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15 Best Things to Do in Kentwood, MI

  • Published 2022/08/19

Kentwood is one of the thriving cities in the Grand Rapids metropolitan area.

This makes it a place with lively activities, unique markets, and beautiful, nature-oriented destinations.

Its position conveniently places it close to other vibrant cities, which you can visit in just a few minutes.

Named after Kent County, the city prides itself on having diverse destinations and warm relations with neighboring communities.

Kentwood has also grown to be one of the most populated cities in the area since its first incorporation in 1967.

Take a trip to this vibrant city and explore its beautiful destinations.

This list will help you discover the best things to do in Kentwood, Michigan:

Use the Amenities at Pinewood Park

Along Wolfboro Drive, Pinewood Park opens its facilities to everyone in Kentwood.

It contains an assortment of sports amenities, playgrounds, and a few picnic areas for those seeking a peaceful break.

With skate ramps, baseball fields, and basketball courts, this large park can accommodate several groups of people with diverse sports venues.

For children, Pinewood Park is home to a colorful splash pad and a playground with interactive structures.

This beautiful park is set in a vast location with verdant trees surrounding the area, creating a calming, forest-like backdrop.

If you’re unsure where to go, Pinewood Park is easy to visit, with various activities in store.

Learn to Skate at Kentwood Ice Arena

Situated on Kalamazoo Avenue, Kentwood Ice Arena is home to the city’s varsity hockey team, the East Kentwood Falcons.

Depending on the rink’s schedule, you might see them in action against other teams.

If the team has no planned game, Kentwood Ice Arena opens its rink to an array of public programs.

They offer lessons for various ice sports, including hockey and skating, for players of all levels.

If you’d prefer to skate on your own, the arena also holds open skates on specific schedules, allowing guests to have fun on the ice freely.

Kentwood Ice Arena is also equipped with a heated public area and concession stands for snacks and drinks.

So, wear your cozy clothes, head towards Kalamazoo Avenue, and skate away at their pristine ice arena!

Browse Unique Products at Horrocks Market

Established in 2002, Horrocks Market is a family-owned business with a wide assortment of products.

From groceries and wines to flower bouquets and gifts, the market is a one-stop destination for all your daily necessities.

They’ve carefully curated their shelves to feature a range of standard and unique items for those seeking new finds.

Horrocks Market has many items you won’t find in regular chain grocery stores!

You can also stop by their deli section and explore food options like soup, gourmet cheeses, fresh cuts, and newly baked goods.

There’s truly a little bit of everything in Horrocks Market.

See what they have in store along the lengths of Bretton Road.

Have Fun at GR Skate and Event Center

Loads of family-friendly entertainment can be found in GR Skate and Event Center.

Opened in 1949, this center has kept the tradition of roller skating alive, even as new trends emerge every year.

They hold training workshops, public skates, and disco skating for special events and parties.

Serving classic pizza and soda, GR Skate and Event Center has managed to capture the hearts of its customers.

It offers a few fun hours with family and friends, a simple way to unwind and take a stress-free break.

Treat your kids to this fun experience at 52nd Street!

Shop at the Kentwood Farmers Market

If you’d like to explore products from Kentwood’s residents, this venue can give you exactly that.

At the Kentwood Farmers Market, which opens seasonally, you’ll be met with a broad selection of products, from groceries and baked goods to paintings and other goodies.

They also have food trucks on special occasions, featuring different cuisines to suit every palate.

The Kentwood Farmers Market allows you to try authentic local products at affordable prices, straight from the farmers and producers themselves.

Your next favorite treats might be at this destination!

Check it out at the parking lot behind Kentwood City Hall.

Go Biking at the Paul Henry Thornapple Trail

The Paul Henry Thornapple Trail is a long, comprehensive system of trails estimated to reach 42 miles from Grand Rapids to Vermontville, Michigan.

Kentwood’s part in the trails has been completed, featuring 10 miles of paved pathways that take you through tranquil woodlands.

The Paul Henry Thornapple Trail is accessible, featuring a linear path with cemented grounds.

It’s also non-motorized, so only joggers, hikers, bikers, and the like are allowed to pass through.

The trail could only be made possible with the collaboration of multiple cities in West Michigan since it extends to more than one vicinity.

If you’d like to give it a shot, the trail in Kentwood starts from 44th Street and ends at 60th Street.

Explore Woodland Mall

Woodland Mall is a famous commercial mall in Kentwood, offering more than 160 shops and restaurants for visitors to explore.

You can check out fashionable shops, look for home decorations, or dine at one of their local restaurants.

Woodland Mall also facilitates its own cinema, Phoenix Theatres, so you can drop by if you want some entertainment.

The mall also holds frequent events to showcase brands from local sources and advocacies.

Woodland Mall can be found along 28th Street, so don’t forget to explore their stores!

Buy Vintage Products at Cash for Goods Outlet & Jewelry

For good deals at affordable prices, Cash for Goods Outlet & Jewelry may be your best bet.

This shop hosts all kinds of vintage products, from jewelry and musical instruments to working tools and electronics.

They’ve got a broad selection of items and frequently add new products on display.

Various types of movies and games are also sold inside the store.

Located along Breton Road, Cash for Goods Outlet & Jewelry is a destination for those seeking more affordable products.

But who knows?

You might get lucky and find a rare antique!

Get a Lesson in Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Since its opening in 1912, Arthur Murray Dance Studio has become a reputable company for teaching many forms of social dances.

From the graceful waltz and swing to the passion-filled tango, this studio hosts instructors for lots of dances from across the world.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio mixes professional lessons with a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Plus, dancing is a part of almost every culture; it would be great to learn enough fundamentals that you can join in on the fun.

You also don’t need a partner to learn and enjoy their programs.

Their friendly staff is ready to pair up with their customers, no matter their skill level.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio has got you covered.

So, let loose and learn the art of dance at this esteemed studio along 29th Street.

Taste Award-Winning Steaks at Black Rock Bar & Grill

Along 28th Street, Black Rock Bar & Grill is one of the most popular restaurants in the city.

They’re most known for serving self-cooked steaks plated on a 755-degree volcanic sizzling rock.

Watch your steaks sizzle, and feel free to cook it just as you like, whether it’s rare, medium, or well-done.

Aside from award-winning steaks, Black Rock Bar Grill boasts a diverse, unique menu.

From salads and appetizers to main courses and desserts, there are many food options.

Pair tasty meals with refreshing drinks; cocktails, beers, and wines can all be found in their full-service bar.

You can enjoy the complete dining experience in a sleek, modern venue, detailed with black and white color schemes.

Watch a Match at Pat Patterson Athletic Field

Opened in 2005, Pat Patterson Athletic Field is an all-around destination for sports enthusiasts.

It features an artificial turf area that hosts a maximum of 4,000 visitors from across the county.

More than that, Pat Patterson Athletic Field is equipped with soccer fields, a public walking track, tennis courts, and basketball courts.

Whether you prefer to cheer for players or be a player, this athletic field can let you choose whichever suits your mood.

There’s also a concession stand selling basic snacks and drinks in case you want a bite to eat or drink.

Find Pat Patterson Athletic Field at 44th Street and show off your sporty side!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Meet the Animals at John Ball Zoo

Red panda at John Ball Zoo

Michael Deemer /

John Ball Zoo offers a splendid family-friendly adventure with animals of various colors and species.

From farm animals and exotic birds to animals from the wild, this zoo has become a haven for many creatures.

Toucan perched on a tree at John Ball Zoo

Michael Deemer /

Aside from looking at the animals, John Ball Zoo has plenty of ways to let you interact with the friendly ones.

You can ride a real-life camel, have a bird perched on your hand, and pet kind animals in a domestic red barn!

But there are more than just animals at this zoo.

Wallaby at John Ball Zoo

Michael Deemer /

There are crazy adventures that involve ziplines, sky trail rope courses, and a gem-panning station for those interested in treasure hunts.

A whole day can be spent exploring the activities in this diverse zoo.

Less than 20 minutes from Kentwood, you can find this venue along Fulton Street in Grand Rapids.

A bear swimming at John Ball Zoo

Roonie_70 /

See the Artworks in LaFontsee Galleries

Less than 20 minutes from Kentwood, LaFontsee Galleries opens its doors to travelers searching for creative venues.

Established in 1987, the studio has garnered several awards, marking it a prime destination for art enthusiasts.

This gallery puts a shine on contemporary artists, taking in works from local and international sources.

You can browse through the minimalist exhibit, which perfectly contrasts with the features of vibrant artworks.

If you think art must be expensive, LaFontsee Galleries can show you something different.

It includes a mix of expensive paintings and affordable prints, so everyone can have a piece of art to take home.

Find this acclaimed gallery along Lake Drive in Grand Rapids.

Admire the Flora at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

A small pavilion at Frederik Meijer Gardens' Japanese garden


On its own, the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is an incredible work of art.

The founders designed the gardens to be where guests can think and reflect amid a rich cultural environment.

It combines a mix of creative masterpieces, primarily horticulture, and sculptures within gorgeous landscapes.

Mad man sculpture surrounded with plants at Frederik Meijer Gardens

Michael Deemer /

Since 1995, this park has continued to grow and improve its surroundings, adding events and exhibits to expand the destination further.

They’ve got indoor exhibits, outdoor sculptures, and gardens of varying themes and sizes.

Man-made waterfall at Frederik Meijer Gardens


You’ll be met with loads of interesting pieces set in a peaceful, natural environment as you roam around the area.

There are also excellent types of architecture—a domestic barn, a wooden treehouse, and scattered pavilions.

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is located in Grand Rapids, less than 20 minutes from Kentwood.

Horse sculpture at Frederik Meijer Gardens


Play in Amped Virtual Reality

Experience modern entertainment through Amped Virtual Reality, located in Grand Rapids.

This video arcade has a broad selection of games to explore.

The studio is equipped with games featuring zombies, space, oceans, mini-golf, and a bunch of other genres to choose from.

Using new technology, you can immerse yourself in impossible destinations, game-like worlds, and faraway places you’ve never been.

Amped Virtual Reality is a splendid destination for friends, family, and co-workers as a team-building venture.

Keep up with the times and give this trendy entertainment a chance!

Final Thoughts

Kentwood is home to unique markets, fun activity venues, and long leisure trails.

You’ve got many entertainment options, from trendy, modern venues to old-school, nostalgic ventures.

If you ever run out of things to do, other cities in the Grand Rapids metropolitan area sit just a few minutes away!

Before that, make sure to check out all the best things to do in Kentwood, Michigan.

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