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15 Best Things to Do in Brian Head, UT

  • Published 2021/12/04

It’s a sad irony that many popular getaway towns are overpopulated, especially during peak seasons.

Instead of relaxing in a quiet resort and reconnecting with yourself, you’re sharing a beach with hundreds of other people who want the same thing.

But worry no more!

There are still pockets of peace in the United States, such as Brian Head, Utah.

Sitting at 9,800 feet above sea level, Brian Head is a perfect shelter from the stresses of city life.

You can pick from a variety of recreation opportunities, such as skiing or communing with nature.

Do you want to know more about Brian Head, UT? Check out this list below.

See “The Greatest Snow on Earth” at Brian Head Resort

View of Brian Head Resort

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Because of its elevation, Brian Head sees a tremendous amount of snow every year, to the tune of almost 360 inches.

This snowfall gives the city a great reason to trademark the phrase “The Greatest Snow on Earth.”

If you want to enjoy this snow to the fullest, you’ll need to head up to Brian Head Resort.

With over 650 acres, the resort gives you access to two mountains, Navajo and Giant Steps.

Imagine all that snow to play with!

View of a Sign in Brian Head Resort

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Besides skiing, you can also take both chair lifts and surface lifts.

There are eight chair lifts and three surface lifts.

Likewise, you can pick from the 71 available runs to make the most of your ski resort stay.

Visit the Brian Head Resort at 329 UT-143, Brian Head, UT 84719.

View of Brian Head Resort

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Stand on Top of the World at the Brian Head Lookout

Standing on the summit of the Dixie National Forest’s Cedar City Ranger District, the Brian Head Lookout gives you a sweeping panorama of the entirety of Brian Head.

This place is historic, too, for the Civilian Conservation Corps Camp built it from 1934 to 1935.

When you go up there by sedan, you’ll find a couple of buildings that serve as restrooms.

The Sierra Club’s Southwest Service group restored these toilet facilities during the 1990s, and you can still see them today.

You’ll also find some plaques on the overlook that tell you about the different regions you are looking at.

People also looked out for fires there.

Bike Downhill at Bunker Creek Trail

Besides skiing and snow, Brian Head is also famous for its various downhill trails.

Among all these trails, Bunker Creek is the main attraction.

You’ll surely go dizzy biking down this trail because it begins at Brian Head Peak, standing at 11,307 feet above sea level.

After a thrilling ride, you’ll end up 14 miles down at Panguitch Lake.

In all, you’ll be rocketing 3,000 feet down the mountain.

You can also do some sightseeing from Brian Head Peak before you take the plunge.

Gather your courage and inspire yourself through the fantastic views of the surrounding forest.

For example, you can take a lot of photos of the Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Enjoy the Snow With Georg’s Ski Shop

Newbie winter sports enthusiasts don’t need to worry about equipment at Brian Head.

For decades, Georg’s Ski Shop has been catering to the mountaineering needs of visitors from all over.

If you need skis or mountaineering gear, drop by Georg’s, and they’ll suit you up.

If you visit Brian Head in the summer, Georg’s will still help you out because they rent mountain bikes, too.

There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than feeling the cold mountain air whooshing through your hair.

Besides, you’ll also get treated to some of the most beautiful nature views in the American West.

Visit Georg’s Ski Shop at 612 UT-143, Brian Head, UT 84719.

Have Family-Friendly Fun at the Brian Head Snow Tubing Park

The Brian Head Resort also offers other recreation activities besides skiing and snowboarding.

So, if these activities have become old hat to you, you could try the resort’s snow tubing park.

This six-lane park is perfect for kids and adults who want to bond over an exhilarating snow adventure.

How does it work?

To put it simply, you’re riding an inflatable tube down the hill, along a tube made out of snow.

Think of those water slides you see all the time at water parks.

It’s the same logic and the same fun.

You wait for a tow lift to carry you to the hilltop, and then you push off and slide.

Enjoy Off-Road Driving With Brian Head Outdoor Adventures

Besides having the “Greatest Snow on Earth,” Brian Head also goes the name “Highest Resort Town in the US.”

The town’s elevation provides you with several off-road trails that you can follow on foot, on a mountain bike, or All-Terrain Vehicles.

If you want to take an ATV to spice up your trip, you can rent one at Brian Head Outdoor Adventures.

The company will also guide you to the many trails you can drive through.

Likewise, Brian Head Outdoor Adventures offers a selection of lodging options if you decide to spend the night in town.

Visit Brian Head Outdoor Adventures at 468 N Hwy 143, Brian Head, UT 84719.

Hike up the Bristlecone Pine Trail

View of Bristlecone Pine Trail

daveynin from United States, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you prefer laidback activities, you could go to the Bristlecone Pine Trail for a family-friendly hike leading to a fantastic view of the canyon.

The shortness of the trail makes it accessible to people of all ages.

Likewise, you won’t find many of the usual hawkers and other tourists to spoil your view.

View of Bristlecone Pine Trail

Annitta Keck, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Walking through the spruce and fir along the trail, you’ll soon come upon a viewing platform under the Bristlecones.

This platform allows you to look out over the cliffs’ ridge and onto the canyon itself.

So, be careful and take all the photos you want.

After that, you can return to your starting point easily because the trail simply loops around.

Shop Outdoors Apparel at Brianhead Sports

This family-owned apparel store has served everyone visiting Brian Head for more than 40 years.

If you want to buy or rent outdoor sports gear, you might want to drop by Brianhead Sports to get the deluxe equipment you need.

For instance, you can rent a snowboard for a day or buy a new pair of skis.

They also sell winter sports gear for everybody ages, like thick mountaineering jackets, gloves, and other attire.

You can also buy snowshoes and snow boots there.

Visit Brianhead Sports at 269 S Village Way, Brian Head, UT 84719.

Tour the Snowy Country With Thunder Mountain Motorsports

If you just want a little thrill in your Brian Head trip, you can book a snowmobile tour with Thunder Mountain Motorsports.

They’ll handle ferrying you across the Utah back-country, passing by Brian Head, the Dixie National Forest, and the Cedar Breaks National Monument.

An experienced guide will go with you, of course, so you can relax and admire the snowy paradise of Brian Head, with its snow-capped trees and craggy gray peaks.

The guide will also point out areas of interest to you, so you literally won’t miss anything.

Don’t worry about returning in one piece, too.

The guide will take care of that.

The tours range from a 1.5-hour session to 3 hours and a complete day tour.

You’ll need to reserve a spot for the day tour.

Visit Thunder Mountain Motorsports at 539 UT-143, Brian Head, UT 84719.

Experience Winter Wonderland at Brian Head Ice

Cap off your snow adventure in Brian Head by dropping by the Brian Head Ice, the finest recreational skating rink in Southern Utah.

The family-friendly rink sits in the middle of a grove of mountain trees, giving it a homely ambiance fit for all occasions.

You can bring a date there, or you can have a fun night with your parents or kids.

After skating, you can warm your bones with a mug of piping hot chocolate before grabbing dinner at the nearby restaurants.

Brian Head Ice is also the nearest skating rink to Cedar City and St. George, Utah, so you don’t need to go far.

Visit Brian Head Ice at 249 Village Way, Brian Head, UT 84719.

Pamper Yourself at Noorish Spa

Of course, you’ll need some rest after snowboarding or skiing all day.

When you get back down from the mountain, you’ll want a warm and gentle massage.

You might think Brian Head doesn’t have those services, but you’d be wrong.

Just go to the Best Western Premier Hotel and look for the Noorish Spa for all your pampering needs.

The spa employs skilled professionals who will attend to your every need during the massages.

You can just let all your strains and worries slip away from your body.

If you’re not in the mood for a massage, you can head to their steam shower or get soaked in their hot tubs.

Visit the Noorish Spa at 314 Hunter Ridge Dr, Brian Head, UT 84719.

Explore Nature Along the High Mountain Trail

If you can’t get enough of hiking at Brian Head, you’re in luck.

The village has an abundance of hiking trails you can follow.

One of them is the High Mountain Trail, which provides a majestic view of nearby Cedar Breaks and the Ashdown Gorge Wilderness Area.

Along the 400-yard dirt road, you’ll come upon a bunch of aspen trees.

Resume the trail to reach a clearing, passing through oak, and you’ll find some tall fir trees along a ridge spine.

Eventually, the trail ends at Lake Creek, leading to Rattlesnake Creek and another trail.

During your hike, you’ll see various species of trees.

You might not have enough space in your camera roll when you get back.

The High Mountain Trail starts at FR 281, Brian Head, UT 84719.

Try Deluxe Thai Cuisine at the Sook Jai Thai Cuisine

Who could have guessed that you’ll find an excellent Thai restaurant up in Brian Head, Utah?

Yet, the small resort town hosts the Sook Jai Thai Cuisine, which serves a full menu of authentic Thai dishes.

So, if you want to expand your palate, head over there as soon as you can.

You can try their menu of noodle stir-fry dishes, all sorts of curry, a multitude of rice dishes, and Thai-style noodle dishes.

Likewise, you can add your choice of tofu, pork, beef, or chicken to your chosen meals.

Visit the Sook Jai Thai Restaurant at 259 Village Way, Brian Head, UT 84719.

Grab a Beer at the Last Chair Saloon

Inside the sprawling complex of the Brian Head Resort, you’ll find the Last Chair Saloon, which serves beer and good old American food.

You can find the saloon on the third floor of the resort’s Giant Steps Lodge.

So, if you want to grab some dinner and beer to cap off a busy day, you won’t go wrong at the Last Chair Saloon.

They also serve a signature beer called the Brian Head Lager, which pairs well with many food options.

Enjoy your ice-cold beer, along with delicious food, while admiring the snowy slopes outside the resort.

Perk Up at Mountain Peak Coffee

If you’re just beginning your Brian Head adventure, you might want a shot of caffeine at Mountain Peak Coffee so you can hit the ground running.

The café also offers a wide selection of breakfast food, like roast beef and vegetarian sandwiches, to last you for a whole day’s activity.

You can also try their special coffee blends, depending on the season.

So, prepare yourself for a full day by enjoying hot coffee and a filling sandwich.

Start your Brian Head trip right.

Visit Mountain Peak Coffee at 259 S Village Way, Brian Head, UT 84719.

Final Thoughts

Brian Head is a ski resort town and winter wonderland.

However, that doesn’t mean you can enjoy the place only when it snows.

For instance, you can still explore the wonders of nature even if you go there in the summer.

So, who cares what season it is?

Book your Brian Head trip today!

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