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15 Best Things to Do in Layton, UT

  • Published 2021/10/12

The city of Layton lies at Davis County, Utah.

Thanks to the FrontRunner commuter rail and the Salt Lake City International Airport, you may easily reach Salt Lake City and Ogden from Layton.

Hill Air Force Base, a large hospitality district and conference center, the Layton Hills Mall, numerous widely renowned food and retail chains, the East Gate Business Park, and the Weber State University-Davis campus make Layton City a leader in economic development for the surrounding area.

The city’s population fluctuated throughout World War II.

It went from being farmland to becoming a residential neighborhood.

Today, Layton serves as a bedroom town among the surrounding suburbs.

Even though Layton, Utah, isn’t as well-known as other American communities, don’t be fooled.

Layton is a charming, up-and-coming tourist destination with plenty to see and do.

This secluded location has a surprising number of unusual things to see and do, as well as exciting places to discover.

If you’re on your way to Salt Lake City, consider taking a slight detour here.

You may want to return to Layton sometime in the future to relax and unwind.

Read on to discover why Layton should be on your itinerary when you visit the United States.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top activities to do in and near Layton.

You’ll be glad you included this city in your itinerary.

Picnic at Layton Commons Park

Beautiful View of Layton Commons Park

Chadthomas2013, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Considered one of the most beautiful locations to visit in the United States, Layton Commons Park is a fantastic spot to spend time with friends and family and have a good time.

With trees and lakes surrounding the park, it is the perfect spot to connect with nature without extreme hiking or climbing.

For your convenience, the park provides a variety of amenities such as picnic shelters, bathrooms, picnic pavilions, barbecue grills, playgrounds, and parking spots.

Additionally, it includes a separate baseball field on its premises, a welcome addition for sports enthusiasts of all kinds.

You will want to return to the park again and over again since the atmosphere is so pleasant.

Trek Down Adams Canyon Trail

This picturesque 3.8-mile out-and-back path, located near Layton in Davis Country, follows the path of North Fork of Holms Creek.

There are a few easy switchbacks to get used to before reaching the canyon’s opening when you first start the route.

There’s hardly much cover along this stretch of path.

It’s shady and undulating down the creek, with several water crossings and a gradual, moderate ascent closer to the Adams Falls.

At the last portion of the route, there is a 40-foot-tall waterfall.

Before the waterfall, there’s a little pond where you may wade.

No matter your level, you will enjoy this trek due to its many sights and activities that are especially appealing to children.

You may also come across the Bonneville Shoreline Trail through this trail.

Check Out Marine Animals at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

Not only is there some unusual aquatic life on SeaQuest; it also has jungles and deserts.

Take a thrilling journey through an Icelandic Fishing Village, the Amazon River, and beyond with its exhibits.

You may interact with animals and learn about ecosystems via different hands-on activities such as feeding stingrays, birds, sharks, and tropical animals with fish and other foods you can hold in your hands.

You may also feed the caiman or get up and personal with the reptiles or snorkel in the 36,000-gallon aquarium to see sharks and stingrays as well as hundreds of tropical species.

Private event space is also available at SeaQuest, perfect for school field excursions, birthday parties, and other gatherings.

Cool Off at Ellison Park

One way to enjoy a hot, humid day in Layton is by getting in the water.

Ellison Park has just the facility for you!

It is a 44-acre park featuring sports facilities and a splash pad.

It’s no ordinary splash pad, with more than 20 separate water spray parts and a unique elevated play platform and splash pad.

Seven additional ground-level water features surround the elevated structure and cater to both toddlers and older children.

As a bonus, there’s also a water dragon’s head and loops and tail.

It also has an AAA baseball field, and Little League fields, a skate park, basketball courts, and a one-mile walking route are all available to visitors.

Take a Dip at Layton City’s Surf ‘n Swim

The Surf ‘n Swim in Layton City, Utah, is a free public pool with a wave pool, open water, and lanes for swimming.

There are lifeguards on duty, water aerobics classes are available, and sand volleyball courts are available.

There are two separate swimming pools here.

Every 20 minutes, one of them turns on a wavemaker.

Both swimming pools are excellent, including lanes for lap swimming and also dive sections.

Small children may play at one end of the enormous wave pool, and as they get older, they can move further into the water.

You may also hire a tube and take advantage of the sporadic waves, which come along from time to time.

It’s a laid-back and comfortable environment.

A snack bar is also available at the facility.

If you’d rather not pay for concessions, they also allow you to bring food and drinks.

Play Bowling at Davis Lanes

Are you looking for a bowling facility for people of all ages in Layton?

In Davis Lanes, bowl with friends or a date night out with your significant other at affordable rates.

It also features extreme bowling with a fog machine, flat-screen TVs, and a lounge for customers over 21.

The Lounge is a smoke-free zone where guests may enjoy a variety of beers and other beverages.

Grab a drink after competitive matches or listen to the jukebox and enjoy the ambiance.

Enjoy Classic Fun Center’s Various Activities

Rolling skating, bouncy castles, mini bowling, laser tag, and a soft play area are all available at Classic Fun Center.

There’s also an arcade and a water park.

You can bring your skates, blades, or scooters from home if you like.

If you don’t have your own, you can rent some from the facility’s rental pool.

Younger children will enjoy the jungle gym at Pirate’s Cove.

Foam-shooting Cannon Blasters are available for use on the slides and obstacles throughout the game.

Visit Classic Fun Center’s website for more information about its rates.

It also caters to special occasions like birthday parties, corporate events, and family reunions.

Get Closer to the Wildlife at Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve

View at Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve

Faina Gurevich /

Imagine what you can do in the 4,400-acres uplands and wetlands in Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve.

It lies between the Antelope Island State Park Causeway and the Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area.

View at Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve

Faina Gurevich /

Located in Utah’s Great Salt Lake Basin, the Great Salt Lake serves as the world’s biggest saltwater lake.

Shorebirds on migration and ducks depend on the lake for food.

On their way from the Arctic towards America’s Central and Southern regions, up to six million migrating birds rest and feed in this protected area.

View at Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve

Chadthomas2013, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You may learn about the significance of the lake at this birdwatcher’s paradise.

You can observe a range of freshwater and saltwater marsh plants, as well as a variety of ducks and other wildlife while strolling along the boardwalk, which connects to nearby uplands and wetlands.

Taste Roosters Brewing Co.’s Unique Beers

Roosters is Layton and Davis County’s first and only microbrewery. Steve Kirkland, Roosters Brewmaster, produces around 26 different beers, including famous originals such as Two-Bit Amber, Bee’s Knees Honey Wheat, and the well-known Polygamy Pale Ale.

It’s one of three Roosters spots, and it’s a renowned restaurant and brewery in Layton with a friendly atmosphere and a wide area with lots of natural light coming from the big windows.

Customers of all ages are welcome since the food is just as popular as the beer.

Owner and chef Pete offers a wide variety of food for all tastes, including a wide selection of pizzas, pasta, entrees, and appetizers.

For a taste of the chef’s surprises, check out the daily offerings.

Learn About Layton’s Past at Layton City Heritage Museum

In 1972, passionate Layton residents came together and established a museum to honor the city’s history.

Once they had established a non-profit museum corporation, they raised funds to construct the museum building, chose an ideal location, and gathered artifacts.

The group also used private donations to construct a museum building, which they donated to Layton City that took care of the city’s cultural heritage.

The museum opened its doors to the public in August 1980 and has welcomed tens of thousands of residents, old and new, ever since.

The museum’s legacy collection has developed over time to contain 2,470 artifacts, 3,770 historical photos, 2,900 archival papers, and 299 publications.

Try The Hive Winery’s Non-Grape Wines

The Hive Winery, situated in Layton, Utah, is a tiny artisan boutique winery and houses the state’s first brandy distillery.

Other than grape wines, it specializes in hard apple cider and mead, both honey wines.

Throughout the year, the Hive Winery makes small quantities of regional and specialty wines.

Its distinctive fruit wines vary from dry to sweet, with some being significantly drier than others in the market at the time of publication.

Meanwhile, the winery’s spin-off, the Hive Brandy Company, is a “nano” distillery, producing only 16-30 barrels of fruit brandy, liquors, and other spirits each year.

There are no artificial flavors in any of the Hive’s wines or spirits.

Watch Local and International Artists Perform at Edward A. Kenley Centennial Amphitheater

The Ed Kenley Centennial Amphitheatre started operating in 1995 with the help of the Utah Arts Council, Layton City, corporate sponsors, and private donors.

It treats Layton residents and visitors to a wide range of cultural events.

It also serves as a gathering place for both local and visiting artists and performers.

Edward A. Kenley Centennial Amphitheater, also known as Kenley Amphitheater, has included some of the greatest artists of our time since its beginning, including The Beach Boys, Chicago, Foreigner, The Doobie Brothers, Styx, and Olivia Newton-John.

Pay Respects at Vietnam Memorial Wall Replica

Located in Layton Commons Park, this 80 percent-larger version of the original Vietnam Memorial Wall bears the names of 58,000 or so Americans who died during the war, engraved along its 360-foot length.

According to government authorities, it took several years of planning, financing, and building to put the wall in place.

According to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, over 28,000 Utah troops fought in Vietnam, and more than 50,000 Vietnam Veterans now reside in Utah, making it an excellent option for the site of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Layton Commons lies at 437 North Wasatch Drive in Layton.

Test Your Critical Thinking at the Great Room Escape

If you love mysteries, there are five thrilling games to select from at Great Room Escape: Cabin, Houdini, Countdown, The Quest, and Ghost Hotel.

Play with your friends and family and try each room with its respective set of challenges.

The owners also plan to add more games to the facility.

What makes the Great Room Escape special?

It has high-quality, Hollywood-worthy immersive sets, meticulous attention to detail, and well-coordinated clues streams.

It truly is a 4-D experience that engages each of the five senses uniquely.

Great Room Escape is a unique interactive and immersive adventure that you will not soon forget.

Rather than just watching the performance, you’re now a full participant.

Each escape room can accommodate up to 12 people.

Clues and riddles scattered all through the room will provide you with the resources you need to succeed.

Take a Swing at Valley View Golf Course

The championship course at Valley View Golf Course in Layton, Utah, is a great value and a great place to spend a day with friends.

The course’s name alludes to the Salt Lake Valley, which is visible from the fairways, and the Wasatch Mountains, visible in the distance.

It has crosscut fairways and big, fast-rolling greens.

Each of the course’s four holes has four sets of tees.

There are several sidehills lying on the course, in addition to the numerous water hazards and bunkers.

The holes on the front and back nines are a little bit different from one another.

Do note that this is a prepaid course, so make your reservations through the course’s official website.

Final Thoughts

Are you trying to come up with weekend plans for the family?

Visit Layton, Utah, with your family and kids!

It’s a safe, walkable city with numerous fascinating attractions.

Layton, Utah, has been named one of the finest places to live in the United States, and with its homey vibe, it’s a great weekend destination for families.

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