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16 Best Things to Do in Grandville, MI

  • Published 2022/07/31

In the state of Michigan, a tranquil yet magnificent city lies somewhere in Kent County.

This city is Grandville.

Did you know that European settlers arrived in Grandville as late as 1833?

Likewise, did you know that it formally became a city in 1933?

By those numbers, you can consider Grandville a relatively young city.

However, Grandville proudly showcases its plethora of wondrous nature and entertainment districts.

During your visit to Grandville, you can do plenty of enjoyable activities there, such as shopping, sightseeing, biking, hiking, skating, and fine dining.

You’ll also see and participate in festive parades, delight in colorful firework displays, and more.

It’s about time you enjoy the peaceful and undisturbed streets of this dynamic city.

Here are the best things to do in Grandville, MI.

Paddle the Grand River through the Grand River Heritage Water Trail

How does exercising while sightseeing and experiencing the tranquil waters of Grand River sound?

Grab a kayak and start rowing along the Grand River Heritage Water Trail.

Grand River Heritage Water Trail is a 41-mile water trail that flows to the famous Grand River.

While paddling on a kayak, you’ll see the grandeur of nature on the way.

The river takes a slow and meandering course, which makes it more relaxing.

Relax while admiring the sight of the clear blue sky on a sunny day, the luminous trees, and the calm and steady waters of the Grand River Heritage Water Trail.

Enjoy a Retro Dinner under the Roof of Anna’s House

If you feel hungry after a good night’s sleep, head to the best breakfast restaurant around Grandville, Anna’s House Restaurant.

Anna’s House, located in Potomac Circle Southwest, is a breakfast diner that employs a retro-style ambiance within its walls.

Enjoy the fresh, local, high-quality, and 100% natural ingredients in their delicious breakfast and lunch dishes.

You can even have gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan options to suit your tastes better!

Check their extensive menu, containing various dietary options and delectable dishes.

The inviting and gleeful retro ambiance of Anna’s House Restaurant is perfect for fine dining with high-quality meals.

Have Fun at RiverTown Crossings

You can’t miss out on shopping while touring the streets of Grandville.

Enter the first-ever shopping center in Grandville, RiverTown Crossings.

RiverTown Crossings packs complete entertainment sections.

Likewise, the mall has operated for more than two decades now.

You can go dining, movie watching in a 20-screen cinema theater, go for antique-style carousel riding, and shop at more than 100 stores.

The mall offers more than 100 stores under a single roof, which makes it even more notable.

There are also children’s sections which include play areas and rides.

You can fill your belly at several quick-serve restaurants and food courts, adding more convenience to your mall trip.

Have fun at RiverTown Crossings, and enjoy its amenities to the fullest.

Delight in American and Mexican Cuisine at the Grandvilla Restaurant

Situated in Chicago Drive Southwest, the featured restaurant in Grandville, Grandvilla Restaurant, serves both delectable Mexican and American cuisine.

The family-owned restaurant has been running for over seven decades! While you’re within the walls of this restaurant, you’re in for a ride of rich and flavorful dishes.

Enjoy your lunch or dinner anytime at Grandvilla Restaurant!

Take a Quick Shot at Osgood Brewing

Sometimes, you need a drink from a long and tiring day.

At Osgood Brewing, you can find one of the best breweries in the city of Grandville.

Osgood Brewing, situated in Chicago Drive Southwest, serves stylish, creative, diverse, high-quality, and flavorful beers in a relaxing atmosphere.

This brewery is the perfect place to stop when looking for a drink.

Enjoy drinks cold and stiff enough to wash the stress away.

You can have your drinks customized, and they also serve limited-edition beers.

Don’t forget to stop by and take a quick shot at Osgood Brewing when you’re in Grandville.

Grab a Quick Bite at Rainbow Grill

Another excellent family-owned restaurant, Rainbow Grill, offers quick bites for visitors busy exploring Grandville.

The restaurant, located in Chicago Drive Southwest, has served the community since 1946.

They serve traditional American food to every customer.

The Rainbow Grill serves energizing soups, sweet muffins, and tasty homemade pies for your satisfaction.

Amble along the Paths of Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

Only 12.4 miles away and approximately a 13-minute drive from or to Grandville, you’ll see one of the stunning gardens around the area, the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park.

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park has an area of 158 acres with botanical gardens, a sculpture park, and art museums embodying it.

While you amble along the paths of this attraction, you’ll experience the extraordinary view of hanging well-decorated flowers, verdant trees, unique sculptures in the tranquil grounds of the park, and more.

Stop by the magical garden of Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park on your way to Grandville!

Enjoy the Wine and Cold Beer at Michigan Moonshine Distillery

Michigan is well-known for producing high-quality wine, beer, cocktails, and stiff drinks, such as vodka, gin, brandy, and whisky.

The Michigan Moonshine Distillery, situated in Chicago Drive Southwest, serves these world-class drinks.

This distillery bar has an interesting history, too.

In 2012, two friends realized their dream of opening an artisan distillery due to their shared passion for spirits.

The establishment of this distillery enabled the owners to showcase Michigan’s abundant agriculture, which became the ingredients of the unique distilled products.

The distillery oversees every step of the spirit-making process, finely processed from grains to bottling.

Visit Michigan Moonshine Distillery and taste their satisfying and delicious drinks.

These products are the product of their passion and hard work in the distillery industry.

Roll a Strike at Fairlanes Bowling Center

Do you feel you’re up for bowling and knocking down those pins?

Bring your friends and family to the Fairlanes Bowling Center.

Situated at Fairlanes Avenue Southwest, Fairlanes Family Bowling Center offers a lively and fun place to make bowling more enjoyable.

Besides bowling, the facility caters to various parties, such as birthday parties, fundraising parties, and more.

Check out Fairlanes Family Bowling Center when you’re in Grandville.

Don’t miss out on some fun bowling!

Enjoy a Movie Marathon at Celebration Cinema Rivertown

If you haven’t had a movie marathon in such a long time, Grandville’s Celebration Cinema Rivertown is the best theater for you.

Celebration Cinema Rivertown, located at Rivertown Parkway, is a multi-cinema 20-screen theater that offers a cozy stadium and ultra-comfortable seats.

You can even sit on rocking-chair seats if you want further relaxation while watching a movie.

Grab some popcorn and treat yourself to a movie marathon at Celebration Cinema Rivertown.

Grab Supplies and Gear at Cabela’s Retail

Are you a hunting, fishing, and camping enthusiast?

Stock up your inventories with Cabela’s Retail.

You can find a massive inventory of fishing, camping, and hunting supplies is stocked at Cabela’s.

They even have a 6,000-gallon aquarium with Michigan fish.

Moreover, the store sells high-quality supplies, which justify its prices.

If you’re getting ready to go hunting, camping, riding, fishing, and boating, stop by Cabela’s to grab some supplies.

Join a Cruise with the Grand Lady Riverboat

Have you ever gone cruising before?

Explore and cruise along the Grand River with the Grand Lady Riverboat.

Located at Jenison, Michigan, four minutes from Grandville, the Grand Lady Riverboat is open for sightseeing cruises or party cruises.

Its designers modeled the Grand Lady Riverboat after the paddlewheel-based steamboats that once roamed the Grand River back in the 1800s.

The boat has journeyed along the Grand River for more than two decades.

Climb aboard the Grand Lady Riverboat and enjoy the tranquil sight and sound of the calm flowing rivers of the Grand River.

Go Back in Time at Grandville Historical Museum

While exploring the streets of the city of Grandville, you might become intrigued with its history.

If so, take a tour at Grandville Historical Museum.

You can find the museum in the lower area of Grandville’s City Hall.

Grandville Historical Museum contains artifacts from early Grandville.

It includes old photographs and antique home furnishings.

Notably, you can even find a mastodon skeleton, discovered in the early 1980s.

Give the museum a visit and explore some of Grandville’s historical highlights.

Tune up the Hype at Tarry Hall Roller Rink

Are you looking for a place to let your overflowing energy out?

Have the best time at Tarry Hall Roller Rink.

Tarry Hall Roller Rink, situated at Fairlanes Avenue, has operated since 1959.

The entertainment center offers a vast and fun area for public roller skating.

To add to this fun activity, they also cater events, such as parties, receptions, gatherings, and more!

Not to mention, the facility highly prioritizes safety while keeping skaters entertained.

However, keep in mind that roller skating is a strenuous sport.

Strap those wheels on your feet, get on the screens, and skate your way to the skating grounds at Tarry Hall Roller Rink.

Visit the Famous Spring Grove Park

When you’re in Grandville, don’t forget to stop by Grandville’s famous Spring Grove Park.

This 16-acre park, situated at Greenly Street, consists of luminous towering breathtaking trees that let out fresh air and shade the park from the sun during summer.

It is a perfect place for hanging out with your family through picnics, meetings, reunions, weddings, and more delightful events.

Spring Grove Park also offers various amenities, such as a children’s playground, baseball fields, fire pits, and plenty more.

Moreover, you have to check out their flowing spring and wildflowers, which enhance the nature and serene atmosphere of the gorgeous park.

Experience pure relaxation and take in the exquisite sights of Spring Grove Park.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Amuse Yourself at Johnson Park

If you’re looking for a park with full-packed entertainment activities with relaxing areas, head to Johnson Park.

Johnson Park is in Walker, Michigan, only ten to 20 minutes from Grandville.

Established in 1928, the historic park follows the shores of the Grand River.

Johnson Park also offers plenty of amenities in the area.

You can go fishing, biking, play ball games, have a picnic, and more.

It features a historic shelter available for rent, a disc golf course, and hiking trails with scenic views leading to the wooded uplands.

The main highlight of Johnson Park is the division into two vast areas.

You can go to the highly developed southern section.

This area has baseball fields, an open shelter house, winter sledding hills, playgrounds, and fishing grounds along the rivers.

Moreover, the scenic hiking trails take on winding turns, which makes it a challenging walk.

Amuse yourself along with your friends and family at Johnson Park.

Take Time to Relax at Millennium Park

Located in Walker, Michigan, Millennium Park is a magnificent 1,500-acre property.

You need to drive seven minutes to reach this park from Grandville.

The vast land offers plenty of amenities for you to try out.

Millennium Park has a sandy swimming beach, picnic areas for families, playgrounds, beach houses, and paved scenic trails for strolling, cycling, and running.

You can go fishing as well as they have fishing ponds and lakes in the area.

You can also rent a boat.

Millennium Park has something for everybody.

This Park is the perfect place for a getaway, whether alone or with company, so take time to relax and stop by this rich and nature-filled park.

Final Thoughts

The city of Grandville is worth visiting when you’re in Michigan.

People consider this city one of the best places to live in the state of Michigan.

Grandville offers you various forms of entertainment and relaxation due to its placidness, suburban feel, and fun land.

You can do many things in Grandville.

Take the scenic trails for casual hiking and biking, skate along the vast and enjoyable skating platforms for roller skating, or splurge on items at large shopping districts.

Then, enjoy fine dining in known restaurants with delectable dishes and ambrosial drinks.

Ensure your enjoyment and happiness when exploring and discovering the hidden gems in the streets of Grandville.

Remember, when you’re in Michigan, you need to tour the extraordinary city of Grandville.

You can squeeze in this city in your busy itinerary.

What are you waiting for?

If you enjoy Grandville, you might even want to live there.

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