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15 Best Things to Do in Scottsburg, IN

  • Published 2023/02/07

Scottsburg is in Scott County, Indiana, approximately 30 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky.

Situated in Vienna Township, Scottsburg also serves as the county seat for Scott County.

The city’s convenient location within the Louisville metropolitan area means it can quickly reach other surrounding urban centers in Indiana.

Scottsburg was founded in 1871 due to the Jeffersonville, Madison, and Indianapolis Railroad construction.

Scottsburg is a beautiful tourist destination because of its various parks, museums, and natural attractions.

Here are the best things to do in Scottsburg, Indiana:

Take a Swim at Hardy Lake State Park

Hardy Lake State Park is a great place to go swimming, boating, skiing, and camping.

Hardy Lake, also called Quick Creek Reservoir, was built to solve the region’s water shortage.

The lake level is maintained at the same level year-round, which is suitable for the aesthetics of the coastline, the quality of fishing, and the welfare of the resident species.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) owns and manages the lake.

The region is situated in Indiana’s southern plains and lowlands.

Its abundant wildlife has made it a haven for eco-tourists.

Limestone and rocky bluffs, caves, and excellent fossils surround the lake.

Hiking trails crisscross the lake’s varied topography, providing excellent opportunities to spot wildlife and birdwatching.

Several boat ramps provide easy access to the lake.

You can access the park at County Rd 350 E, Scottsburg, Indiana.

Visit Scott County Heritage Center and Museum

Scottsburg is home to the Scott County Heritage Center and Museum, dedicated to preserving the area’s rich historical legacy.

In 1892, a red brick edifice stood in place of the original wood-frame structure erected in 1872.

It was also referred to as “the Scott County Asylum” or “the Scott County Poor Farm.”

Before becoming a museum, this building sheltered homeless people in Scott County.

Each person has a job to do on the farm.

The house was occupied until 1973, although the county offices remained there until 1997.

Soon after, they donated it to the Scott County Community Foundation.

In April 2003, the Scott County Home was transformed into the Scott County Heritage Center and Museum.

Although there is no admission fee, donations are welcome.

You’ll find the museum at S. Main St., Scottsburg, Indiana.

Shoot Hoops at Beechwood Park

Beechwood Park, located at S Elm St, Scottsburg, Indiana, is one of Scottsburg’s oldest and most popular parks.

Beechwood Park is a popular destination for locals and visitors due to its stunning landscape and convenient facilities.

The wooded park is designed for convenience, with a few easy inclines, a paved road, and several shelters.

Enjoy a game with your friends using the park’s numerous amenities, including a baseball field, volleyball courts, basketball courts, and tennis courts.

The park also features two playground areas and additional play structures located around the park grounds.

A creek runs through the park; fortunately, there are bridges over it, so visitors won’t get their feet wet.

Take a Stroll at Linza Graham Park

Linza Graham Park is located east of Beechwood Park and provides a wide variety of attractions to the local community and visitors.

Linza Graham Park features a splash pad, Little League diamonds, and a disc golf course.

The park offers activities for people of all ages and interests.

It has a tiny splash park and playground near the entrance, adjacent to a large pavilion, which kids will love.

You can take it easy in the tranquility of the wooded eastern part of the park.

The park also features two shelter houses for rent and nature trails developed in cooperation with the state’s Department of Natural Resources.

Bring your family for a picnic in the park and take in the sunshine and gorgeous scenery.

Visit the park at 6th St Scottsburg, Indiana.

Enjoy a Picnic at William H. Graham Park – Lake Iola

William H. Graham Park – Lake Iola is a lovely place for a picnic or simply a stroll around the lake.

The park is well-kept and perfect for a day out with the kids.

There’s even an old interurban train car on display in William H. Graham Park.

The park also features a magnificent one-mile loop route that provides walkers and runners with a scenic view of the lake.

There are four shelter buildings, children’s play equipment, restrooms, and benches for sitting and enjoying the park.

Don’t pass up the chance to feed the ducks on the lake after your stroll.

Little ducklings often join their parents for a dip in the water by the shore.

William H. Graham Park – Lake Lola in Scottsburg, Indiana, offers a beautiful setting and fresh air.

Ride a Bike at Nichols Wilson Park

Nichols Wilson Park is a city-owned park with many attractions, most geared toward teenagers and adults.

The terrain of Nichols Wilson Park is ideal for jogging, cycling, and other aerobic activities.

It is conveniently located parallel to the Scottsburg Bike Trail.

The park features a baseball field with bleachers and lights, a walking track, and a pioneer cemetery.

Parking will not be a problem since there are a lot of parking spaces.

The park’s northern half includes the lake, walking trail, picnic spaces, shelter houses, covered bridge, and a rentable conference room/party facilities.

Bring the kids and have a picnic in one of the numerous open areas in the park.

You can also stroll through its scenic trails while enjoying the cool breeze.

You can visit the park at Community Way, Scottsburg, Indiana.

Take a Hike at Austin Bottoms Conservation Area

Located on the banks of the Muscatatuck River, Austin Bottoms Conservation Area encompasses a whopping 26,000 acres.

Approximately 2,355 acres of this land are available for exploration and use.

It features a wide range of habitats, the majority of which are bottomland forests and wetlands.

Its northern and southern edges are defined by the intersection of the Muscatatuck with Interstate 65 and U.S. 31.

The bottomland forest is home to numerous tree species, including maples, oaks, sycamores, beeches, and more.

It is also home to various birds, such as wild turkeys, owls, red-headed woodpeckers, herons, blue jays, and cardinals.

Local wildlife, such as otters, beavers, white-tailed deer, bobcats, raccoons, skunks, foxes, and flying squirrels, are also occasionally spotted in the area.

The area is excellent for trapping, fishing, and wildlife watching.

You can access the site through I-65, Scottsburg, Indiana.

Play a Round of Golf at Westwood Golf Course

The nine-hole Westwood Golf Course provides a maximum distance of 3,031 yards from the longest tees.

It was designed by Gilbert England and first opened in 1966.

Players of all skill levels will enjoy Westwood Golf Club’s stunning scenery and challenging course layout.

Westwood Golf Course has a rating of 35.5 and a slope rating of 113.

Westwood Golf Club is a challenging yet welcoming course with well-maintained fairways and greens.

They even have personnel available to advise on improving your game.

The golf course is a fantastic choice if you want to play whenever you visit Scottsburg.

You can visit the golf course at Westavia Blvd, Scottsburg, Indiana.

Roll a Strike at Scottsburg Bowling Lane

Scottsburg Bowling Lane is a family-owned and operated business located at N Gardner St.

Visit Scottsburg Bowling Lane and have some fun with your family and friends.

There are leagues for players of all ages and skill levels, ensuring everyone can join the fun.

You can even throw a party to celebrate a special occasion.

Their employees always go out of their way to make the customers happy.

They’ll even give you a bit of advice to improve your game.

Invite your pals for a bowling night, great food, and fantastic music.

Get in Shape at Scott County Family YMCA

Scott County Family YMCA is a public charity run entirely by volunteers who, together with other local organizations, strive to strengthen the lives of local youth, adults, and families.

The Scott County Family YMCA, located at Community Way, Scottsburg, Indiana, is your one-stop shop for fun outdoor and indoor activities.

The 25,000-square-foot complex is filled with workout equipment and services that aim to foster a healthy mind and body for locals and guests.

An 11,000-square-foot gymnasium is available for basketball, volleyball, and other sports.

Take advantage of the elevated running/walking track surrounding the gym floor.

They also have a multi-purpose room that can be booked for parties, meetings, and other events.

The Fitness Center has everything you need to be in shape, including cardio machines and weights.

In addition, they provide a lobby, a patio, and a half-mile track that leads out to public paths.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Camp Raintree Lake Campground

The Camp Raintree lake campground has been open since 1962 and features grassy fields, mature trees, play areas, RVs, campsites, and more.

Camp Rain Tree Lake Campground is located at IN-56, Scottsburg, Indiana, just four miles west of Interstate 65.

RVs can stay at one of their 50/30/20 AMP sites, while small groups can stay in one of their rustic camping cabins.

You will enjoy the various things to do at the park, including kayaking, riding pedal carts, fishing, and playing outdoor games.

It would be best if you also tried their brand-new saltwater pool.

Their catch-and-release pond will be a massive hit with the kids.

They also have clean, modern laundry facilities if you need to do laundry, which is especially useful if you stay at the campsite for an extended period.

The WiFi has been improved, allowing you to watch Netflix and quickly complete remote tasks.

Other Places Nearby

Visit Muscatatuck County Park

Waterfall at Muscatatuck County Park

Kenneth Keifer /

Located just north of Scott County, Muscatatuck County Park is a modest park featuring ten miles of hiking trails, rock climbing, and camping.

A paved walkway is a mile long and has approximately ten miles of hiking paths.

In addition to its other features, this park is an excellent spot for camping and picnicking.

You can canoe or kayak down the Muscatatuck River, which runs along the park’s eastern boundary.

The Tunnel Mill and the Vinegar Mill are the park’s most popular attractions.

River at Muscatatuck County Park

Kenneth Keifer /

Due to funding from the Jennings County Community Foundation and Lilly Endowment Inc., the park was able to restore the Vinegar Mill in 2000.

Some of the most beautiful scenery in the state can be viewed at this lookout.

Enjoy a peaceful afternoon enjoying the fantastic natural views.

Bring your friends along and prepare a picnic in its many picnic spots.

The park is located at North State Highway 3, 375 IN-3, North Vernon, Indiana, 36 minutes from Scottsburg.

Take a Glimpse of the Past at Hayden Historical Museum Inc

With its collection of local articles and artifacts, the Hayden Historical Museum proves its reputation as one of Indiana’s top small-town history museums.

You’ll be amazed by the museum’s antique furniture and decor collection and the research library’s books, audio recordings, and video tapes.

Multiple structures make up the Hayden Historical Museum.

The primary museum building is a renovated chicken coop on the estate of the family of Indiana’s previous governor.

Here, you’ll find the typical county memorabilia, including a living room set from the 1960s.

The second structure is a repurposed service station.

The last structure houses a collection of LIFE magazines, musical playing machines, vintage records, and a wide variety of other interesting artifacts.

Marvel at the town’s history when you visit the museum at W County Rd 20 S, North Vernon, Indiana, 31 minutes from Scottsburg.

Take a Relaxing Hike at the Knobstone Trail

Nature scene at Knobstone Trail

Michele Korfhage /

The Knobstone Trail connects Deam Lake State Recreation Area and Delaney Creek Park, making it the longest hiking trail in Indiana.

Take in the scenery on this point-to-point trail that spans 42.2 miles close to Borden, Indiana, 31 minutes from Scottsburg.

On average, it takes 19 hours and 41 minutes to accomplish this route, making it one of the more challenging trails in the area.

The trail is a popular route for outdoor camping and hiking, so it is best to visit during off-peak hours, such as early morning.

The trail only allows hunting during hunting season to manage their fish and wildlife populations carefully.

Most of the Knobstone Trail passes through state forests, providing recreation opportunities and protecting watersheds and wildlife.

The Knobstone Trail is designed and maintained for pedestrian use only.

Horses, bicycles, and motorized vehicles are prohibited from using the trail due to erosion, structural damage, and hiker safety concerns.

Catch Fish at Elk Creek Lake

Elk Creek Lake is a 48-acre lake in Salem, Indiana, 18 minutes from Scottsburg.

It’s also a great location to access the well-known Knobstone Trail, which passes via Elk Creek Lake.

The lake is situated in a picturesque area, with forested hills rising on its southern edge.

You can camp out on the shore, where fishing is also excellent.

You can also sit back and enjoy the scenery after a day of fishing in the lake.

Bring your family and friends for a refreshing dip, or enjoy the fresh mountain air while hiking on the nearby trail.

Final Thoughts

You can spend the day fishing or swimming in Scottsburg’s many lakes and water attractions or learn history at museums.

Enjoy the best things to do in Scottsburg, Indiana.

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