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16 Best Things to Do in New Albany, OH

  • Published 2022/08/26

People often regard New Albany as one of the most attractive cities in the entire country.

It is the perfect place to visit with family or spend time with colleagues.

Two pioneers established New Albany in 1837.

Since many of its founders came from Albany, New York, they named this Ohio city New Albany.

You need not drive far to locate numerous locations where you can spend little time and get close to nature.

There are also museums and parks where you can take your kids if they want to explore more than just green space.

You can also bring them if they want something different than what’s available outdoors!

Here are the best things to do in New Albany, Ohio:

Watch a Musical at the Jeanne B. McCoy Center

Exterior of Jeanne B. McCoy Center

James D. DeCamp |, Courtesy of New Albany Community Foundation, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Jeanne B. McCoy Center is New Albany’s premier performing arts venue.

A partnership among the local government, the local school, and a community foundation made the center possible.

This performing art allows locals to enhance their skills in the entertainment industry while enriching their lives with artistic excellence.

Crowd in Jeanne B. McCoy Center

James D. DeCamp |, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The clean and well-maintained center provides viewers with a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Likewise, this place is perfect for any occasion, an intimate concert, or a big family gathering.

The theater has hosted many events such as musicals, plays, movies, and more!

Check out the Jeanne B. McCoy Center if you’re in the area!

Appreciate Art at Hayley Gallery

New Albany has a lot of history and culture, but you don’t have to go far to learn more about it.

Start your New Albany visit at the Hayley Gallery, which features several art pieces.

The staff at this gallery are friendly and helpful if you have any questions about the artwork.

Likewise, they can help you find something specific in their collection of works by more than 80 local painters, sculptors, and more!

Here you can see paintings, sculptures, wood carving, ceramic, jewelry, and home decors.

This gallery opened in 2007, presenting excellent exhibits and art services.

The Hayley Gallery is a great place to spend time with friends or family.

Escape the Rooms at Captivating Worlds

Try to solve the puzzles and get out of the rooms as quickly as possible in Captivating Worlds.

This 5,600-square-foot structure in New Albany offers thrilling entertainment.

Get together with your special someone, family, and friends.

Work together to find the clues you need to escape.

Every room has a distinct soundscape and lighting to make the experience more authentic.

You can choose from their unique rooms with different themes, such as the Sins of Doctor Faustus, the Barnyard Winds, and Welcome to the Machine.

Stop by the souvenir stalls at Captivating Worlds and grab a statement shirt or escape room-themed wall clock.

Take a Morning Walk at Rose Run Park

Rose Run Park is undoubtedly the most well-known park in New Albany.

It’s home to most of the city’s historically significant and aesthetically pleasing landmarks.

This park features a well-traveled walking trail that crosses a bridge bearing the names of the Raines and Cadieux families.

This bridge connects the natural scenery and the nearby restaurants, schools, and shopping districts.

There is also a shallow creek and a play area made of wood.

Close to the bridge is a collection of twelve benches, ideal for sitting while taking in the surrounding natural beauty.

Spend the afternoon at Rose Run Park!

Watch a Ball Game at Bevelhymer Park

When you’re looking for a place to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors, Bevelhymer Park is an excellent choice.

This 145-acre park features baseball and softball diamonds and soccer and football fields.

You can also play on the tennis courts if you don’t want to walk on the park’s paved trails.

If you get hungry, there are food stands and a playground for kids.

Many people hang out with friends or family or even make new friends while they play on the open fields or walk through the paved trails.

Bevelhymer Park is one of the most visited parks due to its sports facilities, but many things make it a great place, too!

Visit the Ealy House & William Resch Park

One of the historic houses in New Albany is the Ealy House, next to Resch Park.

The Ealy House is a 19th-century home representing the wealth of early New Albany settlers during the sawmill era.

Resch Park is near the historic house, named after William Resch, an educator and an environmentalist.

As you walk around the park, you will see a large stone with his name carved.

Visitors to the park can take pleasure in a picnic thanks to the green surroundings.

You can see many flowers around the area, so you can also take in the calming colors.

Bring your family to the Ealy House and Resch Park!

Have a Picnic at Wexner Park

Check out Wexner Park if you want to find a place to host your next event.

This 2.2-acre park has a formal lawn and the Karr Family Pergola; you can rent both.

This location is ideal for social gatherings, including weddings and reunions with extended family.

Likewise, you can see a pavilion and six large picnic tables at this location.

The pavilion has a kitchen, toilets, a fireplace, and other essential appliances.

It can also accommodate up to sixty people.

The Wexner Park is in the heart of downtown New Albany, only minutes away from the shops and restaurants.

Learn about Trees at Swickard Woods

The Swickard Woods Arboretum is a hidden gem in the city of New Albany.

Students love to visit this beautiful garden.

It offers a great place to study, meditate on nature, or enjoy the serenity of surrounded by trees.

In this arboretum, you will find more than 30 different kinds of trees, from those over 300 years old to young saplings.

Likewise, the Swickard Woods Arboretum is easily accessible for walkers, families, and nature enthusiasts.

Here you can also learn about the different benefits of trees while enjoying their natural environment.

This natural preserve is home to red-tailed hawks and horned owls.

You can find the region’s wildflowers growing in the northern half of the Swickard Park.

Grab Dinner at Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern

“Come as you are” in this beautiful restaurant and tavern in New Albany.

The Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern serves an authentic American restaurant ideal for casual gatherings, corporate meetings, and dinner parties.

Likewise, the owners want locals to treat this place like home.

They can be themselves and share their stories and experiences while enjoying the food.

They serve chicken fingers, buffalo cauliflower, fried pickles, and blackened salmon.

You get the picture: comfort food made with natural ingredients and served in generous portions.

The menu also has salads and a kids’ menu that includes kids’ Oreo snowball and kids’ spaghetti & meatball.

Check out the tacos at Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern, too!

Hold a Reunion at Hudson 29

Since 1993, Hudson 29 has earned a strong reputation throughout the city of New Albany for its exceptional American cuisine.

Here, you can try their famous menu, which includes rotisserie roasted chicken and flatbreads.

Their bar also serves craft beers, wine, and cocktails.

At Hudson 29, you’ll find a warm and inviting atmosphere around the restaurant.

This tavern has become a favorite gathering place of locals, including an ideal place for reunions.

Hudson 29 provides a wide variety of seating options, including booths, tables, and large communal tables.

You can bring large groups or hold extended family dinners here.

Buy Something at Three French Hens

The Three French Hens is a must-see spot in New Albany.

You’ll find everything from hand-made jewelry and clothing to home decor and more, all in one place.

The store is roomy, brightly illuminated, and furnished with numerous tables and chairs.

Customers may have a seat and relax while they browse an incredible variety of apparel.

They sell everything from jeans to dresses, shirts to coats, jewelry to accessories, and everything in between.

Their hand-made jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more.

You name it; they have it!

The Three French Hens shop has adorable purses made of leather or suede that would make anyone happy.

Have Fun at New Albany Farmers Market

The New Albany Farmers Market started operating in 1990 to help increase the community’s and local tourists’ interest in the city’s local products.

Take your pick from fresh fruits and vegetables, local food, and exceptional coffee, among other locally produced goods.

You can even purchase clothing and jewelry at one of the many stalls.

Grab a bite to eat at one of the food trucks parked nearby.

Forty different merchants sell various products at New Albany Farmers Market.

Likewise, you may also listen to a live performance at the music tent.

Get Some Corals at Reef Systems Coral Farm

The Reef System Coral Farm is a sustainable fish farm in New Albany that has existed since 1999.

They specialize in growing corals, and their operation has become a tourist destination for locals and visitors alike.

The farm grows all kinds of beautiful corals, including La Lakers Zoas and Jungle Juice Zoas.

This is the place to go if you’re looking for something more colorful than your typical green or brown algae!

You can also find yellow ricordea mushrooms here.

In addition to selling corals, Reef Systems Coral Farm sells other aquarium essentials like live rock or a fish feeder system.

Play Golf at New Albany Country Club

If you’re looking for an exclusive golf experience, go to the New Albany Country Club.

Besides their unmatched amenities, their tennis courts are second to none.

Jack Nicklaus himself designed the 27-hole championship course.

They have stiff, clay, grass, and platform courts that will have you feeling like a pro in no time.

Their catering service also accommodates private gatherings.

Likewise, they can easily accommodate any size party or event!

White fences surround the course, with several distinct neighborhoods connected by a vast network of recreational paths.

Each area has distinctive features that make it unique from the others.

Bring your friends to the New Albany Country Club!

Stop by the Doran’s Farm Market

Another famous farm market in New Albany is Doran’s Farm Market.

This family-run business started when the founder sold his local produce using a wagon in the 1970s.

They have since grown into a full-scale farm market, but they still pride themselves on selling only fresh fruits and vegetables.

Their extensive selection includes peaches, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, candy onions, cabbage, potatoes, and more.

They also offer fresh fruit and vegetable picking to visitors.

This is an excellent opportunity to get your hands dirty and pick your produce!

Doran’s Farm Market has a mini store selling jams, jellies, baked products, and beverages.

See an Orchestra Play at Charleen & Charles Hinson Amphitheater

When you’re looking for an evening of entertainment, head to the Hinson Amphitheater.

This beautiful venue hosts various performances, including musical plays, concerts, theater, ballet, and much more.

The 1992 Hinson Amphitheater offers enriching opportunities for arts organizations and local artists.

It presents artists with a space to perform and display their work.

The Hinson Amphitheater is a great place for families to enjoy performances together.

Likewise, couples looking for an evening date night out will enjoy the theater.

It is an excellent place to take children on weekend mornings.

Since the Rose Run Park is near the Charleen & Charles Hinson Amphitheater, you can take a walk before seeing a show.

Final Thoughts

Pack your things and head out on an adventure to the beautiful city of New Albany. Ohio.

With its gorgeous architecture, historical significance, and friendly residents, it’s a place you’ll want to tell all your friends.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in New Albany!

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