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20 Best Things to Do in Logansport, IN

  • Published 2023/02/16

Logansport is a city in Cass County, Indiana, and is its county seat.

In northern Indiana, northwest of Kokomo, it is at the crook of the Wabash and Eel rivers.

Settlers arrived in the area in 1826.

The area gets its name from a Shawnee warrior called James Logan, or Captain Logan, who served as a scout for the U.S. forces in the War of 1812.

Logansport has colorful transportation history, with the 1837 Wabash and Erie Canal adding to the ‘port’ in its name.

The historic Michigan Road, one of the first roads in Indiana, runs through Logansport, which dramatically improved transportation and communication, leading to population growth.

Logansport is home to the renovated Dentzel Carousel.

Its community high school is the location of Felix the Cat, the oldest known high school mascot in Indiana. once named the city one of America’s top 10 small cities of 2018.

It ranked number 1 in the nation based on the quality of life, housing costs, and crime and unemployment rates.

If you’re looking for recreations in Logansport, it has a diverse park system, including the Dentzel Carousel, France Park, and miles of paved trails.

Logansport also boasts beautiful weekend destinations such as the historic state theater, the McHale Performing Arts Center, and the People’s Winery.

Check out this list of the best things to do in Logansport.

Spend a Day in France Park

A beautiful waterfall at France Park

Jerald LaOrange /

Many travelers have fallen in love with France Park, with its serene forested trails, gorgeous waterfall, crystal clear lake surrounded by cliffs, camping sites, and fishing spots.

France Park spans over 550 acres, and its more than 10 miles of trails are open to hiking, biking, disc golfing, and cross-country skiing.

It features an old limestone quarry flooded in 1943 when workers hit a spring fed by an underground river, the Teays River.

A metal bench overlooking France Park's lake

Lost Shoe Studios /

It flooded so quickly that to this day, railcars and railroad tracks still sit at the bottom of the quarry, and it is a popular scuba diving site.

The park operates a zip line in warmer months that sends travelers all across the water and down to the beach at high speeds.

France Park also has geological and historic features, including a waterfall, the Old Kenneth Stone Quarry, and various rock formations.

Clear lake of France Park

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Have a Pleasant Meal at Amelio’s on the River

Amelio’s On The River opened in 1871 and has since passed through many owners across different generations.

It is a purveyor of fine American and Italian fare from the esteemed late Paul Ulerick.

In 1901 and 1902, Louis Sewnig and his son ran it as a saloon and advertised fine wines and liquors with clams and oysters as specialties.

The restaurant building is a historical marker and has even survived the great flood of 1913, with a bronze plaque marking the flood’s height.

In 1924, Nicholas Amelio started operating the bar as “Nick’s Place.”

In 1958, his son Francis renamed the tavern and restaurant “Amelio’s.”

Paul and Deborah Ulerick purchased the historic restaurant and bar in 2015 and named it “Amelio’s On The River,” ultimately honoring its long history.

Amelio’s is famous for its meatballs and steaks and has been for 100 years.

They also have tasty loaded appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and pasta to tempt any first-time customer.

Go Shopping for the Ladies at Brooch Boutique

If you love pretty things or want to buy something trendy for the women in your life, you can’t go wrong with Brooch Boutique.

Brooch Boutique is a trendy women’s and children’s boutique in Rochester, Indiana, with branches in Warsaw, Wabash, and Logansport.

They specialize in the latest adorable, comfortable, and affordable trends.

Brooch Boutique will make sure your style will always be your own.

The Logansport Brooch Boutique is the fourth and largest Brooch store that Abby Warpenburg and her mother, Patty Lowe, manage.

Brooch’s target customers are women from 25 to 70 years old, and they open their shop for anybody who wants comfy and fashionable clothes.

The mother-daughter team constantly looks for fresh items in Las Vegas, Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

Shop for shackets, dresses, outerwear, footwear, tops, bottoms, accessories, swimwear, plus sizes, and more at Brooch Boutique.

Revisit the Past at Cass County Historical Society

You can find the Cass County Historical Society at the confluence of the Wabash and Eel rivers.

It is a local organization devoted to preserving and studying the history of Logansport, establishing an appreciation of the past, particularly local history.

The society houses an extensive collection of materials and books relating to Cass County and preserves photographs, historical artifacts, and personal stories.

Besides this, it conducts research into the Cass County businesses and families, presenting them via exhibits and public historical records.

Its museum is at Jerolaman-Long House and has 20 rooms showcasing a thousand artifacts from Cass County’s past.

These include paintings by local artists such as Wils Berry and George Winter, personal effects of General John Tipton, Native American artifacts, equipment and military uniforms from the 1800s, and others.

You can also see a painstakingly reconstructed log cabin and a touring car built by the ReVere Motor Company.

Stretch and Unwind at Bodyworks Studio

Bodyworks Studio is a yoga studio in Logansport whose mission is to empower and educate individuals.

They aim to help their customers take control of their health by making evolved choices in fitness, nutrition, and emotional well-being.

They offer barre and yoga classes ranging from gentle and slow to intense and vigorous.

They also offer nutrition programs that eliminate the obstacles to healthy eating and make it long-term and maintainable.

Bodyworks Studio helps individuals reconnect with their deep wells of inner peace in a chaotic world.

They will help you find your inner sense of connectedness with your true nature and locate the joy, compassion, strength, courage, and love inside you.

Their Sanctuary Circle empowers individuals to make space in their lives for wonder and beauty while connecting to body and soul every day.

Their Teacher Training helps longtime yogi practitioners become stronger and more passionate with their alignment and knowledge of the practice.

Relax at the People’s Winery

Exterior of People’s Winery

Lost Shoe Studios /

The People’s Winery is a popular vacation spot in Logansport, where customers can enjoy some wine with great musical entertainment.

The building once served as the People’s Bank, a storage center for an appliance dealer, and a Salvation Army hub.

However, it fell into disrepair.

In 2010, Brad and Stacie Angle purchased the property and started renovations immediately.

They installed a new storefront and restored the second-floor windows, and began interior renovations, including a wood floor, a tasting bar, and a new staircase.

Brad and Stacie’s vision transformed a dilapidated building into a charming venue where residents and visitors could enjoy wine and soft drinks and enjoy the local musicians.

The winery produces quality wines using only the best varietal juices from leading wine-producing countries.

It also carries locally made soy candles, one-of-a-kind gift bags, locally produced jewelry, salsa, arts, and jam.

Watch a Show at the State Theatre

Exterior view of State Theatre

Logan Bush /

The State Theatre is located in the heart of Logansport’s downtown Arts District and is a premier performing arts venue.

It hosts comedians, touring bands, local musicians, and theatrical performances, presenting over 40 shows per season and welcoming more than 10000 patrons per year.

Today, the patrons still work hard to restore the theatre to its 1940s splendor, committing to preserve it for future generations.

The theatre is on the Indiana and National Registers of Historic Places, with a board of volunteer directors and staff operating it.

The State Theatre Preservation Society’s mission is to develop educational programming, promote local artists, and continue to restore the theater altogether.

It provides regional and local artists with an incredible place to perform and give educational offerings that inspire and nurture the region’s thriving artistic community.

Appreciate Creativity at the Logansport Art Association

The Logansport Art Association has celebrated over a hundred years promoting art in Cass County.

Dedicated volunteer board members and docents run the place with support from memberships, fundraising, grants, sponsors, and contributions.

The association hosts events designed to bind the community and arts together, such as the Garden Tour and Spring and Fall Art Walk.

It hosts monthly exhibits, holds classes and camps, has artisan shops, and has a separate area for a complete clay program.

Its classroom area, gallery, and kitchen are available for wedding and baby showers, private parties, birthdays, or special events.

Its Purple Palette program features works of local member artists for purchase, such as unique gifts, all-occasion cards, gift bags, gift tags, seasonal supplies, and local artist work.

Its shows host an incredible array of talent with a selection of oil paintings, drawings, watercolor, acrylic, jewelry, and photographs.

Ride the Cass County Dentzel Carousel

The Cass County Dentzel Carousel is a historic carousel in Riverside Park, Logansport, and one of the country’s oldest menagerie-style carousels.

It is a carved masterpiece more than a hundred years old, created by patriarch Gustav Denzel and declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

People believe the Fort Wayne Consolidated Railway company built the carousel.

The company also ran Robison Park.

Over the years, the carousel moved around different parks until the non-profit Cass County Carousel bought it.

The carousel is 42 feet, with animals fixed three abreast on its spreading platforms.

These animals include giraffes, goats, deer, a lion, a tiger, and a selection of horses, with four 2-seat chariots.

An exciting and magical part of the carousel is catching the brass ring.

Each ride has about 70 silver rings and one brass ring, and the lucky rider who catches it receives a token for a free ride.

The carousel’s mission statement is ‘to preserve and protect the Dentzel Carousel for the benefit and enjoyment of Cass County’s children forever.’

Gain Mental Health Knowledge at Longcliff Museum

The Longcliff Museum is Indiana’s oldest operating mental health hospital, and its two floors of exhibits showcase a glimpse into patient life from 1888 to the present day.

It displays the history of Logansport State Hospital through artifacts, artwork, displays, and documents to honor the memory of past and present patients and employees.

With exhibits, artifacts, and historic buildings, the museum unspools the narrative of how mental health care has developed over the years.

It portrays patient life in the hospital through patient artwork, medical instruments, photographs, and farming equipment.

Other exhibits include historical pictures, records, books, hand tools, recreational equipment, and videos from 1938, 1959, and 1972.

Some artifacts hail back to the time of Logansport State Hospital’s opening and are original to it.

The museum attempts to dispel the stigma around mental health diseases through education.

Defy Gravity at Air Indiana Skydiving Center

Air Indiana Skydiving Center is home to some of the most fantastic skydiving experiences in the state.

They will give you a heart-stopping recreational thrill in the form of a tandem jump service.

Besides this, they also offer services for experienced skydivers.

You can try this incredible sport anytime, no matter your skydiving experience level.

A tandem jump service is when the student is hooked up to the tandem instructor with a harness connected at 4 points.

It is the safest way to learn skydiving or make your first jump.

The tandem instructor controls, but the student can also help steer and land the parachute.

This skydive may be part of a student’s progression or simply a recreational jump for anyone who wants to dive.

Have a Tee Time at Logan’s Run Family Golf Club

Logan’s Run Family Golf Club is a favorite among visitors and guests with its 18-hole course, lit-up practice facilities, 18-hole Putt-Putt, and beautiful scenery.

It has 2204 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par 55, and it has a rating of 70 with a slope rating of 113.

Its leagues and junior programs will help you try out the best of the course’s offerings.

When the course hosts tournaments, it offers meticulous planning, implementation, and wrap-ups, with professional course set-ups, customized rule sheets, cart signage, scorecards, and a professional cart staff.

It features a well-stocked pro-shop with attentive service, where you can find golf equipment and apparel.

You can also find a driving range and a chipping and putting green, maintained with great care.

Logan’s Run offers various food and beverage services, where you can enjoy grill offerings and a cool drink.

Bring the Family to Riverside Park

Canoeing at Riverside Park

Jerald LaOrange /

Riverside Park is one of the most popular recreational spaces in Logansport, known for its sprawling grass fields and fun amenities.

The headliner of this park is its scenic bridge that goes across the Eel River—a must-visit if you want great landscape photos during your trip in Logansport.

Besides this, Riverside Park also has mini golf and train rides—making this a fun family experience for all ages.

There are also plenty of open fields where you can do picnics, and riverfront areas to do fishing.

Located along Dentzel Drive, Riverside Park is a can’t-miss destination if you want to experience the Eel River at its best in Logansport.

Take a Swing at Dykeman Park Golf Course

Entrance to Dykeman Park Golf Course

Jerald LaOrange /

Logansport also has a neat golf course called the Dykeman Park Golf Course, located along Eberts Road.

This golf course has everything you’d want—from well-maintained greenery to competent staff, Dykeman Park Golf Course is a great all-rounder for guests and tourists.

The greens here are in great shape and it’s a relatively easy course to do, which makes for a fun activity that you can do with friends and family.

Even if you’re not into golf, Dykeman Park Golf Course is also a popular picnic site as it offers rentals for its pavilions and picnic grounds.

A great place to appreciate the natural beauty of Logansport while playing a fun game of golf, this is a nice addition to any itinerary.

Go Roller Skating at Logansport Skate World & Fun Center

Exterior view of Logansport Skate World & Fun Center

Lost Shoe Studios /

Very few places in Logansport can capture the family-oriented fun that Logansport Skate World & Fun Center offers to the table.

It’s a fun place to take the kids, as it’s a great roller skating facility that meets the needs of all kinds of skaters, be it advanced pros or beginners.

Logansport Skate World & Fun Center is also a nice venue to hold a late night party with friends and family, as they have awesome music and good drinks.

Relatively new as of 2023, this skating center is a fresh and vibrant way to enjoy the indoor fun that Logansport offers.

You can visit it along East Market Street.

Grab a Bite at West Side Diner

West Side Diner is one of the most popular eateries in Logansport, offering home-cooking American diner classics.

The ambiance here is a big reason why West Side Diner is a popular hangout spot; it gets a ton of sunshine and has a laid-back but welcoming atmosphere as a whole.

Of course, the food is what keeps customers loyal, serving up hearty amounts of comfort food such as beer-battered onion rings, mozzarella cheese sticks, burgers, and an assortment of breakfast plates.

The menu at West Side Diner is big, so you can definitely go back here a second or third time if you’re staying long at Logansport.

Found along West Market Street, you’d be hard-pressed to miss out on this scrumptious diner.

Go Biking at River Bluff Trail

A man walking on the River Bluff Trail

Jerald LaOrange /

River Bluff Trail is one of the most scenic attractions in Logansport, best enjoyed by cycling through this long and winding trail.

The trail is located along the riverbanks of Eel River that you can access beginning at Michigan Avenue.

From there, you can traverse River Bluff Trail and experience the scenic woodlands that cover most of this greenway.

Depending on the season you go, the trail has varying aesthetics, so plan your trip accordingly depending on the kind of photography you’re after.

Free, fun, and scenic—River Bluff Trail is a no-brainer to try during your stay in Logansport as it captures the serenity of the city.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Discover Military Relics at Grissom Air Museum

An aircraft on the grounds of Grissom Air Museum

Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Grissom Air Museum near Peru, Indiana, 23 minutes from Logansport, is a military aviation museum at Grissom Air Reserve Base.

With other military veterans, John Crume founded the museum in 1981.

They intended to preserve the aircraft at the base.

Check out historic aircraft from the Cold War era, know the airman life, and experience jumping in a cockpit and taking off in a simulator.

Grissom Air Reserve Base plays a vital role in Indiana’s economy, with a combined civilian and military workforce.

A missile displayed at Grissom Air Museum

Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is home to the 434thAir Refueling Wing and is one of 4 Air Reserve Command Bases.

See aircraft like the B-58 Rocket Sled, also known as the Texas Hustler, the first supersonic bomber aircraft activated by USAF.

Then, see the A-10A Thunderbolt II, the first USAF Aircraft designed explicitly for ground forces’ close air support.

Spot the B-25J Mitchell Bomber, one of America’s most famed WWII airplanes, used for bombing, strafing, and skip bombing.

The aircrafts of Grissom Air Museum

Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visit the Seiberling Mansion and Howard County Historical Society

Exterior of Seiberling Mansion

Terez93, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Following Indiana’s centennial 1916 celebration, the Kokomo Women’s Department Club formed a historical society in Howard County.

It opened in 1923, initially hosted in the Carnegie Library, using plenty of artifacts displayed during the exposition.

The collections quickly outgrew the library and moved to the new courthouse in 1939 before finally getting its current location, the Seiberling Mansion, in 1971.

Indiana University originally built the mansion for Monroe Seiberling, who came to Indiana in the late 19th century during the gas boom.

Over the last 100 years, the Seiberling Mansion was a university and residence and is currently a beautifully restored landmark, still home to the Howard County Historical Society.

The mansion includes eight rooms on the first floor, seven rooms on the second floor, and a grand ballroom on the third floor with an entrance to the outdoor rotunda.

It features hand-carved woodwork, late Victorian architecture, and multiple exhibits highlighting Howard County’s remarkable past.

The mansion is now the essence of Victorian elegance and lynchpin of community pride, visited by thousands worldwide each year.

Join the Celebrations at Circus City Festival, Inc.

Located 22 minutes from Logansport, Peru, Indiana, is the “Circus Capital of the World” and the home base of the Peru Amateur Youth Circus and Circus City Festival, Inc.

In 1960, the Circus City Festival Inc, or CCFI, started operations to reawaken the region’s thriving circus heritage.

They held performances in a tent until 1968 when they moved into a permanent 3-ring structure at the heart of town.

The building also holds the tickets, general offices, a souvenir shop, and the famous Circus City Museum.

The Circus City Museum brims with miniatures, photos, displays, and costumes from the circus’s past.

Every year sees a presentation of 10 circus performances during an 8-day festival in July, featuring beautifully costumed performers, rides, food, games, and much more.

During the Circus City Parade that concludes the festival, authentic circus wagons, wild animals, clowns, calliopes, bands, and floats march their merry way onto the town’s central streets.

Final Thoughts

There are many learning, educational, and occupational opportunities in Logansport.

You can wander evergreen parks, shop at trendy stores, uncover unique history, find colorful relics, and discover uncommon entertainment when you get here.

Take this list on your Logansport vacation and get ready for an intriguing journey on this side of Indiana.

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