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20 Best Things to Do in Port Huron, MI

  • Published 2022/09/14

Port Huron is located at the St. Clair River and Lake Huron and is regarded as one of the best cities in Michigan.

Other than its gorgeous scenery, the city of Port Huron has endless water activities as well.

Everybody would find something more to their liking in the historic central retail area, which provides a variety of unique and fascinating commercial and eating adventures.

Without further ado, here are the 20 best things to do in Port Huron, MI:

Check Out the Iconic Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

Exterior of the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

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Fort Gratiot Lighthouse is the oldest and first lighthouse that is ever surviving until today.

This lighthouse was built in 1828, and it symbolizes the entry to Lake Huron by St. Clair River.

At approximately 32 feet tall, before 1862 by which it was elevated, today, Fort Gratiot Lighthouse is 82 feet tall.

Top part of the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

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It remains operational, and the Marine Corps maintains a headquarters nearby, although it was transferred towards the Port Huron Historical Society for preservation.

With the historical remarks of the lighthouse, it became famous to most of the people in the place.

For you to have a memorable visit to the iconic Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, make sure to capture the lovely moments with a click!

Night view of the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

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Watch Some Movies at Sperry’s Moviehouse

Enjoy the fabulous and most popular movie house in the town of Port Huron – Sperry’s Moviehouse.

You can do everything you want inside, such as drinking beer, having food, and relaxing in a comfortable and flexible chair.

You can enjoy movies in various genres by having your chairs recliner with built-in tables made for your meals!

It is not just watching a movie, but you can also have dinner inside.

Watching movies is always good, but having dinner simultaneously with your friends and family inside is best!

Appreciate the Blue Scenery at Blue Water River Walk

Daytime view of Blue Water River Walk

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If you are looking for a place where you can get away with the noisy crowd, having a walk at the Blue Water River Walk is an ideal place for you.

It is located in the southern part of the Blue Water River bridge, near the southwest corner of Huron Bay, and is accessible via boat.

Trail at Blue Water River Walk

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It was decided to preserve the natural vegetation on the coast and establish a nearshore region for marines and animals to live in.

The area is ideal for those who want to have solitude and those who want to spend their time walking with their significant other.

With the crystal clear sea, all you can smell is the natural scent of nature!

Great heron at Blue Water River Walk

James W. Thompson /

Walk Around the Pine Grove Park

This is a public park that is free for everyone who wishes to have a chill-out walk.

You can visit the park as much as you would like to and enjoy the captivating views around.

Aside from the fact that the park’s atmosphere is good, it is also spacious; thus, you can play any sports you want and do other outdoor activities.

You can visit the park every day to have a walk or do cardio exercise in the morning!

Enjoy at the Hallway Entertainment

If you are searching for fun where you can enjoy with your friends and family, Hallway Entertainment is the perfect place!

You will be introduced to various games inside, such as finding secret codes, clues, and puzzle games.

One of the most famous games is called ESCAPE, where you will find the way out by solving all the puzzles inside.

It is an exciting thing to do with all the group members, especially with your friends and family.

Join the thrilling adventure and beat the ESCAPE puzzle together!

See the Blue Water Bridge

View from under the Blue Water Bridge


The Blue River Water bridge was initially constructed in 1928, but due to various constraints, the completion date was stretched until 1938.

Located in Port Huron, the bridge linked Michigan from the United States to Sarnia in Ontario, Canada, towards the St. Clair lake in the shallowest point.

The bridge was funded via the issuance of securities and the collection of tolls, and many states widely recognized it for its marvelous initiative to link the two different forms.

Daytime view of the Blue Water Bridge

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They also added a second bridge that will serve as the twin in 1997.

Other than its wide recognition for such innovative projects, the complementary design had also gained prestigious awards.

If you get impressed by the bridge’s beauty by seeing it in a mere picture, why not visit the Blue Water Bridge and see how beautiful it is?

Blue Water Bridge's night lights

Paul Massie Photography /

Taste the High-Quality Coffees at Raven Café

The Raven Café is the most popular coffee shop in the city of Port Huron, Michigan.

The Raven Café is brimming with inventiveness and imagination, which made it radically suitable and desirable!

Other than that, going inside the coffee shop is fantastic; there are lots of exhibitions inside, and posters and artwork also cover the outside.

The atmosphere is genuinely calm and tranquil, where you can enjoy your cup of coffee while relaxing.

Aside from coffee, they also serve their flavourful beers and unique mix of cocktails.

There are areas where you can enjoy reading a book while drinking a beer, coffee, or eating a delicious dessert.

The environment is spotless, and the staff is incredibly polite!

Grab a Chicken Dish at Palms Krystal Bar Restaurant

There are currently three great chicken stores in Port Huron, and Palms Krystal Bar Restaurant is one of them.

It was established in 1936, and the franchise developed as an international organization with numerous stores worldwide.

Palms Krystal Bar Restaurant is famous in Port Huron and for the rest of the world for its consistency in providing good quality foods and services.

Some of their best-selling products are burgers, steaks, plates of seafood, soups, and salad.

What’s best is that everything is affordable and reasonably priced!

The place is best if you have your group of friends and family to eat together and spend the night with a good dinner!

Discover More About the City at Thomas Edison Depot Museum

Locomotive at Thomas Edison Depot Museum

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Thomas Edison, a news reporter from 1859 up to 1863, is where the Museum derived its name.

Within the Fort Gratiot railway station, Thomas Edison also performed train maintenance.

He also enunciated everything about the Port Huron in his secret diary, which became the references of subsequent workers in understanding the origin and formative years of the city.

For this reason, they established the Port Huron Museum in 2001.

Displays at Thomas Edison Depot Museum

Oaktree b, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The life of Thomas Edison became the spearhead of the establishment of the Museum as he wrote in his diary his entire life, including its entrepreneurial contributions and scientific studies.

His diary was not only helpful in the formation of the Thomas Edison Depot Museum, but it was also inspiring because, just like anyone else, Thomas Edison started from none.

If you want to know more about how the Museum was established and other things about the city, go ahead and visit the Thomas Edison Depot Museum!

Exterior of the Thomas Edison Depot Museum

Oaktree b, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visit Knowlton’s Ice Museum of North America

Situated at 317 Grand River Ave #3814, Port Huron, this place is widely known because of Mickey Knowlton, with whom the Museum derived its name.

Mickey Knowlton had always been accustomed to anything related to ice, such as harvesting, preserving, and other activities.

He and his wife were interested in making a 1,000 square foot of ice museum in the city.

For this reason, the pertinent equipment inside was preserved, such as iceboxes, hand tools, refrigerators, for over 5,000 pieces!

The Museum preserved its equipment to form their desired ice museum; inside, you can see all the essential tools they used for the formation of the Museum.

You will also learn more about the life of Knowlton and his wife in their early years.

Indeed the tools are antique and old, but it cannot be denied that 5,000 pieces of tools are fascinating!

Revisiting History at Port Huron Museum

Exterior of Port Huron Museum

Darren56brown, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you want to learn more about the city but have yet to find the answer, the Port Huron Museum got your back.

Port Huron can provide you with all the in-depth stories and history about the city, including the lives of the people in the Great lakes and the substantial experiences of the people who form part of the city’s development today.

Other than that, prepare your eyes to see the tremendous life exhibitions of the people, the local legends, events, etc.

This place is one of the most visited museums in the town as it can give you the answer to everything that you want to discover.

Other than a group of friends and families, the Port Huron Museum is also famous among scholars who study history from different parts of the region and country.

Going to this place is one of the reasons why you must visit Port Huron; your vacation is never completed if you do not visit Port Huron Museum.

Enjoy Various Outdoor Activities at Lakeside Park

Gorgeous sunset over Lakeside Park

Famous Roger Sheldon /

Lakeside Park is suitable if you are looking for a picnic, volleyball, Barbeque, seasonal splash pad, and playground.

If your family is looking for a place to have a splash and recreational activities, the perfect place to visit is Lakeside Park.

The lakeside park allows you to have an extraordinary experience, especially when it comes to swimming.

The water is crystal clear, and the atmosphere is tranquil.

You can enjoy lots of activities by spending time together with your loved ones, and you don’t have to worry about the parking lot because the area got everything for you.

Complete your vacation by paying a visit to Lakeside Park!

Taste the Flavorful Drinks at Brass Rail Bar

If you are looking for a place to chill out and unwind after a stressful day, Brass Rail Bar is a great place to visit.

You can enjoy their various drinks in a fun and enjoyable environment with different people where you can freely interact.

The cocktails taste unique, and they are all original!

It is also noticeable that the bartender is entertaining how he mixes the drinks, and all the staff is polite.

Have fun at Brass Rail Bar and grab a delicious flavourful drink!

Go Inside the Iconic Huron Lightship Museum

Daytime view of the Huron Lightship Museum

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If you want to discover the history of the attractive destinations in the city, Lightship Museum can answer all your queries!

The unique feature of this Museum is that no one could ever expect it to be a museum.

It is just like a ship sitting in the corner, but when you go inside, there are lots of exciting things that you can learn about.

Night view of the docked Huron Lightship Museum

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There is a vast range of displays and artifacts featuring numerous videos and model ships captured by someone who lived in the past.

Other than that, you will be accompanied by an expert tour guide who has comprehensive knowledge about everything and can effectively narrate what happened in the past.

Join the Huron Lady II River Cruises

If you are interested or want to try sailing in Port Huron, then you must not miss the chance to join the Huron Lady II River Cruises!

Remember that you will be sailing in the gorgeous blue waters and astounding bridges and several attractions in Port Huron; how fun is that?

This will be your best opportunity to join the cruise together with your family and friends.

Besides joining the sailing adventure, you can also have dinner at the River Crab, and you can celebrate various events such as birthday parties, weddings, graduation celebrations, and many more!

Make sure to bring your camera with you because attractions are everywhere as the sail goes by.

Don’t miss the chance to capture them!

Play a Challenging Game of Golf at Black River Country Club

Black River Country Club, one of Michigan’s oldest recreational golf courses, was established in 1926.

Golfers of all skill levels will find Black River entertaining and challenging with its smoothly undulating landscape, numerous trees, and strategically placed obstacles.

In addition to the course’s excellent playability, Black River is renowned for its immaculate surroundings.

Black River Golf Club’s facilities are also ideal for many events.

Events include golfing trips, anniversaries, baby showers, business gatherings, birthday celebrations, seminars, rehearsal dinners, fundraising events, and more.

Dine Outdoors at Freighters Eatery & Taproom

In Port Huron, situated on the St. Clair River, sits the Freighters Eatery & Taproom, a popular dining place.

To include the finest ingredients in their seasonal dishes, Freighters’ Head Chef Jared Beach and his Culinary Staff collaborate with a range of neighborhood suppliers and retailers.

The restaurant’s broad beverage menu, which includes a selection of Michigan craft breweries, wines, and artisan cocktails, complements Chef Jared’s creations’ inventiveness.

The restaurant serves a la carte luncheon, brunch, and supper seven days a week.

In association with the Hilton Hotel, exclusive events are organized.

Enjoy the riverside outdoor seating, the inventive food, and the many activities!

Ride, Explore, and Enjoy with Blue Water Trolley

Presented to you by Blue Water Area Transit and nearby establishments, the Blue Water Trolley is Michigan’s best tourist deal.

The St. Clair River connects the United States and Canada in the stunning Blue Water Area, which is the center of the trolley trip.

The one-hour trip includes a stop at several nearby attractions.

You travel through the center of Port Huron and then along the waterfront to get a bird’s-eye view of the Blue Water Bridges, the Thomas Edison Depot, and other interesting locations.

The trolley also links to Port Huron’s extensive public transportation network, which provides service to most of the region’s commercial and industrial hubs.

Every run starts city center at Huron Avenue on the hour, starting at midday, and the last trip leaves at four o’clock.

Plan an Event and Host it at Blue Water Convention Center

If you’re planning a special event, seminar, or wedding in Michigan, the Blue Water Convention Center is the ideal waterfront site.

Views of the Blue Water Bridges and St. Clair River are breathtaking from the Lake Huron Conference Hall.

Guests will be in wonder of this unique private indoor environment.

The Blue Water Convention Center can hold up to 1600 people.

Larger weddings, banquets, seminars, trade exhibitions, and conventions are ideal at this venue.

Adventure awaits you!

Learn Something New at Great Lakes Maritime Center

There are several ways to learn about the past and present of the Great Lakes at the Great Lakes Maritime Center (GLMC).

At the intersection of the Black River and St. Clair River is where you’ll find the GLMC.

Information is presented on various media platforms, screens, and speaker events.

Viewing activities below the St. Clair River’s surface is made possible with a live underwater video stream, and ship activities may also be seen in real-time.

From the comfortable, dry viewing area or the sun-drenched deck, observe the ships as they sail by gently at a distance of less than a quarter of a mile.

Final Thoughts

Port Huron is indeed one of the best destinations in the state of Michigan.

The city does entail various fun activities, but you can surely tell that they value their history.

From there, the significant contributions of the people from the past form part of the integral development of the city of today.

Getting to know the city is the first step in discovering how good it is.

Before you visit Port Huron, make sure to check the 15 Best Things To Do In Port Huron, MI.

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