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15 Best Things to Do in Herriman, UT

  • Published 2022/09/01

Herriman became a city by state law a little over two decades ago.

Before that, it was a quaint town with a few residents.

The story of how it became a city comes from a disagreement between a land developer and officials from a nearby city.

The conflict led to a lawsuit that incorporated a lot of residents into the then town of Herriman.

This sudden surge in the town’s population helped Herriman become a city.

Fast forward to the present, and it’s an area that’s thriving and keeps developing more spots to attract more tourists.

If you’re planning to get a vibe of what the area has to offer, here are the best things to do in Herriman, Utah:

Walk or Bike through Herriman’s Various Trails

Herriman offers routes for people of varying trail experiences and modes of transport.

You can choose an easy trail through the city’s paved roads or ride a bike with more advanced paths that’ll take you through Herriman’s scenic canyons and majestic mountains.

For example, the Midas Creek Trail is a beginner-level trail that will take you through the heart of northern Herriman.

At 1.6 miles, its paved course is a pleasant route for jogging and walking.

More trails are open for experienced individuals and bikers.

Go Horseback Riding at Yellow Fork Canyon

Yellow Fork Canyon is very popular with horse riders.

If living the equestrian or cowboy dream is up your alley, this trail is for you.

Aside from horse riders, mountain bikers should also experience this route when they’re in town.

Yellow Fork Canyon is part of the Oquirrh Mountain in Utah’s Rose Canyon.

Mountain bikers can choose between two main paths.

The first is a challenging seven-mile track loop with 1,300 vertical feet of climbing, while the second is a smooth two-mile ride that ends in a lovely picnic area.

Whether you’re on a horse, a bike, or on your feet, Yellow Fork Canyon provides an opportunity to escape the city.

Go Downhill Biking at the Hardlick Trail

If you want to feel the rush of adrenaline, the Hardlick Trail is a 0.8-mile track that features rugged terrain—from rock drops and jumps to big turns.

It’s Herriman’s first downhill, mountain bike-only trail.

This machine-made trail offers several line choices, making your runs different each turn.

Since it’s exclusive to downhill biking, hiking, horseriding, trail running, dog walking, and uphill biking aren’t allowed on the Hardlick Trail.

Look Out for Unique Wildlife in Herriman’s Canyon Areas

Because of Utah’s terrain, Herriman’s hiking trails will surprise you with cool running creeks, various spring wildflowers, and unique wildlife.

Some plants you should look out for include rabbitbrush, larkspur, the Indian paintbrush, and the longleaf Pplox.

These plants dominate the canyon, and you won’t be able to miss their vibrant, eye-catching flowers.

But don’t just let your eyes wander; be on alert since rattlesnakes frequent Herriman’s wilderness.

Once you hear the “rattle,” or see a slithering creature, slowly move away.

If you find yourself on the unfortunate end of a snake’s venomous fang, stay calm and seek medical help immediately.

Reminisce with Man’s Best Friend at K9 Memorial Dog Park

Herriman City pays tribute to its police dogs.

K9 Memorial Dog Park is located along West Herriman Main Street.

Two memorials, in particular, stand out—Hondo and Dingo; both were K9 dogs who died in the service of the City.

Hondo died in 2020 in an operation to capture a wanted man by the US Marshals.

Dingo, meanwhile, served and passed away before the Herriman Police Station finished construction in 2018.

K9 Memorial Dog Park spans five acres and is separated into two sections; one serves as a memorial for police dogs, and the other features plenty of grass for dogs to run on.

The location even features spots that function as playgrounds for our furry friends.

As with any dog park, follow the rules.

Here are some of them: Don’t carry more than three dogs; keep them on their collars and leashes; remove their leashes inside the park and place them back on when exiting.

Buy Organic Produce Grown with Care by Herriman’s Farmers

Local growers sell their produce at the Herriman Farmers Market, which you’ll find at J. Lynn Crane Park.

These products were grown organically in Herriman’s soil, offering a variety of fresh, local, and organic goods and the community.

Choose among fruits, vegetables, flora, cheese, organics, locally-made jellies, greens, eggs, and other agricultural products.

The Herriman Farmers Market also hosts local entrepreneurs, including craftsmen, food artisans, artists, and musicians.

Tinker around the marketplace for a while, and find an item that’ll keep a memory of Herriman back with you.

Grab a Bite from the Hungry Herriman Food Truck Roundup

Gather your friends and loved ones and join the locals at the Hungry Herriman Food Truck Roundup, a popular event that runs from March to October.

Are you looking for some Thai food?

What about some wood-fired pizza?

Maybe you’re just out for some corndogs?

Don’t worry—the Hungry Herriman Food Truck Roundup offers a wide selection of food trucks to satisfy your palette.

Moreover, the event is organized in partnership with the Utah Food Truck League.

Each week offers a different food truck lineup so expect diverse flavors to tingle your taste buds.

Level up Your Ice Skating Skills on the Ice Ribbon

The Ice Ribbon is part of J. Lynn Crane Park.

The park offers a vast recreational space, but this ice rink gives it a more special touch.

It boosts the fun during the winter season as people of all ages enjoy the curves and turns of this ice rink.

Planning a trip to the Ice Ribbon during the winter season is ideal if you don’t mind the number of visitors; but once you’re in, you can skate to your heart’s content.

When it gets too cold, there’s always a fire pit nearby to help warm yourself up.

Cool Down on Herriman’s Splash Pads

The city houses three splash pads: the Rosecrest Splash Pad on Rosecrest Road, another in Herriman Towne Center, and the Umbria Splash Pad in Umbria Estates Park.

Because they’re found within the city’s major parks and recreational spaces, it’s recommended to end your tour around the city on these splash pads.

It’ll help beat the heat from touring, and you can rest and watch these pads’ automated waterworks.

Be on the Lookout for the Herriman Yeti

The Herriman Yeti leads the city’s many tourism initiatives.

What started as a scavenger hunt a yeti in 2017 turned into the city’s current mascot for its branding and outreach activities.

One event where you definitely won’t miss this mascot is the Yeti Hunt, which takes place in December and honors the scavenger hunt that birthed the lovable mascot.

Join or compete against the locals looking for clues that’ll make you dart around Herriman in search of the Yeti.

Find the Herriman Yeti first, and great prizes await you.

Take a Look around the JL Sorenson Recreation Center

Located along West Herriman Main Street, the JL Sorenson Recreation Center hosts plenty of amenities, most of which will help you keep fit.

There are pools where you can leisurely swim, practice your dives, or keep your heart fit by swimming laps around.

Cardio and cycle rooms containing treadmills and exercise bikes are also among the center’s amenities.

While you’re at the JL Sorenson Recreation Center, why not play a game of racquetball?

Six racquetball courts are up for reservations and open play, and racquets are available for rent.

Celebrate with Locals during the Fort Herriman Towne Days

You’d think the celebration is a callback to the town’s history as a town, but it’s a celebration of Herriman becoming a city.

Considered Herriman’s largest annual event, the Fort Herriman Towne Days takes place in the summer.

During this time, organizers prepare performers, set up a fair, arrange a fireworks display, and present other gimmicks.

The Fort Herriman Towne Days aims to celebrate the people of Herriman, and what better way to create memories than by sharing the festivities with the locals?

Score a Goal in Zion Bank Training Center

Utah has its own sports culture, and this is partly due to Zion Bank Training Center.

Located at the base of the Oquirrh Mountains, it boasts around 210,000 square feet of playing surface, making it the largest free-standing steel structure in the US.

This Herriman training center provides enough space for games and practices, with the facility being a prime location for sports and event rentals.

Men’s and women’s recreational soccer leagues take place in Zion Bank Training Center year-round.

Stopping by to watch (or bet) on different soccer teams is a good memory for competitive sports enthusiasts and fans alike.

Get Pumped with the Fort Herriman PRCA Rodeo

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) hosts another annual tradition of the city: the rodeo.

When and where the event takes place will depend on the decision of the PRCA; but when it’s announced, the Fort Herriman PRCA Rodeo is a celebration of cowboy and rodeo culture.

Expect country performers to grace the pre-events and capture you with their songs.

Prepare your hearts when the contestants compete against each other at the Fort Herriman PRCA Rodeo’s events, like bull riding, barrel racing, calf roping, bronc riding, and many more!

Live the Disney Magic at The Real UP House

The Real UP House, a replica of Carl and Ellie’s house from the movie Up, can help you realize your Disney dreams.

Take a look at its exterior—it has yellow, peach, and blue paint like in the movie—and take a tour of the house to compare how well it matches its fictional counterpart.

According to the homeowners, the builder received exclusive rights and permission from Walt Disney to replicate the fictional house down to the interior.

But unlike in the movie, this house won’t sprout more than a hundred helium balloons—so don’t expect this house to fly anytime soon.

The Real UP House is located on Herriman Rose Boulevard,

Final Thoughts

For a city that’s just a little over 20 years old, Herriman lets you experience Utah’s tagline: “Life elevated.”

Whether you’re interested in keeping in touch with nature through various trails or experiencing a Disney-like fantasy through the Up House, the city offers attractions for visitors of different tastes.

Make this city your next destination and enjoy everything on this list of the best things to do in Herriman, Utah!

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