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15 Best Things to Do in Metamora, MI

  • Published 2022/09/20

The village of Metamora, also known as “horse country,” breathes life into outdoor recreation with its equestrian heritage.

Originally settled in 1839, this quaint downtown village is perfect for anyone needing a fresh breath of air.

Its name, Metamora, derives from a Native American word, meaning “among the hills.”

Aside from being rich in waterfront residential living, Metamora is also home to large open spaces dedicated to horseback riding.

At the same time, the village’s yearly traditions make it a fun place to visit during festivities.

Experience country living at its finest when you choose this village as your next destination spot.

Here are the best things to do in Metamora, Michigan:

Try Your Hand at Cross-Country Skiing at Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area

It’s always a fun time at Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area.

This outdoor recreational site extends to 723 acres, with 214 campsites within the property.

It’s open year-round on Herd Road, offering maximum fun for children, teens, adults, and seniors alike.

A mini cabin stands onsite, as well as a sandy beach with a fishing pier.

If you’re planning to go camping with the whole family, this site can accommodate all your loved ones’ needs.

From hunting to cross-country skiing, you and your family members can find a hobby they’ll enjoy.

Sit by the picnic tables for a shared snack, or dare to be more adventurous by exploring the marked hiking trails.

Rowboats and canoes are also available for rent at Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area.

Visit the Trees at Sutherland Nature Sanctuary

On Diehl Road, prepare for a closer look at the beauty and diversity of nature at Sutherland Nature Sanctuary.

This sanctuary, formally mandated as a Nature Sanctuary in 1999, promises an array of outdoor educational experiences.

Its collection of tree species makes it an ideal spot to learn more about these perennials.

Some of the trees include hickories, beech forests, and mature oaks.

A small stream also cuts through the sanctuary, which offers a serene, picturesque view.

Hike along the pathway and spot birds of various kinds perching on branches and twigs.

Sutherland Nature Sanctuary also has a pavilion where you can rest from a moment’s walk around the property.

Join a Golf Competition at Metamora Golf & Country Club

Is it tee time in Metamora yet?

Metamora Golf & Country Club on Club Drive offers an impressive 18-hole championship course layout.

Its founding year dates way back to 1990, but its modern parkland style is as relevant as today’s generation.

More than that, its dramatic terrain challenges the usual golfer with elevation changes and bunkers.

For those new to golf, the driving range and putting green areas may offer great help.

After a round, don’t forget to stop by Metamora Golf & Country Club’s pro shop for all your golfing supplies.

If golfing is not something you’re interested in, the clubhouse and pavilion tent can offer a quaint setting for your event hosting.

Its rustic indoor and outdoor venue choices can accommodate up to 200 guests!

Purchase a Vintage Find at the Metamora General Store

For a bit of history in your shopping trip, you can never go wrong at the Metamora General Store.

This multi-purpose retail store serves as a wine bar, mercantile goods store, and even an antique shop.

The building of this store is a refurbished 1920s gas station that now offers goods of certain varieties.

Get equestrian-centered memorabilia, including barware, hitching posts, and wind chimes.

There are also coffee table books for sale, as well as party supplies for your next big event.

Whatever you think you might need, the Metamora General Store already has it for you.

Situated at the corner of East High Street and South Oak Street, it also provides convenient access to familiar establishments like White Horse Inn and Great Lakes Coffee.

Browse through Antiques at Roadside Attractions

Do you have an affinity for vintage items and collections?

Roadside Attractions are a stop you won’t want to miss.

This antique shop, built back in 2008, has grown from a mere brick-and-mortar store to the 10,000 square feet of space it is today.

Among its most notable finds are an 1895 Grand Trunk caboose and a Cesna 150 airplane.

Add color to your spaces with ancient signages from past businesses and license plates.

Have an artwork collection you are growing?

There are rare bargains you can find, like spittoons and hot boxes, that you can find inspiration from.

Browse through the shelves of curiosities at the store and bring home a treasure you’ll keep forever.

Roadside Attractions is on North Oak Street if you want to visit it.

Get a Cool Necklace at The Classic Horse Equestrian Jewelry Collection

The best way to celebrate your Metamora trip is to bring back a piece of jewelry from The Classic Horse Equestrian Jewelry Collection.

Created in 2007, this shop is the product of the hard-earned labor of Zorka Pondell and her custom-made jewelry.

But what makes this shop stand out from the others is its equestrian-centered designs.

The Statement © Collection showcases a minimalist horse pendant in various gems and metals.

The Fleur de Lis © Collection, on the other hand, displays two horse heads facing back to back in an elegant arch.

There’s more to see and add to your magnificent jewelry collection.

The Classic Horse Equestrian Jewelry Collection also offers custom jewelry designs from all sorts of gems.

This shop is on South Oak Street, across from the Metamora General Store.

Learn Heritage while Dining at the White Horse Inn

To fully experience Metamora and its love for horses while dining, the White Horse Inn on East High Street is an ideal stop.

Serving the community since 1850 as a general store, it has gone a long way to promote the horse heritage of the village.

Let your eyes wander to the horse paintings and architecture of the place that depicts the stagecoach years of Metamora.

You can also dine outside on the patio while indulging in Pot Roast or Ribeye.

At the White Horse Inn, celebrate your special milestones within the rustic amenities filled with history and heritage.

Host a Party at the Metamora Lions Club

With its large spaces, Metamora can never run out of event centers for you to choose from.

The Metamora Lions Club offers halls for those needing a large audience for their special moments.

But in retrospect, The Metamora Lions Club is a secular service club dedicated to providing a better life for the community of Metamora.

Chartered in 1948, it has partnered with various organizations for public interest and growth.

Its hall provides a private venue for civic functions and more casual but meaningful parties, like those for birthdays and anniversaries.

Its amenities include three large unique areas: The Lodge, The Hall, and an outdoor pavilion.

Be sure to drop by North Oak Street to make your reservations.

Hold Your Wedding Reception at Dove Manor

It’s your most awaited day throughout your life, and you want to spend it in the charming village of Metamora.

Why not celebrate it in Dove Manor?

The Dove Manor on North Oak Street is a wedding ceremony and reception venue center.

Its facility accommodates up to 175 guests in a romantic outdoor setting.

The 1878 historic home is popular for graduation parties and other intimate, formal gatherings.

The stunning landscape backdrops of the property can also frame your wedding preparation photos.

Your big day deserves to be as grand or simple as you want it to be.

And at Dove Manor, you can have the luxury of whatever you desire when you tie the knot with the love of your life.

Watch an Event at Metamora Historical Society Old Town Hall

Like most event venues on this list, Metamora Historical Society Old Town Hall offers a unique venue for all your important programs.

An 1888 masterpiece, this hall is a must-see for those wanting to learn more about Metamora’s history.

Its 40×30-foot floor space is a supreme choice for community programs and small meetings.

Some of its well-known programs include plays, dances, and fundraising events.

Metamora Historical Society Old Town Hall overlooks East High Street, where most recreational sites have gathered.

Munch on a Treat at Rollin’ Dough Cookie Co.

Need a sweet fix after a tiresome day of traveling and exploring in Metamora?

Rollin’ Dough Cookie Co. might just get you the sugarcoated solution you’ve been waiting for.

This bakery and pastry shop on Blood Road offers your usual chocolate chip and frosting-covered cookies.

But it can also customize desserts for distinct events and occasions.

It also has gluten-friendly options so that everyone can have a fantastic treat.

Now, you’re all set to go on another round of sightseeing!

Meet the Horses at Talvidar Farm

Your Metamora trip would never be the same without dropping by the Talvidar Farm.

Talvidar Farm is an equestrian facility that started in 2019 and moved to Michigan two years later.

It offers training and conditioning for equestrians and their horses for a smooth riding experience.

At the same time, it has a breeding and rehabilitation facility for foals and mares.

Horses are in absolute paradise as they get to explore the elaborate fields with a herd or by themselves.

So, if you have equestrian blood running through you, this farm can get you the head start you need for competitive shows.

Talvidar Farm is on East Dryden Road, only a 5-minute walk from Metamora Cemetery.

Other Things to Do Nearby

If you’ve gone through each activity on the list above, fret not!

You can still enjoy Metamora’s nearby cities and communities with the following ventures!

Indulge in a Bagel Bomb at Evergreens Coffee and Bakeshop

For a classic date or get-together, Evergreens Coffee and Bakeshop certainly doesn’t disappoint.

This quaint baked goods and beverage shop on Washington Street in Oxford specializes in premium bagel bombs.

Bagel bombs, also known as stuffed homemade bagels in various flavors, are available in the morning and afternoon.

Pair this sweet delicacy with a cup of coffee!

Spend time by yourself or a loved one to enjoy the ambiance and scent of ground beans and baked goods.

From Metamora, drive 13 minutes north to reach Evergreens Coffee and Bakeshop.

Play at the Bocce Ball Court at Palazzo Di Bocce

Even in Lake Orion in Michigan, you can travel a country by staying in your seat.

Palazzo Di Bocce brings you closer to Italy and its fine dining practices.

This restaurant’s name is an Italian phrase that means “Palace of Bowls or Balls.”

Its modernized Classic Italian architecture and interior design layout provide a sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for taking pictures.

But, perhaps, what makes this place a tourist favorite is the place’s love and dedication to the sport of Bocce.

Rent the indoor bocce ball lane for a 90-minute game with friends and family.

Courtside snacking is also a viable option if you feel hungry while in a match.

The distance between Palazzo Di Bocce and downtown Metamora is only 27 minutes—an ideal quick detour when you fancy a high-quality culinary experience.

Host an Event at the Banquet Center at Sugarbush Golf Club

Since 1995 Sugarbush Golf Club in Davison has been a premier destination for golf enthusiasts.

Its 18-hole par-72 public course boasts an extensive 646 yards.

Its rolling green plains and well-trimmed landscape offer a refreshing view while working on your swings.

Take a trip down the driving range and practice some more before joining the big leagues.

Have other sports you excel in?

Sugarbush Golf Club’s All-Sports Simulators lets you choose between 10 different sports options to practice in.

And if you’ve got a wedding or other important event coming up, the banquet hall is open for your best celebrations.

This golf course on Sugarbush Drive is only 22 minutes away from Metamora.

Final Thoughts

Those are the best things to do in Metamora, MI.

Metamora and its variety in entertainment and recreation remain an ideal travel choice for individuals and groups.

Its equestrian-centric activities may shine at the forefront, but it still has other interesting spots for everyone.

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