15 Best Things to Do in Bryce Canyon

15 Best Things to Do in Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is one of the most famous and beautiful tourist destinations in Southern Utah.

This place welcomes more than 1 million visitors each year who soak up the beauty of the area.

This place offers various adventurous activities which are suitable for solo as well as group travelers.

Bryce Canyon is situated at a height in which the weather can be very unpredictable.

However, this will never be a problem for your memorable vacation in the area.

This National Park is definitely a serene and breathtaking place.

This article details some of the best things to do in Bryce Canyon.

Hike to the Queen’s Garden

Queen’s Garden Trail
Unai Huizi Photography / Shutterstock.com

The Queen’s Garden is a small trail—only 1.8 miles long.

It is also the easiest trail to hike into the main amphitheater of Bryce Canyon.

However, the ease of this hike cannot disregard its beauty and adventure among visitors.

It is absolutely beautiful and perfect for hiking.

If you are not an expert or are trying hiking for the first time, this is the perfect trail for you.

Navajo Loop Trail
Andriy Blokhin / Shutterstock.com

Navajo Loop Trail is a perfect place for people who are fed up with the viewpoints and want to indulge in some natural beauty of Bryce Canyon.

Located in the deep end of the base of the canyon, Navajo Loop trail is only 1.4 miles in length.

Even though this trail is quite short, it still has some really breathtaking views, just like other places in the canyon.

You can also enjoy picnicking in this area and capture some mesmerizing pictures here.

This is also a great opportunity to hike if you are looking forward to spotting some great hoodoos at different angles.

Spot the local Wildlife

Mule deer at Bryce Canyon
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Bryce Canyon is also a place where you can spot a lot of wild animals.

The major wildlife species that can be spotted in this area are elk, mules, pronghorn, rattlesnakes, prairie dogs, and so forth.

The animals have adopted the environment around them and blend in quite well.

However, you have to be a bit alert and active in order to make sure that you do not end up hurting the animals and vice versa.

Fairyland Loop

Fairyland Loop
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Fairyland Loop is a place that offers absolutely stunning and breathtaking views of the canyon.

This place is accessible only after hitting the trails.

However, the efforts are worth it, and at the end of the hike, what you experience is nothing less than a fairyland.

The towering rock formations in the place looks like they have come alive from some storybook.

This hike is a bit hard and stretches to a total area of 8 miles.

However, this place is absolutely gorgeous and one of the most famous spots in the Bryce Canyon National Park Area.

Keep yourself well equipped with water and good hiking shoes to make the hike a bit easier.

Bryce Amphitheater

Bryce Amphitheater
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Bryce Amphitheater offers the largest and the most beautiful hoodoo rock formations in the park.

This amphitheater covers most of the viewing points of the park.

This area of the park is also famously known as the pink cliff, owing to its dramatic and colorful rock formations.

This amphitheater is perfect for capturing pictures at all spots.

It is quite decently popular among the visitors, so it can also be a great spot for getting in touch with people from different cultures and intermingling with them.

The Rim Trail

View from Rim Trail
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Another very beautiful and scenic trail, the Rim Trail is spread over a 5 1/2-mile area.

This trail is located on the edge of the Bryce Amphitheater.

What makes this trail special is that it is the connecting point of all the spots that overlook the amphitheater.

You can also enjoy the shuttle service from the Rim Trail to all other points in the park.

This place is quite beautiful and has a great elevation of almost 1700 feet.

The work can be completed within 2 to 3 hours depending on your experience and walking speed.

Apart from some steep sections, the trail is safe and enjoyable with unbelievable views.

Enjoy Riding in the Canyon

Horseback riding in Bryce Canyon
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Bryce Canyon is a perfect place for hiking on foot, but it does not make other activities in the area formidable.

The place is a great adventure spot if you are interested in horseback riding.

It will likely result in some of the most memorable stories of horseback riding, all while enjoying the beautiful spring vibes.

There are multiple horses and mules rides available into the amphitheater area.

Canyon Trail Rides is the most famous service provider that allows you to make the most out of your horse-riding experience.

There are some requirements that have to be complied with before you can start riding in the canyon, but these can be easily found on the Bryce Canyon website.

Indulge in Some Finesse Stargazing and the Astronomy Festival

 Stargazing night sky at Bryce Canyon
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Bryce Canyon is a place that is located a little ways outside of the cities and bright lights.

This makes the area around the park quite low in terms of light pollution.

As a result, the area has a very clear night sky, which makes it ideal for stargazing and astronomy.

The rangers present at the park are always happy to help visitors with the astronomy formations and presentations.

You can also spot the Milky Way easily while at this park.

In addition to the regular stargazing and appreciation of the beautiful sky, the park also organizes an annual astronomy festival.

This festival does not require any special reservations; it just requires the visitors to reach the park by sundown.

During the festival, various speakers from the Salt Lake Astronomical Society are invited for guest lectures, which allows the visitors to learn more about stars and other night wonders.

If you are interested in attending this festival, make sure to visit during the summer, as the festival is organized during summer months.

The Prairie Dog Festival

The Prairie Dog Festival is organized in the month of April during National Park Week.

Prairie dogs are quite common and an important species in Utah, and they also play a very important role in maintaining the ecological health and ecosystem balance in the area.

These animals are found exclusively in the west in the U.S., and the best location for spotting the dogs is top the ranges of the park, making it quite a photogenic and fantastic experience.

The prairie dog festival is a perfect night adventure.

The Mossy Cave Trail

Mossy Cave Trail
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A very easy and accessible train in the area, the Mossy Cave Trail is only a mile long both ways.

This cave trail is located outside the Bryce Canyon National Park and is a less crowded area as it is a hidden gem.

This trail is perfect for spotting some hoodoos, a small waterfall, and a mossy cave.

It is perfect for visiting during the winter months.

This area was made in the 1890s when some local pioneers dug an irrigation pit.

During the winter months, you can also spot some icicles hanging off the mouth of the waterfall and the cave, making it quite pristine and beautiful.

Sunset Point

View from Sunset Point in Bryce Canyon
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Sunset point is the perfect spot for people who are looking forward to spotting some beautiful sunsets in the park.

In addition to the sunsets, this point also offers the most distinct views of some hoodoos is in Bryce Canyon.

You can also look at the beautiful and breathtaking views of the city and spot the spire of Thor’s hammer.

This area is the most popular area for sunset photography.

During the golden hour, it is also quite common to find some photographers.

Being wheelchair accessible and only a half mile walk, this is one of the best places that you should definitely check out in Bryce Canyon.

Enjoy a Full-Night Adventure under the Sky

Who would not enjoy spending a complete night under beautiful open skies?

Bryce Canyon was recognized as an International Dark Sky Park in 2019, which makes spending a night in the park totally worth it.

The full moon hikes are a unique experience, which are led with the help of rangers in the area.

These hikes will allow you to explore the canyon once the sun goes down.

Completely overshadowed with the spooky and unbelievable beauty of hoodoos in the charming moonlight, this experience is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

To ensure maximum comfort, do not forget to bring your warm jacket, most comfortable shoes, and a warm heart for welcoming adventures.

Snowshoe Hike

Bryce Canyon Park during winter
ASGARALY LOULOUA / Shutterstock.com

Bryce Canyon National Park is equally beautiful and spectacular during the winter season.

The park is, however, less crowded and busy during this season.

The smaller crowd makes this place fresher, and you can also spot freshly dusted snow.

It is perfect for ranger-led snowshoe hikes, which are organized without any additional costs.

The snowshoes as well as the other facilities are supplied by the park, and all you have to do is enjoy this wonderland covered with beautiful hoodoos.

Enjoy Stays at the Beautiful Lodges at Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon Lodge
Michael Gordon / Shutterstock.com

The stays at Bryce Canyon National Park are equally beautiful with the added luxury.

If you are planning to spend a few nights or stay over the weekend, it is always advisable to reserve a private cabin or a motel room.

This historical hotel in Bryce Canyon is located only a short walk from the amphitheater and is extremely charming.

Bryce Canyon Geology Festival

If you are someone who is interested in geology or even normal rock formations, visiting the canyon during the Bryce Canyon Geology Festival could act as a cherry on top for your trip.

Also known as the GeoFest, this annual geology festival has various programs, such as guided treks and hikes, geology programs for the family, geology bus tours, guest speakers, rock exhibitions, and group activities at the visitor center.

A very knowledgeable and enjoyable experience, the festival can also be attended by people who are not so much into geology, as it is always interesting to know about the history of the formation of hoodoos.

Best Physical Activities to Enjoy in Bryce Canyon

Cycling in Bryce Canyon
Sara Danielle / Shutterstock.com

Bryce Canyon is an extremely adventurous area which not only offers natural sightings but also other ways of exploring the place.

The trails in the park are perfect for various activities, such as roller skating, long boarding, scooters, wheelchairs, cycling, jogging, and so forth.

Most of the trails are pet-friendly and offer some really beautiful and breathtaking scenery.

These physical activities not only allow you to explore the minute places in the park, but they also allow you to keep yourself fit and fine even while you are on a vacation.

The best part is that these activities never feel like a burden when the place is as beautiful as Bryce Canyon.

Camping at the North Campground

By now, you know that the skies in Bryce Canyon Park are unbelievably beautiful.

Another way of enjoying and making the most out of these beautiful skies is to go for a camping trip in the North Campground.

This campground is a great place for an extended stay.

The place is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. You can enjoy camping in both RVs as well as tents.

The campground also has seasonal features, such as firewood sales, camp stores, etc.

A perfect place to bid farewell to the regular stays during vacations, North Campground could be your favorite camping location.

From the beautiful Sunset Point to the Natural Bridge, from the Rim Trail to the Tower Bridge, Bryce Canyon is an unbelievably beautiful place in Utah.

This National Park is definitely one of the most fascinating and charming places due to its colorful hoodoos and rock formations.

Various events and festivals organized in this park are a source of knowledge and adventure for visitors.