20 Best Things to Do in Tiffin, OH

Tiffin, OH
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Tiffin is perched as the county seat of Seneca County in Ohio, with the scenic Sandusky River flowing through Lake Erie at the center of town.

Located between Toledo, Columbus, and Cleveland, its rich historical significance combined with its quiet hometown charm has attracted visitors from all over to travel to Tiffin, now with a population of 17,828,  as per the 2012 census.

With the town’s lush natural preserves of forests and local officials publicly demonstrating Tiffin’s commitment to the environment, the National Arbor Day Foundation has designated Tiffin as a Tree City USA.

What are the best things to do, see, and enjoy at Tiffin?

Let’s dive in and check out this list of fun activities for Tiffin visitors!

Nature-Tripping at the Howard Collier State Nature Preserve

An Appendaged Waterleaf Wildflower Cluster at Howard Collier State Nature Preserve
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If you love the great outdoors and enjoy hiking adventures, this is the place for you!

You can go bird-watching, hiking, walking, and running at the Howard Collier State Nature Preserve,  all of 115 acres laced with captivating greenery forests and rivers.

Its hiking trail is known as Howard Collier State Nature Preserve Loop, named in honor of former state budget director Howard Collier.  

Cluster of wildflowers at Howard Collier State Nature Preserve
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It stretches to 2.4 kilometers, with an impressive boardwalk staircase leading down into the flood plains.

The preserve,  also a good site for viewing spring wildflowers, offers a good view of the Sandusky River from a couple of short side trails off the loop.

Marsh marigolds and skunk cabbage in full bloom, most especially during May, are found in the floodplains, with varieties of large oaks, sycamore, ash, tulip, and cottonwoods also greet visitors of the nature preserve.

Star bethlehem at Howard Collier State Nature Preserve
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“Putting On The Ritz” at The Ritz Theatre

The Ritz Theatre continues to stand as Ohio’s quintessential symbol of glitz and glamour, rich in historical significance with more than a hundred years of providing grandiose entertainment for its patrons.

Starting in 1919 as a small vaudeville theatre in downtown Sandusky showing silent movies with live performance intermissions in between, it expanded through the years, becoming the large grand theatre that it evolved to be.

The Ritz Theater was later dubbed as a “luxury theater,” a grand movie palace with a seating capacity of 4000 people, becoming one of the biggest theaters in American history.

The theater closed its doors in 1973 yet reopened in 1990 when it began showing movies again.  

In 2001, the Ritz underwent a renovation, evolving into an art-house cinema.

Get Sporty at the Hedges Boyer Park

Hedges-Boyer Park is Tiffin's community park, perched along Coe Street with a vast 78 acres of parkland, where one can go nature-tripping or get outdoorsy playing different kinds of sports in the park.

What are the things you can do at Hedges Boyer Park?

Go picnicking with your friends, with its six picnic shelters, or bring your kids to either playing softball, baseball, or football, whichever sport they prefer.

Being home to the Tiffin Little League Football program, the park has its own 70-yard little league football field, and with four baseball and softball diamonds for your kiddos to practice their home runs!

And if you prefer either volleyball, tennis or basketball, the park has all these courts for your choices.  

The toddlers can also waddle their way to the kid-friendly playground area as their guardians watch them closely for their safety.

Visitors are in for a treat with its large historic shelter barn for some real-life countryside feel.

And if you’re the music lover aficionado, check out the park’s weekend community concerts and performances for exciting live entertainment.

Further, walk through its walking trails, swim laps on its pools for the adults, and wading pools for the kids.

And as if that’s not enough, the hill within the park provides a wonderful place in the winter for some sledding excitement for guests!

Grab Some Wine at The Renaissance of Tiffin

The Renaissance Bar has its roaring 20’s-themed bourbon bar having people coming in droves, charming its patrons with its old-time vintage interior design, fabulous cocktails, great ambiance, awesome whiskey collection, and much more.

The bar’s popularity points to its accessible location, being quite near to the universities and food joints, making it easy for customers who wish to unwind after a sumptuous dinner nearby.

Bar insiders said that after years of design research and personal taste testing, the bar owners settled on a neo-colonial design, including everything from the classic Tiffany stained glass lamps to antique Indiana limestone countertops, Persian rugs, whiskey barrel bar tops, and 1920s style furniture.

With its excellent price list, quiet atmosphere, and friendly staff, the customers continue to speak well of the place and promise to return!

“It’s a great place for craft cocktails, with its great whiskey collection and other spirits, awesome bartending skills, with the owners and staff incredibly knowledgable and friendly, and they clearly care about what they do,"  they exclaim.

Check Out the Tiffin Glass Museum

The Tiffin Glass Museum is an exceptional local attraction in Tiffin, honoring the heritage established by glassware artisans from the factory’s nearly hundred-year history.

The museum preservation work includes safeguarding glassware memorabilia and historical documents from the factory’s beginning in 1889 until its closure after almost 100 years by 1984.

Museum items include stemware, lamps, optics, popular lines, and colors used throughout the factory’s productive years at the Tiffin Glass House.

Museum insiders affirm that the private museum houses one of the largest collections of Tiffin glass worldwide, with more than 1500 pieces of Tiffany glass designed by  Louis Comfort Tiffany between 1892 and 1940.

The Tiffin Glass Museum is a private museum that houses one of the world's largest collections of Tiffin glass.

The museum contains over 1,500 pieces of Tiffany glass, designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany between 1892 and 1940.

Be Amazed at the American Civil War Museum of Ohio

The American Civil War Museum of Ohio is located in the northwest corner of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, with its vision to be “a nationally recognized institution  for interpreting American military history from the colonial period through World War II and beyond.”

Raves and accolades for the museum are coming from all over.

Forbes Magazine voted for the museum as one of “America’s coolest museums” and ranked second on  USA Today Magazine’s list of great historical museums.

Further, its visitors skyrocketed to a cool one million in numbers in 2016.

The American Civil War Museum of Ohio is the only museum in the world dedicated to preserving and presenting all aspects of the conflict from 1861-1865.

In 2002, a group of historians, educators, re-enactors, and enthusiasts formed an association to promote this effort.

The ACWMOH aims to preserve a rich heritage for generations yet unborn by collecting and restoring original artifacts related to this pivotal period in the 19th century.

Wine and Dine at the Pioneer Mill of Tiffin

The Pioneer Mill of Tiffin is another infrastructure of the county with more than a century of historical significance.

Originally a mill beside a stone dam and a home in the year 1822,  built by General James Hedges along the Sandusky River during the war,  the infrastructures went through fires through the decades, rebuilt and continued to grind flour and meat in 1950.

After being rented to different  Tiffin businessmen who made the old mill building into just about everything, including a  feed store, carpentry shop, among others, it was transformed much later into a restaurant by a group of local entrepreneurs and reopened in October 1974.

The diners today cannot help but tell everyone of their great experience.

“We had a very nice, quiet dinner at this historic, quaint restaurant, we had prime ribs and chicken cordon blue. Everything was cooked perfectly,  the soup was great,  the salads were fresh.  Please check out the mill on your next adventure in Tiffin,” they said,  inviting the public to come over.

“Yes, we plan on returning after our wonderful experience. We will be back.”

Get Into Yoga at the Gem Yoga & Life Enrichment

Yoga is for everyone, according to Tiffin’s yoga experts, “as it unites the body, mind, and soul by easing tension, calming your mind, and enhancing your wellness while promoting health and well-being.”

From Gem Yoga and Life Enrichment Center, its prime movers encourage everyone to focus on an unhurried life, introducing mindfulness practices that fit into everyone’s busy schedules.

“We are more than just a yoga studio,” they point out.

Gemma Marschke, the studio owner, is a graduate of the Sam Yoga Institute of Columbus, Ohio, blending her knowledge of  Ayurveda, psychology, and therapeutic yoga in her classes, practicing and living the yogic lifestyle for more than 20 years.

Swing Away at Clinton Heights Golf Course

Enjoy the greens at the  Clinton Heights Golf Course,  an  18-hole regulation length course,  a great place for beginners and casual players to hone their short game skills and improve their overall scores to make them more comfortable on the greens.

Clinton Heights has been home to numerous tournaments held throughout the year, including one annual event called "The Ponies," sponsored by the Oklahoma City Mustang Club, which featured classic Ford pony cars from all over Oklahoma and surrounding states.

The golf course is currently owned and managed by  Jeannine Curns and  Chris Magers,  who purchased around 22 acres for the facility in 2019, with the said project’s completion during the fall of  2019.

The original course was designed by Earl Delong, originally opened in 1956, yet was purchased by  Curns and Magers 63  years after its initial inception.

Enjoy Live Music at Frost-Kalnow East Green Amphitheater

Live music is alive and well for music aficionados at Tippin,  particularly habitues of the Frost-Kalnow East Green Amphitheater along  East Market Street.

Dubbed as “Thursday Night Tunes,” local community leaders and music professionals showcase live performances for the Tippin audience, with the said shows as part of the overall programming of the East Green complex, which includes theater musicals, kids’ concerts, local band performances, summer camps,  university events, and festivals.

Based on the 2016 Downtown Strategic Growth and Development Plan created to complement the 2010 Strategic Plan, the project was a philanthropic effort in order to show what can be done and how it would impact the downtown as a whole.

In a statement, the local officials said that Tiffin Parks and  Recreation is in charge of managing the grounds and the day-to-day operations of the East Green Amphitheater, including the events schedules.

Go Rollerblading, Biking and Jogging at Tiffin Parks

Whether you are into biking, jogging, rollerblading,  walking, and other outdoor physical activities, paved trails within the city parks have been prepared for you!

According to the city of Tiffin’s Parks and Recreation Department, it has created several miles of paved trails for those who wish to take advantage of the park facilities.

Oakley Park offers a lighted loop trail, making it more exciting for the park habitues who are into early morning walks or sunset runs.

Nature Trails Park is set to have major renovations, including a quarter-mile paved trail, while Schekelhoff Park has a half-mile winding trail linked to Clinton Nature Preserve which has an additional half-mile stone trail.

Rock Creek Trail, meantime, is a paved two-mile trail offering views of the scenic Rock Creek, while Riverview Park offers a quarter-mile tucked away behind houses in surrounding neighborhoods.

Learn About Drone Racing From the Experts

What is drone racing, anyway?

Clearly a relatively new sport, yet, it is being introduced among students of the Tiffin University courtesy of drone racing enthusiast  Jake Schaaf, a lifelong resident of Seneca and has called Tiffin "home" since 2003.

Schaaf is a technology geek, an entrepreneur, and currently heavily involved in supporting the promotion of drone racing into education.

First Person View drone racing is a sport type where a pilot maneuvers a camera-equipped drone while wearing eyewear that shows the live streams from the drone.

As a pioneer of drone racing for Tiffin University as a club sport, Schaaf says that he is hoping to keep the Tiffin Dragons on the leading edge of sports and student activities.

Tiffin Storybook Trail at the Schekelhoff Park

Would you wish to combine your love for hiking with your love for your kids to be interested in storybook reading?

Look no further.

The Tiffin Parks and Recreation Department and the Tiffin-Seneca Public Library (TSPL)  launched its joint project called the  Tiffin Storybook Trail, made possible via funding from the  TSPL Memorial funds and the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council  (NOPEC) Community Sponsorships.

The Tiffin Storybook Trail is a half-mile paved walk trail, twenty reading stations laid out along the hike, with each station containing a  page from a children’s book, giving the kids and parents a unique experience of hiking and enjoying the nature-tripping stroll while following the storybook plot from the station pages.

Some $5,500 was estimated for the project cost, with the Tiffin city government providing  $4,000 in local grant funding.

Rest at the Rivers Edge Executive Suites After a Long Day

The Rivers Edge Executive Suites has approximately 200 rooms, complimentary self-parking, a tennis facility, a picnic space, barbecue grills, a terrace, and more.

Northeast Tiffin Historic District is just a 10-minute drive away.

Each day, the hotel serves a continental breakfast to its visitors. Free WiFi is accessible throughout the building, and guests may even use it in their rooms.

In addition to benefits such as separate sitting and dining spaces, all bedrooms provide luxuries like fireplaces and air-conditioning systems.

Other amenities include a microwave, refrigerator, hairdryer, and private bathroom.

After an exhausting yet fun day exploring the city, relax at The Rivers Edge Executive Suites.

Travel Back in Time to Seneca County Museum

Rezin W. Shawhan, a prominent businessman, formerly occupied the Seneca County Museum as his residence.

An opening for financial contributions to the Seneca County Museum was formed with the establishment of the Seneca County Museum Foundation, Inc in May 1977.

The Seneca County Museum's mission is to promote a sense of belonging and cultural history in Seneca County through gathering, researching, interpreting, and maintaining the natural and cultural legacy of the area.

The residence is a component of the 1979-listed Fort Ball-Railroad Historic District, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Displayed in the Seneca County Museum's drawing room is Rezin Wells Shawhan's portrait

The Tiffin Art Guild & Gallery was established in 2007 to encourage, educate, nurture, and engage all types of artists.

To build the new location of the Tiffin Art Guild & Gallery, the members of the Tiffin Art Guild converted the former Sports Cut Barber Shop into an art gallery at the beginning of 2016.

They are always seeking new artists to exhibit and market at their galleries.

They offer services to all levels of artists, from amateurs to experienced ones, and host exhibitions by regional artists all year round.

Participate in their art festivals and exhibits of works by members and visitors, including paintings in acrylic, oil, and watercolor.

Snack at Clover Club Tavern & Eatery

Are you searching for a nice place to chill out in Tiffin, Ohio?

Go no farther than the Clover Club Tavern & Eatery.

Scan from a wide range of food options when you stop by the Clover Club Tavern & Eatery.

You can rely on them to serve you tasty menu selections that will entice you to return for more, ranging from appetizers and beers to dinner steaks and exquisite wines.

You may enjoy the dining options at their tavern regardless of the event you're hosting since they also provide catering services.

Spend the afternoon with loved ones and friends as a break from your daily schedules.

Admire the Historic Grammes-Brown House

The exquisite, nine-room Second Empire house was built in 1884 by Peter Grammes, a regional confectioner, and baker.

The house was given to the Tiffin Historic Trust, Inc in 1988 by the deceased Rosina Brown, the builder's grandchild, on the condition that it be preserved for its historical and architectural value.

The home has several attractive characteristics to admire, like the pocket doors, newel column, Grandfather Clock (purchased from Germany), and custom-made oak furniture.

The Victorian-era home has exquisite woodwork, relics, gems, and collections from generations.

Find numerous original relics from the Grammes-Brown family in the parlor, including Wedgewood china, mantel sculptures, and the fretwork that connects the Music Room and The Parlor.

The Grammes child's doll collection has been arranged and exhibited in the toy room.

Final Thoughts

Tiffin is a small town tucked in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, surrounded by beautiful parks, trails, and lakes which makes it a great place for an outdoor adventure.

As you can see, traveling to Tiffin, Ohio, is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and unwind from your hectic daily life.

With plenty of things to do and see throughout the city, this is one destination that will delight you and your family for years to come.

With several excellent nearby attractions, it’s easy to fall in love with Tiffin, Ohio.

The city offers a wide range of things to do, ranging from arts and culture to outdoor activities.

Tiffin comes alive with excitement and color as everyone celebrates its rich history and culture.

From food to music and outdoor sports, there's something for every visitor!

Check out what's new when traveling to Tiffin and other destinations by following our website to get fresh updates every day.

Pack your bags and visit the city soon!

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