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20 Best Things to Do in Schererville, IN

  • Published 2023/02/10

Schererville is a town in St. John Township in Lake County.

Schererville is also known as the “crossroads” because of the many Indian trails intersecting the area.

Its current name is inspired by Nicholas Scherer, who was one of the first settlers on the land in 1866.

Today, the Indian trails still plague the town, which many locals have appreciated for its scenic views and natural wonders.

Schererville has also transformed into a town with a robust business sector while preserving the tranquility of the area with its parks and nature preserves.

Check out 20 of the best things you can do while in Schererville, Indiana.

Traverse the Erie Lackawanna Trail

Embark on your own journey across Schererville’s neighboring towns by traversing the Erie Lackawanna Trail.

The trail connects former rail junctions Crown Point and Hammond and passes through Highland, Griffith, Schererville, and Merrillville.

Walk or ride a bike along the asphalt trail to catch a glimpse of Indiana’s most scenic views.

Pass by the jail at Crown Point where bank robber John Dillinger was held before he was gunned down.

From the main trail, you can also check out other trails from neighboring towns like the Turkey Creek Trail, Oak Savannah Trail, and more.

Pass by other landmarks within the area, such as the Griffith Historical Park and Lake County.

You can also venture to Pennsy Greenway near the Erie Lackawanna Trail and find yourself in the state of Illinois.

Explore the Hoosier Prairie State Nature Preserve

Check out the tranquil property of Hoosier Prairie State Nature Preserve on Main Street.

Declared as a state nature preserve and historical landmark in 1977, Hoosier Prairie is known to be the home of over 350 native plant species.

It preserves the topographic and biotic diversity of the sand plains of North Valparaiso Moraine.

The 1,500-acre grasslands boast a great ecological diversity that you’ll rarely see in Northwest Indiana.

Enjoy the view of rare habitats like dry black oak barrens, wetland pools, and prairies as you tour the preserve.

You’ll also see rare plant species gracing the preserve, including the wild white indigo, prairie parsley, Indian paintbrush, and rose pogonia.

Bowl and Play at Up Your Alley

Up Your Alley on Indianapolis Boulevard is the ultimate entertainment hub for those looking to spend their days having fun.

Take your pick from 20 top-tier lanes and play a game of ten-pin with your family and friends.

Or, if you’re looking to do something more extreme, Up Your Alley also has an ax-throwing bay for up to six people.

Just make sure to reserve your slots ahead of time and wear closed-toe shoes before playing.

Laser tag is another game you can play with your friends inside the facility.

Run up and down Up Your Alley’s two-floor laser tag arena in a survival game that will test your speed and accuracy.

And if that’s not enough, check out the facility’s cybersports area, where you can play a combination of lacrosse and basketball while riding maneuverable cyber cars.

Enjoy a Family Day at Jak’s Warehouse

Spend a much-needed family day at Northwest Indiana’s premier fun center at Jak’s Warehouse on Indianapolis Boulevard.

Choose from eight major attractions suitable for all ages.

Enjoy an exciting 4D interactive movie gaming attraction with the Dark Ride.

With cutting-edge technology and innovative special effects, you’ll get the ultimate 4D experience.

Race your way to the top at Jack’s Peak and try all three rock climbing walls.

For those with a knack for adventure, check out the Sky Trail and traverse 14 different obstacles while trying your hand at an actual rope-climbing course.

Channel your inner Mario Andretti and give go-karting a shot, or bump, bang, and smash your opponents to the spin zone in a classic game of bumper cars.

Get Some Aerial Action at Sky Zone Trampoline Park

If you’re looking for a new way to have fun, you should definitely swing by the Sky Zone Trampoline Park on Eagle Ridge Drive.

At this trampoline park, you’ll get to do anything but stand still.

Unleash the athlete in you by taking on the ninja warrior course, or free climb a bouldering wall without a harness to see where your strength and stamina can take you.

Perform a balancing act with your opponent on SkyJoust, a gladiator-style combat game where players hang over a foam pit or airbag.

Begin your journey to becoming a parkour master and explore the Freestyle court while training your speed, power, and strength on hurdles and other obstacles.

Sky Zone also takes dodgeball to the next level.

This high-flying spin on the classic game makes it all the more challenging as you try to swerve and avoid the balls while jumping on the trampolines.

Chug a Glass of Beer at Region Ale Tap House and Eatery

There’s no better way to end a long day than to have a glass of beer.

At the Region Ale Tap House and Eatery on US 41, you’ll get to enjoy a wide selection of locally crafted brews.

Enjoy weekly specials and live music at this full-craft beer restaurant.

Take your pick from over 40 beer selections, ranging from seasonal drinks and red ales to pilsners and porters.

Try out local favorites like Robert the Bruce, Gumballhead, The Apparition, Barbarian Haze, Hunter Vanilla, and more.

Bust Out Your Detective Skills at Escape Room NWI

Put your problem-solving skills to the test at Northwest Indiana’s very first escape room.

You’ll have an hour to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and solve the mysteries that lie inside the room.

Choose between escaping a thrilling place and retrieving a Faberge egg.

Use the clues to unravel the mysteries behind each door while seeking help from your members.

Become one of the few people to escape the rooms using your critical thinking and sharp deciphering skills.

Spend a Day at the Peter G. Redar Memorial Park

Enjoy a relaxing day away from the bustling town streets and make your way to the Peter G. Redar Memorial Park on Gregory Street.

The park covers 9.2 acres of ground that caters to a variety of outdoor activities you’ll surely enjoy.

Roam around the wide, grassy space and take a breath of fresh air in this serene memorial park.

You can also take your kids to the playground within the area while you rest under the cool shade of the trees.

Other activities you can do in the area include playing softball, beach volleyball, and basketball.

Relax at Float Sixty

Get a much-needed spa day at Float Sixty on Indianapolis Boulevard.

The modern wellness studio offers a wide variety of amenities that will surely help you feel refreshed and relaxed after a busy day.

Enjoy the wonders of float therapy using the wellness center’s sensory deprivation tanks.

Relax inside your personal wave cabin that features a unique design of a wide-open space at head level.

Check out the Aphelion Tank and marvel at its futuristic dome door.

The tank spans a total of five by eight feet built under the brick wall and is considered a float enthusiast’s favorite.

You can also try Float Sixty’s cryotherapy services to soothe your sore muscles and get that much-needed pain relief.

Get Inked at A Darker Path Tattoo Studio

There’s no better way to commemorate your Schererville trip than to get a permanent tattoo.

At A Darker Path Tattoo Studio on Lincoln Highway, you’ll get inked by some of the best tattoo artists in the state.

Founded in 2019 by award-winning tattoo artist Aaron Peters, the tattoo studio specializes in realistic tattoos and portraiture.

The studio has a different take on your ordinary parlor by creating a private studio environment, which is a contrast to the conventional walk-in style system.

Make sure to set an appointment beforehand, and be clear on what kind of tattoo you’re planning to get (because it’s not going away anytime soon!).

Visit Rohrman Park

Get your daily dose of exercise at Rohrman Park on Crown Point.

Spanning a total of 41 acres of land, Rohrman Park is considered Schererville’s largest park.

The park is home to a playground, five soccer fields, three lighted softball fields, a baseball field, and more.

Rohrman Park is also a great place to traverse a walking trail while catching calming and tranquil views around the area.

Just across the street is the Pennsy Greenway Trail, which leads you right to Illinois.

Feel the Beat at Second Street Dance Studio

Want to learn a new skill?

Why not enroll in a couple of dance classes at Second Street Dance Studio?

This studio on East Joliet Street prides itself in hosting classes for 15 different types of dance.

Founded by Tim and Sue Bourget, Second Street Dance studio has a combination of over 70 years of professional experience in teaching dance genres.

From the Rumba, Cha Cha, and Mamba to Tango and the Viennese Waltz, you’ll surely learn from the best instructors in the studio.

The studio also offers beginner-friendly classes for those looking to take up dancing as an exercise regime or a hobby more than a competitive activity.

Aside from taking up group classes, you can also enroll in one-on-one classes for a more focused and tailored dance class.

Satisfy Your Cravings at Teibel’s

Teibel’s on US 41 is considered a favorite by many locals.

Since 1929, this family-owned restaurant has been serving a great selection of home-style fish and chicken plates.

The 12-seat diner during its early years has now become a 900-seater, averaging 1,200 to 1,500 customers a day.

Try their famous Chicken and Lake Perch and Center Cut Pork Chops.

The Gulf Shrimp and Canadian Walleye Pike are also great dishes that you can try.

Indulge in Non-Stop Entertainment at the Bullpen Luxury Bar and Grill

Relax and have a good time at the Bullpen Luxury Bar and Grill on US 30.

The sports bar first opened its doors in 2011 and has since then proved to be a fan favorite when it comes to watching all kinds of sports and other forms of entertainment.

The bar offers 12 choices of tap beers, as well as a great selection of wine and premium liquors.

On a special night, catch some of the area’s best live entertainment and DJs hyping up the entire bar.

Bullpen Luxury Bar and Grill is also a proud partner of Gelsosomos.

So aside from having a great round of drinks while catching your favorite teams, you’re also sure to grab a bite of authentic Italian pizza dishes.

Sip on Fresh Brews at the Lil Coffee Cabin

Coffee lovers are in for a real treat at the Lil Coffee Cabin on Lincoln Highway.

You’ll definitely love the cabin-style architecture and interior of the coffee shop, making your stay a lot more comfortable.

Check out their air-roasted custom blends like their famous Cabin Blend and Dark Forest Coffee Blends.

Lil Coffee Cabin’s air roasting approach to producing quality brews ensures that the coffee beans are evenly brewed and bring out their aroma and flavors.

You can also check out their fruit smoothies, mild quakes, frappes, refreshers, hot chocolates, and more.

Walk the Paved Trail at Rolling Hills Park

Looking for an idle way to admire Schererville’s natural open areas?

Drop by Rolling Hills Park between Mount Street and 77th Place.

This active-and-passive park features family-friendly facilities for different kinds of outdoor activities.

Spanning 7.5 acres, this park contains a playground, a ball field, and a rentable shelter.

For those who prefer more movement in their pastime, go for a hiking round within the park’s paved trails.

If you’re not convinced, bring your family over to Rolling Hills Park and see for yourselves.

Go on a Tour at Hilbrich Log Cabin

One of Schererville’s—and possibly Lake County’s—oldest surviving buildings is Hilbrich Log Cabin.

Owned by German immigrants Nicholas and Susana Hilbrich, this log cabin came to be in 1847.

It remained the home of the Hilbrich generational family, facing various additions and remodelings over the years, until 2007.

Despite the changes it has undergone, the original log materials remained intact.

Now, the cabin stands as a preserved space of historical significance from the 19th century up until the present.

And when you drive by this cabin, you’ll still see the hand-hewn oak logs making up the home.

Hilbrich Log Cabin is open for tours by appointment off of Joliet Street.

Practice Your Skateboarding Skills at Schererville Skate Park

Are you a fan of skateboarding or extreme sports?

Then, a trip to Schererville Skate Park might be a good idea.

This unsupervised public skate park opened in 2015.

With its vert ramps and handrails, the park became an ideal hangout spot for local skaters and enthusiasts.

It also has sitting areas should you prefer to take a break from all the activity or look on at other skaters.

Learn a trick or two when you come by for a friendly visit.

It’s worth it!

Schererville Skate Park is at the corner of Reiplinger Road and East Wilhelm Street.

Get Your Swing and Aim Ready at Scherwood Golf

Scherwood Golf is your premier destination for all things related to golfing and the like.

Located along East Joliet Street, this golf course facility boasts 165 acres of greenery and 27 holes.

Opened in 1967, this semi-private facility has been home to many area outings and tournaments.

It also has a clubhouse offering full-service lunch and breakfast menu options.

Still a beginner at golf?

The 1,700-yard Executive course may be for you!

Or better yet, take advantage of Scherwood Golf’s private lessons for adults and junior golf camps for the children.

Tee up!

Try Out the Carnival Rides at Celebrate Schererville Fest

Get ready for a day of enjoyment and fanfare at Celebrate Schererville Fest.

This annual festival welcomes vendors, residents, and tourists alike every July.

Expect outstanding carnival rides for every age group and food stalls to keep you energized throughout the day.

Other program specialties include bingo games and live performances from renowned artists and bands.

Catch up with friends and loved ones at the beer garden over a fresh round of meals.

Celebrate Schererville Fest starts off with a parade, so be sure you’re there, too!

The festivities will be at Redar Park on Gregory Street.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that Schereville is indeed a great place to visit.

With its perfect combination of parks, nature preserves, and bustling districts, the town makes a great tourist destination that you’ll surely come back to.

So, why not book a trip to Schererville today?

Make the most out of your vacation and experience all there is to do and witness in this beautiful town.

And while you’re at it, you might want to consider booking a longer stay than just a few days, because a weekend getaway won’t be enough to cover everything to do in this town.

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