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15 Best Things to Do in West Branch, MI

  • Published 2022/09/03

West Branch is a flourishing city in northern Michigan that forms part of Ogemaw County.

It is a beautiful community that shares warmth and affection with its guests and visitors, wherever they come from.

If you want to escape the metropolis, West Branch offers a tranquil stay, whether you want to stop over or settle for good.

The area has everything you may need to stay comfortably.

Check out safe spaces for your kids, shops offering daily essentials, and recreational spots to keep you entertained.

A striking landscape of hills and lakes makes West Branch look like an oasis in the middle of a scorching desert.

Here are the best things to do in West Branch to help you plan your next trip:

Learn New Stuff at West Branch District Library

Exterior of West Branch District Library

Notorious4life (talk) (Uploads), CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Are you an avid bookworm looking for a place to read?

At the heart of the city lies the West Branch District Library, a fount of new knowledge for everyone.

In 1905, the city signed an ordinance that paved the way for establishing the library.

Through the decades, the library stood firm despite several relocations, finally settling at its current location on Fourth Street.

The West Branch District Library offers various events to gather all the readers in the city.

Win the Most Holes at the Nightmare Golf Course

West Branch is a city in Michigan remarkable for the significant number of golf courses around the area.

Of all the city’s courses, Nightmare Golf Course counts as the most promising one.

Tom and Dan Courtemanche founded the Nightmare Golf Course, which opened in August 2003.

This place sprouted from its owners’ dream to make a field where they could freely play golf like their colleagues.

Golfers may want to maximize their time before dusk.

Visit the golf course during twilight, which usually starts at 3:00 p.m., and costs only $45.

The place also offers special rates to veterans, senior citizens, and first responders.

If you want to experience a fun-filled golf experience, this place is the best one yet in the city.

Bond with Your Family at Irons Park

Are you looking for a spot to bond with your family in the city?

Take them on a stroll across Irons Park, which has everything you need.

Archie Irons used to own this municipal park between Valley Street and Shrigley Street.

In 1955, he gave away the property to the local government, hence its name.

This park spans ten to 12 acres, a perfect spot for community activities such as duck races, easter egg hunts, art fairs, and more.

The area also has one gazebo and courts for basketball and tennis.

Another unique activity at Irons Park is Geocaching.

This activity is an outdoor treasure hunt that requires players to find containers bearing geocaches using GPS.

Invite them to this community park for an afternoon of fun and laughter.

Admire the Local Textiles at Ogemaw County Quilt Trail

Ogemaw County Quilt Trail is a must-visit if you feel like seeing the magnificent locally made quilts.

This place reflects the farming and quilting practice of the locals, a significant part of their identity.

As you follow the Ogemaw County Quilt Trail, check out quilt barns to admire the skill and craftsmanship that flourished in West Branch.

Roll a Strike at Ogemaw Lanes & Lounge

If you want to go bowling, go to the Ogemaw Lanes and Lounge

Situated at South M-76, this bowling alley is one of the best spots in the area because of its solid gaming experience.

You and the rest of the pack can spend the night hitting pins and making incredible memories.

Likewise, Ogemaw Lanes & Lounge offers $30,000 worth of prizes in its public tournaments.

If you get tired and hungry, grab some sliders, soup, and burgers at the lounge.

Enjoy a Cold One at the Highway Brewing Co.

The Highway Brewing Co. offers quality brews that anyone will enjoy.

This brewery sits across West Houghton Avenue, convenient for anyone staying in West Branch, Michigan.

Order their six flagship brews that will surely give you and your pals a good time as you catch up.

The Highway Brewing Co. also has a second floor where you can catch some fresh air while enjoying a cold one.

Likewise, the brewery can host special events.

Just book a reservation in advance to secure a spot.

Strengthen your Core at Ogemaw Hills Pathway

Don’t miss the Ogemaw Hills Pathway if you want to move around and be physically engaged.

This astounding pathway sits across Fairview Round.

Locals go there for an epic nature adventure.

With a trail stretching almost 15 miles, this spot is perfect for biking, hiking, or brisk walking with your pals.

During the winter, you can also ski with your friends or family.

West Branch, Michigan, features many exhilarating and natural spots.

The Ogemaw Hills Pathway is a prime example.

Shop ‘Til You Drop at the Silver Lining

Have you found the ideal place to shop in the city?

Look no further than The Silver Lining along West Houghton Avenue.

Since 2007, the center has attracted passersby looking to do some shopping.

From home decor to skincare, you will never run out of choices at the store.

As an accommodating business, the Silver Lining ships items for online orders within three to seven days.

They also have a three-day return policy.

Support their products to win gift certificates that will offer you great deals and discounts!

See the Latest Blockbuster at West Branch Cinema 3

If you want a great movie experience in the city, see the latest releases at the West Branch Cinema 3.

Likewise, the theater is near other facilities that add to the moviegoing experience, like food and drinks.

West Branch Cinema 3 also has an interactive website, showing a bit of its warm reception to anyone who wants a grand time at the movies.

Grab a Meal at Loggers Depot

Are you hungry and tired after a long day?

Relieve your stress with a meal from the famous Loggers Depot.

Located at West Houghton Avenue, this restaurant offers a variety of delectable meals.

If you want a solid dining experience, you won’t encounter any hassle with parking.

The restaurant has allocated a considerable parking lot for its customers.

If you run out of cash, Loggers Depot also accepts credit cards.

Loggers Depot is a terrific spot for families and groups.

Besides a pleasing ambiance, its affordable menu can give you a hearty meal without breaking the bank.

Unleash Your Creativity at Fourth Street Artists Gallery

Are you wondering how to spark your creative juices work in West Branch, Michigan?

Explore the Fourth Street Artists Gallery and let your artistry reach its full bloom.

This amusing hub for creative individuals is a free space for both youngsters and kids at heart.

Unleash your inner artist in this gallery!

Besides the exhibits across its halls, Fourth Street Artists Gallery also offers art workshops that anyone can join.

This initiative has paved the way for more guests to learn about different art forms.

Visiting this splendid gallery is also a fun way to mingle with the locals while developing your art skills.

Make Happy Memories at the Ogemaw County Fair

Besides municipality parks for outdoor entertainment or relaxation, the city also houses the spectacular Ogemaw County Fair.

Established along the Rifle River Trail, the said fairgrounds have become a community gathering spot.

Through the Ogemaw County Fair, the community creates meaningful memories that will last a lifetime.

The fair involves Fair Week, a week-long celebration of West Branch’s roots and its development into a modern-day city.

The spot also has campgrounds for family activities, group engagements, and other outdoor events.

You may also come across an antique village, an ensemble of historical furniture from across the county.

Admire the craftsmanship of the locals in the past.

Have you finally decided to take a stroll at the Ogemaw County Fair?

Check their schedule for a concert night, so you can listen to all the top hits.

Revisit the Past at Ogemaw County Historical Museum

History buffs will find heaven in the Ogemaw County Historical Museum.

In 1908, Bernard and Sophia Blumenthal lived in the building along Second Street.

Over the years, the building changed hands from one buyer to another.

The city of West Branch finally reclaimed the structure as a historical hub in 2010.

This museum houses over 30,000 artifacts that will make every visitor appreciate how people lived in West Branch back then.

Moreover, you can find pertinent documents around the site, such as marriage licenses and newspapers.

These documents recount the historical events that unfolded throughout the area.

You can visit this place for free if you want to know more about the city’s historical narrative.

If you want to support the Ogemaw County Historical Museum, you can also apply for membership at a low fee.

See the Wildlife at Ogemaw Nature Park

Are you looking for an animal adventure within the city?

Don’t miss the Ogemaw Nature Park with your loved ones.

Established in the early 1920s, the nature park started out as a sanctuary for whitetail deer.

Today, this facility still doesn’t charge admission fees.

However, you might want to give a generous donation to help in park maintenance and animal upkeep.

The Ogemaw Nature Park also has a picnic area across its fields.

Hang around the picnic area with your friends or family after strolling around the park.

Take a Breather at Clear Lake Resort

You can find Clear Lake Resort along Grass Lake Road, a perfect spot to relax and destress.

Spanning 171 acres, including a 50-foot-deep lake, this resort has become a favorite for visitors.

Go there if you want to appreciate the pristine lakes of West Branch, Michigan.

You can stay in their single lakefront home.

Otherwise, you can choose their three private lake view rentals or five vacation cabin rentals.

If you get hungry, grab a filling meal at their side-door restaurant.

At night, cool off with a few drinks at the Clear Lake Bar.

This resort opens all year.

You have no excuse for missing the fun here!

Final Thoughts

West Branch should be your next vacation destination if you want a serene community where life feels light.

Its vibrant landscape offers a chance to put a pause on everything bothering you in your everyday life.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in West Branch!

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