15 Best Things to Do in Logan, Utah

15 Best Things to Do in Logan, Utah

Hometown to the Utah State University- Logan is a town for all! Be it gliding through the snowy Beaver Mountains, biking on the rugged terrain, or just learning about the Latter-day Saints- you will not ever be bored in Logan. It might look like a quaint town that has a population of just 51,000, Logan has a lot to offer for its travelers. Now, let us take a look at the top 15 things we can do in Logan.

Visit the Utah State University

Utah State University
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Logan, Utah is a huge college town along with some of the best hiking trails and natural beauties. However, the main Utah State University is the original reason why tourists (mainly students) flock to Logan. Being one of the main universities of the States, Utah State University is responsible for bringing a huge number of tourists to Logan.

Did you know that Utah State University was originally built in 1888? It was not even a university back then for the residents used it as an agricultural college. Now it has expanded its horizons to wide and far. Humanities, science, arts- everything is thought here. The research department of this university is one of the strongest. Various teams play their sport here and the campus is well decorated and lively.

Ski at the Beaver Mountain

Utah, in itself, is quite a warm place to stay. But, Logan can be quite an enjoyable place when it snows. It has got a lot of mountains decorated in white powered snowy gowns. Did you know you could spend your time skiing in these mountains?
Locals and foreigners rate the Beaver Mountains as one of the most lovable places to go spend their time when the snow falls during the winter. Even if you are not a pro at skiing, there is no problem here for there are a lot of services in the Beaver Mountains that can help your skiing. You can book a private lesson to learn skiing or just have an expert help you glide through the white paradise!

Get mesmerized by the Logan Canyon

Logan Canyon
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Logan Canyon might be the most beautiful place you get to see in Logan Utah. Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? Worry not, for we might have a substitute here just for you! The Logan Canyon is one of the most scenic places you will see on this trip. Along with an array of camping, trekking, and hiking spots- you will be busy throughout your visit. NOt only there are a lot of adventure opportunities, but it also has some of the most panoramic views of Logan. Most tourists camp at Tony Grove for it is the infamous spot of all.

We recommend that you visit during the fall as the leaves change color with the sky. Together it shows an amalgamation of vibrant colors that will steal your heart.

Go hiking at the Wind Caves Hike

Wind Caves in Logan
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One thing about Logan is that you will never be bored on this trip. This place is solely for adventure as well as nature lovers. There are no limits when it comes to adventure activities here in Logan. Similar is with hiking trails for there are s many that you can choose the best for you!

Out of this buffet of hiking trails, the first one that we are going to talk about is the Wind Cave Hikes. The trail extends for 2.6 miles and follows the northern side of the Logan Canyon. So, you can go on this hike the day you decide on the Canyon trip.

Pray at the Logan Tabernacle

Logan Tabernacle
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One of the most graceful sights of Logan is the Church of Jesus Christ- Logan Tabernacle. It is a peaceful place where especially Mormons go to pray. The Latter-day Saints mainly use this church for their various events, festivities, and ceremonies.

The pipe organ of this church is considered to be one of the impressive things to check out. Did you know that this pipe was not originally built in Logan? Its birthplace is Kentucky. It was in 1988, that it was shipped here to this church.
This is quite a humble place if you want to know more about the ideals of another region. It can also teach you more about the community of the Latter-day Saints.

Pay your respects at Logan Utah Temple

Logan Utah Temple
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Done with the Logan Tabernacle? It’s time to hit another one of the mesmerizing temples of the Latter-day Saints. Constructed on an area of more than 119,000 square feet, the temple is extremely gorgeous. It will blow away your brains if you look at its structure. With four ordinance rooms, you will find a lot of volunteers or members willing to guide you throughout the temples. With almost 11 rooms meant for sealing, the architecture is almost breath-taking.

You will find the volunteers dressed in stunning white clothes resembling their closeness with God. The temple is used for a lot of purposes including ceremonies like weddings, baptism, and even sealing.

Trek along Crimson Trail

Now, we have in our hands another well-renowned hiking/trekking spot of Logan, Utah- Crimson Trail. If you don’t want to go till the Wind Caves Trail, then Crimson Trial might be the second-best option for you as it is quite closer to Logan. It can also be easily accessed from the Third Dam and is less than a mile from the Wind Cave.

The trail at the Crimson Trail is longer than that of the former and is about 4.8 miles. Also, it might be a bit steeper. But the views you will get are better than any other. Offering majestic views of the Logan Canyon- the Crimson Trail is favored by all. There are two ways to return from this trail. You can either follow the way you climbed or if you are energetic enough- you can climb the top and meet with the Riverside Trail that merges along with this!

Visit the Logan Zoo

What better way is there to spend an afternoon in a new place than to go and say hello to some of its animals? Also, the Logan Zoo is better than anywhere else as you get to see nature from up close and greet the community as well.

Located in Willow Park, Logan Zoo or simply known as Zootah is home to some of the native animals of Utah as well as international animals that have been brought here too. Did you know you can see some reindeer here in Utah? Yes, the Zootah has reindeers as well as ring-tailed lemurs and crowned cranes for you to check out. Do try to check out Zootah if you are here during Christmas time for a skiing trip for the entire zoo is well lit in the merry lights and it is a different experience altogether.

Visit the animals of the Hardware Ranch

Hardware Ranch in Logan
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Have you ever seen elks in places other than zoos? Catch this chance to see an elk in their natural habitat. The Hardware Ranch is an amazing place if you want to see some wildlife in their natural habitat.

The Hardware Ranch is an initiative of the Utah government to maintain the wildlife. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources looks after this project to take of animals. The winters are harsh in these parts and during these winters animals like sheep and elk cannot find any food. For this reason, they feed such wildlife and take care of them. You can even enjoy sleigh rides if you visit the ranch!

Go mountain biking at Jardine Juniper Trail

Jardine Juniper Trail
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Do you know long trees can live? If not, meet the oldest one in Utah! The Jardine Juniper tree of Utah is said to have lived a whopping 3200 years. It is still standing there at the end of the Jardine Juniper Trail. Want to see this tree now? It’s simple! This is a trail accessible for mountain biking!

The slope is 12 degrees and is something that you can achieve easily. Make your way up there and snap a few pictures of yourself beside the tree as living proof! The entire length is 11.2 miles and the views are so beautiful that this will seem like one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Catch a game at the Maverick Stadium

Maverick Stadium
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Want to catch a college football game? There is no better place to get this live experience than Utah State University. The Maverick Stadium is a part of the campus where all the college games take place. Needless to say- it is one of the liveliest places you can ever go to.

The open-air field was constructed back in 1968 and is still getting to see all the college games. It was once covered with real grass, but now has the AstroSurf that is said to be better than anything else. It can seat almost 25k people and gets more crowded than you can imagine. Do book your ticket if you want to sit in a game.

Try out the outdoor games at Logan River Trail

As stated before, there is no shortage of natural beauty in Logan. And, the River Trail is an ardent example of that statement. Don’t wanna get too far away from town? Try out Logan River Trail! This trail is close to Logan and has every opportunity for outdoor activities like mountain biking as well as skiing.
Mountain biking is quite popular among everyone here. The trail is in total an area of 7.2 miles. However, it will not matter if you have never tried your hands at mountain biking before or if you are a beginner. Both amateurs, as well as experts, comment on this trail to be one of the best ones in all of Utah.

Catch a show at Lyric Repertory Theatre

Another infamous activity of the Utah State University Campus- Lyric Repertory Theatre is one of the best places to go if you are bored on a fine evening. The theatre has been proudly going on for the past 50 years entertaining the local audience of Logan. It first opened its gates back in 1967, and since then it has always seen a full house.

The theatre also has some of its employees from the drama department of the University where the students get their hands on some first-class knowledge by working in this theatre. The theatre has about 370 seats so you should buy a ticket before if you wanna catch a nice show for an evening.

Learn something new at the Museum of Anthropology

Museum of Anthropology
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No matter where you go in Logan, you will always find yourself coming back to its original route-  the Utah State University Campus. The Campus is enormous and filled will fun activities. It is something you might have realized by now, but this campus is not like any other as it has an awful lot of things to do inside. A humble thing to do is to take a look at the wonderful Museum of Anthropology inside the campus.

The best thing about this collection is that it is regularly updated for which you can find a lot of new additions and alterations every time you visit. You can learn about the culture as well as the history of different parts of the world. The coin collection is remarkable as everyone comments.

Try out the food at Javier’s Mexican Food

Let us get our hands dirty with some classic Mexican food on our trip. Don’t worry for Javier’s Mexican Food is authentic as the owner is a Mexican himself!
Utah was the first place Javier opened his chain in 1991, but now he has seven of these.

Everyone who has at least eaten once here, run back again and again to get the taste. Burritos, enchiladas, tacos- you can get everything here. Be it lunch, breakfast, or dinner- Javier’s is a place you can check out any time of the day.

This brings us to the end of our wonderful Logan trip. As you can see, there is no end to the kind of things you can do here. Be like hiking, trekking, skiing, or even mountain biking- Logan is a place that has something for everyone. Want a chill day? Spend a day roaming around campus and see what it has to offer!