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15 Best Things to Do in Lawrenceburg, IN

  • Published 2022/08/06

Check out some of the lesser-known areas in Indiana by visiting the city of Lawrenceburg.

Lawrenceburg is a city you can find in Dearborn County in the southeast area of the state and west of Cincinnati.

It is the biggest city in the county, with 14.37 square kilometers of land and plenty of natural sights to explore.

Beyond the different natural spots you can check out, the city has many fun shops to discover and activities you can try.

There is a range of options you can check out in this city.

Here are the best things to do in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

Have Fun in the Snow at Perfect North Slopes

Daytime view of Perfect North Slopes

Kit Leong /

The Perfect North Slopes is a prime spot for winter lovers to visit and features several facilities for different winter activities.

While the ski area is not open year-round, it is an ideal place for guests to visit while exploring Lawrenceburg.

The ski area features several trails with varying levels of difficulty and magic carpets where you can enjoy snow tubing.

If you have little experience with winter activities like skiing or snowboarding, you can join the daily lessons and use the practice area for first-timers.

Sunset view from Perfect North Slopes

Serge Melki from Indianapolis, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Aside from the various facilities for different winter activities, there are plenty of areas where you can take a break.

These areas include firepits and an eating space where you can get burgers and pizza.

There are several winter fun and relaxation options at the Perfect North Slopes.

You can find the ski area by heading to Perfect Lane.

Take a Nature Tour at the Archaeological Research Institute

Lawrenceburg has its share of places where you can enjoy nature and wildlife; one of them is the Archaeological Research Institute.

The Archaeological Research Institute is an institute you can find on Walnut Street and features several programs and facilities for guests.

If you are interested in exploring the different landscapes in the area, there are multiple trails you can hike and tours you can join.

Some sights you can find when exploring the area include open fields and forest areas.

There are also experimental gardens you can assist in maintaining as a volunteer.

The Archaeological Research Institute has plenty of options for immersing yourself in nature and enjoying some lovely scenery.

See Local Animals at the Oxbow Nature Conservancy

If you want to check out the local wildlife, visit the Oxbow Nature Conservancy by Reardon Drive.

There are several options for exploring nature and discovering different wildlife in the conservatory.

If you want to check out the plants and fauna of the area, there are trails you can traverse around the conservatory and the lake.

These trails will lead you to different landscapes.

If you want to see the local wildlife, you’ll want to go around the lake area.

You have a chance to spot mammals like beavers and otters or different species of amphibians and reptiles.

With several species of animals and plants to find, you’re sure to get your fill of nature at the Oxbow Nature Conservancy.

Sip Fine Wine at the Barn Winery Wines

The Barn Winery is a local winery on North Dearborn Road that features different wines and events for guests.

Several variations of red and white wines are available at this winery, and the wine list changes frequently.

Whether you like a dry or sweet blend, there are several options you can try at this winery.

Beyond featuring different wines, the winery hosts live entertainment.

Grab a meal nearby and enjoy it with your choice of wine while listening to performers outdoors.

The Barn Winery is a prime place for getting wine and entertainment when exploring Lawrenceburg.

Enjoy a Drink at the Captains Tavern

One of the top places you can grab a beer in Lawrenceburg is The Captains Tavern.

The Captains Tavern is a restaurant and bar you can find inside a historic building sitting by the Ohio River.

If you’re a beer fan, you can enjoy a selection of craft beers at the bar that goes through a rotation.

You can also enjoy a list of cocktails and dishes at the restaurant, such as burgers and sandwiches.

In addition to all this, you can check out the live entertainment that takes place at the venue or join in on karaoke nights.

The Captains Tavern is a prime spot to visit if you’re looking for some fun with drinks.

Eat Burgers and More at the Lawrenceburger

Anyone who craves a burger needs to stop at the Lawrenceburger.

The Lawrenceburger is a restaurant you can find around East Eads Parkway and features a selection of craft burgers and other dishes.

While the restaurant mainly features different burgers you can indulge in, there are also other dishes like chicken wings and fish and chips.

While the Lawrenceburger may seem like one of many restaurants you can visit in the city, it is worth trying the burgers for a fun food experience.

Take a Look at Crafts at the Crafter’s Hideout

Explore the world of crafts by checking out Crafter’s Hideout at Walnut Street.

The Crafter’s Hideout is a local store that features a variety of needlework pieces and materials.

Some products you can find at this store include knitted hats, scarves, and different supplies for your crafting needs.

Among the different products you can browse at this store, you can also check out apparel for other animals, such as ferrets.

Anyone who loves crafts will find plenty to enjoy when visiting this store.

Check out Vintage Items at the Tri-State Antique Market

The Tri-State Antique Market is an annual antiques & vintage market that occurs from May to October and features a variety of pieces to discover.

You can only visit this market on the first Sunday of each month, but you will find plenty of items.

As an antiques & vintage market, there is no shortage of unique pieces you can find.

Some items you have a chance to discover at this market include vintage furniture, old decorations, and miscellaneous pieces.

By visiting the Tri-State Antique Market, you can take a chance to experience some treasure hunting and get a fun souvenir.

Browse the Quilts of Quilters Garden

Exterior of the Quilters Garden

Warren LeMay from Cullowhee, NC, United States, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Quilters Garden is one of many fun stores you can find in Marshall.

Located around East Center Street, the Quilters Garden features a variety of quilt products and materials to meet different quilting needs.

In addition to featuring different quilt materials and products, the store offers classes where you can learn to create a range of fabric products.

If you love crafts or want to get a cozy gift, the Quilters Garden is a prime spot to check out.

Indulge in Sweets and Snacks at the Parkside Market

If you’re looking for someplace to grab a treat in Lawrenceburg, head for Parkside Market.

The Parkside Market is a local eatery where you can grab a selection of dishes and drinks to fit different cravings.

Are you craving something sweet?

You can indulge in a selection of baked goods, such as cake pops and cupcakes.

For something more savory, you can check out the daily lunch specials.

You can also check out the different alcoholic blends mixed with milkshakes.

Plenty of treats await you at the Parkside Market.

Dance the Night Away at Boogie Nights Indiana

Boogie Nights Indiana is an ideal place to check out if you want to explore the local night scene.

It is a dance club you can find on Hollywood Boulevard and sometimes features different themes.

The club mainly opens on Friday and Saturday nights and has rooms and booths you can book for events and parties.

Aside from dancing the night away, you can enjoy the club’s bar area and grab a meal.

If you want to spend a fun night in Lawrenceburg, visit Boogie Nights Indiana.

Catch a Performance at the Lawrenceburg Event Center

Local events take place in Marshall, and one of the top places to check them out is the Lawrenceburg Event Center.

The Lawrenceburg Event Center, which is around Walnut Street, features a range of shows and events throughout the year.

Beyond an event center with different facilities, the Lawrenceburg Event Center provides access to a hotel.

It is also conveniently located to different venues and provides a space for private and public events.

You’ll find plenty to explore at this 18,000-square-foot facility.

Play Golf at the Sugar Ridge Golf Course

The Sugar Ridge Golf Course is one of the more pleasant places you can visit in Lawrenceburg.

It features plenty of amenities for guests to enjoy.

There are 18 holes on this course and a pub where you can take a break with a meal and drink.

Golfers of any experience or ability level will find something to enjoy at this golf course.

Aside from all this, you can check out the course’s pro shop for merchandise and gear.

You can find the Sugar Ridge Golf Course by heading to Stateline Road.

Bring Your Kids to Arch Street Park

Arch Street Park is one of the different parks you can find in Lawrenceburg and is a top spot for families to visit.

The park sits between Center and William Street and features several facilities for families to enjoy.

A highlight of this park is the play area which consists of several slides, swings, and more.

Other facilities you can find in this park include a picnic area and a basketball court.

Overall, Arch Street Park is one of the prime places where you can relax with family members and enjoy the outdoors.

Relax Outdoors at the Todd-Creech Park

Spend some fun time with the family at Todd-Creech Park.

Todd-Creech Park is one of the different parks you can find in the city, and it sits near West Tate Street.

Like many other parks, there are several facilities you can enjoy at Todd-Creech Park.

However, the park provides access to community spots like the Pat O’Neill Memorial Pool.

When visiting this park, you can check out the different play areas or relax at the picnic area.

There are plenty of outdoor options for you to enjoy at Todd-Creech Park.

Place Your Bets at the Hollywood Casino & Hotel Lawrenceburg

Lawrenceburg has its share of branch locations, and one of them is the Hollywood Casino & Hotel.

Located by Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood Casino & Hotel Lawrenceburg has several slot games, table games, and card games for you to test your luck.

After trying your luck, you can check out the buffet or explore nearby attractions.

Whether you want to have fun with games or relax with the different amenities in the hotel, you can find plenty to enjoy at the Hollywood Casino & Hotel Lawrenceburg.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Zip through the Air at Screaming Raptor Zip Lines

If you’re exploring the general Indiana area and want to check out attractions close to Lawrenceburg, head for the Screaming Raptor Zip Lines.

You can find it in Petersburg, Kentucky, 16 minutes from Lawrenceburg.

Screaming Raptor Zip Lines has several courses for adrenaline junkies to have fun.

Whether you want to zip around different levels of zipline courses, hop around an aerial park, or go free-falling, you can explore plenty of thrilling options at this park.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of cities with fun sights to explore in Indiana.

One of them is Lawrenceburg.

Lawrenceburg is a city with several hotspots to check out, with plenty featuring the outdoors.

You can find plenty of activities to enjoy in this city ranging from winter activities to local wildlife.

Beyond these sites, you can explore a selection of fun shops and markets where you can hunt for unique items.

Lawrenceburg has plenty of options for you to explore and activities to experience.

Book your trip today and try the best things to do in Lawrenceburg!

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