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15 Best Things to Do in Sandy, UT

  • Published 2022/01/04

The city of Sandy is nestled in Salt Lake County in Utah that boasts eclectic offerings in the arts, outdoor explorations, culture, heritage, and more!

Sandy is the gateway to several outdoor exploration opportunities that make for a thrilling nature respite among the suburbia.

You can also explore a plethora of parks and indoor spots to enjoy several recreational activities to keep your trip brimming with fun and enjoyment.

Are you planning a trip to Sandy, Utah, soon?

Then read on for the 15 best things to do on your trip to the charming city of Sandy.

Shop and Dine at The Shops at South Town

Sign of The Shops at South Town in Sandy, Utah

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A trip to weekend getaway wouldn’t be complete without a bit of splurging and dining, so don’t forget to stop by at The Shops at South Town.

The Shops at South Town is the city’s premier shopping and dining destination where you can find trendy items, specialty pieces, and great dining options.

Sign of The Shops at South Town in Sandy, Utah

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Aside from the number of stores you can check out, the mall also offers entertainment opportunities like play areas for the youngsters, arcades, bowling, and more!

A trip to The Shops at South Town is a must if you’re visiting Sandy City for their top-notch service and a variety of items to choose from.

Watch the Annual Hot Air Balloon Launch at the Storm Mountain Park

If you happen to be visiting Sandy during the second week of August, then make sure to stay updated on the annual Sandy Balloon Festival.

Watch as the sky glows with the vibrant colors of the hot air balloons being launched at sunrise in Storm Mountain Park.

Aside from the balloon launch, you’ll also enjoy festival activities like live concerts, crafts, games, and more!

But if you’re not visiting Sandy during the balloon festival, Storm Mountain Park is also a great location to set up picnic dates with the family and let the youngsters have their time in the play area.

Catch Live Performances at the Hale Centre Theatre

Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy, Utah

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Spend a magical experience watching quality productions at the famous Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy, Utah.

The Hale Centre Theatre is the perfect destination to appreciate top-notch productions, excellent actors, and world-class sets.

The theatre is dedicated to bringing world-class performances and gaining recognition and awards for the people who enjoy performing arts.

Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy, Utah

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Hale Centre Theatre is home to a range of genres like musicals, drama, comedy, and a whole lot more that will delight the young and the young at heart alike.

Relax in your comfortable seat as you marvel at their fascinating set, bursting with special effects and dazzling acoustics.

Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy, Utah

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Aside from the live performances, you can also get your grubs for the show in their concessions area for a complete theatre experience.

Make sure to get a ticket for a show in the Hale Centre Theatre and enjoy a spectacular time appreciating the brilliant performing arts community in Sandy.

Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy, Utah

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Watch Live Shows at the Sandy Amphitheater

Nothing compares to the vibrant atmosphere of outdoor concerts and friendly people at the Sandy Amphitheater.

Catch performances from local talents, ranging from music concerts, comedy shows, theatrical productions, and more in this open-air venue in Sandy.

This community theater makes for an intimate concert experience surrounded by the scenic mountain view as you enjoy the fascinating performances.

Don’t forget to check out their website to see show schedules and purchase your ticket in advance to reserve your seat for the show you’re eyeing.

Hike the Trails of Bells Canyon Trail

Trails of Bells Canyon Trail

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If you’re looking for an exciting outdoor adventure that will take you through a scenic exploration, then head out for a hike at the Bell Canyon Trail.

A scenic hike or a trail run to the Bell Canyon Trail will take you through the relaxing sight of nature, which consists of the mountains and valley views, streams, meadows, and lush trees.

Trails of Bells Canyon Trail

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The beginning of the hike is laid-back and relaxed, but the final hike that will lead you to the Bell Canyon Waterfall is steep, and it can be a bit challenging.

The breathtaking sight of the waterfall and the relaxing sound of the cascading water are rewarding once you’ve overcome the challenge of the hike.

A hike to the Bells Canyon Trail makes for a thrilling adventure if you’re up for some challenge, so make sure to pack your outdoor essentials and unwind with the relaxing sight of nature.

Trails of Bells Canyon Trail

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Play Games and Have Fun with the Family at the Classic Fun Center

Nothing beats the classic family fun spent from playing games to roller skating at the Classic Fun Center in Sandy.

This indoor amusement center is the go-to destination if you’re looking to spend a fun bonding time with the family, whether it rains or shines.

The Classic Fun Center offers a range of fun activities like roller skating, indoor obstacle course, bounce houses, arcade games, laser tag, and so much more!

This amusement center’s family-friendly and vibrant atmosphere will surely delight the young and the young at heart.

Don’t miss out on a fun day with the family at the Classic Fun Center, and enjoy the endless activities in this amusement center.

Spend a Fun-filled Day at Lone Peak Park

You wouldn’t have to stray away from the city for beautiful sceneries and a fun-filled day because the Lone Peak Park is nestled at the heart of Sandy.

This city park boasts a spectacular view of the mountain with plenty of amenities for your day out with the family.

Lone Peak Park features ball fields, play areas, a running trail, and a skate park.

You can also pack some snacks and set up a picnic with the whole family for a laid-back bonding time in this spacious park with a scenic view.

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate a special day, you can reserve their indoor and outdoor pavilion to hang out and party with friends and family.

Lone Peak Park is a must-visit on your trip to Sandy since it’s accessible, and there are plenty of activities you can enjoy with the young and the young at heart alike.

See Major League Soccer at the Rio Tinto Stadium

Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah

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If your definition of a well-spent day is to be surrounded by the roaring crowd and cheering for a soccer team, then you shouldn’t miss out on a game at the Rio Tinto Stadium.

This well-designed stadium is perfect for watching sick soccer matches and simply having fun with the whole family.

Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah

An Errant Knight, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Aside from the vast soccer field, the Rio Tinto Stadium offers concessions, covered seating, and bathrooms to ensure your comfort and enjoyment.

The enthusiasm and spirit of the crowd add up to the great atmosphere in the stadium during the match, so make sure to get your tickets and prepare for a fun game night.

Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah

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Get Lost in Nature at the Dimple Dell Regional Park

If you’re looking for more natural spaces for outdoor exploration adventures, then head out and explore the Dimple Dell Regional Park.

This expansive park in Sandy offers hiking, cycling, and horseback riding opportunities that will keep your trip to the city brimming with outdoor adventures.

As you go along the trails of the park, you’ll get a glimpse of the fascinating view of the mountain and stop by at the charming ponds and streams in the area, which are perfect for photo opportunities.

You can also set up a picnic with the family in a scenic spot where you can enjoy your snacks while you wait for the fascinating sight of the golden hour.

Tee Off at the Hidden Valley Country Club

You shouldn’t miss out on a tee time in this charming golf course in Sandy, Utah, for the golf enthusiasts out there.

The Hidden Valley Country Club boasts the combination of a uniquely designed course with the unmatched natural beauty of the area, and you’ll surely appreciate the beautiful sight of the valleys as you tee off.

Aside from the breathtaking sight surrounding the golf course, you’ll also enjoy a bit of challenge in the layout with some elevation changes and water hazards.

After you enjoy a top-notch golf experience, you can stop by their restaurant for an energy boost with their great foods and beverages.

This charming location is a must-visit whether you’re a pro player or you’re a beginner in golf, so don’t forget to book your tee time at the Hidden Valley Golf Club.

Discover the Heritage of the City at the Sandy Museum

Sandy Museum in Sandy, Utah

A-M Bernshaw, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A trip to the city of Sandy wouldn’t be complete without learning about the city’s heritage, so don’t forget to stop by at the Sandy Museum.

This quaint museum in the city is housed in a historic two-story building built in the 1890s.

The museum houses an expansive collection of artifacts, memorabilia, photographs, and archives that showcase the town’s history.

Sandy Museum in Sandy, Utah

A-M Bernshaw, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can take an immersive tour to the museum, where you’ll discover the town’s heritage dating back to the first settlement in the 1860s up to Sandy’s development to a bustling mining town that’s now a modern suburb.

A visit to the museum is free, and the staff will take you on an educational tour.

Still, donations are greatly appreciated to maintain the place and support their cause to preserve the city’s history.

Sled Down the Hill of Flat Iron Mesa Park

During the winter, you’ll have fun in this wonderland as you sled down the hill on a sleigh ride at the Flat Iron Mesa Park.

This park in Sandy is the perfect location to get active and try different sports for all seasons since the park features lots of open space, walking paths, and sports areas.

Bundle up some snacks and set up a picnic with friends and family as you enjoy the day filled with fun activities.

Aside from the thrilling activities that you can do, you’ll also appreciate the place as it overlooks the mighty canyons and mountains surrounding the city.

Whether you’re visiting Flat Iron Mesa Park during the winter or in the summer, this destination has got everything you need for an enjoyable time outdoors.

Relax and Unwind at the Sego Lily Gardens

If you’re looking for a quaint, charming place where you can hang out and relax to escape your daily cares, then visit this mystical garden in Sandy.

The Sego Lily Gardens is home to a variety of blooming flowers and lush foliage in a beautifully-landscaped setting the keeps the place majestic.

Aside from the charming landscape, the Sego Lily Gardens is dedicated to educating the public about water conservation principles and what practices should be followed to make a beautiful water-wise landscape.

A trip to the Sego Lily Gardens makes for a relaxing escapade from the hustle and bustle of the town.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Meet the Sea Animals at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Front View of Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

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A 15-minute drive to the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium from the city of Sandy is worth it once you get to explore the facility.

The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is home to different animals from around the world.

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You can explore five different habitats, which consist of rainforests, ocean adventures, Asian expeditions, antarctic adventures, and the native Utah wildlife.

This world-class aquarium in Utah showcases lots of interactive exhibits and presents facts about the animals and nature, where you can learn about the diverse ecosystem of the Earth.

A trip to Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is perfect to delight the young and the young at heart.

Front View of Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

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Cool Off at the Cowabunga Bay Water Park

Beat the summer heat and wade the pools at the Cowabunga Bay Water Park, located just 15 minutes away from the city of Sandy.

This water park features 11 water slides that can go from relaxed to a wild ride as you slide down with the thrill of twisting and turning.

Aside from the slides, you can also cool off and float your cares away in the lazy river or bask under the Utah sunshine at the beach.

The Cowabunga Bay Water Park is a must-visit if you enjoy the thrills of going down on slides and wading waters, so make sure to include this water park on your trip.

Final Thoughts

The city of Sandy has got a lot of exciting activities to offer that will keep your weekend getaway brimming with new experiences.

Don’t forget to reference this list if you’re planning a trip to Sandy, so you don’t miss out on the best things to do in this city!

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