50 Best Things to Do in Kansas City

50 Best Things to Do in Kansas City

There is no sane human being who can dislike a City which has the most number of Barbeque restaurants than any other place in the United States.

Kansas City will make you swoon with the symphonies of Jazz, it will surprise you at every corner but most importantly, it will leave you asking for more.

One important tip before you visit this City, come here with an open heart and an empty stomach.

Here are 30 things you can do while you’re in Kansas City:

Go on a Shopping Spree at City Market

City Market
Scruggelgreen / Shutterstock.com

The city market has been a landmark in the area since 150 years and it is the ultimate place to enjoy a variety of experiences including fresh produce from the nearby farms, gift items, flowers, baked goods and exquisite cuts of meats.

The market takes place in open-air settings hence, cultivating a comfortable and inviting space for visitors and is home to many authentic restaurants, eateries and shops selling local items.

It is situated in the beautiful River market neighborhood and hosts the largest farmer’s market in Kansas City.

Treat Yourself at the Country Club Plaza

Country Club Plaza
TommyBrison / Shutterstock.com

The country club plaza was built in 1923 and is an auto-centric neighborhood with an influence of Spanish architecture such as murals, statues and mosaics.

Here, there is also a ‘season of lights’ during the thanksgiving week which brightens up the area with colorful lights.

At the plaza, you can also shop at many high street brands such as Michael Kors, Kendra Scott and Kate Spade as well as eat at one of the many restaurants including Rye, the classic cup and Gram & Dun which serve mouth watering and comforting Midwestern food.

No Better Day Than the First Friday

If you happen to be at Kansas City on the first Friday of a month then, you must visit the peculiar and enjoyable Crossroads arts district which includes everything from live music to restaurants.

Some of the most exciting art galleries are Jones gallery and Weinberger fine art as well as the green lady lounge which is perfect for live music.

You can shop at some of the local establishments such as Hammerpress and Raygun and finally, to end your trip you should grab a bite at one of the many restaurants such as Christopher Elbow chocolates, Lulu’s Thai noodle shop and Grinder’s pizza.

Pay Your Respects at the National World War I Museum

National World War I Museum
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The National World War I museum is America’s leading institution to honor the memories of those who fought and died during the Great War.

The museum is the world’s second oldest public museum dedicated to the First World War and was given the official designation of a national memorial by former President Barrack Obama in the year 2014.  

The museum takes the visitor on a journey by showcasing some of the most personal and heart breaking stories of courage, heroism, patriotism and the fatalities of the war.

Vist the Kansas City Zoo

Kansas City Zoo
Katie Goens / Shutterstock.com

The Kansas City zoo is considered to be one of the best in the entire country and this is justified by their 200 acres of land which houses around 1,700 animals.

The fun never stops at this Zoo where you can meet the Humboldt and Gentoo penguins at the Helzberg Penguin plaza as well as cruise on the African sky safari while seeing Zebras, Rhinos and Giraffes.

Their Orangutan canopy will introduce you to the adorable orange Apes and at Stingray Bay you can fearlessly touch a sting ray and a Bamboo Shark.

Travel Around the Globe at Worlds of Fun

If an amusement park is inspired by the book ‘Around the world in eighty days’ then, you know for sure, it will be mind blowing.

The world of fun Park contains more than a hundred rides and also, includes a water park called the Oceans of fun.

The park is divided into five thrilling areas which are Scandinavia, Africa, Europe, the Orient and the Americana, all inspired by Jules Verne’s classic.

Some of the most famous rides one should experience here are Patriot which is a rollercoaster, a children’s themed park called Planet Snoopy and a swing ride called the wind seeker.

Take a Hike at Ernie Miller Nature Center

The Ernie Miller nature center is a piece of paradise in a rather fast moving city and if you want to experience a tranquil Kansas City environment then, you must visit this center.

There are many hiking trails for visitors to not only get some exercise after days of eating barbequed meat but also, admire the vast variety and beauty of the local plants and wildlife of this area.

There is also a nature center where the admission is free of cost and children and parents can enjoy interactive exhibits as well as attend educational programs.

Be Inspired at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
EQRoy / Shutterstock.com

In order to witness some of the best art made by 20th century artists then, the Nelson-Atkins museum of art will not bore you.

Here, you get to survey approximately 40,000 works of art which include African, America, Native America, European, Chinese, Contemporary, Decorative arts, Architecture, Japanese, photography and Modern.

You might have to spend a couple of hours here considering the variety which is further extended by the Donald J. Hall sculpture garden where you will find 35 exquisite sculptures including giant shuttlecocks.

Educate Yourself at the Kansas City Public Library

Kansas City Public Library
EQRoy / Shutterstock.com

The Kansas city public library is in itself marvelous but even better than the actual building is the library’s parking garage which has books lined up on a shelf except these books are 25 feet high and 9 feet wide and include ‘Fahrenheit 451’ and ‘the lord of the rings’.

This legendary library was founded in the year 1873 and includes books, original and published materials, pamphlets, journals, photographs, post cards, news articles and a collection of the city’s local history.

Have a Drink or Two at the Boulevard Brewing Company

Boulevard Brewing Company
Ken Lamb / Shutterstock.com

The Boulevard brewing company was started in the year 1989 when its owner while on a trip to Europe tried the very smooth Belgian beers and had an epiphany.

The company only uses the finest ingredients to make their beers and employs sustainable business practices to avoid harming the environment.

The kinds of beers you get here include the unfiltered wheat beer, the American Kolsch golden ale, the beer with tangerine peel and sea salt as well as the jam band beer ale, among a few others.

Enjoy a Sensory Experience at the Loose Park

 Loose Park
Jon Kraft / Shutterstock.com

The Jacob Loose Park has a rich historical value attached to it dating back to the 19th century when it is supposed to have been a site for the Battle of Westport which included 29,000 soldiers.

The Park includes a garden center with small meeting rooms and kitchens as well as a Japanese tea Garden for people to spend peaceful hours with their loved ones in nature.

There is also a rose garden which has more than 1,200 roses of 168 varieties planted in it which makes for a one-of-a-kind sensory experience and a picturesque location.

Shop and Eat at the Westport Flea Market

The Westport flea market does include a few vendors selling unique, quirky and nostalgic items of accessories and other products but that is not the limit of this market, instead it also includes a bar and grill restaurant along with the flea market.

The bar and grill is famous for a number of dishes which include the famous Zwillenberg’s grilled chicken Panini with a side of curly fries.

You can also quench your thirst with a pint of beer from their variety of draft beers they have on tap.

The Westport flea market is the place to go after a day of being an enthusiastic tourist.

Turn Back the Clock at the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain

J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain
Wallace Weeks / Shutterstock.com

The J.C Nichols Memorial fountain was sculpted in the year 1910 in New York but was heavily vandalized over the years.

Finally, in 1960 it was restored and installed at Kansas City by donations from the J.C. Nichols family and since then, it has become a highly photographed and loved fountain of this city.

The fountain has sculptures of four heroic horsemen who represent the rivers Volga, Seine, Rhine and the Mississippi as well as sculptures of little children playing atop of Dolphins.

Relive Your Childhood at National Museum of Toys and Miniatures

National Museum of Toys and Miniatures
EQRoy / Shutterstock.com

The miniature obsession has hit the streets of the impressionable 21st century citizens and this is best exemplified by the National museum of toys and miniatures which was opened in the year 1982 and initially, only contained the collections of two women- Mary Harris Francis and Barbara Marshall.

The collection has been added to and increased vastly since then such as vintage doll houses, tin toys and simple wooden boats as well as other lifelike miniatures which include everything from animals to framed portraits.

Dress Fancy at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
Paul Brady Photography / Shutterstock.com

The Kauffman centre for the performing arts was opened in the year 2011 and is an architectural marvel as well as technologically advanced to cater to a number of artistic performances such as Opera, music, dance and theatre.

There have been many famous Broadway plays showcased here as well as the lyric opera of Kansas City and the Kansas City ballet.

If you get the chance of watching a live performance at this stunning centre then, you must wear your fanciest clothes and get ready to be mesmerized.

Throw Your First Pitch at the Kauffman Stadium

Kauffman Stadium
sean badock / Shutterstock.com

The Kauffman stadium was opened in 1973 and is a baseball park which is home to the Kansas City royals of the Major League Baseball.

Even though, this large stadium with a seating capacity of almost 48,000 is meant for Baseball games but there have also been iconic concerts here such as Fleetwood Mac and Billy Joel.

If you’re lucky enough to catch a game or a concert, buy a ticket and have one of the most enthralling days of your life.

There is also a hall of fame which has photos and memorabilia of Baseball legends as well as restaurants which serve authentic Kansas food such as Barbeque meat and pints of refreshing beer.

Fly Away at the National Airline History Museum

National Airline History Museum
EQRoy / Shutterstock.com

The national airline history museum was founded in the year 1986 by two Aviation enthusiasts and is located at the Charles B. Wheeler downtown airport.

The museum displays many aircrafts which are historic and important to the world of aviation such as the Lockheed super ‘g’ constellation also known as the ‘star of America’, a Martin 404 and the original TWA Moonliner II which was previously owned by Billionaire Howard Hughes.

Visit the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

The Kemper museum of contemporary art was opened in the year 1994 and has been one of the best museums for 21st century artists in the entire country.

The museum is a place for interactive educational programs as well as special events and temporary exhibitions of local and national mid-career emerging artists who present a new voice in the artistic world.

If you get hungry then, you should visit the museum’s well-known Café Sebastienne which is open throughout the day and has won numerous accolades.

Board a Train at the Union Station

Union Station
f11photo / Shutterstock.com

The union station was built in the year 1914 for the purpose of rail travelling and had a waiting room inside the station which could hold up to 10,000 people all at one time.

The station was closed down in the 1980s and was renovated as well as reopened in 1999 for a completely new purpose.

Now, it had an array of restaurants and shops for visitors to spend their time in and only provided for a shorter railway service.

The new station houses many other places such as the Science city, the Regnier extreme screen theatre, the planetarium and the city stage theatre.

Live Your Biker Dream at the Harley-Davidson Factory Tour

The factory for Harley-Davidson vehicle and power train operations was opened in the year 1998 and has been manufacturing the world famous bikes from Kansas City ever since.

Here, a visitor will be provided with all the necessary safety uniform and equipment as well as be taken through a guided tour of the entire process beginning from welding and framing to bending and polishing.

At the end, you will see the assembly process and a finished Harley-Davidson bike and survey various other models.

Travel Back to the 19th Century at the Wornall House Museum

Wornall House Museum
Jon Kraft / Shutterstock.com

The John Wornall house was built in the year 1858 by a prosperous and prominent businessman on a 500 acre yard and in the 1864 Battle of Westport, both the Union and Confederate soldiers used the house as a hospital to treat injured soldiers.

This house was later converted into a museum where you can learn about the troubled past of the Wornall family, the slavery which took place here and the history of the Battle of Westport through many special exhibits, children’s programming and lectures.

You Can’t Miss the Fun at Missy B’s

Missy B’s is meant for people above the age of 21 as it is the premier gay bar of this City and has drag performances which are meant for a mature and adult audience.

This live performance arena was set up in the year 1994 and has a DJ/Dance floor at least 5 days a week.

You can also spend your time at the bar which serves the most affordably priced drinks in the entire Kansas City area.

Some of their live shows include ‘The dirty Dorothy show’ and ‘the Dick and Dyke show.’

Stop Worrying About Calories at the Town Topic Hamburgers

Town Topic Hamburgers
Logan Bush / Shutterstock.com

The town topic hamburgers was started in the year 1937 and initially only sold hamburgers at 5 cents but as time progressed, this diner came to be known as the authentic place to eat some of the tastiest classic American dishes.

The restaurant has a welcoming environment and is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of the mouth-watering dishes you can try here include cinnamon roll, hot cakes and most importantly, their famous hamburgers.

Science City

Science City Kansas City
Jacob Boomsma / Shutterstock.com

The Science City of Kansas City is a beautiful science centre at Union Station, inviting children of all age groups to experience the field of science.

It spans over 92,000 sq. ft. and is filled with interactive exhibitions and displays which are showcased in a fun way so as to increase the appeal for the children.

Some of the attractions are the simple machines standing in the outdoor area, water informational display, by the name ‘Every Last Drop’ and Maker Studio. Children can also visit The Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium and the City Extreme Screen theatre.

Internationally honoured for ‘Visitor Experience’, this is definitely the first place you should head to.


For all the people who love Lego and has spent most of their childhood playing it, this place is just for them. Legoland Discovery Center, located in the Downtown area, is heaven made straight out of Lego bricks.

The count of the Lego bricks used in here is over two million. Children can enjoy the numerous play areas as well as laser ride, 4D cinema and masterclasses on Lego building.

This place also has a Miniland, a large exhibit where a Lego version of the Kansas City is put on display.

There is a small coffee shop as well as a few rooms, for celebrating special occasions.

Swope Park

Swope Park Kansas City
David Peterlin / Shutterstock.com

Swope Park is a beautiful city park, situated in Kansas City. The land where the park stands presently was owned by Colonel Thomas H. Swope, who donated it to the city in 1896; the act also lent the park its name.

Created by KC Parks System, it spreads up to 1805 acres and welcomes more than 2 million visitors annually.

The lush greenery of the place and the plethora of facilities lure the people in.

There are soccer fields, golf courses, mesmerizing fountains, a treetop adventure park and a number of community gardens.

Starlight Theatre, Kansas City Zoo and the Lakeside Nature Centre are some of the many attractions of this Park.

Ameristar Casino Hotel Kansas City

Ameristar Casino Hotel Kansas City
Jon Kraft / Shutterstock.com

Ameristar Casino Hotel Kansas City is one of the much-visited attraction in the place, located at the east of the Downtown Area.

It boasts to have one of the largest casino floors in the whole of Missouri, along with the 9 dining areas, 18 movie screens, a hotel, to name just a few.

The parking of the place is pretty convenient, spanning up to five levels, with the total space adding up to 2660 sq. m. structure, connecting directly to the hotel’s casino and entertainment centre.

One of the most-visited entertainment hubs in the area, visiting it is a perfect way to wind down the day in Kansas City.

Sea Life

Sea Life is a beautiful aquarium in the downtown area. It is highly immersive, where one a thick wall of glass separates you from the wonderful world of underwater.

Visitors can look and study over 5000 sea creatures, all resting in thirty impressive displays, including the ones with sharks, the gliding stingrays and the octopus.

The aquarium provides a Touchpool Experience, where one can actually touch the creatures – you can definitely hold a crab in your finger or stroke a starfish.

The Sea Life also has a Sea Turtle Rescue Center, where not only can you interact with the rescued turtles but also learn more about these beautiful creatures.

The Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden

The Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden
Jon Kraft / Shutterstock.com

This Memorial Garden is a prestigious part of the Kauffman Legacy Park in Kansas City.

It was built as a tribute to Ewing and Muriel Kauffman, who believed true joy is hidden in the opportunities one can share with others.

It is a botanic garden, spread over two acres of land, surrounded by limestone walls, interspersed with brick paths, six mesmerizing fountains and comfortable seating arrangement.

There are more than 350 varieties of perennial plants and trees as well as annual beds that hold different species seasonally.

The garden organizes tours for groups of ten or more; you will have to arrange it beforehand though.

Vaile Mansion

Vaile Mansion
Jon Kraft / Shutterstock.com

The Vaile Mansion is a stunning structure, dating back to the 19th century. It was built in 1881 for Colonel Harvey Vaile and his wife, Sophia.

The original construction spread over on a space of 630 acres and had a vineyard, an apple orchard, a wine processing plant and a huge wine cellar.

It was built by the City’s famed architect, Asa Beebe Cross, the design being inspired by a building located in Normandy, France.

It is constructed mainly in red brick, with limestone mouldings, slate shingles on the mansard roofs, and bracketed cornices.

The property now sits on 5.6 acres and is a popular attraction of the area, filled with many state-of-the-art facilities and vintage charm.

Berkley Riverfront

Berkley Riverfront
Michael Rosebrock / Shutterstock.com

Located on the southern banks of Missouri River, is Berkley Riverfront, a seemingly extending green space of the city, decorated with many exciting cultural and relaxing facilities.

Opened to the people in 1999, it spreads over 17 acres and is situated between the Kit Bong Bridge and Heart of America Bridge.

Formerly, it was a landfill for construction trash and also the site of a company specializing in sand and gravel.

The decision to transform the land was a perfect one, as now, space has over 300 trees, a small Amphitheatre and long esplanade.

The Riverfront is known to host a number of events, including RiverFest, the annual Independence Day Celebration.

Penguin Park

Penguin Park
Silvlandia / Shutterstock.com

Kansas City has a list of beautiful children-friendly places and parks, including the amazing Penguin Park.

The Parks Department of Kansas City built Penguin Park as a part of Lakewood Greenway, in the year 1957.

Vernon Jones, the Kansas City North Parks District Supervisor, got a life-sized penguin made and placed in the northern area of Lakewood Greenway.

The visitors loved it so much that other animals were created to accompany this penguin, such as elephant, giraffe and kangaroo.

The area then officially became Penguin Park in 1998. The park is now the first choice for children’s birthday parties or any other similar events.

Parkville Nature Sanctuary

Parkville Nature Sanctuary
Kevin Kiem / Shutterstock.com

The Parkville Nature Sanctuary is a wildlife preservation and education site, founded by the City of Parkville and their group of volunteers.

It is a beautiful natural place, spreading over 115 acres of area, dispersed with hiking trails all over.

Open from sunrise and functioning till sunset, the Parkville Nature Sanctuary is particular that the rules lain down by them are followed properly, so as to preserve the site’s natural state and the wildlife living there.

The sanctuary also provides a Shelter, known as the ‘Girl Scout Cabin’, which can be reserved by the people visiting the place.

Kaw Point Park

Kaw Point Park
TommyBrison / Shutterstock.com

Kaw Point Park nestles on the Kaw Point, the point of confluence of Kansas River – or Kaw River – and Missouri River.

A beautiful riverfront park was developed on this point, before giving it the name of Kaw Point Park.

The park is characterized by wooded trails and wildlife, with wildflowers dispersed all over the place.

There is a boardwalk, a pavilion as well as an outdoor Amphitheatre, all spread over ten acres.

The park is known to host a number of events, including the annual paddle-craft race. This park is a natural and peaceful ‘point’, quite literally.

Penn Valley Park

Penn Valley Park
Jon Kraft / Shutterstock.com

The Penn Valley Park stands tall on the Penn Street Ravine, an area through which the Santa Fe Trail passed, in the 19th century.

This area was then transformed, in the early 20th century, in a 130-acre park, equipped with different facilities and promising good times.

People crowd over here to admire the commemorative statues such as the Hiker, the Scout and The Pioneer Mother Memorial – and learn history through them.

The park has a three-acre lake, a dam, a large playground, numerous tennis courts, swimming pool, an off-leash dog park, skate park and an exercise trail, to name just a few of the attractions.

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Kansas City
Darlene Stanley / Shutterstock.com

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception was established in 1833 by a French missionary, Father Benedict Roux. It has a rich history, shaping the cathedral into what it is today.

The cathedral has a gold-leafed dome as well as unusual but beautiful interiors, decorated with religious artworks.

The stage of this cathedral is located in the middle of the hall, which is an adequately lighted place, filtering in from the beautiful and tall stained windows.

It is a sprawling structure, with vibrant colours and beautiful architecture that brings peace to the visitors as soon as they step inside.

Nightlife in Kansas City

Nightlife in Kansas City
Suzanne C. Grim / Shutterstock.com

While Kansas City might not be primarily known for its nightlife, there are many clubs, bars and live music places that can easily give you a best, fun nightlife experience.

One of the best includes Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club, a family-owned club, entertaining people since 1920s.

It is known for its amazing night concerts, with many local talents featuring frequently. Another recommended place is O’Dowd’s Little Dublin Irish Pub, a dark, vintage and primarily Irish bar.

The menu also offers traditional Irish items and drinks, which you can enjoy with local Irish music or local DJ tunes. You can explore more to check the other equally amazing places.

Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium
Logan Bush / Shutterstock.com

Arrowhead Stadium is one of the amazing stadiums in the NFL. Opened for play in 1972, a variety of changes had been introduced to the place, so as to keep its appeal intact, including replacing the Astroturf playing field and the seats.

Also known as the loudest stadiums in the NFL, it is built in such a way so as to give the audience the best view of the game as possible.

A 500,000 sq. ft. of the area is added around, for fans and to look after their amenities and comfort.

It is a proud home of the Kansas City Chiefs and has also been seen hosting collegiate matches.

The College Basketball Experience

The College Basketball Experience (CBE) is a beautiful entertainment place in Kansas City, spreading over 41,500 sq. ft., standing at two storeys.

CBE also has the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame, which is the ultimate place to learn about college basketball legends and the history of basketball.

It is made in a way for the fans to enjoy basketball as well; there are so fun activities for you to do, including broadcasting from ESPN-U, having fun at a full-court press and slam dunking.

The atmosphere is inviting and exciting – you won’t even notice how the time passes when at CBE.

Kansas City Speedway

Kansas City Speedway
Grindstone Media Group / Shutterstock.com

Racing fans rejoice, for Kansas City has its own racing facilities!

The Kansas City Speedway was inaugurated in 1922, with professional drivers racing for $30,000 prize.

Till date, it has hosted two Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series races, A NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race and the finale of the ARCA Racing Series.

Along with the races, the Speedway also conducts a number of events, including RockFest, Richard Petty Driving Experience and the University of Kansas Treads and Threads Fundraiser.

This attracts top drivers from across the world all year round, in turn attracting a global crowd to visit the Kansas City.

Sway Away at the American Jazz Museum

The American jazz museum is a historic landmark in Kansas City which showcases the rich cultural and musical past of the city.

The blue room is a working jazz club situated inside the museum where you can hear some of the best music the locals have to offer as well as the Gem theatre which is a performing arts center.

The museum has displayed memorabilia, personal items and album covers of Jazz legends such as Charlie Parker, Big Joe Turner, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald.

Eat Your Heart Out at Joe’s Kansas City BBQ

Joe’s Kansas City barbeque is an unpretentious and quintessential place for visitors and locals to enjoy some of the best smoked meat they will ever have in their lives.

The late celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain listed Joe’s among the 13 places to eat before you die.

It is tucked inside a well-lit gas station and you’re more likely to encounter a line but the wait is going to be worth it.

Some of the most popular dishes here are the full slab of ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, a Z-man sandwich and the lavish cowboy dinner.

Lakeside Nature Center

Lakeside Nature Centre is a beautiful addition of Swope Park, sworn to protect the wildlife and environment.

One of the largest wildlife rehabilitation centres in the whole of Missouri, the centre currently houses around 75 animals, including turkey vultures, racoons, hawks, barred owls, raptors and Kestrel falcons, to name a few.

One of the sweetest and unique additions to this list of animals is the box turtle, Wilma, who is said to be around 80 years old.

The centre, along with the hiking trails and picnic pavilion, also provides a dedicated wooded area on rent, for business and corporate events as well as receptions.

The Center provides a way to enjoy some quiet moments amidst the wildlife.

Paradise Park

Paradise Park is true to its tagline because it’s all about ‘Family, Fun, Adventure’. It is one of the exclusive family destinations, where all of the activities available can entertain the whole of the family at the same time.

The building spans over a space of whopping 35,000 sq. ft., and is jam-packed with fun games and activities, including Bowling, Batting areas, miniature golf, Laser Tag, Escape Rooms, Foam Factory, Museums – Children’s and General - Discovery Play, an interactive experience combining education with exploration and fun.

The Park also has a little café for the visitors, where you can enjoy delicious food.

All Faiths Are Welcome at the Independence Temple

Even if you’re a stern atheist or of non-Christian faith you can still visit the Independence temple just to admire its unusual yet stunning architecture.

The Temple has a long spire at the top which rises up to the sky and it is made of stainless steel which gives the impression that it could be Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Instead, it is the headquarters of the community of Christ church and is rampant with biblical symbolism.

Along with the temple, there is also a striking meditation chapel and a vibrant children’s peace pavilion.

The best part of the temple is that it welcomes people of all faiths inside.

Support Local Artists at the Knuckleheads Saloon

The knuckleheads saloon is primarily a music avenue situated in Kansas City and is housed in a former railroad boarding house built in the year 1887.

There are four main stages in the saloon which include a large outdoor stage and a large indoor stage as well as a stage known as ‘gospel lounge’ for a blues-inspired church service.

The venue is synonymous with the booming musical scene of the city and many well-known artists have played here such as John Doe, David Lindley, Samantha Fish, Ian Moore, Edgar Winter, Nick Lowe, Leon Russell and Sam Bush, among many others.

Smoked Meat Never Tasted Better, the Woodyard Bar-b-que

The woodyard Barbeque is so famous that you need to reach as early as possible in order to avoid standing in a long line but even if you do, the wait is definitely worth it.

They are one of the few places in the city that cook their meat on outdoor brick smokers which lends a white oak flavor with burnt edges and a hint of hickory.

The sumptuous dishes include juicy ribs, mouth-watering hot wings, the local smothered sausage and the delicious burnt end buster.

Remember to try their famous three bean chili topped with burnt ends and the cheesy corn as a side dish.

Uncover the Treasures of the Steamboat Arabia

If you’re a fan of adventure and the excitement of unearthing hidden treasures then, the Arabia steamboat museum will awaken the Christopher Columbus hidden inside of you.

The mighty Arabia steamboat sank in the Missouri River in the year 1856 and after 132 years, it was finally recovered by a mammoth effort which helped discover more than 200 tons of historical cargo.

These materials are now displayed in the museum such as clothing, fine china and the world’s oldest pickles.

A visitor can also watch a short movie about the history of the steamboat and learn all about the excavation process.

This City has given the world some of the best musicians such as Big Joe Turner and Charlie Parker as well as the pioneering baseball player, Buck O’Neil.

A city which has preserved the darkest parts of its history with the same dignity as its brightest, tells a lot about the optimistic and resilient nature of the locals.

Also, the next time you give someone a Hallmark greeting card you are actually giving them a piece of Kansas history as the company had originated here.

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