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15 Best Things to Do in Killiney

  • Published 2021/12/15

Dubliners consider Killiney the perfect place to breathe fresh air and enjoy the scenic coast on its rolling hills.

It’s one of the coastal suburbs outside Dublin that serves as an escape for people who want to contemplate and destress.

Killiney has grown over the years from a far-flung village in the outskirts of Dublin to a bustling suburban community.

It’s teeming with natural attractions, rich history, and dozens of outdoor activities that are worthy of visiting.

Most importantly, Killiney is highly accessible from Dublin and its neighboring communities.

It’s a 40-minute drive south of Dublin City Centre, but you can cut the travel time half through DART.

This community started growing when many of Dublin’s wealthy people relocated after witnessing its natural beauty and huge potential.

Since then, Killiney underwent development and became a vibrant suburban community.

Despite its progress, Killiney hasn’t changed its natural beauty until today.

Killiney and its neighboring coastal communities are perfect destinations for those who love the outdoors.

Aside from the usual hiking and sightseeing, you’ll enjoy a wide array of activities there.

It has historical landmarks, parks, restaurants, and lots of fun stuff to do.

To give you an idea of what’s best to do when you get there, here are the 15 best things to do in Killiney:

See the Stunning Views at Killiney Hill Park

Aerial View of Killiney Hill Park

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Killiney Hill Park is where most Dubliners and tourists frequently go to catch beautiful sunsets and breathe fresh air.

This popular hiking destination offers you stunning views over Dublin, Wales, and the Irish Sea in perfect weather conditions.

It’s also where you can visit numerous historical landmarks like pyramids and obelisks that are dated back into the Medieval and Victorian periods.

View of Obelisk in Killiney Hill Park

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Killiney Hill Park has a historical significance to Ireland as it was ordered into construction by Prince Albert Victor of Wales way back in 1887.

It provided leisure to the public and commemorated Queen Victoria’s Jubilee.

Killiney Hill Park has multiple access points at Killiney Hill Road, Turca Road, Burton Road, and the County Dublin Main Entrance.

View of Obelisk in Killiney Hill Park


Take a Closer Look at the “Thus Daedalus Flew” Sculpture

This life-sized bronze sculpture found at the entrance of Victoria Hill (Killiney Hill Park) is an artwork by Niall O’Neill.

It pays homage to famous Stephen Dedalus, the literary alter ego of artist James Joyce in the 1922 novel Ulysses.

Also, O’Neill wants to refer to his artwork as Daedalus, the Greek Mythology character who is the father of Icarus.

If you’re interested in art, this bronze sculpture is a nice attraction to visit and would surely give you different interpretations of the message that O’Neill’s artwork wants to portray to the public.

Swim at the Vico Bathing Place

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Locals often dub the Vico Bathing Place as the Amalfi Coast of Dublin.

This beautiful and historic swimming area along Killiney Beach is a popular tourist spot, frequently visited by thousands of people every year.

However, Vico Bathing Place has been widely known to have ice-cold waters.

Nevertheless, many people still dip in its chilly waters, especially in the morning and afternoon.

shutterstock 1649257972

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Locals believe that swimming in ice-cold water has therapeutic benefits.

But if you’re too afraid to take a dip, you can enjoy its scenic view and take beautiful photos to bring home with you.

Vico Bathing Place is at Hawk Cliff, Vico Rd, Scalpwilliam, Killiney, Dublin.

Discover the Medieval Monastic Site

Ireland has dozens of monasteries, priories, and abbeys built back in the Medieval Period to expand Christianity on the entire island.

These ecclesiastical structures are now lying in ruins across Ireland, while some are still today.

You can stumble across one monastic site in Killiney at Killiney Hill Park.

The one you can visit there was part of the monastery built back during the era of Saint Patrick when he started introducing Christianity to the Irish people.

They built monasteries across the island to keep Christianity alive.

If you want to discover some history about Killiney, the monastic site is a good start.

The monastic site in Killiney is accessed through Marino Ave W in Killiney Hill Park.

Play Golf at the Killiney Golf Club

This century-old golf club in Killiney is one of Dublin’s most popular golf courses.

It was constructed back in 1903.

The Killiney Golf Club is a 9-hole golf course with spectacular views of the Wicklow mountains, the city of Dublin, and Dublin Bay.

If you want to play golf and do sightseeing simultaneously, head to the Killiney Golf Club at Ballinclea Rd, Rocheshill, Killiney, Dublin.

The golf club is open daily from 8 am to 7:30 pm.

Visit the Pyramid at Killiney Hill

 Pyramid at Killiney Hill

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If Egypt and Mexico have their pyramid versions, Killiney also has one located at Killiney Hill.

Killiney Hill’s pyramid is near the obelisk and other attractions in the area.

Robert Warren, the estate owner in Killiney Hill, built the pyramid way back in 1852 as a landmark for his property.

View of Killiney Hill

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However, Dubliners refer to the structure as a wishing stone over the years.

Locals believe that they need to make their wishes in front of the pyramid while looking towards Dalkey Island to make them come true.

 Pyramid at Killiney Hill

Al Kelly /

Whether the folklore is true or not, Killiney Hill’s pyramid undoubtedly gives you a birds-eye view of Dublin Bay and the surrounding coastal area.

It’s also a perfect chance to take beautiful pictures with the backdrop of Dublin Bay.

The pyramid is accessed through Killiney Hill Rd.

Join the Wild Food Walk

Tanya Jordan, a well-known local forager in Dublin, organizes a fun-filled gastronomic adventure in Killiney billed as the “Wild Food Walk.”

It will take you on a unique food tour along the scenic coast of Killiney and get to taste delicious edibles that are freshly foraged from the wild.

At the same time, Jordan will provide you with interesting information about the foraged fruits, plants, and edibles you’ll encounter during the food walk.

She also explains the culinary use and medical benefits of the wild food foraged along the way.

The food walk covers four kilometers and traverses the beachside, grasslands, and woodlands in Killiney.

The food walk’s highlight is the open-air cooking demonstration where you’ll be treated with delicious dishes from the foraged wild food.

To learn more about this exciting food adventure, visit Wild Food Walk’s office at 4 Bayview Park, Hackettsland, Killiney, Co. Dublin.

Stroll Along the Killiney Beach

View of Killiney Beach


Unlike the white sand beaches in tropical countries, Ireland’s beaches are usually filled with pebbles and rock formations.

One of the best beaches near Dublin is Killiney Beach, Ireland’s Malibu Beach.

It is nicknamed the “Malibu Beach” since most of Ireland’s celebrities reside on the beachside.

View of Killiney Beach

David Soanes /

Most of these celebrities decided to settle there because of its picturesque view of the rocky coastline from Dalkey to Bray and Dublin Bay.

Despite being notoriously cold, Killiney Beach is a popular swimming spot for Dubliners because of its calmer currents.

Also, many people head to this beach to relax and have a picnic on the side.

It’s also very accessible to the DART station and Marino Ave, which have numerous restaurants and shops you can visit.

Stay at the Famous Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel

Your Killiney travel adventure won’t be complete without staying or visiting the famous Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel.

This hotel in Killiney is not just popular for its four-star status, but also for its 18th-century architecture that serves as an epitome of classical beauty and elegance.

Also, the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel is the only castle hotel in Dublin County that offers guests a picturesque view of Dublin Bay.

If you’re from the Dublin City Center, you need to drive nine miles south to reach the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel.

The hotel has more than a hundred en-suite bedrooms, two popular restaurants, and a pub.

The Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel is located along Killiney Hill Rd, Scalpwilliam, Killiney, Co, Dublin.

Other Things to Do Nearby

If you’re done visiting Killiney’s famous attractions, there is much more waiting for you in the neighboring Dublin, Dalkey, Blackrock, and Bray.

All of these places will spice up your travel adventure even more with the attractions and activities waiting to be discovered.

Below are the best things to do near Killiney.

Grab a Pint at the Temple Bar Pub

Front View of Temple Bar Pub

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The world-famous Temple Bar is an icon in downtown Dublin and an important part of the city’s nightlife and recreation.

Thousands of tourists pack the bar each year to experience how the Irish spend their day in a pub.

The Temple Bar Pub has been running since the 1300s, and it remains one of the most popular tourist spots in Dublin today.

Front View of Temple Bar Pub

Mirelaro /

If you want to rub elbows with Dubliners and enjoy a pint of Guinness or a shot of the famous Irish whiskey, the Temple Bar Pub is the perfect place to go.

The Temple Bar Pub is specifically located at 47-48, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, and it’s open daily from 10:30 am until 1:30 in the morning.

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Explore the Dalkey Island

View of Goats in Dalkey Island

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A four-minute drive up north from Killiney takes you to its neighboring suburban community of Dalkey.

Like Killiney, Dalkey also offers numerous attractions and activities for everyone.

Its most popular activity is a boat trip to the Dalkey Island from Coliemore Harbour through Ken the Ferryman aboard the Lilly Rose.

View of  Dalkey Island

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The entire trip might be brief since Coliemore Harbour is roughly a kilometer away from Dalkey Island.

However, the real fun starts in Dalkey Island, where you can enjoy birdwatching, fishing, and kayaking.

Dalkey Island is where you’ll find numerous church ruins, wild animals like goats, rabbits, and migratory birds, and the Martello Tower.

If you’re interested in visiting Dalkey Island, visit Ken the Ferryman’s office at Coliemore Rd, Dalkey, Dublin.

View of  Dalkey Island

Owen J Fitzpatrick /

Be Amazed by the Spire of Dublin

Standing tall at 120 meters high, the spire in Dublin’s city center is easily spotted even from afar.

It was commissioned as a 1999 beautification of O’Connell Street, proliferated with shops and fast-food chains.

View of Spire of Dublin

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Today, the stainless-steel monument truly served its purpose as the focal point of Dublin’s city center.

When you’re in Dublin, don’t forget to visit this man-made marvel and take nice photos to bring home with you.

Discover the World Guinness Storehouse Factory

View of World Guinness Storehouse Factory

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The Guinness Storehouse at St. James’ Gate Brewery is another popular tourist site in Dublin that you shouldn’t miss.

You can tour through the seven-story brewery of the Guinness factory and discover how this famous Irish beer is made from scratch.

At the end of the tour, you can taste freshly-brewed Guinness at the seventh floor’s Gravity Bar, where you’ll be amazed by the 360-Degree view of Dublin.

The Guinness Storehouse offers tours daily from 10 am to 5 pm.

View of World Guinness Storehouse Factory

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Stroll Along Bray Seafront Promenade & Bray Head

View of Bray Seafront Promenade & Bray Head

Wesley Keller /

This old promenade dating back to the Victorian Era remains a popular tourist attraction in Bray, a neighboring suburban community south of Killiney.

William Dargan built the promenade to provide the locals in Bray a more convenient way to enjoy the sea breeze and scenery along the Dublin Bay coastline.

A morning or afternoon hike is the most popular activity at the Bray Seafront Promenade & Bray Head.

View of Bray Seafront Promenade & Bray Head

Dirk Hudson /

Enjoy its scenic view of Bray’s rolling hills on one side and Dublin Bay on the other.

Aside from strolling, there are fun-filled things for everyone along the promenade.

Some restaurants serve delicious seafood, festivals, and pubs that line up along the promenade, which are perfect spots for relaxation and leisure.

View of Bray Seafront Promenade & Bray Head

Dirk Hudson /

There is multiple access to the Bray Seafront Promenade & Bray Head.

The most convenient access to the promenade is along Strand Road.

Bray is a 16-minute drive south of Killiney.

Uncover History at the Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre

View of Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre

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Last on the list is the Dalkey Castle & Heritage Center, where you can explore and uncover rich history in a 14th-century castle.

The Dalkey Castle & Heritage Center is located along Castle St in Dalkey.

The famous castle/townhouse offers majestic views of the Dublin coast.

View of Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre

Dirk Hudson /

However, it’s known for its guided tours wherein you and your family will learn about interesting facts on Medieval history dating back to the 1300s.

Plus, there are live theatrical performances at the Heritage Center where performers wear period costumes and portray the daily lives of commoners and royalties during the period.

The Dalkey Castle & Heritage Center is open from 10 am to 5 pm except Tuesdays.

View of Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre

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Final Thoughts

Killiney and its surrounding communities are the perfect destinations to start your Ireland travel adventure.

Its marvelous natural wonders, both found in sea and land, are truly mesmerizing.

Meanwhile, its historical sites offer you many interesting information and stories that you can reflect on.

Killiney’s accessibility to Dublin adds more reason for you to visit there.

If you’re ready to visit Killiney, don’t forget to check out the attractions and things to do in this beautiful place.

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