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15 Best Things to Do in Laguna Beach, FL

  • Published 2022/05/11

Laguna Beach, Florida, is a picturesque coastal hamlet on the west side of Panama City Beach that offers both party and relaxation.

This sanctuary has a coastline with low commercial development so that visitors can appreciate Laguna Beach’s natural splendor.

The beach is famous for its fishing, boating, beaches, and arts scene.

It is no surprise that Laguna Beach, Florida, is one of the world’s most popular holiday spots!

Laguna Beach has seven miles of beaches and coves and over 20,000 acres of protected wilderness ideal for any adventurous exploration.

Check out these best things to do if you intend on visiting the place.

Get Tanned at Laguna Beaches

Waves crashing at the shores of Laguna Beach

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Laguna Beach is the place to go if you want to get away from the crowds of Panama City Beach and the hustle and bustle of its tourist traps.

The community is a census-designated place on the Gulf of Mexico’s coast.

The beaches are extensive lengths of white sand that face emerald oceans.

It’s quiet and pleasant here, yet it’s close enough to Panama City Beach if you need to get away from your relaxed holiday destination.

Tranquil water at Laguna Beach

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The most prevalent types of lodging are cottages and houses, but condos and hotel rooms are also available if that’s what you’re searching for.

The most significant advantage of staying in a cottage or house rental over a condo or hotel room is the extra privacy.

Some Laguna Beach vacation rentals are on the beach, while others are a few blocks away.

If you’re looking for a vacation that’s free of crowds and tourist traps, Laguna Beach is a great option.

Start Your Morning at Laguna Beach Plaza

One of the best ways to start your day is taking a morning stroll around Laguna Beach Plaza.

When you visit Laguna Beach Plaza, which provides all the facilities and convenience you need, you have a little bit of everything at your fingertips.

Laguna Beach Plaza offers parks and gyms, dozens of grocery stores, and hundreds of cafes and eateries.

Laguna Beach stands out among Florida’s beautiful beach towns along the Gulf of Mexico for its lack of commercial development.

Visitors looking to witness a more undeveloped beach version should visit this one.

There are no high-rise condos or huge hotels on Laguna Beach’s oceanfront because of this plaza.

You can also check Laguna Beach Pier, a structure visible from any beach location.

This pristine stretch of coastline is ideal for relaxing, whether you choose to stroll along with it or not.

Stay and Relax at Royal Palms of Laguna Beach Shores

Laguna Beach is proud of its exceptional housing alternatives for guests searching for relaxation.

The Royal Palms of Laguna Beach Shores offers 193 vacation rentals to accommodate groups of every size.

Additionally, it is a pet-friendly institution, so you will not have to leave your pet behind.

Swimming pools and private pools are just a few of the accessible amenities, and they are excellent for spending time with the people you love.

Houses and condominiums, such as those at Royal Palms of Laguna Beach Shores, are popular accommodations in this area due to their pools and other amenities.

Get Refreshed at Emerald Shores

The Emerald Shores in Laguna Beach is your home away from home.

This apartment has fantastic air conditioning, a microwave and toaster, and a coffee machine.

There’s even a free parking lot if you need to get about town.

You’ll be 1.7 miles from Panama City Beach Sailing and 1.7 miles from Paul Brent Gallery.

The place is also two miles from Carousel Supermarket, making it easy to take advantage of everything Laguna Beach offers!

This villa offers almost everything you need for a relaxing vacation in Laguna Beach, including cable channels, climate control, a dining area in each room; showers and a bath in the bathroom; towels for your use; and hair dryers.

View Nearby Beaches at Linda’s Cozy Cottage

Families and couples alike can now enjoy the breathtaking views of Sunnyside Beach at Linda’s Cozy Cottage in Laguna Beach.

Rooms for families and large groups are included in the vacation rental price.

It also has a fully stocked kitchen, a private patio, and a lake view.

Linda’s Cozy Collection is 23 kilometers from Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, the nearest major airport.

The accommodation has a window that looks out over the water so that guests may take in the scenery.

Guests staying in Linda’s Cozy Cottage “C” may do so in comfort for up to four people.

The Paul Brent Gallery is also open to the public while you’re here; it’s also an easy ten-minute drive from Linda’s Cozy Cottage.

Enjoy Your Stay with Family at Blue Laguna

The Blue Laguna is a stunning Laguna Ocean vacation rental property steps from the beach!

Blue Laguna is more than a place to stay; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in this gorgeous beach town’s laid-back culture.

This beachfront three-bedroom and one-bathroom cottage has recently been completely restored, beginning with a new coat of paint.

Laguna Beach is reminiscent of Panama City Beach.

This emerging town, primarily residential and has fewer high-rise structures, offers tranquil beaches and a more family-friendly atmosphere.

Take advantage of less congestion while remaining close to all Panama City Beach’s attractions.

Carousel is a one-stop shop for groceries, packaged liquors, a gift shop, and a wine and cheese cellar.

Buy Something Sentimental at Fawn Memories

You can’t leave town without bringing something back with you.

How about some souvenirs!

Happily, Fawn Memories is where to go to find the ideal souvenir.

They offer anything from clothing to jewelry to gifts for family and friends back home.

Fawn Memories, a business that specializes in all things Laguna Beach, has everything you need.

It has become a destination for locals and visitors looking for presents, seashells, souvenirs, and resort clothing such as caps, T-shirts, and jewelry since 1974.

Walking through downtown Laguna Beach, you will see Fawn Memories near the new Lumberyard Restaurant.

Sit Back and Relax at Pineapple Villas

If you’re searching for a peaceful, soothing retreat, you can’t go wrong with Pineapple Villas.

This isolated resort is set among Laguna Beach’s dunes, recognized for its high-rise condos and hotels.

The slower pace of Florida’s beaches contributes to the area’s serene beauty, which is why Pineapple Villas is such an enticing alternative for your next trip.

Each of Pineapple Villas’ eighteen villas has a distinct tropical charm.

No matter where you stay, this place will be as unique as you are, with hand-selected regional furnishings and hand-painted tropical murals by local artist Peggy Adams.

The art deco tile flooring and contemporary furniture are as visually appealing as they are pleasant to sit on.

And when it’s time to unwind after a day at the beach or explore neighboring sites such as Panama City Beach or Destin, these villas have everything you need.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Go Island Hopping at Shell Island

Sail boat in Shell Island, Florida

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Shell Island is a must-see attraction with stunning amenities such as water sports equipment and pontoon boats.

Shell Island is a stunning new piece of Florida coastline for beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts across from St. Andrews State Park at the southernmost tip of Panama City Beach.

Wooden pillars at Shell Island

Darlene Stanley /

The Shell Island Shuttle, a few steps away from Laguna Beach, is the most secure, convenient, and quickest way to go to Shell Island.

The Shuttle connects you to snorkeling equipment rentals and Shell Island Snorkel Trips, kayak rentals and Shuttle ticket packages, and Panama City Beach dolphin tours, among other things.

Shell Island is a seven-mile-long barrier island and beach that forms the park’s southern boundary.

Scenic pier at Panama City Beach

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Experience Fresh Air at Shipwreck Island WaterPark

Shipwreck Island Waterpark is Florida’s finest family destination within a few minutes from Laguna Beach.

According to locals and faithful visitors alike, Shipwreck Island is a “must-do” destination for any visit to Panama City Beach.

The Great Shipwreck, or as waterpark guests refer to it, the “Zip from the Ship,” is a one-of-a-kind attraction that is a true favorite of tiny pirates and big scallywags.

The Great Shipwreck is Shipwreck’s signature attraction and is popular among tourists.

Guests at Shipwreck Island Waterpark say it is one of America’s cleanest, well-run waterparks.

Take an Afternoon Walk at Conservation Park

Marshland at Conservation Park

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A few minutes’ walk from Laguna Beach, the Conservation Park provides kilometers of hiking through stunning natural scenery.

This dog-friendly nature preserve encompasses 2,900 acres of unspoiled habitat for various indigenous species.

There are 24 miles of dirt trails and one mile of the boardwalk to explore.

Sign board at Conservation Park

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The trails are well-maintained and flat, winding through deep pine forests and marshes devoid of buildings.

Boardwalk sections have been erected in the wetter areas to assist guests in escaping muddy or impassable situations.

Narrow wooden bridge over the swamps at Conservation Park

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Picnic tables and a covered pavilion are located near the entrance.

Because the park lacks retailers, visitors must carry their food and beverages.

To assist you in navigating the park, locate a map or take a snapshot of one of the trail guides.

Enjoy the View from Above with Panhandle Helicopter

Are you trying to find a nearby attraction in Laguna Beach to enjoy some of the world’s most stunning beaches?

If you wish to fly over “the world’s most beautiful beaches,” Panhandle Helicopter provides a variety of tour lengths.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has thoroughly vetted the company’s employees and planes.

Besides keeping you safe, the pilots’ primary goal is to make you happy.

Panhandle Helicopter is a family-run business that places a high value on the well-being of its customers and employees alike.

New riders and families with small children will benefit significantly from the introduction ride.

This excursion will take you from the Panama City pier to the County pier and back across the green ocean.

You’ll be beaming when you finish any of the breathtaking flight tours.

Exercise at Camp Helen State Park

Broken wooden pier during twilight at Camp Helen State Park

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Camp Helen State Park, located in northern Florida, has become a popular destination since the 1940s.

The park is 180 acres in size and offers a variety of activities for guests from Laguna Beach or Panama City Beach.

Swimming, environmental research, hiking, freshwater, and saltwater fishing are just some recreational opportunities accessible at this 180-acre park.

Birds quenching its thirst in Camp Helen State Park

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The state park is bounded by the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Powell, Florida’s largest coastal dune lake.

From 1945 to 1987, Camp Helen served as a company vacation spot for employees of Avondale Mills, an Alabama textile factory.

Moss hanging from a tree at Camp Helen State Park

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Enjoy Family Fun-Day at Coconut Creek Family Fun Park

Coconut Creek Family Enjoyment Park is the ideal location for a day of family fun.

With its two 18-hole mini-golf courses, Coconut Creek is an excellent place to unwind on your journey to or from Laguna Beach.

Coconut Creek Mini-Golf & Gran Maze, a year-round pastime for all ages, is in Panama City Beach, Florida’s Northwest Panhandle, between the gorgeous emerald seas of the Gulf of Mexico and the sugary white sands of Florida’s most stunning beaches.

The attractions are appropriate for individuals, families, and groups of all sizes.

Enjoy the thrills and challenges of Coconut Creek’s two tropical 18-hole mini-golf courses, and test your navigational skills in the giant Gran Maze.

Final Thoughts

Nothing is more valuable than investing your travel savings in a holiday that allows you to reconnect with your inner confidence.

When the weather is excellent and the beach is less busy, go and start drafting your plan for your vacation and prepare for a fantastic adventure!

A friendly neighborhood and kind people make holidays even more enjoyable.

Laguna Beach, Florida, is waiting for you and your family for a fun-filled beach vacation.

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