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16 Best Things to Do in Isanti, MN

  • Published 2022/08/13

Isanti is a city in Isanti County, Minnesota.

Its name comes from two Dakota words, Isan and Ati, meaning Santee Dakota people.

The Dakota people are a Native American tribe who established the First Nations government in North America.

Known for its massive glacial deposits, Isanti is home to great amenities and attractions suitable for creating unforgettable memories.

The city has substantial parklands, good air, and water quality year-round, making it a worthy place to relax, breathe fresh air, and enjoy a harmonious time with nature.

Summers are long and warm in this city, too.

Take note of the best things to do in Isanti that’ll make your stay worthwhile.

Watch a Bike Race at Rum River BMX

TheRum River BMX Association operates Rum River BMX, a bicycle racing facility in Isanti.

Rum River BMX is also a non-profit organization in Isanti Parkway Northwest that aims to provide an exciting family-oriented activity.

The BMX track gives racing opportunities to kids of all ages.

For the organization, the pedal bike competition teaches the value of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

During the BMX race, you’ll see riders perform steep backsides, deep turns, and reach tremendous speeds.

Experience the adrenaline rush in your body as you witness the thrill of a lifetime at Rum River BMX.

Show Off Your Talent at Downtown Isanti Street Dance

When the temperature rises again after the freezing winter in Isanti, people gather outside once again for some enjoyable activities.

One of these outdoor activities is the city’s most awaited summertime street dances called Downtown Isanti Street Dance.

The outdoor entertainment is free and open for all ages.

To give way to the most anticipated street dances, Main Street closes down for the whole duration of the activity.

The street dances precede a series of concerts and live music to complete the fun night.

Food trucks, beer wagons, and more are also available at the Downtown Isanti Street Dance festivities.

Go Skating at Isanti Ice Arena

Located in Avenue Northwest, you’ll find the only indoor ice arena in Isanti County.

In Isanti Ice Arena, you can play hockey and other ice sports year-round, even during the summers.

The Isanti Ice Arena opened in 1998, and has brought ice-cold fun to its visitors.

With its superb amenities, bring a sweater while playing around a 220’ x 85’ ice sheet.

The ice arena can accommodate up to 1,000 spectators.

Isanti Ice Arena also offers private rentals for parties and get-togethers.

You can bring your friends to the ice sheet and the conference room during your rental time.

Play Bowling at Junction Bowl

Another great activity with friends is playing a fun and competitive bowling match.

It releases stress and allows you to do some low-impact exercise.

In Junction Bowl, located at Cajima Street, you can enjoy bowling at a great price and in a warm atmosphere.

The bowling center also offers an arcade, a bar and grill, league and youth bowling, and party facilities.

Improve your muscle strength and flexibility, and have a special night out with your family and friends.

Test your bowling skills at Junction Bowl!

Watch a Rodeo at Isanti Firefighters Rodeo

A rodeo is a sporting event involving horses and other livestock that tests cowboys’ and cowgirls’ ability and speed.

You can watch a rodeo show at the Isanti Firefighters Rodeo to see them in action.

Isanti Firefighters Rodeo has an annual schedule of different rodeos such as tie-down roping, team roping, saddle bronc riding, bull riding, steer wrestling, barrel racing, and bareback bronc riding.

Athletes, even businessmen, have begun to practice rodeo skills in a challenge that originated in the Old West.

Watch an actual cowboy show at Isanti Firefighters Rodeo now.

Reflect on Life at Legacy Park

The city of Isanti has 261 acres of parkland, recreation, and natural resources.

One of these is the Legacy Park.

Located at Bellaire Boulevard, you’ll get a chance to see Legacy Park’s trail system covered in limestone and grass turf surfaces.

In the park, you can spend quiet time reflecting while walking around an undeveloped nature area that’ll surely refresh you.

There’s also a bubbling stream to help you calm yourself as you start with your reflection.

Find your Zen as you pass through a 20.67-acre natural forested environment.

Relax at Bluebird Park

Bluebird Park is another great park to visit in Isanti, Minnesota.

Isanti envisions having parks and other natural resource systems that’ll improve the quality of life of its residents.

The Bluebird Park is the largest in Isanti, covering almost half of its total parkland.

Bluebird Park wants to promote healthy living with recreational amenities such as nine soccer complexes, a biking track, a skate park, and more.

You can also take photos and shoot videos in the park to promote the recreational city.

Go Kayaking at Martin’s Landing

Martin’s Landing is another park in Isanti that allows visitors to go kayaking and canoeing.

In Martin’s Landing, you can paddle down Rum River and experience the peaceful current pushing you along its surface.

The Rum River is a stream connecting Minnesota’s Mile Lacs Lake and the Mississippi River.

It’s a 151-mile river that runs through several communities, including Isanti.

Marvel at your surroundings as you paddle around the undeveloped and spotless wilderness.

Enjoy the Outdoors at River Bluff Preserve

The River Bluff Preserve is a 38-acre river on the east bank of the Rum River.

Home to various habitats such as woodlands and wetlands, the hiking trails of River Bluff Preserve also connect to Martin’s Landing.

The River Bluff Preserve also provides access to the undeveloped river.

In the preserve, many outdoor activities will help you detach from the world for a while.

From fishing to hiking, you’d love the benefits of the outdoors in River Bluff Preserve.

Flowers, herbs, and vegetables grow in the park, which is home to the Isanti Community Garden.

Educational tours also take place at the recreational park through partnerships with local schools.

Through this educational tour, students will have a valuable hands-on lesson.

Camp at Country Camping Tent and RV Park

Experience camping at Country Camping Tent and RV Park.

Located on Palm Street, the campground provides an unexpectedly peaceful vibe.

In the Country Camping Tent and RV Park, you’ll still see the scenic Rum River.

The family-friendly campground has excellent amenities such as a fire pit, picnic tables, playground, pool, showers, restrooms, and Wi-Fi.

You can also bring pets to the campground, so feel free to bring your furry companions.

Unlike the other campgrounds, you’ll experience Isanti’s undiscovered nature firsthand at Country Camping Tent and RV Park.

Spend Time at Marget Lake State Wildlife Management Area

Margaret Lake State Wildlife Management Area is just as great as the other nature parks in Isanti, Minnesota, if not more beautiful and relaxing.

The park has a lake right in the middle, where visitors can swim or catch fish.

It’s perfect for a family with its vast grassland that can accommodate various activities, such as barbeque afternoon bonding with family.

You can also spot animals such as upland birds, waterfowl, turkeys, deers, and turtles at the Margaret Lake State Wildlife Management Area.

The forested area accommodates not only people but also supports many thriving species.

Shop for Plants at Green Barn Garden Center

Thanks to its huge nature parks and farmlands, a famous flower shop came to life in Isanti, Minnesota.

This florist is the Green Barn Garden Center.

The Green Barn Garden Center is a 20,000-square-foot greenhouse full of annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetable plants and seeds, and more.

Inside a giant greenhouse, you’ll find different beautiful plants for your garden décor.

The flower shop started in 1957.

Since then, it has provided its consumers a selection of plants, garden supplies, and fresh flowers.

You can also check out trees and shrubs in Green Barn Garden Center for your landscaping projects.

Celebrate the Isanti County Fair

Car show at Isanti County Fair

Greg Gjerdingen from Willmar, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Isanti Country Fair’s tagline goes, “Welcome to the Isanti County Fair where memories are made.”

True enough, you will make good memories in Isanti’s annual fairground.

At the fairground, entertainment is non-stop and would bring you a thrill.

From exhibit shows to contests to carnivals, you’ll spend a long day playing a lot of fun games and doing enjoyable activities at the Isanti County Fair.

The first Isanti County Fair happened in 1877 in Cambridge.

Before becoming a carnival event, the Isanti County Fair was originally an agriculture event.

Years later, the birth of the Isanti County Fair as an amusement hub came from donations and the help of local organizations, clubs, and local businesses.

For fun dates and a day out with family, visit Isanti County Fair now.

Visit the Old Chrysler Garage

For car lovers, the Old Chrysler Garage on Main Street is a must-visit place.

The Old Chrysler Garage is a museum for vintage cars.

It has displays of a collection of Chrysler cars and memorabilia.

The vintage car museum is inside a historic building constructed in 1918, also a car dealership.

Today, the museum displays about 14 Chryslers.

All but one of these cars date back to the pre-World War II period.

On the other hand, the Old Chrysler Garage displays memorabilia like old signs and newspaper ads.

The museum also carries brochures from the Chrysler Building’s opening in 1930, and more.

Visit the St. John’s Lutheran Church

White exterior of the St. John’s Lutheran Church

Elkman, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The St. John’s Lutheran Church, formerly known as the German Evangelical Lutheran Church, is a historic church in Minnesota.

As the first European settlers in Isanti, German immigrants built the church in the 1800s.

At the time, these immigrants also performed services for their members at the church.

The immigrants built the one-story St John’s Lutheran Church in the simple Greek Revival Style.

In 1980, the National Register of Historic Places added the St. John’s Lutheran Church to the record.

The simplicity of the building shows no sign of its rich history, but wait until you get to learn more about it once you get there.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Explore Wildlife Science Center

You’ll see the state’s biggest wolf pack at the Wildlife Science Center in Stacy, Minnesota, 26 minutes from Isanti.

A team of biologists started the center in 1976 as a wolf research facility, or “The Wolf Projects.”

In 1990, the facility became the Wildlife Science Center.

Today, the science center has a mission to provide education and training about wild science and save animal lives.

As you explore the science center with their resident animal educators, have fun with science.

The Wildlife Science Center also provides opportunities for scientists to study different animals, especially wolves.

See more than 200 species at the Wildlife Science Center.

Final Thoughts

Isanti, Minnesota, has become a complex city with various things to do, with residents providing quality service through teamwork.

This place should be on your list of places to visit in the United States.

Book your trip today and discover the best things to do in Isanti!

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