15 Best Things to Do in Nashville, Indiana

Nashville, Indiana
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Located in Indiana’s idyllic Brown County is a small town known as Nashville.

This quaint little town is nestled in between Brown County State Park and Yellowwood State Forest.

If you are looking to visit a charming town, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, Nashville in Indiana would be a good choice.

The beauty of the town reaches its pinnacle in fall when the leaves start to change their colors.

This town though small is quite a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and renowned art scene.

Let us have a look at all the things this charming town has in store for you during your vacation.

Soak in the charm of Brown County State Park

Brown County State Park
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The Brown County State Park is the largest state park in the state of Indiana.

It enjoys the nickname of the “Little Smokies” due to its resemblance to the hugely popular attraction, the Great Smoky Mountains.

Are you someone who likes to hike in rugged areas?

The 16,000 acres of narrow ridges, deep gullies, rugged hills, and fog-shrouded valleys will satiate your adventurous soul.

Come fall, the Brown County State Park becomes a popular tourist destination.

People throng in large numbers to enjoy the fascinating hues of fall colors.

Explore the 20 miles of tree-laden road and a lot of panoramic scenic sights that overlook seemingly endless forestland.

Do not forget to have a lot of time in hand while visiting the place as there are just too many things to explore.

Get a breathtaking view of the hills o’ Brown by climbing the 90’ Fire Tower.

If you take Trail 5, you will be able to witness the rare and state endangered Yellowwood tree.

Try to capture the enchanting view of the sunset and sunrise from a vista.

You can also enjoy outdoor recreational activities like mountain biking, camping, and horseback riding.

Explore Hard Truth Distilling Co.

When you are in Nashville, Indiana, you cannot afford to miss a trip to the state’s largest destination craft distillery, Hard Truth Distilling Co.

The distillery is nestled amid 325 acres of wooded natural beauties.

You can simply tour the distillery or enjoy an ATV ride with a guide and explore the wooded property while learning about the history of distilling.

Hard Truth also offers its visitors tastings, mixology classes, health and wellness adventures, and more.

For a calm and relaxing evening, head to their forest-laced outdoor amphitheater, Hard Truth Terrace Hollow.

Sip on some locally crafted beverages, munch on your favorite snack, breath in the fresh air – enjoy a memorable evening.

Sip on handcrafted Indiana spirits at Bear Wallow Distillery

Looking for handcrafted Indiana spirits made of locally grown grains?

The Bear Wallow Distillery offers the spirits you are looking for.

Located in Gnaw Bone, the distillery creates unique Indiana spirits using locally grown grains in a traditional copper pot still.

You can take their “Farm-to-Fifth” tour and learn about the process of creating handcrafted Indiana Whiskey while enjoying a sample flight.

You will be spoiled with choices starting from “Moonshine Shake-ups” to “Hoosier Hooch”.

The charm and the flavor which you can experience at Bear Wallow Distillery will make it the highlight of your trip to Nashville.

Discover unique wines at Brown County Winery

Visit the Brown County Winery to enjoy unique wines at an affordable price.

Established in 1986, the motto of this winery is to make wine accessible to all.

Their award-winning wines are made of not only grapes but other fruits like stone fruit, berries, apples, and more.

The winery is popular more for its sweet and semi-sweet wines.

However, the award-winning dry wines also attract a lot of customers.

A tour of the place will be educational as well as enjoyable for you.

The large glass window at the winery tasting room allows you to get a glimpse of the wine-making process.

You can be a wine connoisseur or a novice – Brown County Winery has the perfect handcrafted wine matching your taste.

This small but wonderful winery is definitely worth a visit when in Nashville.

Enjoy outdoor activities at Yellowwood State Forest

Yellowwood lake in Yellowwood State Forest
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The Yellowwood State Forest is named after the Yellowwood tree which is a common tree in mid-south, but rare in Indiana.

It is a deciduous tree with smooth dark brown bark, bright yellow heartwood, and fragrant white flowers.

The Yellowwood State Park is located 7 miles outside of Nashville and is a great place for outdoor activities, for people of all ages and skill levels.

A wide variety of pine and other trees were planted over 2,000 acres of the forest.

However, the red and white pines are the only ones that survived the climate of the region and are still healthy.

The Yellowwood State Forest consists of more than 25,000 acres of forestland.

It provides options for activities like hiking, primitive overnight camping, picnicking, hunting, gold panning, horseback riding along horse trails, and fishing at the three lakes.

Rowboats are available for rent on a seasonal basis.

While hiking you can see the transition of the forest from a traditional Indiana forest to a pine forest, emanating a sweet fragrance.

Watch live theatre program at Brown County Playhouse

Brown County Playhouse
Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Want to explore the live theater scene in Nashville?

Do pay a visit to the Brown County Playhouse which has been part of the community since 1949.

The place provides a diverse array of live entertainment programs that include live music, live theater, dance, movies, and special events throughout the year.

The talented local musicians and artists perform at the playhouse regularly.

It is a small theater consisting of little more than 400 seats.

To add to your entertainment, you can bring beer, wine, and snacks with you to enjoy during the show.

Discover T.C.Steele’s artworks at T.C.Steele State Historic Site

The T.C.Steele State Historic Site is one of the 12 locations forming the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites.

It is the home and studio of noted Indiana artist T.C.Steele.

He was enamored by the beauty of Brown County and the influence is evident in his artworks.

His appreciation of hills, scenic vistas, and majestic trees combined with his inherent intelligence and talent took his works to an extraordinary level.

You can visit his house and the gardens that inspired him and influenced his works.

The home decor, which is an eclectic mix of his impressionist paintings, crafts, and furnishings will mesmerize you.

A modern replica of his mobile studio, the “Little Studio”, the “Large Studio”, a 92 acre Selma N.

Steele Nature Preserve – discover the works and life of T.C.Steele through them.

It is an art lover’s dream place to visit.

Buy great artworks from Brown County Art Guild

The Brown County Art Guild was founded in art colony culture.

It is located in the middle of Nashville downtown.

Several popular artists came together and founded the Guild to exhibit the best art from the region.

They left many of their notable works to the Guild leading to the formation of the Marie Goth Estate Collection.

The rotating gallery showcases paintings by J. Marie Goth, Varaldo J. Cariani, Genevieve Goth Graf, and Carl Christopher Graf.

Presently, the Guild’s main aim is to preserve the rich art tradition while building a bright future.

It curates the priceless permanent collection of the past and supports and showcases exemplary art of the current Guild artists.

If you visit the Guild, you will witness an eclectic melange of rich historic collections and vibrant contemporary artworks.

Along with exhibitions, the Guild also sells the impressive artworks of more than 40 regional member artists of the Guild.

It also hosts a number of special events and workshops all around the year.

The pottery collection and the exquisite jewelry collection also deserve mention.

Exhibits of exceptional artworks of accomplished Indiana artists along with a lovely vibe - the Brown County Art Guild is a joy to visit.

Another place where you can explore amazing artworks from both past and contemporary artists is the Brown County Art Gallery.

You can surely spend a day going through the exhibits of the works of local and regional artists.

The Gallery was founded in 1926 and is considered one of the oldest art galleries in the United States.

The Brown County Art Gallery played a significant role in putting Nashville as well as the picturesque Brown County to the forefront as one of the country’s most important art colonies.

The Permanent Collection of the gallery boasts an amazing collection of 400 paintings and artifacts.

You can find Gustave Baumann’s The Indiana collection which showcases his experiment with the woodblock art form.

You can also explore the intricate works of renowned bird artist William Zimmerman at the Gallery.

There are original artworks for sale as also a small gift shop with prints and souvenirs.

The Gallery also hosts a ton of special art exhibitions, events, competitions, and workshops throughout the year.

Witness history at Brown County Pioneer Museum and Old Log Jail

Dive into history and get to know how buildings looked in Nashville and Brown County, historically.

Original pioneer buildings along with restructured ones make for an interesting collection representative of the old world Nashville.

The buildings include a pioneer cabin, an old log jail, a doctor’s office, and a blacksmith’s shop.

During the summer months, the buildings become more appealing as they are given life through demonstrations by reenactors.

The buildings also showcase artifacts, photographs, and information panels.

You can also buy books on local history from the gift shop on the first floor.

Enjoy fun wine tasting at Country Heritage Winery

Wine tasting made fun – this is what you will experience at Country Heritage Winery.

The wines available at the winery are considered some of the finest ones.

They maintain more than 70 acres of vineyards and several acres of blueberries.

If you are looking for a break from activities and shopping, visit the winery, relax while sipping on some incredible wines.

There is also a fine selection of wines for tasting.

Some popular wines are the flavors of cranberry, blueberry, and blackberry, the Unoaked Chardonnay, Heritage Rose, and Strawberry Blush.

Stroll across the vineyard and enjoy the beautiful views to make your visit more special.

On Fridays and Saturdays, you can enjoy some entertaining live music from 6 PM to 9 PM while unwinding with a glass of your favorite wine.

All aboard the Nashville Express Train

Nashville Express Train
Serge Melki from Indianapolis, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Are you traveling to Nashville with your kids?

Or are you exhausted after an entire day of shopping?

Simply hop on the Nashville Express train and enjoy a relaxing tour of the town.

It is a staple for locals as well as visitors for nearly four decades.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a ride of 25 minutes across 2.5 miles of scenic Nashville beauties.

While on the trip, the conductor will briefly inform you about the history of Nashville, about some sites, buildings, and restaurants you cross while on the train.

The Nashville Express Train Tour is available from May till October.

See the town and hear about its history while enjoying a fun, short open-air tour.

Enjoy live entertainment at Brown County Music Center

The Brown County Music Center is a fabulous new venue where you can enjoy exceptional entertainment when in Nashville.

This 2,000 seats live entertainment venue hosts blues, rocks, jazz, pop, country music, and more.

They also host concerts by throwback artists.

The ambiance inside the venue is nice and according to visitors, there isn’t any bad seat.

All their seats allow you to enjoy a great view of the stage.

Hike at the Salt Creek Trail

The Salt Creek Trail is a popular family-friendly and dog-friendly trail.

This paved trail is ideal for a leisurely walk in the evening while enjoying the surrounding flora and fauna.

It also gives you access to the downtown area without taking the highway route.

Shop antiques at Brown County Antique Mall

Are you an antique lover and collector?

Pay a visit to Brown County Antique Mall and browse their enormous collection.

They have geodes, glassware, pottery, small furniture, and jewelry.

The front porch full of geodes will attract your attention.

They also sell beautiful paintings of local artists.

Dig through the hidden treasures of the various booths and discover something interesting.

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