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15 Best Things to Do in Reed City, MI

  • Published 2022/09/01

Reed City, Michigan, also goes by the moniker ‘Michigan’s Crossroads.’

The popular Rails-to-Trails system intersects in this city, making it one of the state’s most essential trail communities.

The two primary rails are the White Pine Trail, which runs from north to south, and the Pere Marquette Trail, from east to west.

The city is perfect for adventure and a refreshing place to spend a day or a weeklong trip.

Continue reading to discover the best things to do in Reed City, Michigan!

Stroll around Rambadt Park

Winter scene at Rambadt Park

Shelly MD Photography /

Rambadt Park is a 33-acre community park close to the rails-to-trails system.

It features an exciting combination of natural areas.

Likewise, you can go to the camping and play areas, a performance pavilion, and other camper activity areas.

The park provides complete camping needs such as electricity, picnic tables, grills, trash containers, a kids playground, and restrooms.

They even run free concerts every Friday and Saturday, from June to August.

Rambadt Park opens from mid-May to the end of October.

Enjoy its spaces on a first-come, first-served basis.

Visit the Reed City Heritage Museum

Formerly known as the Old Rugged Cross Historical Museum, the Reed City Heritage Museum relocated from Howard Street to downtown Reed City.

The museum originates in a memorial cross built and dedicated on September 14, 1954, at the home of Rev. and Mrs. George Bennard, north of Reed City.

In 1913, Rev. Bennard wrote the world-renowned hymn, Old Rugged Cross, which became a piece of Reed city’s history.

The Reed City Heritage Museum contains souvenirs and relics from the Bennard home and the original Osceola County Historical Museum.

Visit the Reed City Covered Bridge

Built in 1880 and rebuilt in the late 1990s, the Reed City Covered Bridge is one of Reed City’s most iconic landmarks.

The 150-foot-long bridge is part of the White Pine trail, located near the Mackinaw Trail intersection and Old U.S. 31.

The bridge is the continuation of the 92-mile-long White Pine Trail over the Hersey River.

It welcomes pedestrians, bicycles, and snowmobiles during the winter.

The bridge’s northern side features a nameplate that reads “Reed City.”

This marker became the informal symbol of the city.

The sign on the bridge originated from an old railroad depot in town.

Covered bridges are famous tourist attractions in Michigan, although only a few remain in good shape today.

One of them is the Reed City Covered Bridge.

Don’t miss your chance.

Strike a pose and mark your visit here in Reed City!

Pick Your Christmas Tree at Duddles Tree Farms

There’s nothing like choosing your perfect Christmas tree to start your holiday season.

Smell the evergreens and feel the fresh winter air!

Visit Duddles Tree Farms to pick your next Christmas tree!

Pick from its 1,500 acres of pine, spruce, and fir trees.

Likewise, pick whether you want a fresh pre-cut tree or a living one.

Their gift shop also sells wreaths, trims, lights, and many Christmas items, including Michigan maple syrup, hot coffee, and chocolate.

They even offer group tours and hayrides on the weekends.

If you feel like heading into the woods to cut your tree, Duddles Tree Farms opens daily, starting from November 26 to December 15.

While this is a fun holiday excursion, you must wear appropriate attire for your safety.

Pack sturdy boots and work gloves, and enjoy the day!

Watch a Mudbog at Mom’s Motor Sports Complex

Are you feeling adventurous?

Mom’s Motor Sports Complex will get your adrenaline pumping!

The ATV Recreation Park specializes in mud bog, off-road racing, and demolition derbies.

Mudbogging is an off-road motorsport where drivers navigate a mud pit or track.

Meanwhile, a Demolition derby is a non-racing motorsport where drivers compete by intentionally ramming their vehicles into each other.

The exciting Mudd Drags and Boggs races start from annually May until mid-September.

Plus, they usually hold overnight camping and provide outdoor facilities for the whole family.

Visit Mom’s Motor Sports Complex to catch their fantastic auto shows!

Enjoy a Feast at Seven Slot Grille

Are you looking for a fun yet chill atmosphere while enjoying some good food?

The Seven Slot Grille might be the place for you!

In 2008, Doug and Christy Wallace opened the Seven Slot Grille, specializing in home-cooked meals, soups, and bread.

The Wallaces opened the restaurant to provide their children with practical work experience and teach them some work ethic.

The Seven Slot Grille has become a trendy restaurant in Reed City.

In 2019, the Wallaces added a bakery to the restaurant.

Stop by and visit Seven Slot Grille!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Relax at Sunrise Lake State Forest Campground

Sunrise Lake State Forest Campground might be the ideal camping spot for you if you enjoy fishing!

Osceola County’s Sunrise Lake Campground offers a rural, nature-oriented setting.

Each of the 17 sites can accommodate tents or smaller trailers.

Explore the woods to get closer to the wildlife.

While you can expect bears in the area, the site has no record of any human-bear interaction.

You might see more skunks and raccoons during your stay.

The campsite introduces on-site or close-by fishing opportunities, hiking access, and a road vehicle trail.

Likewise, the Sunrise Lake State Forest Campground provides toilets and potable water for a hand well pump.

Experience good old-day camping at this campground in Le Roy, Michigan, 24 minutes from Reed City.

Stroll along Big Rapids Riverwalk

Big Rapids Riverwalk is a linear park on the Muskegon River’s east and west sides.

This park connects downtown Big Rapids with a few recreational amenities, such as Hemlock Park, Swede Hill Park, and Northend Riverside Park.

Its wide and paved pathway is suitable for summer strolling, biking, and rollerblading.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in winter.

Likewise, it features several bridges, four fishing spots, and picnic areas.

You can also try other recreational activities, such as paddlesports, tubing, fishing, and bird watching.

From various nearby lodging, restaurants, and recreational activities, Big Rapids Riverwalk provides an ideal place to spend the weekend.

You can find it in Big Rapids, Michigan, 19 minutes from Reed City.

Shop for Sweets at Kilwins Chocolates

Are you looking for a nice dessert or something to bring home to your friends?

Visit Kilwins Chocolates Store in Big Rapids!

Founded in 1947, they have become well-known for their delicious baked goods, high-quality candy, and ice cream.

They make the Kilwins Heritage Chocolate in their Chocolate Kitchen in Petoskey, Michigan.

Afterward, various stores sell the chocolate, including the branch in Big Rapids, 17 minutes from Reed City.

Grab a treat at Kilwins Chocolates after a long day exploring the city.

Set up Camp in Mecosta County Park Commission

Mecosta County Park Commission, between Kalamazoo and Traverse City, is an outdoor recreational community featuring over 100 lakes, rivers, and streams.

The park offers hiking, biking, camping, swimming, fishing, and boating.

It even caters to special events.

Spend some time outdoors at the Mecosta County Park Commission!

You can find it in Paris, Michigan, seven minutes from Reed City.

Relax at Blodgett Landing Campground

Blodgett Landing Camping is the ideal spot for a quick getaway in a small, serene, peaceful campsite environment.

The site sits at the junction of the Hersey and Muskegon rivers in the small town of Hersey, Michigan, nine minutes from Reed City.

It offers 29 large camping sites.

Each site has 17 Full RVs with water, power, sewer system, and Wi-Fi.

Likewise, twelve more places have water, energy, and WIFI.

They also have eight more rustic camping sites.

All campgrounds have a picnic table and pit for bonfires.

The site is near the public access kayak and tube launch.

You can also bring your pets to the pet-friendly campground.

Try seasonal fishing in Hersey or Muskegon river when you have time.

However, you must secure a fishing license first.

Go Kayaking with J & J’s River Run

Have you ever wanted to relax and enjoy nature while paddling down Michigan’s Muskegon River?

The river is a stunning, peaceful waterway.

Through J & J’s River Run’s services, you’ll experience this beautiful scenery.

It is a professional canoe rental business in Evart, Michigan, 16 minutes from Reed City.

They offer the rental of canoes, kayaks, tubes, and rafts.

You can enjoy the trip rowing, fishing, swimming, or picnicking at your own pace!

They also offer camping at different rates according to your preference.

On the other hand, if you prefer comfortable hotel accommodations, the Osceola Hotel is also just a few minutes away.

J & J’s River Run is a fantastic place to spend the day!

Tour the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia

Located at Ferris State University, the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia is the largest collection of artifacts showing the US’ history of racism against African Americans.

It features several memorabilia tied to a history of intolerance, readily available and free for public viewing.

The museum aims to educate the public by displaying these artifacts to encourage a more inclusive society.

Likewise, the items highlight the terrible effects of Jim Crow laws and practices.

The exhibit has nearly 10,000 items, including contemporary items and those dating from the 1870s through the 1960s.

Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia got its name after Jim Crow, a song and dance caricature of black people.

By 1838, the name had evolved into a derogatory term for “Negro.”

At the end of the 19th century, American lawmakers in the South passed racial segregation laws against African Americans.

Today, people call these laws Jim Crow laws.

Revisit history at the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia in Big Rapids, 18 minutes from Reed City.

Admire the Artworks in Shrine of the Pines

Raymond W. Overholzer built a hunting lodge museum to display his handcrafted furniture, a tribute to Michigan’s beautiful White Pine forests.

In 1939, he and his friends constructed a log cabin to showcase the numerous masterpieces he built over 30 years.

The great artisan, also known as “Bud,” constructed over 200 furniture pieces using only hand tools, homemade glue, raw deer hide, and handmade sandpaper from broken glass.

He spent almost his entire life creating masterpieces, like chairs, tables and beds, furnishings, and even utensils.

Eventually, the Shrine of the Pines became a nonprofit organization.

With the help of tourism and donations, the site continued to display Overholzer’s fantastic art.

You can also join live tours at the Shrine of the Pines.

For instance, join the audio tour that allows guests to review the works at their own pace.

This museum is in Baldwin, Michigan, 24 minutes from Reed City.

Chill and Dine at Schuberg’s Bar and Grill

Schuberg’s Bar and Grill is a late-19th-century bar and one of the oldest bars in Michigan.

Since 1933, they have served top-quality burgers and cold beer.

The bar became popular in the city, earning a reputation for preparing “one of the top ten best burgers in Michigan.”

In 1892, the place originally opened as a Saloon called the Elk Buffet.

Then, it eventually re-opened as Schuberg’s Bar and Grill.

Although they have added many new features over the years, the bar has retained its original look and ambiance.

You’ll feel like you have traveled back through time if you eat there.

Final Thoughts

Reed City promises a rich adventure with plenty of activities and discovery.

This city has witnessed several changes over the years, but its warmth and welcoming atmosphere remain the same.

Plan your trip and discover the best things to do in Reed City!

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