15 Best Things to Do in Fremont, IN

Fremont, IN
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Historical and fun are probably the best words to describe Fremont, Indiana.

Located on the state’s northeastern side, the town was named after American explorer John C. Fremont, known as the “Great Pathfinder” because of his expeditions on US settlements.

Its green pastures are home to buffalos and horses, which thrive in the locality’s warm summer and windy winter.

The small Indiana town also has a low crime rate and offers quality education, attracting settlers and tourists alike.

Several historical sites are recorded in Fremont.

It is also known for year-round activities and festivals that residents and visitors enjoy.

Here are the best things to do in Fremont, Indiana:

Spend Time with Wild Bison at Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve

Witness a herd of more than 250 bison freely roaming in a vast field at Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve along North Ray Road.

The 500-acre preserve was started by Dr. John, who was inspired by his first bison sighting when he was eight years old.

He built the preserve from scratch, initially building fences, buying his first herd, and establishing a lodging house.

Guided tours for both adults and kids can be availed here.

The on-site bed and breakfast is also open for overnight accommodation if you plan to stay for more than a day.

Get up close with bison and learn more about them while visiting Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve.

Remember to be gentle with these animals and avoid provoking them.

Enjoy Wine Tasting at Satek Winery

The pioneering winery in the northeast part of Indiana, Satek Winery offers a variety of wines, from dry to sweet and even specialty wines.

Initially a vineyard supplying grapes to wineries in Indiana, Satek Winery eventually operated as a full-time winery in 2001.

During the opening of the business establishment, four wines were introduced to customers, namely Seyval Blanc, Steuben, 101 Lakes Red, and DeChaunac.

A year later, more wine varieties, including Merlot and Chardonnay, were offered.

If you want to taste award-winning wines in Indiana, do not forget to stop by, as Satek Winery offers free wine tasting daily.

Eight free tastes can be availed per person.

It will be a worthwhile visit, especially if you can taste all their wine offerings.

Find this winery on North Van Guilder Road.

Be Enchanted at Laralyn Castle

Dating back to 1999, Laralyn Castle was built by a couple who wanted to have a home that looked like a medieval stronghold

Living up to its name, it looks like an enchanting three-story fortress.

The view of the castle from Snow Lake is truly stunning because of its architecture and style.

Owners Larry and Lynn Gunkel named the castle after both their names in hopes that Laralyn Castle would be their permanent home as a family.

The castle has a fireplace, an elevator, and hot tubs for 10 people.

You can visit the place and take a selfie with the castle or stay longer and have a picnic by the lake.

Events are also held in Laralyn Castle if the owners permit these.

Tourists who are awed by its architecture often capture photos at the top of the castle with a view of Snow Lake.

Go Camping and Fishing on Snow Lake

Snow Lake offers a calm and quiet place to camp and fish.

Situated about five miles from Fremont’s central area, the lake contains various fish varieties like largemouth bass, panfish, and crappie.

A boat ride while fishing on Snow Lake will also let you enjoy beautiful sceneries of nature, including tall trees and vast greenery.

You can also stop along the shoreline to camp and enjoy the view of the lake.

Other activities can also be enjoyed on the lake, including water skiing, tubing, and other water adventures.

Secure a visit to Snow Lake when you head to Fremont for your next trip.

Hike with the Family at Trine State Recreation Area

Green wooded hills highlight the hiking trails at the vast 200-acre Trine State Recreation Area on Feather Valley Road.

The place is a go-to for hikers who are up for the adventure, with hike trails ranging from moderate to difficult.

Bike trails are also in place for those not up for hikes.

Previously a resort in the 1940s, Trine State Recreation Area credits its natural beauty to glaciers melting perfectly to create this landscape.

The place was later developed with renovated cabins, a bike trail, a boat dock, and a pier.

Aside from hiking with friends or family, you can also opt to go biking, boating, or fishing.

Cabins equipped with kitchens, bunk beds, and sofas can also be rented for overnight stays.

Listen to Fantastic Music and Drink Wine at the Briali Vineyards & Winery

Wine slushies and great music keep customers returning to the Briali Vineyards & Winery.

The vineyard and winery along West State Road boasts unique, high-quality wine crafted using organic techniques.

Mango, blueberry, apple and cinnamon, and strawberry are among the popular wine slushies flavors at Briali Vineyards & Winery.

You can also try other mixed flavor offerings depending on their availability.

While enjoying a sip of wine, you can also jam with local artists performing live at the winery.

Live performances are usually scheduled on Sundays, offering great music to customers.

Hold a Barn-Themed Gathering at Heritage Barn Event Center

If you plan to hold a gathering with a unique theme, Heritage Barn Event Center can provide just that.

Tucked between Clear Lake and Cedar Lake Wetland Conservation Area, the event center is a famous venue for weddings and other special occasions because of its rustic barn design.

The owners of the place decorate the venue depending on the occasions booked.

It can be transformed into a stunning wedding venue or a glamorous birthday location.

You can choose to have your celebration al fresco on their vast 17-acre property or inside the restored barn with a fireplace and an indoor court.

Heritage Barn Event Center is also pet friendly, so your cats or dogs can tag along on your get-together.

Taste the Famous Sechler’s Pickles from The Pickle Factory

Pickle lovers are in for a treat when they visit Fremont, as the place is home to the well-known Sechler’s Pickles.

Head to The Pickle Factory along West State Road 120 to get hold of the more than 50 varieties of pickles, including candied, spicy, and dill pickles.

Other flavored varieties are also offered, depending on your choice.

You can score deals here when you buy in bulk, so make sure you take home souvenirs for your loved ones.

Gift packs are also available at The Pickle Factory, perfect for corporate giveaways or treats for office friends.

Take a Splash at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park

Water games and activities are the main attractions at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park.

If you want to have fun under the sun while doing water sports, drive to Barton Lake to reach this campground offering exciting activities.

The park features activity pools, splash grounds, and water slides for the entire family to enjoy.

Train rides and a mini golf course are also open if you want to explore other activities.

Cabins, tents, and RVs can also be rented for your stay if you plan to spend a night at the park.

Bring your entire family if you plan to go camping or glamping at Yogi’s Bear Jellystone Park.

Get Soaked at Town Of Fremont Rocket Ship Park

Splash pads are the in-demand attraction at Town Of Fremont Rocket Ship Park.

In addition, children and adults also enjoy slides, swings, and open spaces where you can play sports.

A pavilion for gatherings can also be found at the park.

Aside from these highlights, visitors often praise Town Of Fremont Rocket Ship Park for its clean restrooms and for providing electric sockets.

The attraction is located on West Albion Street.

Other Things to Do Nearby

If you are also planning to explore nearby cities and towns, a short drive will take you to interesting places that are similarly beautiful.

Here are some recommended activities in places near Fremont, Indiana:

Have Fun Skiing and Sledding at Pokagon State Park

Toboggan run at Pokagon State Park
Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you want to enjoy the incredible scenery and play sports during the winter season, the 1,260-acre Pokagon State Park is the perfect place to visit.

The historic park is located in Angola, 10 minutes from Fremont.

It was formed after glaciers from 15,000 years ago melted, creating a breathtaking landscape.

Snow-covered trails of Pokagon State Park
Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Later, this brought life to other natural wonders, including bodies of water and mountains.

The park showcases swamps, marshes, lakes, and a vast grove of pine trees.

Nature trail at Pokagon State Park
AlyssaMaePhotography / Shutterstock.com

During the winter, cross-country skiing is popular at Pokagon State Park, with trails varying from easy for beginners to more challenging for experienced skiers.

If you prefer other sports than skiing, you can try sledding at the 90-foot drop of the park’s toboggan run.

Sleds for individuals and groups are available for rent.

Lily pond at Pokagon State Park
James W. Thompson / Shutterstock.com

Show Off Your Skills at Lake James Golf Club

Just a 10-minute drive from Fremont, Lake James Golf Club showcases an 18-hole course with great views of lakes and mountains.

The golf course provides a challenging game for golfing enthusiasts because of its terrain and other hazards, especially sand and water.

If you would like to play golf with your friends during your trip, make sure to visit Lake James Golf Club and enjoy its well-kept golf course grass.

Golf clinics and lessons are also offered if you want to learn how to play golf.

For competitive golfers, leagues are also scheduled at Lake James Golf Club.

Try Horseback Riding at Coldwater Lake Stable

Located 10 minutes from Fremont, Coldwater Lake Stable is a fun place to enjoy horseback riding with friends and family.

With the lovely view of Coldwater Lake, you will definitely enjoy going around the designated trails for horseback riding.

Coldwater Lake Stable offers guided trail rides, riding lessons, horse leasing, and horse boarding.

You can even have pony birthday parties for your kids, with real-life ponies as the celebration’s highlight.

Your little ones may also give treats to the horses and ponies housed at the stable.

The stable is rich in amenities, including matted stalls, an indoor arena, grassy pastures protected by high tensile wires, and a heated lounge.

Final Thoughts

Fremont has a lot to offer if you are looking for an excellent destination for your family or friends.

Nature activities, historical adventures, and year-round celebrations are among the top attractions for tourists visiting the town.

Bookmark this list and enjoy the best things to do in Fremont, Indiana!

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