15 Best Things to Do in Stockport, OH

Stockport, OH
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Stockport is a small yet relatively bustling village in Morgan County, Ohio.

Located along the western banks of Muskingum River, the village center covers less than half a square mile.

Founded in 1839 by G.W. Sanburn, the village's name was borrowed from a town in England.

Thanks to its location, Stockport became one of the major trading hubs between the towns of Marietta and Zanesville in the mid-1800s.

The Stockport Mill was also built along the river, providing milling service to the locals.

In 1908, the mill began supplying the village with electricity thanks to its hydroelectric generator.

While many of the old remnants of the village had since been torn down, several old structures from its colorful past still stand in Stockport.

Today, the village is home to many beautiful attractions, delightful eateries, and unique landmarks.

Here are the best things to do in Stockport, Ohio:

Stay at the Stockport Mill Inn

Distant view of the green roofed building of Stockport Mill Inn
User: (WT-shared) 2old at wts wikivoyage, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Built in 1842, the Stockport Mill is the only remaining mill along the Muskingum River that still stands today.

However, the current mill was built in 1906, as the previous two were destroyed by fire decades earlier.

After nearly a century, the mill ceased operation in 1997.

Stringent restoration efforts and remodeling transformed the mill into a homey bed and breakfast inn.

The Stockport Mill Inn retains many of the original furniture from its old days, exuding an old-fashioned atmosphere for the guests.

The entire building also draws its electricity from the power generated by the mill's hydroelectric generator.

The inn offers 14 different rooms, each with its own balcony for picturesque views of the village and the river.

If you are planning a vacation in Stockport, then stay at the Stockport Mill Inn on Broadway Street.

Dine at C-J's Family Restaurant

C-J's Family Restaurant is one of the most popular eateries in Stockport.

The restaurant is located along Main Street and evokes a homey, small-town diner feel.

The family restaurant's specialties are its sumptuous all-American meals.

If you crave some eggs and toast, you can order their breakfast meals available all day.

Everything on their menu is reasonably-priced, with generous servings to boot.

With their excellent food and trademark Stockport hospitality, dining at C-J's Family Restaurant is an experience you shouldn't miss.

Camp Out at Katie's Duds & Suds RV Park

Are you going for an RV road trip across the Midwest?

Stop by at the Katie's Duds & Suds RV Park.

Located along Tieber Road, the RV park offers many amenities for your stopover, including bathrooms and laundry service.

It's also a quick drive to the bigger cities, just in case you run out of supplies.

The park is also pet-friendly and even has pet cleaning facilities.

Of course, non-RV campers will be delighted as they also have several campgrounds for tent camping.

Excellent facilities and a clean environment make Katie's Duds & Suds RV Park a unique place to stay.

Buy Soothing Candles and More at The Little Candle Company

Stockport's own The Little Candle Company is the go-to place for various candles of different types and scents.

Their high-quality scented candles are a sure-fire way to set the mood in any room.

Many of their candles are intricately designed; you might not want to light them to keep their beauty intact.

On top of their signature products, The Little Candle Company also offers home décor and several Amish handcrafted fixtures.

The shop takes great pride in using and selling exclusively American and locally-made products.

If you're visiting Stockport, make sure to drop by at The Little Candle Company on OH-377 and grab some of their pretty handicrafts as souvenirs.

Go Birdwatching at Muskingum Lock 6

Located along the eastern banks of the river of the same name, Muskingum Lock 6 in Stockport is one of the 11 locks built in southeastern Ohio in the mid-19th century.

An engineering feat in itself, these locks and dams were vital for opening the region to trade with the rest of the country.

Today, Muskingum Lock 6 is one of Stockport's main tourist spots.

You can take a relaxing boat ride along the calm waters of the Muskingum River.

Majestic bald eagles and various species of waterfowl and migratory birds are known to fly around the area, making it the perfect location for birdwatching.

Of course, you can also throw your reel for good old river fishing.

Muskingum Lock 6's simple looks and clean atmosphere make it a great spot to unwind.

Dine at Riviera Pizza

Are you looking for some delicious pizza around Stockport?

Located on Water Street, Riviera Pizza will be more than enough to satisfy your cravings.

The pizzeria's name is inspired by its location, offering scenic views of the nearby Muskingum River.

On top of its signature specialties, Riviera Pizza also serves an assortment of tasty salads, sandwiches, and desserts.

Delicious chicken wings and breakfast meals are also included on the menu.

The restaurant has several menu items suited for the health-conscious.

As Stockport's go-to pizzeria, Riviera Pizza always offers customers their money's worth.

Go Picnicking at Big Bottom State Memorial Park

The three-acre Big Bottom State Memorial Park was established to commemorate the 12 Ohio settlers slain by the natives in 1791.

This tragic incident would be known as Big Bottom Massacre.

Within the park stood a 12-foot marble pillar inscribed with the victims' names.

Also present are markers describing the events of that fateful day.

Despite the site's rather sad backstory, it is still a highly-popular spot to relax in Stockport.

There are designated picnic areas with tables, making it a perfect place for gatherings.

The park, located on OH-266, also boasts stunning views of the Muskingum River.

An important historical landmark and a beautiful place in general, Big Bottom State Memorial Park is truly one of Stockport's must-visit sites.

Walk along the Trails at Luke Chute Conservation Area

Located on OH-266, Stockport's Luke Chute Conservation Area covers around 31 acres.

It may not seem vast, but it more than holds on its own with its beautiful landscapes and natural features.

It boasts more than two miles of walking and light hiking trails.

These trails are very accessible to anyone since the terrain is easy.

The conservation area also provides breathtaking views of the Muskingum River.

Other landmarks include an old granary which was constructed in the 1800s.

For your next outdoor adventure, a trip to Luke Chute Conservation Area should be on top of your list.

Go Bargain-Hunting at Michele's Place

Stockport's go-to place for bargain finds, Michele's Place evokes a typical mom-and-pop store look, which fits perfectly with the village's atmosphere.

It offers a wide selection of brand-new and secondhand items.

The items on sale range from home fixtures and decor to children's toys.

The store also has an assortment of clothes.

Collectors will also be pleased with the store's antique items on sale.

When you visit Stockport, drop by Michele's Place on OH-676 to check on some great deals.

Unwind at Embree Park

A quick eight-minute drive northwest of Stockport's heart will take you to Embree Park on Westland Road.

Many consider it one of the most beautiful parks in Morgan County.

It ranks among the most popular places in the area for family reunions and other gatherings.

Embree Park's beauty lies in its lush green environment and relaxed atmosphere.

The park itself isn't the biggest, nor does it offer lots of facilities, yet its simplicity also allows you to experience unhampered relaxation.

Embree Park is one of the best places to unwind and escape city life's bustle.

Other Things to Do Nearby

A quick drive outside Stockport, and you'll reach several other unique and beautiful attractions.

Here are some of the few.

Walk over the Shinn Covered Bridge

Side view of the Shinn Covered Bridge
Bwsmith84 at en.wikipedia, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Covered bridges are an essential piece of American architecture as they served to connect many towns during the nation's early years.

One of these is the Shinn Covered Bridge, which can be reached via a 17-minute drive south of Stockport.

Built in 1886, the bridge spans 98 feet and crosses over West Branch Wolf Creek.

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places for its historical significance in 1976.

Today, the bridge is well-preserved and can be visited by anyone.

You can't drive through the wooden bridge, but you can still walk in it to appreciate its history.

Its serene and peaceful environment is also one of the most relaxing places to spend some time.

Complementing the peaceful atmosphere are the clear, shallow waters of the creek.

If you want to escape from the bustle of urban life, even for a short while, a quick trip to Shinn Covered Bridge is what you need.

Immerse in Nature at Wolf Creek Wildlife Area

A 24-minute drive west of Stockport will take you to Malta's breathtaking Wolf Creek Wildlife Area.

The entire wildlife area is vast, covering nearly 4,000 acres in total.

It comprises various landscapes, ranging from woodlands and rolling hills to open grassy plains.

There are also several streams and man-made ponds scattered around.

There's also a shooting range located inside Wolf Creek Wildlife Area.

Hunting and fishing are two of the most popular activities in the wildlife area.

With dozens of species of birds and mammals calling it home, the location is also perfect for wildlife watching.

If you want to experience nature in its purest form, look no further than Wolf Creek Wildlife Area.

Go Boating at Riversedge Campground & Marina

Located in Malta, Riversedge Campground & Marina can be reached via a short nine-minute drive north of Stockport.

The place is known throughout Morgan County for RV and tent camping.

Many of their campsites feature fantastic waterfront views of the Muskingum River.

Boating and canoeing are also two of the most popular activities in the campground.

Of course, you can go rod fishing along the river.

For unparalleled convenience, the campgrounds have access to running water and electricity.

They even allow you to connect to free Wi-Fi internet, so you can still do some work while camping out.

With a nice mix of outdoor adventure and modern convenience, camping out in Riversedge Campground & Marina is a must-try for anyone.

Be Amazed by Big Muskie's Bucket

Gigantic Big Muskie’s Bucket in Ohio
Merlin Miller / Shutterstock.com

Less than 20 miles north of Stockport lies Big Muskie's Bucket, one of the most unique attractions in Ohio.

Big Muskie was a dragline excavator, which used to hold the title of the world's biggest earth-moving machine.

It was arguably the most notable symbol of the once-thriving coal mining industry in Morgan County.

Unfortunately, the industry declined, and the equipment was eventually discarded.

What was left of the mighty machine was its enormous bucket.

Side view of Big Muskie’s Bucket
Eric Gunderson, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Big Muskie's Bucket now serves as one of the main attractions in the county.

The vast bucket has enough space to fit two dozen people.

It is so tremendous that people across the country flock to McConnelsville to witness it.

The site also serves as a memorial to the men who perished while working in the coal mines.

Stay at Antler Ridge Cabin

An eight-minute drive southwest of Stockport in Chesterhill will take you to Antler Ridge Cabin in Chesterhill.

Situated in the middle of the wilderness, it offers guests a relaxing stay in their modern log cabins.

As soon as you step out of your cabin, you'll be greeted by unparalleled views of the great outdoors.

The sound of the rustling of leaves, birds, and small animals all add to the calm atmosphere.

Antler Ridge Cabin also offers semi-guided hunting for yet another thrilling adventure.

All these features and more make it the perfect place to experience the beauty of nature.

Final Thoughts

The village of Stockport may look small and quiet on paper, but once you explore it, you'll be surprised to find many exciting places.

From awe-inspiring wildlife areas and relaxing parks to cozy inns and restaurants serving delicious food, this destination has it all.

Start planning your visit and save this list of the best things to do in Stockport, Ohio!

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