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15 Best Things to Do in Brown County, Indiana

  • Published 2021/07/07

Brown County, Indiana is located only one hour from downtown and is a hotspot vacation destination.

The county is famously known for its natural splendor and its outdoor locations.

It is extremely popular for adventurous excursions and allows visitors to have the time of their lives.

This beautiful county is loaded with places that are fun, safe, and cozy to explore.

The following article will act as your guide to help you enjoy your time in Brown County and not miss a single place worth exploring:

Bear Wallow Distillery

Bear Wallow Distillery is a gem not only for the Brown County region but the entire Indiana region.

This is one of the oldest distilleries in Indiana.

The distillery is extremely famous for its initiative of using only the home-grown grains and other ingredients to make unique and premium spirits.

The drinks at this distillery are served in an old-fashioned way in copper pots.

Owned by a woman, this distillery is unbelievable classic and serves various whiskies, moonshines, and so forth.

Known for its special techniques, the barrels used for storing the drinks are also unique in that they are handmade in Louisville.

In addition to the drinks, you can also look forward to enjoying the tours of the distillery to get familiar with the process used for production of these premium drinks.

A perfect place for adult visitors, you should definitely check Bear Wallow Distillery out.

Bean Blossom Covered Bridge

Bean blossom covered bridge

Donna R. Theimer AIFD /

This is probably one place in Brown County which would come out to be a fairy tale or dreamy fantasy place.

The Bean Blossom Covered Bridge is one of the only two covered bridges in the area.

A winging road covered with lush green trees and beautiful vegetation leads to this bridge.

The bridge was constructed in 1880 over the Bean Blossom Creek in the county.

It was originally used as a major passing way into Nashville, but was later closed.

The bridge is still closed for vehicles, but it is open for visitors on foot and is a great spot for nature photography.

A very colorful spot, Bean Blossom Covered Bridge will make the kid inside you feel alive.

Brown County Music Center

Located on the banks of the Salt Creek, Brown County Music Center is a live performance venue with a seating capacity of 2017 guests.

This music center is the major entertainment spot in the area and hosts the most popular rock, blues, jazz, country, pop, and other music concerts in the area.

It is a paradise for local artists, giving them ample opportunity to showcase their talent.

The music center provides not only a great and musical experience to the visitors, but it also enables them to enjoy breathtaking sceneries of Midwest.

The center also hosts various music festivals and events which have great artist lineups.

Brown County Playhouse and Performing Arts Center

Brown county playhouse was opened first time to the public in the year 1949.

Just like every other institution, it has had its own struggles while passing through various phases, but it came out fine.

At present the center is maintained and managed by a non-profit management group.

This playhouse is the home to various entertaining and fun events in brown county.

From musical shows to comedies, performing arts to dance events, the playhouse has seen it all.

The playhouse has a beautiful charm about itself which makes it more interesting.

The playhouse also aims to spread information and awareness about the unique culture of the brown county region.

With its events, the playhouse also tries to depict the culture of the area to the visitors and how their culture is inherently beautiful.

The arts center is a perfect place if you are looking forward to some unadulterated entertainment with lots of warmth and pride.

Brown County State Park

Brown County state park

Aeypix /

Brown County State Park is a small world within Brown County.

We can go on and on about the possibilities of fun and exploration in the area, but it will still not end.

Starting with the basics, the park covers a huge land area of 16,000 acres and has everything in itself.

From beautiful mountains to ridges, from a beautiful lodge with modern facilities to park cabins, from plenty of wildlife to diverse plant species, the park literally has it all.

It is a great place to enjoy riding, hiking, camping, jogging, walking, fishing, boating, biking, and several other adventurous activities.

The trails of the park are some of the best in the entire Indiana region.

The beautiful scenery of the park adds to the enjoyment of these activities and makes them livelier and more breathtaking.

Hard Truth Hills

Hard Truth Hills is an adventurous and memorable experience which involves dining, drinking, and various other events in the area.

The property covers almost 330 acres of land, which has been developed in a way so that the ecological balance remains less affected.

Featuring the largest destination craft distillery in Indiana, a classy fully-operating hard truth restaurant, and a tasting center, this property is a real kill deal for explorers.

What makes this more fascinating is the fact that the property can be explored with ATVs and several guided tour options.

The place also hosts various events and festivals, programs and classes, as well as health and wellness paths and adventures.

The tasting center allows visitors to taste freshly crafted drinks.

In addition to tasting, you can also buy the drinks.

This place is one of the most promising recreational areas in the Brown County region, and you have to visit it.

Hoosier National Forest

Hoosier national forest in winter

Gabriel Quiles /

Hoosier National Forest is a place that will take you on an adventure in the woods without failure.

Spread over more than 200,000 acres of land, this is one of the most famous and well-managed natural resources that protects and preserves the natural beauty, culture, and traditions of Indiana.

The forest always has something going on which makes it possible for the visitors to enjoy the bounties of the nature without getting bored.

The management of the forest also changes the focus theme and focus resource of the forest each month, enhancing their commitment towards preservation of species.

You can also enjoy camping, picnicking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, campfires, canoeing, and other activities while following the restrictions of the forest.

Home to a very unique and beautiful ecosystem, Hoosier National Forest is a green paradise in Brown County which cannot be missed.

Shopping in Brown County

If you are thinking about shopping in Brown County, we have got your back.

Shopping in Brown County can be fun as there are a large number of unique and beautiful stores in the area selling trendy items.

This area is also great if you are looking forward to collecting some antique and locally made pieces of art.

The shops sell quite reasonably priced artifacts which are great as gifting options.

Don’t forget to check out Brown County art guild if you are enthusiastic about local artists and their works.

T.C. Steele State Historic Site

T.C. Steele State Historic Site

the T.C. Steele State Historic Site, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

TC Steele State Historic Site is a property which belonged to Theodore Clement Steele and his wife, who moved to Indiana in 1907.

This beautiful property covers 211 acres of scenic gardens, a well-developed studio, and a beautiful home.

The landscape of the area is quite picturesque and evident of Steele’s finesse in his art and how it helped in development of the area.

The studio in the property has more than 50 paintings on exhibition, which provides an insight into the working pattern of Clement Steele and his lifestyle.

Truly a wonder, this property is definitely worth checking out.

Yellowwood State Forest

Yellowwood state forest

Scott J. Kingery /

Yellowwood State Forest is another beautiful federal land converted into a forest in 1940.

It covers more than 25,000 acres of land and is great for camping with more than 10 campsites, fishing with the 133-acre Yellowwood Lake, hunting, gold panning, picnicking, and much more.

You can also spot the rare species of yellowwood trees, after which the forest has been named.

The forest has also been planted with quite a variety of other species of trees which were eroded.

The beautiful long pines add to the splendor of this area.

Big Woods Pizza Company

Big Woods Pizza Company is a place you should head to if you are looking forward to tasting some of the best pizzas paired with good drinks in the Brown County region.

This pizza company is famous for its artisan pizzas, which are made with special ingredients and traditional recipes.

The pizza house serves a variety of pizzas and can be served indoors as well as outdoors.

The place also organizes live music and has a well-functioning bar.

The tasting room also offers various goodies like t-shirts, glasses, and other gifts for visitors.

The Farmhouse Café and Tea Room

The Farmhouse Café and Tea Room is the place to visit if you are looking forward to eating comfort food like salads and sandwiches.

This place is known for its refreshing teas and energizing dinners.

The café is housed in a brick farmhouse which is quite old and dates back to the 1880s.

A very comfortable and cozy place, the Farmhouse Café and Tea Room is ideal to visit when you are tired after a long day of exploring Brown County.

Nashville General Store and Bakery

Nashville General Store and Bakery is a bakery housed in a bright yellow building made of wood.

This bakery is famous for its fresh snacks, most commonly its cinnamon and sugar dusted biscuits and lunch items.

The place sells freshly made items and quite reasonable servings.

Visit the Arts Village

The famous Art Village in downtown Nashville is a place where you should visit if you are looking for locally crafted pottery, glass, leather, and other forms of art.

The place is loaded with beautiful art galleries, which allow the visitors to indulge in the fine work of the artist.

The entire village is covered with art made by artists.

There is also a central stage where campfires and jams are organized.

The place is quite lively and artistic in itself.

Outdoor Activities in Brown County

Brown County is a place where you can enjoy a large number of outdoor as well as indoor activities.

The outdoor activities are specifically attractive and adventurous as there are a number of touring companies in the area.

Brown County is just perfect for various adventure tours, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, golfing and disc golfing, hiking, horseback riding, mining, mountain biking, and zip lining.

If nothing else, you could never fail to enjoy the beautiful views from different parts of the area.

The sunsets and the sunrises are extremely beautiful with the cold breeze during the fall and summer season.

All the facilities supporting these activities in Brown County and nearby areas are well maintained and charge reasonable prices for their services.

These outdoor activities not only refresh the mind but are also good for creating new memories in this beautiful place.

Brown County Christkindl Market

The Brown County Christkindl Market is housed in the coachlight square.

It is a traditional European holiday which is celebrated in the form of a beautifully decorated market welcoming the customers to enjoy in festive spirits.

All the shops in the market are loaded with unique gifts, the market gives a friendly and welcoming environment, and the Christmas spirit is at its highest.

Visiting the market during Christmas is a different feeling altogether as the market is decorated with a big and beautiful Christmas tree, decorated booths, live music, as well as a Santa to cherish the traditions of the festival.

You can also participate in various events and competitive activities and buy items from local businesses at very fair and reasonable prices.

The market and the events can be attended free of cost.

Brown County, Indiana is quite sufficient in itself when it comes to offering entertaining and enjoyable activities to visitors.

The place is surrounded by other explorable places and exciting things, which make visiting Brown County a more feasible and attractive option.

If you are in the area nearby, be sure to explore this beauty and its fine natural landscapes.

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