20 Best Things to Do in Fishers, IN

Fishers, Indiana
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The city of Fishers in Hamilton Country, Indiana, is one destination that you'll surely fall in love with because of the many exciting activities it offers and the history-rich places to visit.

With a sprawling land area of 35.45 square miles, the 6th largest city in the State of Indiana surely has a long list of reasons why you shouldn't miss the chance of experiencing a fun-filled and soul-enriching trip to the Midwestern part of the United States.  

Whether you are in for an outdoor adventure with your family and friends or some alone time while enjoying the local tourist spots, or just want to roam around and shop for the things you have been looking for, the city has a wide range of options for you.

Here are the 2o best things to do when in Fishers, Indiana:

Try Doing Watersports in Geist Lake

Swan on the waters of Geist Lake
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The Geist Lake, also known as the Geist Reservoir, is only around eight kilometers away from downtown Fishers, making it accessible to tourists.

While the government initially built the reservoir as a water system for the residents of Indianapolis, the former eventually developed it as an attraction, where the locals and visitors can enjoy various watersports.

If you are someone who loves boating and fishing, you can do both in the man-made lake.

Meanwhile, if you're not a fan of these activities and would rather get wet to complete the experience, you can try kayaking, water skiing, canoeing, and even swimming in the pristine waters of Geist Lake.

Swing a Club at Any of Fishers' Famous Golf Courses

Fishers, Indiana is a haven for many golf enthusiasts, and if you are one of them, you will love it here.

The city is home to at least six golf courses, which boast of high-rated facilities that would make each game and the entire stay more worthwhile.

Meanwhile, if you want to take a short trip outside of the city for a game, there are more than 60 golf courses that you can try around the area.

For the fans of this club-and-ball sport, there is no reason not to choose the place as the next must-visit destination.  

Ride a Balloon at the Midwest Balloon Rides

You might be wondering how it feels riding in a basket attached to a massive balloon and going up in the air with your loved ones.

This could be a childhood dream, which you never had the chance to experience, and only got to see in movies.

You can finally tick this off your bucket list once you visit Fishers, Indiana since this is one of the many things you can enjoy here.

All you need to do is book for that dream ride with the Midwest Balloon Rides, and then count the days until you get to hop in a giant basket with the people you love and have fun together.

Find Solace at the Flat Fork Creek Park

Are you tired of your busy schedule day in and day out, as well as the hustle and bustle of city life?

The Flat Fork Creek Park is the perfect place to unwind and find solace as it provides you with an atmosphere that will help you recharge.

The 60-acre nature park gives you a sense of calmness as almost one-third of it is maintained as a reforested area, which is the natural habitat of different flora and fauna species; thus, the luscious greens greet you while hiking and enjoying the place.

Meanwhile, if you're traveling with your family, you don't have to worry whether to bring the young members or not.

The park is friendly to all ages since the recreational activities it offers are also dedicated to family bonding – from fishing and biking to sledding and taking photos from various angles with the best views in Fishers as the background.

To make your family time even more memorable, you can rent a covered space with picnic tables, which can also be a venue for special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Watch a Movie for Free at the Fishers Heritage Park

They say that the best things in life are for free, and Fishers, Indiana, will make you enjoy this perk.

How about watching a blockbuster movie outdoors?

The 33-acre Fishers Heritage Park at the heart of the city invites you to a night of fun by enjoying the big screen outside of the theater.

Once you have reserved a seat for yourself and your loved ones, it's time to prepare for the much-awaited unique date night.

Grab a bag of popcorn and cans of soda on your way to the park to watch one of the recently released movies.

Getting a blanket is a wise idea, too, because it could get chilly outside, and you can use it to wrap around yourself for a warm and comfy movie night.

Know More About Fishers at the Conner Prairie Interactive Park

If you are curious about the history of Fishers, Indiana, and would love to get every interesting fact, you must include the Conner Prairie Interactive Park in your itinerary.

The park is among the significant landmarks that tourists must not forget to visit when in the city.

Eli Lilly built this exciting attraction in 1934, giving a glimpse of how life was for the citizens of Fishers during the 19th century until it slowly adopted civilization, from being a town in Hamilton Country to becoming a city in 2015.

As a living history museum, it lets its visitors become part of the city's colorful past, especially that its workers dressed according to the historical eras they demonstrate.

You are in for a visual treat as the staff shows the early inhabitants' lifestyle, including how they prepared their food and produced the pots they used.

The Conner Prairie Interactive Park is not only a place of enriching historical facts since it offers skills-enhancing activities as well.

If you have decided to spend your summer in Fishers, Indiana, you can maximize this time to discover new skills or improve your existing talents.

The park holds different camps for those who want to brush up on skills in photography and art.

Meanwhile, you can also opt for the archaeology, adventure, and maker camps, or enroll the young members of your family in the separate Science camps for girls and boys.

Immerse With the Lenape Indians

The city of Fishers takes pride in its rich culture, and the Lenape Indians are part of it, which explains why camp in honor of the tribe is among the attractions inside the Conner Prairie Interactive Park.

The Lenape Indian Camp showcases the fascinating history and culture of the Lenape Indians, who inhabited Indiana, particularly the area along the White River, from the late 1700s until 1820.

You can try trading fur at the trading post and explore what is inside their traditional abode, the wigwam.

Another rare yet exciting activity in the Lenape Indian Camp is the tomahawk toss.

Be mindful, though, of the words and phrases to avoid while inside the camp.

You must never say squaw, red skin, buck, and sit Indian style because these could hurt their feelings as they find these insulting.

Play Sports at the Roy G. Holland Memorial Park

If you want to continue doing the sports you love even while on vacation with your family or friends, you can do so in Fishers, Indiana.

The Roy G. Holland Memorial Park, a 34-acre land designed for recreation, is a go-to place to play basketball, baseball, sand volleyball, and soccer.

In the meantime, if you have children in the family, you can bring them to the playground to have fun with the other visitors their age.

During summer, your family can likewise enjoy the splash pad to beat the heat, or take a walk around the 1.25 miles trail and share a sumptuous meal right after at the picnic area.

Be Part of the Merrymaking While Shopping During the Spark!Fishers Festival

The city celebrates two significant festivals yearly, so it is also a brilliant idea to schedule your trip in time for these events and be part of the merrymaking.

The locals celebrate the Spark!Fishers Festival before June of each year ends, which makes it the significant festivity that immediately precedes the Independence Day celebration.

The residents and visitors of Fishers get the opportunity to taste the delectable dishes and snatch the best bargain when shopping for locally produced crafts, fantastic fashion brands, and high-quality beauty products, among others.

The annual festival features a parade and fireworks show to entertain the spectators, apart from what they see at the Street Fair.

Experience Sisterhood and Satisfy Gastronomic Cravings at the Fishers Renaissance Faire

The other major annual festival of Fishers, Indiana, is the Renaissance Faire, celebrated on the first weekend of October to honor the sisterhood pact between the city and Billericay, England.

The Sister Cities Association of Fishers lines up several activities to make the celebration memorable and for everyone to get excited about while looking forward to the 10th month of the year.

Several shows feature the queen with her royal court, magicians, pirates, and you even get the chance to interact with the over a hundred legendary characters dressed in historical costumes.

In the meantime, if you want to satisfy your gastronomic cravings, there is a wide array of mouth-watering food choices from various vendors.

Thirsty? There are different kinds of beverages, too, that you can choose from.

Test Solving Skills at The Escape Room Fishers

Do you ever wonder how some people successfully escape from a secluded place where every nook seems impossible to pass?

Try it for yourself by visiting The Escape Room Fishers, where you can test your solving skills to break away amid the unending puzzles you need to figure out.

This is also your chance to determine how well you work with a team since you need your family and friends to plan the escape.

You are in for a great adventure with the five unique escape rooms they offer where you can find clues to piece together and puzzles to solve to get hold of the correct key to your freedom finally.

You and your team have an hour to get out of the room and declare your victory.

Experience the Wild at the Wapihani Nature Preserve

There could be a handful of destinations where you can commune with nature, but at times, you suddenly feel the urge to experience the wild in one of your trips, right?

If you are this kind of person, you should not let the opportunity pass by, finally experiencing what Fishers, Indiana could offer.

The Wapihani Nature Preserve is a 77-acre area in the White River where you can find various plants and animals.

It was previously known as Nonie Werbe Krauss Nature Preserve before the Central Indiana Trust board renamed it after the long-time volunteer Nonie Krauss in 2015.

Roaming around the nature park means seeing the natural beauty of the forest, where you can find breathtaking views and camera-ready spots.

There is also a huge possibility that you will encounter willow flycatchers and grasshopper sparrows while walking around and enjoying the eye-catching sights of savanna grasses and wildflowers.

Taste the Famous Fishers Craft Beer

If you are a group of adults, or no one younger than 21 years old, a trip to a local brewery can be a fun activity to do together in Fishers, Indiana.

Several bars in the city offer craft beer produced to satisfy the discriminating taste of the local and visiting drinkers.

These small breweries make their specialty craft beer unique, and some are only available during a specific season.

There are numerous bars in the city's downtown area where you can enjoy a few bottles of Fishers' popular beverage, but make sure to tell the bartender to give you the finest of their local beer.

Take in the Sun at Saxony Beach

Spending the day at Saxony Beach is a great way to spend time in Fishers; the beach is a great location to unwind and recharge.

It has a 20-acre lake surrounded by soft sand, perfect for constructing sandcastles with loved ones and amusing the little ones.

The beach is ideal for families with young children and people who don't know how to swim because the water is shallow.

Plenty of lifeguards are on duty to ensure the lake's safety.

Saxony Beach offers various activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing.

The beach is clean and well-kept, with plenty of parking nearby.

Have a Blast at Adrenaline Family Adventure Park

Among the best amusement parks in Fishers, Adrenaline Family Adventure Park offers a wide variety of fun activities for kids of all ages.

The amusement park is fantastic, with over 50,000 square feet of incredible attractions.

At Adrenaline Family Adventure Park, you can take your time exploring the many attractions to find the ones that most pique your interest.

They provide customized party packages and are happy to organize events such as birthday parties, school parties, team parties, business meetings, and other group gatherings.

The entire park also offers exclusive rental for special occasions.

Cool Down at Billericay Park

Billericay Park is a recreation area that spans 29 acres and features several fascinating attractions and facilities.

The splash pad at this neighborhood park helps you enjoy and relax after a scorching, stressful day.

In addition to its paved pathways, baseball and softball fields, and gorgeous playground, Billericay Park also has a picnic area and barbecue pits.

There are plenty of picnic tables, covered areas, and baseball diamonds.

Many lovely natural features surround the park, treating your senses.

Ignite Your Passion at Ignite Studio at Hamilton East Public Library

Ignite Studio at Hamilton East Public Library is perfect for a mundane afternoon in Fishers if you're into arts and crafts.

Anyone of any age may take advantage of this fascinatingly inexpensive instructional studio.

The artists at Ignite Studio are happy to work with anyone at any stage of their artistic development.

Artists may rely on the assistance of a highly trained team for direction and support.

You'll have access to resources that will assist you in developing your artistic abilities and expanding your imaginative capacities.

With watercolor and other mediums, you will learn how to create stunning works of art in this classroom.

Throwing pots, building a laser cutter, and other creative endeavors are all within your grasp.

Because of its stunning Lego board, your kids will enjoy visiting the studio.

Have a Date Night at LouVino Fishers

Are you trying to find a romantic restaurant in Fishers?

The restaurant and wine bar LouVino Fishers is right in the heart of the historic downtown.

Its unique cuisine is the restaurant's claim to fame.

Gluten-free, vegan, and Tex-Mex options are just a few of the many options on its extensive menu.

The wines available at LouVino Fishers are of excellent quality and delicious.

At least twice a year, the menu undergoes an overhaul to make it more up-to-date, trendy, and original.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Have Fun Biking and Sledding at the Fort Harrison State Park

A Tree in Fort Harrison State Park
Kenneth Keifer / Shutterstock.com

You don't have to worry whether your scheduled trip to the city of Fishers will fall in the winter season or not since you can have fun on any day at the Fort Harrison State Park.

The 1,700 acres park offers a vast area for you and your family and friends to bond and has some time off from your regular daily routine.

Military equipment at Fort Harrison State Park
Paul J Everett, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Harrison Trace Trail, which has an asphalt loop of 2.5 miles, is where you can have a fun full cardio exercise since it is open to bikers who want to keep a healthy heart even when away from home.

In the meantime, if you happen to visit the park during winter, you can keep your adrenaline going by getting a slot for sledding at the hilly part of the place.

On the other hand, if you feel that you are not in for some bicycling and sledding, you can still enjoy the Fort Harrison State Park in Fishers, Indiana, by walking around and stopping at certain places to literally smell the flowers along the hiking trails.

A Vehicle in Fort Harrison State Park
Valerie Everett, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Final Thoughts

Your upcoming trip to Fishers, Indiana, could be just for a couple of days; however, you can maximize your trip by planning it well and making the most out of your itinerary.

There are numerous places to visit and activities to do in the city, making the trip worth reminiscing, especially if you seldom have the chance to experience a new place.

It is, therefore, essential to prepare a checklist and pick the best places for you and your companions to enjoy before finalizing your plan to set your foot on Fishers, Indiana, and experience its nature-themed parks, historical museums, and partake of its gastronomic and palate-satisfying treats.

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