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20 Best Things to Do in Logan, OH

  • Published 2022/09/08

Logan is well-known for its outstanding natural beauty and breathtaking surroundings.

It is a city in Ohio that is located near the southeast portion of the Hocking River.

The name was taken from a Mingo Indian chief who lived in the area and was known as Mingo.

Interested to know more about this place?

Here are the 20 best things to do in Logan, Ohio:

See the Star-Dotted Sky at John Glenn Astronomy Park

A meteor of John Glenn Astronomy Park

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Why not take a break and take in the actual grandeur of the universe at Astronomy Park, which is only 20 minutes’ drive away from the Hocking County Historical Society?

John Glenn Astronomy Park should always be on your list of places to see in Logan.

Camping at John Glenn Astronomy Park

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Why not remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city and the other glitz and glam that surrounds you and take in the beautiful things you can view from above?

You can take pleasure in stargazing using a large telescope, which allows you to see the beautiful constellations above you up close.

It is open 24/7, and you are welcome to bring your dogs with you.

It is an excellent way to unwind while taking in the splendor of the universe!

Stop by the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center

Why not pay a visit to the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center before you begin your adventure in Logan, Ohio?

This place is located at 13178 OH-664 Scenic, and it serves as an excellent starting point for discovering the town.

Each professional and a courteous staff member will provide a brief history of the area, health suggestions, and answers to any concerns you may have as a visitor.

By visiting the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center as your first location, you’ll realize how fascinating the city can be!

Enjoy at NevilleBillie Adventure Park

The NevilleBillie Adventure Park, located in Logan, Ohio, is one of the city’s most popular attractions.

It is more frequently visited by families and groups of friends looking for a more adventurous journey to go on together.

Located at 15155 SauerKraut Rd in Logan, you can participate in various activities that you may not have experienced before, such as Polaris Rentals, Paintball, and live music, among others.

There are many activities to do in the fascinating area, and you will undoubtedly feel like an action star for the day.

At NevilleBillie Adventure Park, you and your friends and family may engage in some friendly rivalry!

Camp at the Old Man’s Cave

Scenic view of Old Man's Cave

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After discovering some basic facts about the city, go ahead and explore the beautiful views at Old Man’s Cave.

The name Old Man’s Cave is a popular tourist in Logan, Ohio, and it is one of the most visited places in the state.

There are a variety of activities available in the Old Man’s Cave, which has been divided into five areas: the Lower Gorde, Lower Falls, Middle Falls, Upper Gorge, and The Upper Falls.

People touring the Old Man's Cave

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The Lower Gorde is the most accessible of the five sections.

For the most part, visiting the Old Man’s Cave is equivalent to traveling deep into the earth’s subsoil.

There are numerous breathtaking sights to behold in the surrounding area, including tranquil waterfalls, a lake, quiet and calm caverns, and a magnificent green forest.

View of a Waterfall at Old Man's Cave

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Aside from taking in the breathtaking views of true nature, you may participate in various outdoor activities, such as fishing, swimming, biking, and so on.

Visiting the Old Man’s cave during the winter season is also an excellent location for participating in snow sports with your friends and family members.

There is no need to be concerned about camping because potable water, showers, toilets, and picnic tables are available for visitors.

Groups of friends and families who want to spend several days savoring the natural beauty of nature flock to the Old Man’s Cave in Logan, Ohio, where it is unquestionably one of the most popular locations in the area.

Rock formations at Old Man's Cave

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Visit Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum

In just 5 minutes of drive time from the Old Man’s Cave, why not visit the iconic Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum?

The Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum is one of the town’s most unusual museums, and it is one of the most visited.

Paul A. Johnson is a journalist who founded his pencil sharpener museum 20 years ago, which has now over 3,400 pencil sharpeners.

Inside, you’ll find a variety of adorable pencil sharpeners that are themed after various objects, like books, helicopters, automobiles, ships, weapons, cartoon characters, musical instruments, and much more!

Aside from viewing the extensive collection of pencil sharpeners, a visit to the Paul A. Johnson Museum is an excellent opportunity to pick up some pamphlets and maps of the area, which will help you become acquainted with the many other exciting attractions in Logan, Ohio.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum and take in all of the beautiful designs of pencil sharpeners on display!

Shop at Logan Antique Mall

If you are still looking for the perfect gift to give to someone you care about on their birthday or Christmas Day, Logan Antique Mall is a fantastic place to go shopping!

You will find a diverse selection of products within, all of which are authentic collections of books, jewelry, jars and bottles, and other vintage items that are both interesting and functional.

Giving someone old-fashioned items would undoubtedly make them feel special as you can never see the items inside different stores!

All of them are reasonably priced in Logan Antique Mall, so don’t pass up the opportunity to pay a visit there!

Enjoy a Glass of Wine at Hocking Hills Winery

Drinking wine is a delectable experience, and having a suitable winery location is essential in any part of the world.

Hocking Hills Winery is located at 30402 Freeman Rd in Logan, Ohio, and it was a family-owned business until it closed its doors in 2015.

At the opposite end of the spectrum from the normal wineries, Hocking Hills Winery has regularly received numerous honors for preserving their high-quality wines, such 2020 Pinot Grigio, Vidal Blanc, 2019 Sauvingon Blanc, 2019 Dry Riesling, 2019 Chardonnay, 2019 Riesling, Sweet Chardonnay, Moscato, Honeysuckle, Whispering Falls Rose, Rose Lake Blush, 2018 Petite Sirah, 2020 Marquette, 2019 Pinot Noir, Zinfully Sweet, Hocking River Red, Rockhouse Rouge, Raspberry Slushy, Peach Slush, and so on.

These wines were widely recognized as the best-selling in the world due to their exceptional flavor!

Every wine produced by Hocking Hills Winery has always had a distinct flavor that has remained consistent over the years.

Obtain one for yourself and enjoy the excellent taste!

Wander Around the Ash Cave

Inside View of the Ash Cave

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In Logan, Ohio, one of the fascinating places to visit is the Ash cave, which was a cave that served as a shelter for the ancient inhabitants during the rainy seasons, as well as a place where they could store their food for later use.

The tremendous amount of space in the Ash Cave makes it acceptable for ancient people to live in, as it will not pose a problem for them to hold large meetings.

Daytime view of the Ash Cave

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The cave contains a variety of outstanding flora, including trout lilies, Dutchman’s breeches, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Trillium flowers, and jewelweeds, all of which may be seen in the surrounding area.

One of the reasons the Ash Cave is so well-known today is that it contains sections containing a “whispering gallery.”

Trees surrounding the Ash Cave

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Aside from enjoying the cave’s unique characteristics, you may also go trekking with your friends and family on the paths that surround it.

During the fall season, golden and orange leaves can be found everywhere, which enhances the beauty of the surroundings.

Such sight is something you don’t want to miss!

Welcome sign of Ash Cave

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Revisit History at Hocking County Historical

What better way to learn more about Logan, Ohio than to visit Hocking County Historical, which is only 18 minutes away by car from the Ash Cave?

When looking for a venue to learn more about the city’s history, the Hocking County Historical Society is the proper place to start your research.

Logan, Ohio, has undoubtedly witnessed a great deal of history, dating back to World War I and continuing into the present day.

There are many exciting things to see and learn about at the Hocking County Historical Society, including military costumes, local clay, coal mining, brick industry tools, relics, and mastodon teeth, among other things.

Indeed, they were all the exact items that the people who came before us had used.

Aside from its extensive collection of interesting objects, you will gain a great deal of knowledge by reading the texts accompanying each display, which provide a brief description of the object’s history.

Furthermore, you will be escorted by a historian knowledgeable in the history of Logan, Ohio, and will explain it to you in detail.

It is always interesting to learn about a city’s history.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn more about Hocking County’s history while spending time with your friends and family!

See the Adorable Animals at Fox’s High Rock Farm

Fox’s High Rock Farm is a haven for families of all ages.

The petting zoo at Fox’s High Rock Farm allows you to express your affection for the gorgeous animals by admiring the funny goats, cooing over the piglets, stroking the soft fur of the lamb, among other things.

All of them are welcoming, and you will have no difficulty bringing your youngster along with you.

Don’t forget to bring your cameras so that you can catch all of the adorable moments.

Get Some Wonderful Washboards at Columbus Washboard Company

The venerable Columbus Washboard Company has a large assortment of historic washboards available for purchase.

It is well-known in Logan, Ohio, for having a large number of one-of-a-kind and authentic designs.

Even though washboards are ubiquitous, the Columbus Washboard Company takes it to the next level!

Aside from washboards, they also sell soaps and salves and presents and instruments, among other things.

Grab Some Beers at Brewery 33 Hocking Hills, LLC

Brewery 33 is a fantastic place to spend time with friends or family, whether you’re looking to relax or celebrate a particular occasion.

They provide a large selection of flavorful beers that you will not get anywhere else.

In addition, it is a perfect location for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries with your loved ones.

The setting is serene but entertaining, and the staff members are exceedingly courteous and accommodating.

Have a Splash at Lake Logan Marina

The waters of Lake Logan Marina

Sixflashphoto, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you enjoy water sports in the great outdoors, Lake Logan Marina is another excellent option for you.

You can spend your time here exploring the wonderful lake with your family and friends, as well as participating in other enjoyable activities, such as kayaking, pedal boats, paddle boarding, pontoons, and many others.

The fantastic day you can spend at Lake Logan Marina will undoubtedly rank among your most memorable experiences in Logan, Ohio.

Enjoy Canoeing at Hocking Hills Canoe Livery

If you appreciate outdoor water sports, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the Hocking Hills Canoe Livery!

It is located at 12789 OH-664 in Logan and is a favorite destination for individuals who enjoy paddling.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced canoeist, you will undoubtedly appreciate how beautiful the river can be!

Bringing your pet along to ride in the canoe is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the experience.

As an alternative to participating in water activities, you can go camping with your loved ones!

Get Some Paintings at DustyBlues Gallery

The DustyBlues should not be missed, even if you are a fan of art or not.

The DustyBlues Gallery, located at 14775 State Route 664 South Logan in Logan, is only 11 minutes away from John Glenn Astronomy Park by car or by public transportation.

It is a small local business founded by two exceptional artists who have received numerous awards for their work.

They paint a variety of subjects around the beautiful town of Logan, including couples, families, people, and more!

All paintings are created with the primary goal of bringing happiness and positive energy to individuals.

You may also purchase their other products, such as wood art, pictures, handmade baskets, and postcards, in addition to their breathtaking paintings.

Relax at Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve

A gazebo at Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve

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The ideal location in Logan to get close to nature is Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources regional office stands in the Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve, which consists of a house and outbuildings.

There are various pathways, one of which crosses a creek and leads to an ample open space with grass, a basketball hoop, a picnic shelter, and an outhouse.

Grassy pathway at Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve

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It also has a lovely pond, a wooden gazebo, and a dock where you may see some of the animals’ favorite eating spots.

Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve is a great area to spend some alone time and contemplate.

Although there are fish in the pond, it is not permitted to fish there.

Wooden deck of Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve's gazebo

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Check Out the Unique items at Columbus Washboard Company

Whether it’s a washboard for laundry or music, this shop has both!

The public may acquire a selection of antique washboards from the renowned Columbus Washboard Company.

Since 1885, the firm has offered unique and distinctive designs, producing more than 1.2 million washboards in 1941.

The Columbus Washboard Company sells various Appalachian souvenirs and historical laundry products like soaps.

It provides personalized washboards ideal for bluegrass jam bands and home decor for furniture decorations in kitchens and other places.

Visit the Columbus Washboard Company as soon as possible to peruse their selection of antique items, luxury soaps, and other items.

Buy Home Additions from Hocking Hills Craft Mall

Shopping at Hocking Hills Craft Mall, a distinctive store that sells everything you need, is one of the enjoyable things to do in Logan.

Hocking Hills Craft Mall houses more than one hundred distinct vendors, and they are accepting new handcrafted sellers.

This mall sells many rustic and primitive goods and numerous collectibles.

The outstanding craftspeople at Hocking Hills Craft Mall provide something for everyone.

The mall is clean and well-organized, and the personnel treats customers with professionalism and good manners.

See Various Wind Chimes at Wind Chime Shop

In 1987, William Phillips launched Wind Chime Shop. Mike and Judy Hard purchased the store from him in 2007. The new proprietors put a lot of effort into upholding the high standard of customer care.

At any one moment, Wind Chime Shop maintains an inventory of over 2000 wind chimes across 45 distinct lines.

Additionally, this store offers lovely and unique holiday gifts.

Additionally, the store provides jar candles, a superb assortment of tapers, tart warmers, electric warmers, and candle oils.

The Wind Chime Shop promises products created in Ohio by regional craftspeople.

Solve Mysteries at Hocking Hills Escape Games

Hocking Hills Escape Games is the place to go in Logan if you want to have a memorable time with your loved ones.

It is a family-run business with distinctly themed escape rooms that provide all the excitement of an adventure.

Hocking Hills Escape Games challenges players with puzzles, codes, and riddles.

To solve the challenges and open the vault and escape with the money, players must work together and use logic.

With 60 minutes to complete each activity, Hocking Hills Escape Games is the ideal place to put your skills to the test or strengthen relationships with loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Apart from taking in the genuine beauty of the city of Logan, the plethora of activities to do in the surrounding area will undoubtedly increase your appreciation for the town of Logan even further.

Please ensure that you do not miss any of the 15 best things to do in Logan, Ohio!

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