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20 Best Things to Do in West Jordan, UT

  • Published 2023/02/14

A Salt Lake City suburb, West Jordan ranks as the third most populous area in Utah.

This thriving city lies on the southwest end of Salt Lake Valley and is surrounded by the Jordan River’s west bank and the Oquirrh Mountain’s eastern range.

West Jordan was one of the pioneering settlements in the state since Salt Lake City was established in 1847 by Mormon communities.

When these early settlers arrived, they identified similarities between the River Jordan and the Utah River, which both have saltwater.

The Mormon prophet Brigham Young supported this belief and thus named the river as West Jordan River, which was later shortened to the Jordan River.

They finally named the area West Jordan for which it is known today.

West Jordan was formerly known for its agriculture, milling, and mining industry but has now become one of the fastest-growing cities in Utah.

So get to see the best things to do in this city.

Uncover Mining Facts at Bingham Canyon Mine

Aerial view of Bingham Canyon Mine

YegoroV /

Commonly known as Kennecott Copper Mine, the Bingham Canyon Mine has been operating in Salt Lake City’s southwest area since 1903.

The open-pit mine is hailed as the world’s deepest open-pit mine and recorded as the largest man-made excavation.

Closer details of Bingham Canyon Mine

Lenstacular Arya /

The copper mine is owned by a British-Australian corporation, Rio Tinto Group, and is said to have produced the largest amount of copper ever in mining history.

The mining area was also recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1966.

You can drop by the visitor center that’s open daily and have an unforgettable tour to view the Bingham Canyon Mining site.

Sunny day at Bingham Canyon Mine

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Revel in the Outdoors at Jordan River Trail

Wooden bridge at Jordan River Trail

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The Jordan River Trail was built parallel to the stretch of the Jordan River, running from Utah Lake to the Great Salt Lake.

This 45-mile trail system has a paved trail that’s just right for that afternoon stroll or even a morning jog.

A bridge at Jordan River Trail

Jeremy Christensen /

You’ll enjoy the sight of the flowing glassy waters of the Jordan River and lines of lush greens while savoring the calm breeze.

You can go for a bike ride or walk the trail to discover the local West Jordan neighborhood through different entry points on the trail.

The trail is just naturally inviting and perfect for that much-needed downtime.

Jordan River Trail waters surrounded with trees

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Learn about Sustainability at the Conservation Garden Park

Utah has one of the fastest-growing state populations but is also among the most challenged regarding the water supply.

The six-acre Conservation Garden Park located in the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District aims to promote sustainable practices and create long-term solutions to conserve water.

You can visit the demonstration gardens and Waterwise landscape exhibits that feature efficient irrigation, learn how to use Waterwise plant materials, or get informed about water conservation and maintenance techniques.

Get free classes or join public events and tours, or you might even come across some seasonal garden fairs.

You’ll get to appreciate the lovely landscapes of this garden and gain meaningful knowledge about the environment, too.

Appreciate Local Artworks at the Schorr Art Gallery

This local art gallery at West Jordan City Hall was originally a museum that opened to the public in 1993.

The museum was transformed into an art exhibit venue named after William H. Schorr, a German native who resided in Utah in 1925.

Schorr was one of the first people to start the poultry farming industry in West Jordan, became an active part of the community, and gave generous donations to various organizations.

The Schorr Art Gallery is now being run through the efforts of local city leaders and the members of the West Jordan Cultural Arts Society and hosts several exhibits to showcase the best artists in Utah.

You can head to the gallery to see different art creations by Utah’s local artists, ranging from traditional styles to abstract and contemporary works on canvas.

Take a view of photography exhibits and sculptures from artisans in their various artistic expressions.

Trek the Natural Landscape at Dimple Dell Regional Park

A deer at Dimple Dell Regional Park

salilbhatt /

There’s so much of nature to explore when you get to Dimple Dell Regional Park, a natural area that extends from Sandy’s east to the west location.

This 630-acre area offers different hiking trails, each with spectacular views that are sure to be enjoyed by nature lovers.

Park trails are open for biking, hiking, or horseback riding, so you’ll have all the outdoor fun you want.

Whether you’re a newbie hiker or feeling more adventurous to take a difficult trail, the park hosts options of flexible routes for any level of hiking ability.

You can access the park at Wrangler Trailhead with available amenities like parking spaces, picnic tables, a drinking fountain, and restroom facilities.

From there, you can hike your way by the Dry Creek Trail, where you’ll get to pass through a perennial stream, or take the North Trim Trail, which ends at the Granite Park Trailhead.

Enjoy Moments at Veterans Memorial Park

A 100-acre community park, the Veterans Memorial Park sits beside the city offices of central West Jordan.

This place serves as a tribute to the nation’s fallen heroes and those in service, so it has a patriotic feel to it.

The park has places for kids to enjoy, like the sandbox and the large wooden fort play area, which was built by the West Jordan community and volunteers.

You can use the different sports facilities the park offers, like basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, or practice some swings at the baseball and softball fields.

You can also find the Gene Fullmer Recreation Center and Senior Center in the park’s south area.

Get Some History Facts at West Jordan Historical Museum

Located at the northern part of the Veterans Memorial Park complex, the West Jordan Historical Museum is where you’ll get to see various memorabilia that features West Jordan’s rich history, culture, and prominent personalities.

The museum includes a collection of Willard Richardson’s antique blacksmith tools and equipment and sets of Archibald Gardner’s construction tools used in building sawmills.

You can also view collections in honor of the World Middle-Class Boxing Champion Gene Fullmer and his trainer Marv Jensen.

Some things that might also interest you are the dedication stone from the Latter Day Saints and an old Saltaire carousel horse.

Visit the place if you want to know more about West Jordan’s interesting historical facts.

Have a Shopping Spree at Gardner Village

The gardner mill that acts as Gardner Village's centerpiece

Tricia Simpson, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The history of Gardner Village makes this shopping district more than your usual shop-and-go attraction.

The story behind the name is Archibald Gardner, a devout Mormon who was one of the first few settlers who built sawmills in West Jordan during the 1850s.

These historic mills and houses have now become an important attraction to this shopping area.

Shop and find great deals at Gardner Village with its lines of locally-owned stores that offer an array of items from furniture and home decors to clothing and antiques.

Have a full meal at Archibald’s Restaurant, grab some snacks at Happy Camper Deli and Bakery, or satisfy your sweet tooth with some caramel apples and chocolates at the Chocolate Covered Wagon.

The Gardner Village also offers a venue for special events.

Swing Some Fun at Mulligans Golf and Games

You’ll have fun to a tee when you get to Mulligans Golf and Games with two of its 9-hole golf courses and quality golf equipment.

You can also do some swing drills in the practice areas and take advantage of their great driving range.

If you’re a softball or baseball enthusiast, you can sharpen those swings with several batting cages available and machines with different pitching speeds to suit little leaguers and pros alike.

Have a family or group tournament and play miniature golf with two 18-hole courses, the Haunted House themed and the Light House.

Go for some footgolf, a combination of soccer and golf, which you can play on the 9-hole course created by Mulligans.

If all these activities drained you, you could get a bite to eat or get refreshing drinks at Caddie Shack right inside Mulligans Clubhouse.

Jump Your Heart Out at Altitude Trampoline Park

There’s never a dull time at West Jordan with amusement attractions like the Altitude Trampoline Park.

The 30,000 square feet recreation area offers several indoor activities that are great for every family member.

Their high-performance trampoline has landing zones of 4ft, 6ft, and 8 ft to give you that adrenaline kind of excitement.

Play Battle Beam and knock off your opponent to a foam pit or play dodgeball with a twist of trampoline walls and floors.

You can dive right into the foam pit or get some energy going with high-9, ninja course, trampoline basketball, monkey bars, or the wipeout.

Little kids can also enjoy Altitude Trampoline Park with the soft play area.

For the budding gymnast and cheerleader, the tumble track is a safe place to practice some flips and cartwheels.

Strike the Fun at All Star Bowling & Entertainment

Get more of the classic wholesome fun at the All Star Bowling and Entertainment, one of West Jordan’s long-standing amusement centers.

Strike those pins at the bowling lanes and get some food and drinks.

Try the Escapology with family members or friends and test your wits by solving puzzles and finding clues to free yourselves from the game room.

You might feel a bit nostalgic seeing the huge arcade center, and hey, who doesn’t enjoy classic arcade games anyway?

You can bump some fun with eight bumpers cars available at this recreation center.

Kids of any age can also try the wall climbing activity with different levels to climb.

Work your tactical laser tag abilities but take caution with exploding laser mines at the laser tag game area.

Show your mini-golf skills with the 9-hole glow-in-the-dark course that features safari to deep-sea adventure themes.

Have a Hiking Adventure at Butterfield Canyon

Scenic view of nature from Butterfield Canyon's peak

Jeremy Christensen /

Located in the Oquirrh Mountains and west of Herriman, Butterfield Canyon is a breathtaking recreation road often overlooked by travelers.

This charming and picturesque canyon was named after the founder of the city of Herriman, Thomas Jefferson Butterfield.

The best time to hike the canyon trail is during fall, when you’ll get to witness vast evergreens and aspen trees in the Salt Lake Valley.

You need to be a more experienced hiker to trek this canyon.

Trails of the canyon will lead you to several peaks like Butterfield Peak, Lowe Peak, White Pine Peak, and Kelsey Peak.

Let Your Dogs Out at West Jordan Dog Park

Have a great dog day out and treat your woofers for some run and fetch.

The West Jordan Dog Park is an off-leash park where guests can just let their pet dogs roam free.

The park can cater to your canine buddy’s needs with a smaller area for small and less active dogs and two larger areas just enough to let big dogs socialize and run their hearts out.

You don’t have to worry about losing your pets because the park is secured with a perimeter fence to keep them safe.

So who says your pet dog can’t have any fun?

Get Lost in Fun at Crazy Corn Maze and Pumpkins

You might get lost, but you’ll find great fun at Crazy Corn Maze and Pumpkins.

This amusing entertainment venue is famous for its 4-acre pumpkin patch and 8-acre stretch of the corn maze, which now even features a mini-maze.

You’ll track your way through the maze by GPS on your phone by scanning a QR code at the entrance.

They have night attractions like the fright lights on the pumpkin patch, with sounds and lights leading you to an enchanted path and a freebie pumpkin to take home, too.

Get spooked with the Night Stalkers theme at the corn maze and be brave to braze the haunted trail.

Play Outdoor Sports at Midvale City Park

There are more ways than one to enjoy the West Jordan sun.

Get to see Midvale City Park, one of the local neighborhood parks to enjoy any time of the week.

The park includes a pavilion and amphitheater where you might catch a show or two on your visit.

Kids can run about the large park and have a fun time at the playground.

You can play active sports like softball, have some time for pickleball or shoot some basketball hoops.

Try out some Disc Golf or frisbee golf and see if you can score some points.

If you happen to be in the West Jordan area on Memorial Day or Labor Day, you can experience the park’s splash pad for a treat.

Explore Bingham Creek Trailhead

Bingham Creek Trailhead is a shared attraction by West Jordan and South Jordan as the trail connects the two cities together.

One of the most fun and convenient trails in the city, this will take you through the beautiful creekside beauty of the two cities.

Depending on the season you go, Bingham Creek Trailhead changes in beauty, becoming snow-clad during winter while having a more rustic appeal during fall.

If you go during spring, this trailhead has an abundance of botanical life as well—a great place to do photography.

From West Jordan, you can access Bingham Creek Trailhead along Targhee Drive, near Teton Estates Park.

Go for a Swing at Mountain View Golf Course

West Jordan has some amazing views, so you’d be hard-pressed to miss out on a chance to play golf here, especially if you’re an avid fan of the spot.

Mountain View Golf Course is a fun and inexpensive way to experience the sport in the city, as they have great prices year-round.

Their greenery is some of the best you’ll find in this area, well-maintained and offers some exciting challenges even for seasoned vets.

Located along Gardner Lane, Mountain View Golf Course has sweeping views of the surrounding mountains near West Jordan.

To fully enjoy this attraction, visit their restaurant and pro shop as well.

Go for a Run at Sycamore Ridge Park

Sycamore Ridge Park is a quiet oasis in West Jordan, found along New Sycamore Drive.

It’s situated right at the border of one of West Jordan’s neighborhoods that’s right by vast grasslands.

This makes Sycamore Ridge Park a scenic respite if you want a break from the city, especially since its trails are easy to navigate.

Not particularly big, you can easily do a loop around its paved walking trails that’ll take you to some beautiful grasslands that’ll make you feel as if you ventured far out from the city.

If you have some drones, kites, or even toy airplanes, the unobstructed area is a great place to launch them.

Get a Jolt of Adrenaline at Night Stalkers Haunted Trail

Night Stalkers Haunted Trail is a great way to buff your itinerary, especially if you’re looking for something a little quirkier during your stay in West Jordan.

It’s a haunted house that’s highly rated by both locals and tourists thanks to their awesome special effects and well-planned layout.

While it’s spooky, this is definitely a great place to bond with the family, even with younger children.

Some of the best features about Night Stalkers Haunted Trail are its corn maze and play area for the younger children.

Night Stalkers Haunted Trail can be visited along 4000 West Road.

Do Recreational Activities at Sierra Newbold Memorial Playground

Conveniently found along Bingham Highway, Sierra Newbold Memorial Playground is a popular daytime attraction for families.

This expansive recreational space offers a fun and modern way to enjoy the city with friends and family thanks to its sprawling park amenities.

They have some of the biggest playgrounds in West Jordan, equipped with all sorts of equipment and fixtures that’s sure to keep children busy for a couple of hours.

There’s also a spacious splash pad here if you want to cool down during the intense hot weather of Utah.

Pavilions and plenty of shade are also found here, making SIerra Newbold Memorial Playground a fantastic way to have a picnic as well.

Final Thoughts

West Jordan has a mix of both old-fashioned and modern attractions that is worth your family trip.

There are plenty of charming local parks and marvelous scenic spots to visit here.

While there are seasonal attractions, you can be sure by checking the local city sites.

So go ahead and plan your West Jordan vacation.

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