15 Best Things to Do in Loogootee, IN

Loogootee, IN
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Loogootee is a fine city in Martin County, Indiana.

Established in 1853, Loogootee appeared at the height of the railroad transportation era, particularly when a new line got added to its location.

While the popularity of railroads has lessened over time, the city continues to attract its fair share of tourists.

Part of Loogootee is close to West Boggs Lake, so some of its destinations offer access to its sparkling waters.

The city is also known for its vibrant local scene, consisting of charming shops, dining venues, and a family-friendly ranch.

Plenty of places can help you discover what makes Loogootee the fine city that it is today.

You can taste local flavors, see natural sights, experience popular activities, and buy locally sourced products.

Read this list and learn the best things to do in Loogootee, IN!

Have Fun at West Boggs Park

West Boggs Park is your one-stop destination for outdoor adventures.

As one of the most popular spots in the city, this park boasts about 1,600 acres of facilities to explore.

From artificial play structures to nature-based recreation, there’s plenty of opportunities to unwind and have fun.

You can camp in the middle of a dense forest, swim freely at the park’s beach, and roam around diverse trails.

It also provides access to the West Boggs Lake, so fishing and boating are also fun options.

Other than recreation, this tranquil park is also a great way to relax and immerse in the presence of simple nature.

If you ever visit Loogootee, you shouldn’t miss out on West Boggs Park!

It’s located along Deckard Road.

Browse the Items in Hometown Flowers & Gifts

When traveling to new cities, buying local souvenirs is a great way to remember the experiences from your vacation.

At John F Kennedy Avenue, Hometown Flowers & Gifts offer a nice selection of lovely items and memorabilia.

They specialize in beautiful, intricate arrangements of flower bouquets.

No matter the occasion, their designers can customize your flowers according to your theme and preferences.

Hometown Flowers & Gifts also has other items in store.

Scented candles, bracelets, customized sign boards, and stuffed toys are just a few of the items they have on hand.

Entering the store, you see quaint tables filled with small gifts, flowers, and house plants.

Their items vary depending on availability and season, so customers can often expect to see something different!

Dine in Stoll’s Lakeview Restaurant

True to its name, Stoll’s Lakeview Restaurant is right at the edges of West Boggs Lake.

Built in 1983, the restaurant has remained open for over 20 years.

This buffet restaurant offers an array of tasty meals from authentic Amish cuisine.

With traditional dolls and glassware, even the decorations inside the restaurant feature traces of Amish origins.

They serve different buffet types for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

From their famous fried chicken to homemade apple crumb pies, all the fixings from this restaurant are homemade.

Paired with great views of the scenic lake, a dining experience in Stoll’s Lakeview Restaurant will likely be worth remembering.

Try authentic Amish cuisines at this restaurant, located along US–231.

Try the Rides at Lark Ranch

Lark Ranch is one of the top attractions in the city during the colorful fall season.

Located at Meridian Road, this ranch is home to ziplines, trampolines, carousels, and other festival rides.

Lark Ranch started out with only two attractions: a small corn maze and a pumpkin patch they opened to the public.

It attracted many guests, leading to numerous expansions that have made it into a vast, diverse amusement venue.

Lark Ranch boasts more than 30 types of rides, games, and recreation that people of all ages can enjoy.

Its facilities offer a mix of thrilling adventures and simple, farm-themed attractions.

From pony rides and tractor playgrounds to slide mountains and a kiddie coaster, you can try loads of things in Lark Ranch.

Grab their fall season treats like homemade funnel cakes and cold apple ciders!

Taste Local Ice Cream in Dairy Master

Along Broadway Street, Dairy Master has become one of the local favorites in Loogootee.

This ice cream shop sells a mix of basic flavors like chocolate and vanilla, homemade from an original recipe.

The ice cream shop has remained in business for many years with a smooth texture and just the right amount of sweetness.

While Dairy Master is mainly an ice cream shop, it’s also famous for a few savory items.

The most popular is the tenderloin sandwich, praised for its taste, generous serving, and special dipping sauce.

It’s no surprise why this quaint shop is still in business!

Whether you prefer sweet treats or savory foods, Dairy Master has your back.

Cool Off at Loogootee Swimming Pool

What better way is there to beat the summer heat than swimming in a refreshing pool?

Loogootee Swimming Pool is one of the best attractions in the city when you want to cool off on hot, humid days.

Every summer, this pool opens to the public for an affordable fee.

It’s a straightforward facility with a few play structures, two water slides, and a large pool that’s kept in clean conditions.

Lifeguards remain on standby to ensure the safety of their guests.

You can also take private swimming lessons or join swim fitness classes on scheduled dates.

It may seem like a simple attraction, but it has all you need for a fun, refreshing day when the heat starts to ramp up.

When the sun gets too hot, head to John C Strange Street to find Loogootee Swimming Pool!

Shop Groceries in Ruler Foods

Ruler Foods is a grocery chain store with multiple locations, including one in Loogootee.

They take pride in offering high-quality, USDA-approved products at relatively low prices.

From cold meats and fresh agricultural produce to non-edible items, Ruler Foods has a little bit of everything on their shelves.

They’ve got popular name brands in the store; their main sources come from the Kroger brand.

You can always watch out for limited sales and great promos to help you get the most out of your money.

Located at Broadway Street, this grocery store is the perfect place when you need daily goods.

Pick Up Vintage Items at Cooper Plaza Antiques

Cooper Plaza Antiques is your go-to destination for antiques, collectibles, and vintage goods.

As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

The building is home to many sorts of items, from children’s cars and functional machines to furniture and home decor.

You can buy unique items at affordable prices in Copper Plaza Antiques.

Likewise, they update the warehouse often and add new items for sale so there’s always something new.

It’s a great place to hunt for good deals, whatever you might be looking for.

Located along Cooper Street, Cooper Plaza Antiques has everything you need.

Cozy Up in Corner Cafe

Corner Cafe is a small local shop that serves an array of delicious food and aromatic coffee in a comfortable atmosphere.

Along John F Kennedy Avenue, this cafe is perfect when you need some quiet time or some uplifting coffee and snacks.

Its indoor dining area features a warm ambiance with bright colorful walls, a few wooden tables, and cushioned chairs.

They have soups, sandwiches, waffles, and many other staple breakfast fixings.

You can also ask for their specials which change daily, depending on the staff.

Corner Cafe is your go-to destination for homemade meals, handcrafted baked goods, and freshly brewed coffee in Loogootee.

Add this place to your list!

Score Goals at Lakeview Golf Course

Lakeview Golf Course features a nine-hole terrain, complete with pristine greens and unspoiled nature.

The gorgeous backdrop of West Boggs Lake separates this course from many others across the region.

You’ll glimpse the beautiful lake many times as you play the game.

The fairways are always well-maintained and designed to keep the game challenging at some points and easy at a few others.

No matter your skill level, you’ll find some solace at Lakeview Golf Course.

The Davies-Martin Joint County Parks & Recreation Department keeps the course in good condition.

They also hold tournament leagues for the community!

Stop by US-231 to take part in a casual game of golf at Lakeview Golf Course.

Spend the Night in Eldorado Motel

Eldorado Motel has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

The motel has operated for several years, undergoing renovation in 2015.

This renovation upgraded each room in a minimalist fashion, and the staff maintains them and keeps them clean.

Rooms also have soft beds, free Wi-Fi, a functional air conditioner, and other conventional machines.

They also allow pets inside the rooms!

Eldorado Motel may be simpler than others out there, but it’s got a cozy charm that offers a pleasant experience to all its guests.

Located along John F Kennedy Avenue, Eldorado Motel is worth trying for those looking for a place to spend the night.

Buy an Outfit from Betsey’s Boutique Shop

Catch a glimpse of Betsey’s Boutique Shop on Main Street.

This shop had humble beginnings in 2011 as a small clothing store catered to a single community.

Now, the founders have expanded to franchise the business in various regions.

With the top-notch quality of clothes and trendy styles, this boutique shop keeps its customers coming back for more.

You can try the clothes in the fitting room and see which ones suit you best!

Betsey’s Boutique offers comfortable women’s clothing and footwear.

Besides, the boutique has an array of home decor, including rugs, pots, and some kitchen essentials.

Women will most likely enjoy a trip to this local shop!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Admire the Jug Rock Nature Preserve

Aerial view of Jug Rock Nature Preserve
GreeneJeep, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jug Rock Nature Preserve got its name from the “Jug Rock,” which stands in the middle of the preserve.

This striking rock formation is the only rock structure amid gentle woodland terrains.

It’s shaped like a jug and stands at a tall, massive height.

This rock is the only one that remains in the preserve, despite its fragile appearance.

Because of its mysterious origins, many residents have become proud of this strange rock and even treat it as a school mascot.

At Albright Lane, this preserve is home to a single trail that leads to the unique formation.

Other than the famous rock, you can also enjoy the journey of challenging, steep terrains!

The Jug Rock Nature Preserve is in Shoals, Indiana, and sits less than ten minutes from Loogootee.

Feast in the Bakery House

The Bakery House serves full-service meals from breakfast and lunch to dinner and dessert.

They serve noodles, breakfast sandwiches, soups, and tacos, depending on availability.

Their ever-changing menu means you will always be surprised at their meals!

Still, the pastries in the Bakery House are their specialties.

Freshly baked donuts have received high praise from their previous customers.

Likewise, you can enjoy your orders in a charming location filled with colorful knick-knacks and bright decor.

You’re in for a treat at the Bakery House in Washington, Indiana, 23 minutes from Loogootee.

Explore the Shops in Gasthof Amish Village

Experience the culture and history of the Amish community through the Gasthof Amish Village.

This destination serves as a “mini-village” with a restaurant and a few shops representing the past Amish community.

In the restaurant, the food, design, and costumes of the servers follow Amish style and traditions.

A gift shop also highlights authentic Amish-made rugs, jewelry, baskets, handmade quilts, and much more.

Finally, Gasthof Amish Village is home to an antique shop with many vintage goods, homemade pottery, and collectible items.

All these places can give you a glimpse of Amish culture, traditions, and history.

If you’re interested, it’s located along Gasthof Road in Montgomery, Indiana, 15 minutes from Loogootee.

Final Thoughts

As a city, Loogootee has lots of quaint charm, like many other small towns.

With a mix of exciting attractions and leisure destinations, the city will have everything you need for a fruitful trip.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Loogootee, Indiana!

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