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22 Best Things to Do in Washington, IN

  • Published 2023/02/11

Washington is a platted city in Daviess County, Indiana, founded in 1815.

Discover the history of Washington City by visiting their local museums and art galleries.

The city is filled with places you will adore, such as coffee shops, restaurants, theaters, and local parks.

If you’re into pubs, then visit Washington City, as the area has a variety of local taverns, sports bars, and pubs with cool live music.

The best things to do in the city of Washington will leave a lasting effect on you and compel you to go back.

Learn about History at the Daviess County Museum

The Daviess County Museum preserves Daviess County’s 200-year heritage.

The museum operates from inside the former Masonic Lodge on Main Street in Washington, constructed in 1869.

Likewise, the Daviess County Museum collects pieces of the community’s history, preserving its heritage.

The museum brims with antiques and displays that will educate and delight tourists and residents of Daviess County.

It also features an archives section containing a wealth of research materials.

The museum’s research library features integrated historical technologies to convey stories about famous individuals and events.

Grab a Drink at the Antique Pub

Come to the Antique Pub if you enjoy getting pleasantly buzzed.

There are lots of options to choose from: a Disaronno Classico, an After Eight Martini, or a Vodka Martini.

It’s a wonderful place to drink and have a good time.

The owner of the pub is always willing to help with your needs.

Appreciate Art at Mark’s Gallery of Photography

Mark’s Gallery of Photography is a portrait studio that specializes in stunning high school senior photographs and fashion-inspired portraits.

If you want to get the best shots in your class, Mark’s Gallery is for you.

In addition, the studio does shoots for anniversaries, engagements, and family portraits.

The Gallery can also teach you about framing and a variety of classical art.

With the studio’s help, you’ll discover a variety of fantastic artsy venues in Washington.

Whether you’re looking for specific styles like Art Deco or you just want to appreciate art in general, Mark’s Gallery will put you on the right path.

Enjoy Drinks and Good Company at Mischler’s Tavern

Mischler’s Tavern is a highly recommended place if you want to have a drink in Washington, IN.

Despite being busy and having lots of customers, the Tavern maintains a nice and clean area.

The regulars and the rest of the crowd keep a friendly vibe, making it a great pastime for tourists and locals alike.

The beer there is cheap; the tavern also offers meals said to be the best in Washington City.

The pizza and chicken wings have received a lot of praise from satisfied customers.

Play Golf at Putters Bay

If you want to play mini-golf, then Putters Bay is the right place for you.

There are no clown heads or windmills in the area; the course offers an all-natural environment with rocks, trees, and running water.

It’s also wheelchair-accessible, so it’s open to everyone.

Group pricing is available for ball teams, youth groups, and churches.

The Putter’s Bay mini-golf course has available space for rent to celebrate parties and special occasions.

The low concessions prices and affordable golf fees allow the whole family to grab a snack.

Watch Sports at the Tuxedo Bar

The Tuxedo Bar is one of Washington’s famous food and drinks establishments.

Enjoy affordable drinks at the Bar, and chill in its peaceful atmosphere.

Visitors also commend the bartenders for being quick and talented.

If you’re searching for a sports bar in Washington, then Tuxedo Bar should be your next stop.

The place exhibits local sports memorabilia on its top shelf, and it has a few different screens to help you catch up on the big games.

Have a Picnic at the East Side Park

East Side Park offers outdoor space for people who love engaging in recreational activities.

It’s the place to go for a stroll or a simple picnic while admiring the lush surroundings.

Eastside Park spans more than 50 acres and features two fish-stocked lakes.

You can hold reunions and receptions inside the park’s two covered buildings, holding up to 300 people and equipped with restrooms and culinary facilities.

Among the other amenities of East Side Park are gazebos, basketball courts, lakes, horseshoe pits, charcoal grills, and picnic tables.

Also, the park has a bandstand, a large playground, and “The Hill of Heroes,” a military memorial.

The Parks and Recreation Department celebrates the 4th of July every year.

During Christmas, the Parks and Recreation Department also strings up roughly 40,000 Christmas lights amid the park’s trees, creating a winter spectacle that many people travel long distances to see.

Watch a Movie at the Indiana Theatre

The freshly renovated Indiana Theater is located on beautiful Main St. in Washington, Indiana!

The historic Indiana Theater presents fresh new first-run films on two screens.

The theater has undergone a significant makeover, and now it can use All Digital Projection and 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

In 1928, the structure used to be a one-screen stage theater with a balcony, but it got “twinned” into a two-screen theater that soon became the second auditorium.

The theatre also offers amenities such as print-at-home tickets, mobile tickets, and wheelchair accessibility.

Decorate Your Home at Little Shoppes & South Market Antiques

The Little Shoppes & South Market Antiques is a famous antique shop in Washington, IN.

Lots of customers acknowledge the extensive knowledge of the store owner.

South Market Antiques has a wide selection of unique antiques and collectibles.

Furnish and decorate your home with items from South Market Antiques for a reasonable price.

They showcase a fantastic collection of mid-century antiques, primitives, home décor items, and much more.

Grab a Bite at Arby’s

Arby’s is a fast-food restaurant that serves excellent sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

Choose Arby’s if you’re looking for something to fill you up and leave you satisfied.

Arby’s will bring a smile to your face through its classic favorites, such as the Classic Roast Beef, French Dip, and its Market Fresh collection of sandwiches and salads.

Their menu features high-quality meats, including beef, hog, chicken, and turkey, all featured in dishes that honor the art of Meatcraft.

You can pair your favorite sandwiches with delightful add-ons like curly fries, shakes, and floats.

Find Your One-of-a-Kind Fabric at the Stitching Post

If you’re a quilter traveling to southern Indiana, this business is well worth the travel.

People who have visited the Stitching Post said that it is one of the best quilt shops.

The vast fabric selection may surprise you with the number of options.

There are also a lot of vintage sewing machines and other sewing-related goods.

You won’t have trouble finding what you need because the staff at the fabric store are kind and helpful.

Come and Play at the South Park

Located at Highway 57 South, South Park is about 1/2 mile south of the Famous Black Buggy restaurant and store.

This 9-acre park is the smallest of the city’s Parks & Recreation park areas.

It caters to folks from the south of town who come in for a quick meal or a game of basketball after school.

The South Park soccer field is the home of the local Latino Soccer League.

In the center of the park, there are also two baseball fields.

Other amenities in South Park are a shelter house, two basketball courts, two softball fields, a soccer field, a playground, and the home of the new dog park.

Enjoy a Nice Cup at the Cherry Ghost Coffee House

If you enjoy music and coffee, you should certainly visit Cherry Ghost Coffee House.

The local café store serves organic brown county coffee and espresso, organic scones and muffins, organic wraps, bagels, and much more!

Besides the great food and coffee, the place also offers solace and a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Its cozy nooks are also perfect for reading books without being disturbed.

If you need to keep working while on vacation, you may do it in this coffee shop, which offers free Wi-Fi.

Dip Your Toes at the Water World Of Washington

If you’re on vacation with your children, they will surely have a good time at the Water World of Washington.

The New Splash Park facility in Washington is yet another shining example of the high quality of life that the residents appreciate.

The pool has long and awesome slides for the kids to play with to their hearts’ content.

There’s no need to be concerned about your safety when swimming because the pool has a lifeguard on duty.

The pool is also well maintained, with nice staff on duty.

Grab a Tenderloin Sandwich at The Hydrant Bar & Grill

The Hydrant Bar & Grill, formerly known as the Spill Bar & Grill, serves a mean tenderloin sandwich.

If you are craving tenderloins, look no further since the Hydrant Bar & Grill cooks up the perfectly cooked, tender, juicy, and crunchy tenderloin sandwich that is to die for.

Tenderloins are famous in Indiana, and the tenderloin at The Hydrant Bar & Grill may be the largest yet.

Two persons could easily enjoy the sandwich, but they may not even finish it.

You can get it simple or loaded, which you may also want to pair with their excellent fried pickles.

Aside from the delicious cuisine, the staff’s friendliness and efficiency add to the overall pleasure of your eating experience.

People go long distances just to eat at the Hydrant Bar & Grill.

Relax and Visit the Longfellow Park

Longfellow Park, on the west side of Washington, is a typical calm city park.

Softball and basketball facilities are available on the 12-acre property.

It’s ideal for anyone looking for a break from the Sports Complex’s quick activities or Eastside Park’s drive-through and walk-through traffic.

The park also features a recently developed skateboard park.

Other amenities found in Longfellow Park include two shelter houses, playgrounds, a skate park, a softball field, and basketball courts.

Come and Play at the Henry R. Gwaltney Sports Complex

The Gwaltney Sports Complex is a big multi-use sports park positioned at the northwest edge of the city.

Baseball, softball, and soccer fields are all part of the complex.

There are also tennis courts available.

If sports aren’t your thing, head to the shaded playground and three shelter buildings.

Other amenities located in Sports Complex are three shelter houses, six tennis courts, and a playground.

Go Bowling at Champion Lanes

Found along State Street, Champion Lanes is an awesome facility if you want to spend some quality time with friends and family.

This bowling alley is one of the newest attractions of Washington as of 2023, featuring modern bowling and axe-throwing lanes.

Because it’s fairly new, Champion Lanes has a fresh and clean atmosphere that’s sure to make it a memorable trip.

You’ll also find several arcade games here, and even their food is great value for money.

If you’re celebrating an occasion such as a birthday, you should also try to avail the events services of Champion Lanes for a more intimate and focused experience.

Get Your Fix of Mexican Cravings at Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant

Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant is one of the most popular and well-loved restaurants in Washington.

Known for its festive and vibrant atmosphere, this restaurant captures that Latino culinary vibe that you’d normally find in the streets of Mexico.

From its facade to its indoor ambiance, this is a great restaurant to take the whole family or enjoy some beer or margaritas with friends.

They serve loads of different authentic Mexican dishes, such as fajitas, tacos, and an assortment of meaty viands.

Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant is located at Highway IN-57, making this an excellent stopover if you’re entering or leaving Washington.

Spend Some Quiet Time at Washington Carnegie Public Library

The Washington Carnegie Public Library is a great addition to your itinerary if you want both an indoor relaxation spot and an architectural landmark.

What stands out immediately about the Washington Carnegie Public Library is its unique design, one that blends well with the other historic buildings found in Washington.

Inside, you’ll be greeted by courteous and competent librarians who will be more than willing to help you in finding books.

There’s a robust selection here, one that also features a bit of children’s books in case you’re visiting with a young one.

Situated along West Main Street, the Washington Carnegie Public Library is easily accessible during your visit.

Take Photos of the Dr. Nelson Wilson House

One of the most prominent historical landmarks in Washington can be spotted along East National Highway; a building called Dr. Nelson Wilson House.

Part of the country’s National Register of Historic Places, Dr. Nelson Wilson House is an architectural beauty that’s a mix of Queen Anne and Eastlake-style design.

This historic home was once the residence of a prominent dentist in Washington, Indiana during the late 1800s.

While you can’t tour the house, seeing its beautiful facade is already a great treat during your visit.

You can easily take photos of this beautiful, red brick and limestone house along East National Highway.

Have a Blast at Infinite Indoor Sports Center

Infinite Indoors Sports Center is a fantastic place to bring children and young teenagers if you have some spare time in Washington.

It’s a highly engaging and fun indoor entertainment facility that features the classic games you’d want to see here, primarily soccer and baseball.

However, one of the most unique things about Infinite Indoors Sports Center is its program called “Dart Wars.”

Similar to laser tag, Dart Wars is a game where you’re divided into teams and shoot opponents while maneuvering through their playing field indoors.

Located along East Park Road, check out this awesome facility if you’re traveling with a large group of family and friends.

Final Thoughts

Take advantage of everything Washington, Indiana, has to offer by exploring its every nook and cranny.

Whether it’s visiting a park, watching a movie, exploring a museum, or even choosing a gift, Washington City has a lot in store!

Washington is also perfect for a relaxed and leisurely vacation.

The city’s local shops and parks provide ample venues for a picnic and an afternoon book break.

Otherwise, you can simply soak up the beautiful scenery.

You’ll find yourself wanting to return again and again!

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