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20 Best Things to Do in Millersburg, OH

  • Published 2022/08/10

Small, rural, and laid-back—the best words to describe the village of Millersburg, Ohio, a lovely little town with a historic past, natural attractions, and a rich farming heritage.

It’s the gateway to the Amish community of the state, with more than 35,000 residents belonging to this community.

Serving as the seat of Holmes County, the town has a lot of historical destinations and a thriving agricultural tradition.

So if you want a scenic tour of country roads, horseback rides along the slopes of gentle hills, and immersions into the culture of the Amish, then this place is what you’re looking for.

Spend a weekend in town and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life!

Here are the 15 best things to do in Millersburg, OH:

Tour the Halls of Brightman House

View of Brightman House

Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As a place teeming with history, Millersburg has many buildings that have been around since the turn of the century and even earlier.

One of these is a charming Victorian home that has been around since 1902: the Brightman House.

This attraction houses the more famous Victorian House Museum, a facility within the property managed by the Holmes County Historical Society.

Since the attraction once served as a sanatorium and funeral home, some people might think that the displays here are mostly related to caring for the ill and the dead.

View of Brightman House

Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

That’s not the case, as the home still has a cozy vibe that makes it seem as though someone is still living inside.

Touring the halls is a fascinating experience, as there are many collections that showcase life from a bygone era.

You’ll find old furniture, jewelry, woodworks, and other implements that were common in Millersburg and Holmes County back in the day.

It’s an intriguing and charming glimpse into the village’s past.

Marvel at the Exquisite Displays in Millersburg Glass Museum

Adjacent to the Victorian House Museum is another fascinating destination, the Millersburg Glass Museum.

In the 1910s, Millersburg Carnival and Crystal Glass produced a lot of products that were either for everyday or ornamental use.

Remnants of these items are displayed on protected shelves and under LED lights at the Millersburg Glass Museum.

While it’s only a single room, the facility will have you staying for longer than you’d expect.

You’d be drawn into the displays to examine the details of the intricate glassware, with their metallic stains, complex patterns, and beautiful colorings that all come together to create stunning pieces.

Some of these pieces glow yellow-green because of the radium used in the manufacturing process.

But don’t worry; you’re sufficiently protected enough from any radioactive exposure.

Sample Seasonal Treats at Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery

Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery is a Millersburg institution, a local favorite that offers products made by the Amish community.

Here, you’ll find a bakery, produce market, store, and petting zoo that are all managed by Amish residents.

Bring your kids if you’re visiting during spring, as the petting zoo will be filled with baby pigs, goats, rabbits, chicks, and many other farm animals.

Summer is the best time to stop by for those who want fresh vegetables and fruits grown in the region’s fertile soils.

During fall, you’ll find mountains of pumpkins, wagon rides, changing foliage, and the highly anticipated Fall Customer Appreciation Late Nights.

Winter is the best time for delicious baked goods paired with a hot beverage.

It’s also the season to shop for preserved and canned goods.

Whatever time of the year you decide to visit, Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery will always have something in store!

Immers in the Amish Lifestyle at Yoder’s Amish Home

The Amish are an unusual group of people to most, with their apparent hesitance towards modernity and choice to live traditional lives.

But this culture has also turned them into a charming community that isn’t caught in the trap of social media or the internet.

So their daily lives are as simple as can be, and vising their largest community in Ohio will give you a glimpse into this laid-back and uncomplicated culture.

One of the best places to see and interact with the Amish is Yoder’s Amish Home.

This facility has a huge barn and sprawling farms where members of the community till the soil like they did from centuries ago.

You can join a tour and hop on a buggy ride to see the various structures and Amish people at work.

You’ll learn about their heritage and culture while seeing rustic views and farm animals at play.

Bike Besides Buggys at Holmes County Trail

For biking enthusiasts, the Holmes County Trail is definitely worth the trip.

This route spans 15.7 miles, starting from Fredericksburg to Killbuck, a huge segment of which passes through Millersburg.

Hipp Station is the most famous stop on the trail, an old train station repurposed into a scenic park with food and drinks to refuel travelers.

The trail is well-paved and moderately trafficked, with forested areas perfect for nature trips and solo adventures.

Half of the road is actually used by the Amish, riding along with their buggies, horses, and horse-drawn vehicles to their farms nearby.

So expect some of them on your excursion and be sure to say hi!

Their community is actually one of the chief contributors to the development of this trail, turning a rural road into a beautiful recreational facility that cleaves through the heartland of the state.

Sample Award-Winning Cheese at Guggisberg Cheese Factory

Guggisberg Cheese Factory is one of the cheese-making destinations on our list, and it’s one of the most well-known facilities in town.

As the home of the original Baby Swiss, this award-winning and nationally recognized factory offers the best dairy products in the state.

It was founded by Alfred Guggisberg, a Swiss cheesemaker who was sought after by the Amish to help them market their milk products.

His techniques and secrets have been passed down to ensure the authenticity and quality of the cheeses.

And he has succeeded in that regard since the factory is still winning awards year after year.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to taste the mild and sweet Baby Swiss and the other cheeses aged here, including cheddar and Guggisberg cheese.

There are also meat products, wines, and other items that pair well with your cheese-eating experience.

Bring home a wedge or a small wheel to share with your family and friends!

Sip a Refreshing Drink at Millersburg Brewing Company

Front View of Millersburg Brewing Company

Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Whether you’ve been out playing golf or getting hands-on in your Amish community tour, there’s nothing like a cold mug of beer after a day of exploration.

Millersburg Brewing Company has what you need, and they offer really refreshing ones too!

The facility brews its own beverages from the highest quality malt, hops, and other ingredients, so good in both taste and quality that they’ve earned many awards for their beer.

Storefront of Millersburg Brewing Company

Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s no wonder they’re beloved by the locals and visitors alike.

Choose from their selection of specialty drinks, barrel-aged ale, fruity nectars, and so much more!

You can also try some of their delicious dishes, which are perfectly complemented by their flavorful craft beers.

Don’t forget to bring a pack home to drink after a long day or during a special occasion!

Play a Few Rounds at Fire Ridge Golf Course

Fire Ridge Golf Course is a public golf course that is on par with more exclusive private clubs.

This 18-holes course is one of the state’s finest, with well-maintained facilities and friendly staff.

From the verdant grounds to the tree-lined borders, from the well-maintained fairways to the sand and water hazards, every element comes together to give players enjoyable gameplay.

But don’t be fooled by the pastoral beauty: the rolling hills create dramatic elevations changes that are quite challenging, especially for those unsure of their abilities.

Still, beginners and professionals alike will have a great gameplay here, especially with renowned greens that are said to be one of the best in the state.

Stay Awhile at Deer Run Park

If you’re with the kids, then going to a brewery isn’t exactly an excellent option for a relaxing afternoon.

In that case, Deer Run Park is a great, family-friendly alternative.

The verdant attraction has sprawling and verdant grounds surrounded by forests and hills everywhere you look, giving a sense of isolation from the rest of Millersburg.

So bring some snacks, lay a blanket on a shady spot, and enjoy a quiet afternoon with your family.

If you want something more active to do, then you can try disc golf at the well-equipped course on one side of the park.

There’s also a skate park near the entrance that offers great flows and obstacles for beginners and professionals alike.

For those who brought their furry best friend, you can let them run around and socialize with other pooches at the dog park.

Find Unique Memorabilia at Starlight Antiques

With Millersburg being such a historic and unique town, you might want something rare and beautiful to bring home as a souvenir of your trip.

The best place for that is at Starlight Antiques, a shop located in a historic building that has been around since 1900.

Within the store, you’ll find lots of trinkets, oddities, and charming items that you won’t see anywhere else.

These include primitive furniture, home decor, dining implements, jewelry, and farm and Amish-themed ornaments.

With enough patience, you might even spot a great find amongst the shelves and corners.

The shop also sells prints by Billy Jacobs, a celebrated Ohio folk artist that created watercolor scenes of farms, homesteads, and the countryside of the state.

Spend a Weekend at Turkey Hollow Campground

Sure, a stay at a nice hotel during your Millersburg vacation is comfortable and convenient, but if you really want to be one with nature, then camping outside is the best alternative.

Turkey Hollow Campground is the ideal place to stay for those who need a place to relax and disconnect.

Set in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, this site is isolated from roads and noisy cities, making it a quiet escape from modernity.

You’ll be lulled by crickets to sleep and awoken by chirping birds at sunrise.

The grounds are also in their pristine and primitive state, and there are few signs of civilization except for some docks on the ponds of the campground.

Even RVs are not allowed, as they are too noisy and require electricity that can ruin the isolated nature of the location.

So here, you can expect an authentic outdoor experience that you won’t forget!

Try the Tasty Products of Heini’s Cheese Chalet

Front View of Heini’s Cheese Chalet

Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Heini’s Cheese Chalet is another cheese-making facility in Millersburg founded by a Swiss native.

What makes this company different from Guggisberg Cheese Factory is the wide variety of dairy products created here.

And it’s actually much older, having been around since 1935.

Every day, the owners can produce 12 tons of cheese in 25 different types, from classic cheddar blocks to wheels of tangy Swiss cheese.

Signage of Heini’s Cheese Chalet

Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of their signature products is cheese fudge, which comes in unusual flavors like root beer, rainbow sherbet, and the seasonal pumpkin pie.

Don’t forget to try their meats and jellies!

They are every bit as tasty and high-quality as their cheeses.

For those who want to see the cheese-making process, Heini’s Cheese Chalet offers tours that let you see how these tasty products are traditionally manufactured.

See Incredible Works at Holmes County Open Air Art Museum

Holmes County Open Air Art Museum is one of the more unique attractions in town.

Set in the grounds of The Inn at Honey Run, the museum boasts art installations that are a cross between an Alice in Wonderland film and an alien world.

These works were created by talented and imaginative artists from all over the state, resulting in breathtaking pieces that use various styles and materials.

One moment, you’d be looking at woven branches that look like a fairy portal, and on the next turn, you’ll see geometric sculptures that resemble structures from some advanced civilization.

Some of these are best viewed at night, as the lights that come with the artworks add another level of magic.

Appreciate the Architecture of Holmes County Courthouse

Exterior of Holmes County Courthouse

Alvintrusty, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Holmes County Courthouse is one of the most popular sites in Millersburg.

Holmes County Courthouse, built in the 19th century, is a three-story government-owned structure.

It covers an area of two acres or 0.8 hectares.

Stucco-clad columns and plastered ceilings give the building a sculptural feel.

Clocktower of Holmes County Courthouse

Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The central tower of the building is also home to a clock standing outside the courthouse.

Nearby, there is a vast parking lot, although it only caters to horses and buggies.

Holmes County Courthouse has been part of the National Register of Historic Places since 1974.

Have a Friendly Game at Spare Time Lanes Bowling Alley

Are you looking for ways to sweat out while having fun?

Play bowling with your family and friends!

Bring the whole crew to Spare Time Lanes for a competitive family outing.

Spare Time Lanes Concessions are available at 39 Logsdon Avenue, and shoes are for rent if you don’t possess your own.

This bowling alley is well-known for its helpful regulars who are always happy to advise those just starting and even host regular leagues.

Check Out the Exhibits at New Towne Gallery

Located in a beautiful 1873 building in the heart of Millersburg, New Towne Gallery showcases local art and artisan craftsmanship.

It features a range of subject matter, including Early American, Nature, Wildlife, Still Life, and Landscapes.

It also has an ever-changing selection of the best quality Artisan created items.

Immerse yourself in its curated collection of Art and Artisan work featuring the Eastern Frontier, from handmade crafts to furniture.

Find that one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that can transform your living space!

As an alternative, it also represents several contemporary Ohio artists whose subject matter is no less intriguing but much more recent.

Find Vintage Items at Starlight Antiques LLC

Founded by Phil and Caren Starr in 1987, Starlight Antiques is an antique and gift shop.

Since 2007, a historic 1900 building on West Jackson Street in the center of Millersburg’s Historic Downtown has housed the storefront.

Primitive furniture, collectibles, locally made home goods, outdoor decor, and furniture in the rough are all available at this small family-owned shop.

You may also find items for everyday use, the seasons, and the holidays.

Check out the vintage-inspired industrial tin decor, signs, and lanterns by local artist Billy Jacobs!

Grab Some Fresh Produce at Troyers Country Market

Troyers Country Market in Millersburg is the place to go if you’re a fan of local cuisine.

Amish items such as beet pickles, bread-and-butter pickles, peanut butter, salsas, and pie fillings, have been local favorites since the store opened in 2006.

Homemade ice cream, available in over sixteen flavors, is another local delicacy.

You may savor various icy delicacies on a crisp cone, from butter pecan to chocolate peanut butter.

Cheese, sandwiches, meat, and pastries are other food products available at Troyers Country Market.

A guarantee of freshness, the market boasts of producing its products using all-natural, locally sourced ingredients.

Other Things to Do Nearby

After exploring the communities and attractions within Millersburg, why not visit these other idyllic places in the vicinity?

Hunt Game at Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area

A bird at Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area

Jack R Perry Photography /

A few minutes’ drive north from Millersburg will bring you to Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area, a 5,703-acre preserve east of Shreve.

It’s the largest marshland and swamp habitat in the state outside of Lake Erie, making it an important site for the region’s flora and fauna.

One of the most popular activities here is waterfowl hunting, especially in areas flooded at a certain time of the year.

You can hunt Canadian geese, wood ducks, and mallards.

Fishing and trapping are also permitted if you prefer these activities.

But if these do not appeal to you, then you can simply hike the walking-only trail that carves its way through the forests and valleys.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities for wildlife and native flora spotting.

Commune With Nature at Mohican-Memorial State Forest

Less than a half-hour drive west of Millersburg is a lush and beautiful attraction: the Mohican-Memorial State Forest.

If Millersburg is on the heart of Amish Country, this state park is in the middle of Mohican Country, a territory that once served as the home of large Mohican communities.

Today, this 4,525-acre park is the third most visited tourist attraction in the state, owing to its undeniable beauty and relative isolation from urban areas.

You’re welcome to explore the huge swaths of thick forests, babbling brooks and rivers, verdant valleys, and rugged trails snaking their way through the mountains.

Try spotting some of the wildlife scurrying in the undergrowth or soaring high above the canopy.

There are also many native species of plants living in the park, all of which thrive under the excellent forest management done by researchers and experts who oversee the park.

Final Thoughts

Rural life in its most authentic form—that’s what you can expect when you visit the charming town of Millersburg.

So if you want to disconnect and spend a few days living in simplicity, then head over here and see all that the community has to offer.

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