellent place in Warroad to learn about the craft or to buy a souvenir.

Their shop is on the shores of the Lake of the Woods.

They preserve different local animals such as reindeer, bears, and other fish caught from the nearby lake.

Call ahead to see if you can also pop by to watch a taxidermist in action.

Learn something new at Thompson Taxidermy!

Enjoy Al Fresco Casual Dining at Nomad Tavern

Warroad locals frequent the Nomad Tavern, a casual pizzeria and bar.

With its ideal location, patrons can enjoy a beautiful view of the lake while they dig into their freshly baked pizzas and cold draft beer.

Order some of their classic pizzas such as the cheese and Margherita.

You can also grab some of their more unique flavors, such as spinach and garlic, pesto chicken, shrimp scampi, and bruschetta pie.

You can also get a pie with toppings of your choice.

Pair these slices with a pint of cold draft beer.

Try a dark ale like a Guinness or a lighter Belgian white like Blue Moon.

Take a seat by the benches near the lake and enjoy your pizza with a view at Nomad Tavern.

Catch a Show at the Warroad Summer Theatre

The Warroad Summer Theatre is a hub for performing arts in the city.

Located on Cedar Avenue, the theater has brought live performances to the city for over 42 years.

They showcase different shows throughout the year, with the line-up available on their official website.

Aspiring little kid performers can also join the theater’s workshops through their Popcorn Players program.

If you’re also looking to join the fun, the theater also opens auditions for their various shows.

Drop by and catch a show at the Warroad Summer Theater today!

Learn the City’s History at the Warroad Heritage Center

Located along Main Avenue, the Warroad Heritage Center showcases the deep-rooted history of the city and its surrounding townships.

It’s the go-to place for all things Warroad.

You can even come by and trace your genealogical line through the museum’s database of locals.

The center showcases exhibits that feature artifacts and information about the Native Ojibwa tribe that populated the area centuries ago.

The center also showcases Warroad’s industries, such as fishing and hunting.

You can also get information on the beginnings of the communities surrounding the Lake of the Woods.

The Warroad Heritage Center features an abundance of information about the city and its community.

You won’t regret this enlightening visit!

Drive by the Waters of the Dancing Sky Scenic Byway

Drive along the MN-11 to see the beautiful views of the Waters of the Dancing Sky Scenic Byway, a natural attraction in the city.

The entirety of the drive ranges from Voyagers National Park along the Canadian border down to the North Dakota border.

As you pass by the drive on Warroad’s borders, admire the beautiful environment breezing past you.

Check out the lush trees, an abundance of local fauna, and a glimmering view of the lake a few meters away.

Grab Classic American Favorites at Bec’s Drive-In

Along Emily Avenue is Bec’s Drive-In, a local restaurant serving American classic comfort food.

It’s a no-fuss stop to enjoy quality burgers, hot and fresh crispy fries, and cold beverages to fuel your day’s adventures.

Order their combos of burgers, fries, and drinks for a bundle price.

Besides the burgers, they have a selection of savory menu items to fulfill your cravings.

Try the different types of tater tot dishes, salads, and other hot sandwiches.

They also offer sweet treat favorites like ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, and scoops to pair with your meal.

Fuel yourself up at Bec’s Drive-In before going on your adventures in the city.

Catch a Hockey Game at Garden’s Arena

If you want to immerse yourself in Minnesota culture, watch a hockey game.

You can catch a hockey game at the Garden’s Arena in Warroad.

The arena hosts many hockey tournaments both for local and regional leagues.

Get your tickets for the season, cheer for the teams, and experience vintage Hockeytown, USA.

During the off-season, you can try playing hockey on the rink.

Then, inquire about open seasons and introductory classes if you’re interested in learning more about the sport.

Join the local Minnesotans and catch a game at Garden’s Arena!

Play Outdoors at Warroad City Park

The idyllic Warroad City Park is a great way to spend the day and interact with other visitors.

The park features multiple amenities that suit visitors of every age.

Bring your kids to the playground and surrounding grounds so they can run around and make friends.

There are also various picnic areas and pavilions for rent, perfect for gatherings of bigger groups.

You can also enjoy your proximity to the lake by bringing your fishing supplies and setting up your spot along the shoreline.

Bring the whole family to Warroad City Park and have a fun time outdoors and nature views.

Enjoy Southeast Asian Flavors at Vientiane Lao and Thai Cuisine

Are you craving quality delicious Asian food in Minnesota?

You can definitely enjoy them at Vientiane Lao and Thai Cuisine in Warroad.

The restaurant serves up the best Lao and Thai meals, catered to the American palate.

Try dishes such as papaya salad with crab, Laotian sausages, fried pork intestines, pineapple fried rice, and the famous pad Thai noodles.

You can also sample the delicious types of Lao and Thai curry.

Don’t forget to order sticky rice to make the food feel as authentic as possible.

Don’t miss a chance to try their unique drinks.

First-timers should also try the Thai iced tea.

It’ll help dampen the heat in your mouth from the spicy food.

Excite your palate with the intense, signature flavors of Southeast Asia at Vientiane Lao and Thai Cuisine!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Cross the Border to Canada

Welcome to Manitoba sign

Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Can you make a cross-country trip in just 12 minutes?

It is if you come from Warroad!

The Canadian City of Middleboro is right along MOM’s Way when you drive north from the city.

Don’t forget to bring your passports and take a day trip to Minnesota’s northern neighbors.

See the Welcome to Manitoba sign as you clear customs and drive through Canada’s roads.

Take a picture to commemorate your visit too.

Likewise, you can drive up to Buffalo Point to take in the faraway view of Warroad from the other side of the United States.

You can also enjoy the beautiful lake views from here.

However, it might get a bit colder than the States.

Embark on a mini-adventure and venture into Canada during your Warroad trip!

Final Thoughts

Warroad, Minnesota, offers many unique experiences for travelers packed in a small, quiet city.

It’s a place where the outdoor culture is very much alive, from fishing to hiking and winter sports in the colder months.

Experience the locals’ spirit coming alive by watching and playing their favorite sport.

Its idyllic location also makes it perfect for hitting two birds with one stone.

You can even visit another country within just a few minutes.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Warroad!

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